U2 - Playboy Mansion Lyrics

If Coke is a mystery, Michael Jackson History
If beauty is truth, and surgery the fountain of youth
What am I to do?
Have I got the gift to get me through
The gates of that Mansion

If OJ is more than a drink, a Big Mac bigger than you think
If perfume is an Obsession, then talk shows confession
What have we got to lose?
I'll never push my way through
The gates of that mansion

I never bought a Lotto ticket
I never parked in anyone's space
And the banks feel like cathedrals because casinos took their place
Luck, come on down
I wake up, she'll come around

Sex is a kind of religion
We're down for playin' hard luck
I never did see that movie, and I never did read that book
Luck, come on down, let my numbers come around

Don't know if I can hold on
Don't know if I'm that strong
Don't know if I can wait that long
Til the colors come flashing and the lights go on

Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
And though I can't say why
I know I've got to believe

We'll go diving in their pool
It's who you know that gets you through
The gates in the Playboy Mansion
The Playboy Mansion
In the Playboy Mansion
Then will there be no time for sorrow?
Then will there be no time for shame?

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U2 Playboy Mansion Comments
  1. bradbiteme

    Fresh prince of bel air
    Carlton in the bunny hop line
    Uncle Phil slaps his head
    Hilarious ❤️🔥🇺🇸

  2. Agnese Zitoli

    Tanto MIA ❤️

  3. Ivan Sforza

    Na mezza cagata sta canzone

  4. Sofia Sanchez

    Simplemente Me Encanta 🥰

  5. NewCalipso Delavara

    Came from "ВУЗВ - Каролін"

  6. Gary Thompson

    Man...... Prince, U2, Michael, Bruce, Madonna, Whitney. We were so lucky back in the 80's.

  7. Scott Mescutie

    Playboy....I have an extremely rare animal...an arctic fox. Hes completely hypoallergenic has hair not fur. Got.4 fingered paws. No tears. He yelps. There foxhounds so we bred them with American eskimos. He loves cheese. Been feeding it to him since he was a snowball hasnt affected him. He stays the perfect weight. His moms in a habitat. Half fox half spitz. M not R. Russian

  8. Paul GMG

    I know you love this beautiful song

  9. Suhaimi Aziz

    Still don't understand why this album being discriminated, underrated.

  10. Amrita Dhillon

    peace on earth . . . and NATO can give new light on a brighter future.

  11. Irineu Dalfre

    Este álbum era para ser lançado agora, em 2018... Atualíssimo depois de 20 anos

  12. The Lying Facts

    Love this song and the Pop album. Sadly one of the last great things they did.

  13. Alan May

    should a playboy mansion be a big house?

  14. David Quinn

    I love these U2 bluesy songs like this and SO CRUEL. They have gotten away from this music.
    LA County has just decided to "permanently protect" The Playboy Mansion last week. This means that the owner cannot demolish the house or make major changes. Let's open it as a theme park!

  15. Jason Carter

    I've just rediscovered this song and this amazing album again after all of these years...a forgotten gem, thanks for posting.

  16. MIke Caldwell

    I used to think this song and album were garbage but that was until I heard their last 3 albums which make this album look like a master piece

  17. Ivan Jose Guimaraes

    Sonzera demais ....

  18. Elin B

    No, I dont feel loved. I dont know what love is as ive never experienced it.

  19. Israel

    Hugh has gone today and no better song to remind him than this

  20. Rob B

    R.I.P. Hef

  21. bubblt

    Rip hef

  22. AdventuresOfTheKanFam

    Cheers, Hugh......R.I.P.

  23. mikaela kasomai

    più bella di una canzone di Marley!

  24. Jorge Gianco

    Most of people won't notice, but this song is what the album speaks about... This song is the POP!

  25. LoLzZ85

    I like Pop..a lot, but for me this is the weakest track on the album. The dated pop culture references and the lazy sounding 'You Showed Me' sample hurt the song.

    The only track from Pop they didn't attempt live.

  26. Kennerad0

    the last good U2 record, they were never the same after the backlash because the casual fans and music industry simply didn't "Get it". PoP and POPMart were brilliant, just brilliant.

    Aldo Mendoza

    Exactly! one of the most underrated albums in history!


    While I agree that it was brilliant and many didn't get it or like it... even though it had some straight up U2 rock songs, many blew it off as soon as Discoteque was released. I love it, all of it. However, "last good record"? No chance. The very next one was more than good...ATYCLB was great... even though it wasn't a "risk taker".

    Rebeca Linares

    You are absolutely right. And Bono and U2 were so affected by this that it completely changed U2s story after that. Even saying it wasnt finished and shit like that. Pathetic by them.
    The band was planning to release after Pop en even more crazy and far from this world record. I remember they were working on some songs like "Fantasia 2000" " New Milenial Jupiter Horse" and stuff like that. Imagine what would have been!
    That stupid popcorn kids at the San Diego Popmart show ruined everything...

  27. Romare Addison

    So kitschy but so good :)

  28. skatemetrix

    This is U2 saying in 1997 that popular culture sucks balls.

    Twenty years later and boy were they so true!


    people have been saying this before electricity


    Good song

  30. duckiedale80

    Worst U2 song ever.

    Jack Morrison

    fuuuuck oooofff (at op, not you steve steve)

    Steve steve

    whos op?


    OP = original poster


    You haven't heard Miami or Unknown Caller than I assume.


    No need to crap on the newest album you bitter old douche. Pop is great but so was Songs of Innocence. Any person who says this is awesome and then says Sleep Like a Baby or The Troubles or This is where you can reach me now is crap is a fucking fake ass poseur who thinks it's cool to slag U2's new stuff just because it's the in thing to do.

  31. Suliman Al Shammari

    im a big fan of u2 i love all their song, but can someone explain to me what this song is all about????

    Penny Lane

    it's about how unattainable our version of heaven is

  32. Giorgio Indaco

    Love Pop since i was 12. Now i think this is the best song on the album!

  33. David Schlotterback

    I don't necessarily care for the Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson stuff, but this song is pure gold starting from "I never bought a lotto ticket..."

    There's so many things about this song that make it a beautiful song.

    Calming voice
    Clever lyrics
    Guitar solo during verse
    Chord progression
    Fades out

    10/10 rating for sure. This is my favorite song by them.

    RacingWorld TV

    Totally agreed.

    I would've loved to have seen what Bono could've come up with if he had left out those pop culture references and stuck with more lines like "If beauty is truth and surgery the fountain of youth" and "And perfume is an obsession and talk shows confession". Those lines are more ambiguous and match the other-worldly feel of the music, which is what the strongest suit of the lyrics on the Zooropa album was.

  34. femaleonthecreek

    Zooropa much better, but this song & If God Will Send His Angels is beyond phenomenal!

  35. Olivia Craner

    Love this song

  36. Mrsteisag2

    If they ever performed this live today, they should sing:
    If Coke is a mystery,
    Bruce Jenner history

  37. CitySkin09

    I still have this CD in my collection. Fucking great album. Sucks for me because my CD player keeps skipping.

  38. Kevin Lax

    Love the production on this album.  One of my favs.  

  39. David Penz

    U2 - The Playboy Mansion
    come in my Mansion ...

  40. Renaissance Nerd

    Best song to get a striptease to, just sayin


    "The banks, they're like cathedrals. I guess casinos took their place"

  42. skatemetrix

    Not only does this have the most coolest guitar tune ever, some of Bono's most prophetic words ever are also here;

    Michael Jackson... History

    Awesome stuff...

    Dora Jackson

    Prophetic? It's not about Michael Jackson's death, it's a reference to MJ's album HIStory which was  released in 1995.


    You want Prophetic lyrics listen to Please and then think about 9/11

  43. amn35iac

    I dont care what anyone says but this is their best album.


    I wouldn't go that far, but I've heard the band malign it, and it's certainly one of my favorites. I'd argue that Zooropa is their best, followed by Achtung, Joshua, then Pop. I haven't paid as much attention since Atomic Bomb.

  44. JaBig *

    Psychedelic Electro Country.
    Nice evolving music (as many U2 songs) and I'd sound great either on synths or acoustic guitar. Very avant-garde guitar and overall sound that is ageing really well.
    Many U2 haters here as in every U2 video. It's OK.
    Many people ignore a lot about recent music history (say... last 50 years) and even more about music: composition, theme evolution and development, musical transgression, forward thinking-composition-and-sound, innovation, and sheer melodic quality

  45. JaBig *

    Psychedelic Electro Country.

    A great song.

  46. JaBig *

    @WhoDoYouWant Irony... or may be simple reality.

  47. astroman2012

    @Hallucination this song is by U2 how can it be anywhere near "cool" ???

  48. astroman2012

    "Pop" is a very good album but this is by far the worst song on the album! it's weak and pointless! this is not open to debate so please don't waste my time or yours!!

    Mak H

    astroman2012 stupid idiot


    You're a fucking tool. Not open to debate? I wonder how many people in real life think about punching you in the face on a daily basis. Oh and yeah I know you commented 5 years ago but I thought I'd waste your time with the notification. Douchebag.

  49. Micheleland

    @paulmanson Ehh, not the best lyrics, but it's a pretty song anyway.

  50. jacob sejirman



    ok, this song ain't it chief, although U2 is amazing, the self depricating, ironic message of the late 90s is perfectly represented in this song. Listen to Achtung Baby for starters.


    Just like you

  51. xptrinity

    This is probably the most underrated U2 album.

  52. WingGoddess

    Chance is a kind of religion
    Where you're damned for plain hard luck
    I never did see that movie
    I never did read that book
    But love, come on down
    And let my numbers come around

    Don't know if I can hold on
    Don't know if I'm that strong
    Don't know if I can wait that long
    'Til the colours come flashing
    And the lights go on

  53. Paul De Leon

    this is the only u2 song that got in my nerves..."i never bought a lotto ticket i never parked in anyones space the banks theyr like cathedrals guess casinos took their place love come on down..chance is a kind of religion were down on plain hard luck i never did see that movie i never did read that book dont know if i can hold on dont know if im that strong dont know if i can wait that long til the colors come flash and the lights go on....then will there be no time for sorrow?"

  54. Stereotype23

    @remnent7 Yes - i noticed it from the first time i heard Violet Hill. But then again it wouldnt be the first time that Coldplay borrows from U2 ;). They even used the same producer...

  55. CitySkin09

    May 9th, 1997, my life forever changed when I saw these guys on their Popmart tour. I love this fuckin' song!

  56. chadd bryant


  57. Zsuzsanna Salda

    OMG... brilliant

  58. Zsuzsanna Salda

    @WhoDoYouWant OMG.. these lyrics are pure genius

  59. wendileona

    Songs based on The Turtles "You Showed Me"...

  60. Frank Van Velzen

    such a relaxx song and the lyrics are amazing

  61. creates100

    this is their 2nd best album behind achtung. but not by much.

    this was u2 in their experimental phase. I think the tepid fan reaction scared them into going more mainstream. which they have done on their 3 subsequent records.

    I would encourage all u2 fans to listen to this record closely. the lyrics are deeper and the emotions explored are more complex.

  62. SepuGaming

    @ 2005steelers

    I agree, Pop is WAY underrated. Idk why, but this is the album I love the most of U2. And this song along with staring at the sun are my favs from POP.

    Leon Mosselman

    same here

  63. J Cav

    Pop is a very UNDER-RATED CD...and this song is really great.

    Don't know if I'm that strong...
    Don't know if I can wait that long...
    Til the colors come flashing and the lights go on....

  64. kizzerman1

    If U2 still made records like this one, I'd be the
    first one in line at the record store. Blues is a lost art in our pop world. U2, do more songs like this and Angel Of Harlem. Come on, you owe us.

  65. Tommy Nico

    Amen to that

  66. barn524

    and too bad MJ is now for the history books...so ironic...in a way...but i love this song. Ahead of its time

  67. barn524

    wow that is cool

  68. bub

    well, you're modded down, but I'm with you. Above all, it has character, it has daring. Ahhhh.

  69. mike ferguson

    This came out in 1996.. O.J murdered his wife 2 years earlier and Michael Jackson just released History!

  70. mike ferguson

    Yeah this song has humor to it!!

  71. Nathan Bulgacov

    the best song...

  72. Nathan Bulgacov

    he isn't sensual, he was doing a censure...
    if you don't undenstend, he's saying that the society don't know what's to love.
    the u2 band is a example to the world.

  73. Steven Monts

    Has U2 ever performed this song in concert? And, if they have, does anyone have a video? If
    you do, PLEASE PUT IT UP! Thanks.

  74. Adam Fuller

    This is easily the greatest track from the last album that U2 wanted to make for themselves and themselves alone!!!

  75. Writethisdown

    hummmmmmmmmmmm, very sensuel bono ;) j'adore cette chanson dommage q'il n'y ai pas de clip officiel!!! Bono je t'aime!!