UB40 - Nothing Without You Lyrics

When I'm with you I'm valuable
Original and fashionable
I'm totally formidable
When I'm with you

When you're with me invincible
I'm bullet-proof unsinkable
A one off individual
That's why you're with me

When I caught you unmissable
So loveable and kissable
Completely irresistable
That's why I caught you

Without you I am miserable
Unconfortable in principle
I think that we're inseperable
I'm nothing without you

Now you got me reliable
Flexible and pliable
You see its undeniable
That's where you got me

I'm nothing without you
A man without a goal
The last one waiting
A lost and lonely soul

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UB40 Nothing Without You Comments
  1. kmica kmica

    Such a great band:)))

  2. Jill Heppy

    Nothing with out you 🌹💕🌹💕👍

  3. Dan Dan

    Sickest ub40 track Eva an Kingstown takes me to crumble normally

  4. UB40gek

    Good song :)