U2 - Mofo Lyrics

lookin' for to save my soul
lookin' in the places where no flowers grow
lookin' for to fill that GOD shaped hole

mother mother sucking rock and roll
(been around the back... been around the front)

holy dunc, spacejunk comin' in for the splash
white dpoes on punk staring into the flash
lookin' for baby Jesus under the trash

mother mother suckin' rock and roll
mother [scat singing] rock and roll

mother am i still your son, you know i've waited for so long to hear you say so
mother you left and made me someone
now i'm still a child but no one tells me no

lookin' for a sound that's gonna drown out the world
lookin' for the father of my two little girls
got the swing got the sway got my straw in lemonade
still looking for the face I had before the world was made

mother mother sucking rock and roll
bubble poppin' sugar droppin' rock and roll
[scat singing]

woo me sister
move me brother
soothe me mother
rule me father
show me mother
days passin
around each other

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U2 Mofo Comments
  1. looksliketouble

    This cant be beat

  2. Rosana Effgem

    U2 sending himself like a product!Amazing!!!

  3. Rosana Effgem

    Rio de Janeiro, 1998: EU FUI!

  4. Edgardo Gregorini

    Pop; The last most great album of U2

  5. Street Heat

    Pop was just too before it’s time. Released today would have been a massive album. It’s a masterpiece.



  7. J S

    You just know Larry Mullen Jr. is thinking, "why can't we just go back to live at Red Rocks U2 days."

    Sean Moran

    J S Quality drumming though

  8. gerthie

    When u2 where on top

  9. Xfiles Foxisdead

    Pop , last good u2 album

  10. gerthie

    Brilliant tour

  11. TheFly212

    Bono is the Greatest lead singer of his generation. Top 5 of all time.

  12. Jayson McEwen

    Walking through that smoke like a fucking Boss ...

  13. gerthie


  14. Bean she


    Karen Elizabeth

    no it's THE shit

  15. Marcelo David

    Meu chefe não queria me liberar pra ir ao Show..disse pra ele: hoje o U2 é mais importante..eu fui.

  16. Giuseppe Achilli

    Rome Urbe airport 18/9/1997 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Bean she

    Wankers ...fuck off


    Bean she fuckin shut it

  18. jackyboy777666

    This show is lit!!!!!

  19. patoloco1000

    I was there!

  20. Matt Emre

    I wish they would do a tour that would only cover their 90s stuff. This was pure magic

  21. Rene Ortega

    I’m not sophisticated enough to understand this.

  22. Борис Радушнов

    U2 это образ жизни...

  23. John Aristotle

    I shook up the world! I'm a bad man!

  24. Hugo Morales

    Recuerdo k tvazteca está transmitiendo en vivo está parte

  25. Felippe Oliveira

    Mofo, maybe the most hated U2 song. Pushes a lot the bassist.

  26. Luis Lizard

    In September 2000I had this Mexico mofo live version on full blast on
    My headphones as my plane was gliding above Mexico City waiting for the ok to land ... I can only say I just wanted to jump out and fly my adrenaline was rushing fast!!!

  27. 47imagine

    Unfortunately, a lot of young people whining about U2 in their iTunes library have no f**kin idea..........

  28. schizophrenia

    Bono As Mike Tyson, Biting OFF Evander Holyfield's Ear.

  29. VibeXplorer

    The Edge's soaring guitar is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Glorious.

  30. Peter Green

    Saw this in Belfast and Dublin. It was incredible.

  31. Светлана Пастушенко


  32. Chris Verstappen

    Mofo..Song from the future..still will be 50 years from now

  33. Cinthya Cabral

    amoo este tema los amoo mi best band u2x siempre son los unicos mejores .la mejor banda para mi gusto

  34. Wanda Fischetti


  35. Brett Wyatt

    Just before the fall......

  36. laosu Freddie

    dictionary definition of being badass!😈👍👏👏

  37. Bruno Gomez

    ¨Talk about..Pop music talk about pop music¨.

  38. Bruno Gomez

    Fantastic show, fantastic intro. U2: the masters----.

  39. Eric Blouin

    Exciting song

  40. zoostyle

    Mex-I-Co Mo-Fo Oh- Oh-Oh-MEXICO

  41. Eli Hartsoe

    i remember reading where adam said he was caked in sweat and weak in the knees when they did this for the first time live. he wasn’t sure how it would be received

  42. Wanda Fischetti

    love it so much stunning concert!

  43. vero garcía

    Los nikis

  44. vero garcía

    Estirpe imperial

  45. Ulf Utstrand

    where hell comes from ...upon a vulcano.....POP.

  46. Raul fuentes


  47. Wanda Fischetti


  48. king roos

    What a great opening 🤘

  49. jfcc9086

    I have the funky unique looking transparent orange bar coded 2 dvd of the show. One of my favs. The record level on that dvd is the highest I have. Still a good mix. Tough to pull. 720p 3/4 no 16:9 yet back then. 55$ 10 years ago. Worth a look. Its not priceless. But the show is. 2007. If your a true fan, you need it. https://www.discogs.com/U2-Popmart-Live-From-Mexico-City/release/2170957

  50. Milk Carton

    This tour was kinda cool for it's "how do we equal or top zoo tv tour" excess but Zooropa was the last record i liked. Still on pop they tried something and they were still relevant. The last time in my opinion they would be. Regardless of the commercial success of ATYCLB and HTDAAB

  51. metalunder

    Mejores y más emotivos de esta gira, por el contexto y la locación donde por primera vez se presentaron, fueron Santiago de Chile y Sarajevo 🇨🇱 🇧🇦 Uno de ellos debió ser DVD oficial.

  52. bruno3833

    This is how I imagine heaven

  53. superpuma esponjoso

    Confirmado oficialmente que este es su concierto favorito de bono

  54. Roelof Jan Mager

    Looking for a sound that's gonna drown out the world...

  55. epram73

    This was a flop!!!

  56. Ricci Costruzioni c.r.g. Srl ricci

    Quando gli U2 facevano gli U2....

  57. Danny's Art

    Thumbs down are from the people who had to take down the stage.

  58. uppanadam74

    I always loved this!! :-)!! POP POP POP POP...MUSIC!!

  59. Marco Cruz

    Love it!
    Incredible awesome!!! 😎

  60. DanielAMD David

    such good memories!! best ever!! POP MARTE!

  61. Wamauro Dentes [boka loka]

    Say what you want about Pop and Pop Mart but it's the most awesome tour opening I ever seen.

  62. chettee

    Great show.. saw them in 1997 and it was awesome... but I always ask myself: Did Larry or Adam ever thought "fuck... I just wanna play music and they force me to wear costumes and act like in a fucking theatre" :D

  63. Олег Носов

    Этих ребят будет слушать мой сын и его сын тоже

  64. Mateusz Jökullinnson

    It's so kitschy and exaggerated, I love it

  65. Mrc hfrn

    Prize fighter Bono was epic Bono.

  66. Recep Ivedic


  67. Armando chavez

    best intro ever!

  68. xxchanaxx

    The best U2 moment young and big stars they did what they wanted and POP is a masterpiece

  69. BlueMonk25

    I love Achtung Baby, Zooropa and Pop! My favourite U2 era!


    Zooropa, Zoo Tv, Pop, dont care for Vertigo or Rattle. But The biggest stage in history 360º! The MTL big O, 75k seats max, 2 nights, high ceiling, was too small. The tower hit the roof. Plan B from scratch in a field. The closed hippodrome. 150k poeple. 2 in 1 one for all. / Where The Streets Have No Names, starts with an explosion, used to be a trade mark. Brightest was in Zooropa/Zoo-Tv. I had a flash for 3 days. Didnt care much. The band did after 25 shows. Fluoride light that goes to 500C and 300k watts lumens in .1 secs. They toned it down for Pop. lol Even for tame U2. Overkill happens.


    same here. they will never be the same unfortunately...the fly, macphisto. the concept of the zooropa tour was something incredible


    It was genius, Pop as an album I don't care much for but the tour is amazing, but Achtung and Zooropa had both great albums and tours


    Forget it after pop

  70. jackyboy777666

    Definitely one of the best live shows ever!


    Bono you are a rovk tar

  72. moon blue

    Recordando este concierto nunca lo olvidare sin duda el mejor!💯😚

  73. Jaxon

    Pop is definitely a top 3 record for u2 up there with achtung baby and the Joshua tree. A forgotten master piece indeed.
    If god will send his angels
    If you wear that velvet dress
    Wake up dead man
    Are u2 classics in my opinion

  74. Jaxon

    Mexico Mofo!!!

  75. Northern_Lights

    Who else could open a show like this? Just off the scale really!

  76. mcphisto85


  77. Miguel Torres

    Pop sucks


    Miguel Torres no pop is a masterpiece

  78. dcanmore

    Robin Scott must have made a fortune out of this tour

  79. Bonoscot

    First ever concert in Edinburgh and this was it i was about 17.....Fuckin mindblowing opening......SO MUCH ENERGY GOT THROWN TOWARDS YOU WHEN MOFO STARTED.....BEst intro to a concert ever IMO


    I was there too :)

  80. Zoeyss Fischetti


  81. James Lyons

    Instant like

  82. Lazarus A. Game

    A truly fascinating spectacle. I saw them on this tour when they played at the Houston Astrodome. Incredible.

  83. LoLzZ85

    That PopMart DVD was spoiled by the director's use of hazy soft focus filter...wish there was some pin-sharp HD footage of PopMart made available

  84. DungeonStudio

    20 years later, these guys look like they should be leading the riots in Charlotteville VA, with Donald Trump atop the arch throwing money down on everyone. Now that's what I would call an 'artistic depiction'. LOL

  85. Ducati Ltwin

    This is the last album (or performance, really) I liked. Then it got boring.

  86. Beto Sousa

    My very first concert of U2 i had only 14 years old in Portugal... i still feel goseebumps when i hera them... !

  87. Amiel Solis

    de los mejores openings de mi historia en conciertos!!!

  88. Father Damien Karras

    the Last great U2 concert tour. They fucking suck now.

  89. strawberry smith

    you gotta love bono's energy and silliness

  90. Cynthia Bascuñán Vera

    Para los que estuvimos el 98 en el Nacional, fue un tremendo concierto.

    Mario Rojas

    Soy fans de u2 y me atrevo a decirte que fue el mejor concierto de u2 en chile e ido a todos sus conciertos en chile menos a ese fue un 11 de febrero de 1998que pena pero me conformo con verlo en youtube definitivamente el mejor concierto de u2 en chile un abrazo amigo

    Cynthia Bascuñán Vera

    +Mario Rojas efectivamente fue uno de los mejores conciertos, pero me hubiese gustado ver el zoo tv por ejemplo, ese sí que fue monstruoso.

  91. Jack Hood

    Mexico-fo lol

  92. hero ish

    México + U2 + Pop album = God Stuff!!!

  93. hero ish

    Urge el Blu Ray


    Not possible. Only videoed in standard definition

  94. Jay Wetton

    Brilliant ! Moving around the stage like guys in their twenties ! ROck on!

  95. israel monterrubio

    Para los que estuvimos el dia miércoles 3 de dic de 1997 quedara marcado en nuestras mentes ese grandioso concierto. Simplemente el mejor concierto que he vivido!!!!!

    Dan iel

    Seee, fue el primer concierto al que fui solo tenia como 16 años XD

    Erick Cardenas

    Te en vidio mucho soy fan de U2 siempre sueño con ir a un concierto de ellos pero ese en especial ese año del 97 fue increíble me quedé con las ganas de verlos

    Adrian Arias

    Aún tengo el boleto.

  96. Alan Gonzalez

    Some theory says MOFO means: motherfucker. And the title would have been: MTFR