U2 - Do You Feel Loved Lyrics

Take these hands they're good for nothing
You know these hands never worked a day
Take these boots they're going nowhere
You know these boots don't want to stray

You got my head filled with songs
You got my shoelaces undone
Take my shirt, go on take it off me
You can tear it up
If you can tie me down

Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved

Take the colors of my imagination
Take the scent hanging in the air
Take this tangle of a conversation
And turn it into your own prayer

With my fingers as you want them
With my nails under your hide
With my teeth at your back
And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies

Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
And it looks like the sun
But it feels like the rain

Love's a bully pushing and shoving
In the belly of a woman
Heavy rhythm taking over
To stick together
A man and a woman
Stick together
Man and woman
Stick together

And I feel loved
Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
And it looks like the sun
But it feels like the rain
And there's heat in the sun
To see us through the rain

Do you feel loved
Do you feel loved
Do you feel
Do you feel

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U2 Do You Feel Loved Comments
  1. Nicholas Bain

    I was in love with U2 when this album came out. It hit deep. Great art is always ignored. Nothing against what they've done the past twenty years. But I would love if they went off the grid again.

    Lazaro Diaz

    Totally agree. I got lost between March 1997 and part of 1998 with this album. Ive been hooked to their music since 1993. I was fortunate enough to know them in their 90s period.

  2. Andrew Flood

    do you feel loved bad ass song by u2 !!!!

  3. J Kitty

    I got stuck in Florida the year this album was released. Listened to this everyday! Feeel Loooooved

  4. hampfsocke

    Sometimes the comment is more important, this here is a good example

  5. Ryan Mclaughlin

    I love you

  6. Checco Gagliardo


  7. Fernando Peixeiro

    Super U2 album! F... POP!!

  8. Giovanni Sarro

    Do they still feel loved? 🤔

  9. san sa

    u2 pop some pills here. great album

  10. Jason Barbush

    unfortunately i lost this cassette to an old Sony. I am prompted to buy the CD sometime soon.

  11. Wm Petroff

    When I get my dream stereo Im gonna have a small get-together and blast this mutherfkr

  12. Felipe Sáez Muñoz

    And it looks like the sun
    But it feels like rain
    And there's heat in the sun
    To see us through the rain 

    Que temazo de U2

  13. Jeff August

    Makes me wish I would wake up tomorrow morning and it would be March 1997 again!

    Rebeca Linares

    absolutely! pop was a masterpiece of epic proportions.
    but that pop mart san diego pop corn front row kids ruined it all.(the perception of it)

  14. sandersdev

    a great album that went unappreciated.

  15. MR F

    Adoro essa música 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. patoloco1000

    Pop is U2's Ok Computer

  17. Catherine L.

    U2 is by far my favorite band, and I gotta say this album takes me to a whole another place.

  18. Paula Reed

    Siempre le encuentro esa magia... única. U2 the best forevet :) ja!

  19. Paula Reed

    El amor es como el sol pero se siente como la lluvia. Has y he crecido dentro de mi.

  20. Thierry Fanguinoveny

    Awesome! I can only hope that U2 would come to Africa one day.

  21. zoostyle

    POP Martians!

  22. Roberto Mancini

    The Last Album of U2.....

    El_ Azeiton

    Do you feel loved?

  23. Eric Hauser Sr.

    how can anyone dislike the most progressive band that ever exsisted...???


    maybe cause they stopped being progressive after this LP?

  24. Russell Ben123

    They need to get their fucking finger out and stop living on past glories.

  25. Meredith Elmore

    Take this tangle of conversation, turn it into your own prayer.

  26. anastacia roynane

    Ba mhaith liom go maith liom a gcuid ceoil a chloisteáil i dteanga dhúchasach cé go bhfuil siad ansin agus anois fós ar cheann de na cinn is fearr. O chailleann mo dhúchas

  27. LJ HOGAN


  28. Francisco Garcia Romero

    Solo lomejor

  29. Patricia Marquez

    Still listening 12-01-2018

    Arturo Terriquez Ramos

    Still 01-24-2019 since 1997...

  30. Roberto Lisitano


  31. biggeordie1970

    Joshua Tree is brilliant, but I honestly think this is my favourite U2 album, Zooropa / Achtung Baby 3 & 4

  32. Rock TOPALANTE


  33. abel sanchez

    This should have been the lead single.

    Gruagach. Eire

    100% this or Mofo , for me this and Actung Baby best albums they have ever done, they had balls im the 90's

  34. Edipo Matheus

    Edge's guitar 💓

    Paul Young

    Sounds like a saw cutting through metal

    Edipo Matheus

    @Paul Young sounding like a saw or not it has an amazing sound hahahahaha XD

  35. msdeadman92

    Greaaaat song

  36. Giovanni Sarro

    Do they really still feel loved?... I wonder

  37. Bojan Bobo

    last u2 album that i could listen to. AFter that all we got is ..PopMusic....

  38. Roger Sanders

    In my top 10 favourite albums of all time, so underrated 🔉❤️

    Vinc Vega


  39. Heiko Johannes


  40. YazmanianDevil

    One of Edge's edgiest moments


    @Paul Young not happening lol bye.

    Paul Young

    @YazmanianDevil can't blame a man for trying, LoL take care,never know,you can always change your mind?

    Me you and the Animal

    Paul Young looking a bit desperate there mate. Leave it like that, eh?


    @Me you and the Animal👍😂😂😂

    MR F

    @YazmanianDevil , Very, very,Very, listen this music..😘😘

  41. Sofia Sanchez


  42. M Brontë

    2:45 Love's a bully pushing and shoving In the belly of a woman
    Heavy rhythm taking over
    stick together A man and a woman
    stick together man and woman stick together

  43. drew sale

    What a brilliant album.

  44. Elin B

    Thank you 🙍🏻 💔

  45. Marcus1050

    Sehr experimentelles aber auch großartiges Album...!

  46. Jardel Claudino

    Nos anos 90, sempre havia uma ansiedade pelo próximo lançamento de algum do U2, por que eles sempre tinham, além do experimentalismo, boas composições e um jeito único de conduzi-las. Infelizmente, na virada de 2000, parece que tudo mudou... E eu sinto falta deste U2 que se arriscava mais e trazia coisas interessantes. Eu achei que voltaria em 2009, mas... Continuou no mesmo porto seguro. Sinto saudades, mas é a vida. O último álbum até tem boas canções... Mas. Não é U2, é apenas uma banda com este nome prestando tributo até o dia em que irão parar de tocar juntos.

  47. dade borti

    pop great album

  48. Thomas Doyle

    Probably the most underrated U2 album, some real gems in there.

    Bojan Bobo

    Lindsee Ziegler  i agree.Same here.

    abel sanchez

    Get rid of "Miami" and it becomes a perfect album.

    Landon Owen

    It’s the only U2 album I like.

    JaBig *

    Landon Owen Have you tried Zooropa?

    John Conte

    Mofo, Gone, Please. All great songs too

  49. Alan May

    Do you fee loved about as corny a classic U2'll ever make but it stitches well together and its a good, listen.

  50. Russell Ben123

    I think All that you can’t leave behind is up there EASY

  51. damedge07

    U2 masterpiece !!!

  52. Lewis boy

    Funny to think isn't it that when pop first came out in 1997 U2 had already been around for 21 years and now in 2018 pop itself has been around for 21 years!

    Roman Baranovichi

    They're touring a lot of the songs on the e+i tour

  53. Rich at Large

    I loved this song at the time, but they gave up on playing it live.

    cathal sweeney

    Rich at Large I think they stoped playing as bono thought he could not do it justice live but it's to long away from live set love to see u2 play this

  54. Propjoe10

    The Pop album is the last time that U2 were truly interesting and experimental. Shame. They need to forget about selling records and start making interesting music again.


    How to dismantle an atomic bomb was a fantastic Album but the recent attempts are terrible and forgettable.

    Gruagach. Eire

    @Roman Baranovichi you are spot on they had their balls chopped off after this and i know what you are saying this album like Achtung baby and Zooropa were brave, edgy records and ive not been surprised since 97 all middle of the road tracks all produced well some way over produced but some classics but nothing like they were, like you said forget about charting those days are gone just make dangerous music again.

    Gruagach. Eire

    @Caesar Kakutougi well Howie B was behind this one though they should have kept Nellie Hooper who produced Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me but i get your point and Danny Lanois i met in Dublin at a garden centre believe it or not years ago and he is a gent, try listening to ''thats the way it is'' Red dead 2 soundtrack and a classic song.

    Max Welter

    I couldn't agree more.

    David Street

    @Roman Baranovichi Bollocks.

  55. Alan Cruz Dominguez

    El album Pop tiene un buen comienzo con tres canciones bailables Discotheque, Do You Feel Loved y mi favorita la industrial Mofo

  56. Jack Hood

    You got my head filled with songs

  57. Catherine L.

    If this song gets played at there Joshua Tour 2017 somebody better get up and dance to it and rock it. I know I would.


    Agreed...I Love this song, and this album.

  58. Paul Young

    the most kick ass groove they ever produced

  59. Dave Sasson

    greetings from sunny miami

  60. Dave Sasson

    absolutely genius!

  61. Yiyu Romero


  62. Mak H

    Should have 800 million views but this gets to prove how stupid the current world is.

    Roger Sanders

    Mansoor Habib The last really experimental rock album, what has come since is predictable and boring that’s why I listen to deep house now❤️

    Samsung Telcel

    Should have Is only a feeling one day it might reach 800 million

    Jeff August

    We're a part of the good taste club. It's kinda exclusive.

  63. Mau Gonzalez

    POP could very well be the last of the great U2 albums...it's been kinda downhill from there.


    U2 made a lot of good songs after POP, like Beautiful Day, but the albums as a whole were starting to be rushed.   Bono's voice started to get real scratchy.

    Jay Wetton

    i kinda agree, ATYCLB was pretty good. But after that .....

    Valerie Buchan

    No no way hoesay

    Huw Donoghue

    Yes! But don't forget! After The Ground Beneath Her Feet, then it went downhill in a car with no breaks

    Zachary Rizzo

    Mau Gonzalez absolutely not

  64. Romare Addison

    love this

  65. jovani ojeda

    The best in the album pop hey hi from mexico!

  66. eagle2188

    One of my favorites <3

    Paul Young

    eagle2188 kicks ass,the whole album is underrated