U2 - Discotheque Lyrics

you can reach but you can't grab it
you can't hold it control it you can't bag it
you can push but you can't direct it
circulate regulate oh no you cannot connect it

you know you're chewing bubblegum
you know what that is but you still want some
you just can't get enough of that lovie dovie stuff

you get confused but you know it
yeah you hurt for it woork for it LOVE
you don't always show it


looking for the one
but you know you're somwhere else instead
you want to be the song
the song that you hear in your head


it's not a trick... you can't learn it
it's the way you don't pay that's okey 'cause you can't earn it

you know you'e chewing bubblegum
you know that is but you still want some
'cause you just can't get enough of that lovie dovie stuff


looking for the one
but you know you're somwhere else instead
I want to be the song
be the song that you hear in your head


but you take what you can get
'cause it's all that you can find
oh you know there's something more
but tonight, tonight, tonight


take these hands they're good for nothing
you know this hands have never worked a day
take these boots they're going nowhere
you know these boots they don't want to stray
you got my head filled with songs
you got my shoelaces undone
take my shirt go on take it off me
you can tear it up
if you can tie me down


take the colours of my imagination
take the scent hanging in the air
take this tangle of a coversation
and turn it into your own prayer
with my fingers as you want them
with my nails in your side
with my teeth at your back
and my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies


love's a bully pushing shoving
in the belly of a woman
heavy rhythm taking over
to stick together
a man and a woman
stick together
man and woman
stick together ...


and it looks like the sun
but it feels like the rain
and there's heat in the sun
to see us through the rain

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U2 Discotheque Comments
  1. Beach Boys

    I want the old U2 back

  2. T A

    I feel old, LOL...I was just starting Grad School in NO when this album came out. Oh my...Go Green Wave!

  3. T A

    I feel old, LOL...I was just starting Grad School in NO. Oh my...

  4. Gary A

    23 years ago today! Boom Cha!

  5. Jackson Heights

    OMG I love this new song! Am glad they are now gay-friendly!

  6. Rigby Zen

    Jez, this song have 24 years, can you believe?🤠

  7. ZR EVAN

    2020 ^^ still rocking out to this <3

  8. Hot Rockin'


  9. dogsmem Parrales

    Love this song .make me feel active batery 100%

  10. Recep Ivedic

    молодость эхх

  11. Bla Str

    Sounds much better in 2020

  12. Олег Кабачков

    Хорошая песенка.))

  13. Phil Hurd

    Bono as Henry Rollins? ;-)

  14. Henrieta Kováčová

    Perfect song... still disco in 2020, right? :D

  15. Karina Cervantes

    Dale like si te gusta u2

  16. Karina Cervantes

    I love this song

  17. Raquel Hewson

    A underrated masterpiece

  18. Shannon Madden

    what happens when the world's biggest band discovers Depeche Mode 10 years after the fact and is otherwise devoid of any new ideas or innovation? I dunno either, but does anyone else smell dogshit?

  19. Lubetube Shinoda

    Despite this being a top 10 but in America and number 1 in the UK. Apparently this song and album was seen as too different for U2 or just not good.

    Man I’d much rather this than the boring arena rock they’ve been doing for 20 years now.

  20. Julie Race

    Larry is not on Ecstasy. 🤣

  21. Art A



  22. Zhuge Liang

    i love this song but a more appropriate title for it instead of "discotheque" would have been "gay bar"

  23. C M

    This is the best critique of the often soulless electronica/mdma/rave culture

  24. QueeferSutherland

    I remember being a kid and discovering U2, shit like Sunday Bloody Sunday and I liked them enough to look past the mediocre Achtung Baby. I actually convinced myself that album was good, because I was like 6....then Zooropa, I was like 8, so again, I managed to convince myself, despite it being totally shit, that, hey, this is that Bloody Sunday band, this is still good? (deep down inside I hated it.) Then this came out when I was about 11 years old and I was just straight, what the fuck dude, what is this shit? What are you doing? Why are you wearing that‽ Why are you dancing like that‽ Why is this song so terrible‽ How did this happen‽ I want the Sunday song, where did that go‽

  25. Oblivion Bw

    Caralho 😮😮lembro desse clip em 97 passando na mtv

  26. alvin lunar

    I think I was impregnated with all the pelvic thrusting they done..

  27. Seb-harmonik ar

    i love this song but there's way too much crotch thrusting in this video

  28. Jaylien Kay

    Adam's bass carries and shifts the mood quite a lot. It reminds me of the band Garbage which is a lovely thing of course! :)

  29. E. R. Garcia

    I had a U2 affair for several years in the 90s. I played them non stop my first two years of college and memories from Art Pop are coming back to my mind and how much I loved U2 during this time. Just tonight I downloaded all this music onto my iTunes. Cheers!

  30. Andrew Flood


  31. Patrick Manurung

    Salah satu lagu paling sedap dari kwartet rokenrol yang sangat awet & bertekun pada seni kesetiaan hidup.

  32. Polygizer Studio

    best pop ever

  33. hellohell77

    Its always been fascinating to me if they had went all the way out on the rest of Pop the way did with Discotheque, Do you Feel Loved, and Mofo. And then what they would've done afterwards if Pop hadn't been such a failure commercially(supposedly, 8 million sold worldwide and one of the highest grossing tours of the year is still pretty good). Don't get me wrong All That You Can't Leave Behind is a good album. But that's also when they stopped experimenting.

  34. Tim Cann

    I always thought this sounded like the were ripping off Begging You by the Stone Roses


    Yeah, sounds like they're ripping off the Stone Roses type of Britrock almost a decade too late.

  35. sirkku siikanen

    Ei jaksais tätä epävireistä 🎸 kitaransoittoa pitkään kuunnella.

  36. Kaiser S.eight

    I did not like this song in 1997 and i still do not like in 2019 it was not the style of U2 and also the whole album "Pop" was like a dress which does not suit with U2. Rock bands should do rock as U2 did after pop album.

  37. LucianaShadow

    This is probably my favourite U2 song tbh.

  38. Lost Patrolman

    I seriously think this this song would fit perfectly in a John wick movie. It's got those same vibes

  39. Pioneer Nut

    Last good u2 album...POP

  40. Fig Neutron

    Mike Hedges mix is really the way to go, kinda tampers down the lunacy and keeps it chug a lugging nicely.

  41. Rosana Effgem

    The Edge tem cara de"Village People".

  42. Shannon Curtis

    u can't really argue with the creativity side at 4:21,

  43. joe king

    I don't often listen to this song, but when I do.. so do the neighbors

  44. Pau SC

    This song is amazing. Some of the best Music that U2 has ever made. 22 years later it still Rocks! It´s Rock for the future. Absolutely Classic!

  45. janet maira

    Pop = Discazoooo!!!
    1:05 Increíbleeee

  46. Antonio Smith

    the best sound 1997

  47. Polar Bear

    I'll have this song play at our school dance. Along with Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself To Dance" and "Get Lucky".

  48. nychus1

    This is my U2 album. I beat the first tomb raider while listening to it

  49. Paul Mcconaghie

    Pop was pop. An underrated album. 1990's sound. Still sounds great. Classic U2. Innovative. No way near 'even better than the real thing' perfect remix though

  50. Joe Moreg

    I would love to see the bloopers of the last part of the video...

  51. Gruagach. Eire

    That riff is epic.

  52. Sister Sarah

    Why have I never heard this

  53. Pascal Bègue

    Everytime so good so feal the best sound of U2

  54. electricmojo


  55. Gruagach. Eire

    Back when U2 had balls and released not good but great music after '99 they chased sales but back before that they were literally the best band in the world now its middle of the road crap.

  56. juanes galeotos

    YMCTheque 😈

  57. Robin George

    Love that guitar magic

  58. Art A

    One of my favorite songs from 1 of the greatest bands ever conceived.

    [U2 is A-1]

  59. Kimberly Washington

    Lol at the ending!

  60. DeafMusician

    Village ppl, LOL

  61. Wachikining Bumbay

    theyre parodying the Village People! love it!

  62. The Jedi With No Name

    Favourite U2 song for some reason. I can't explain it.

  63. Lucas Blohm

    anyone has the original 3:44 version of this song that was included in the NOW 4 Thats what i call music?? that version was unique and diferent and its impossible to get again!

  64. simplemindsforever

    this song is my jam lol

  65. Hot Rockin'

    Great track🙂The only decent one off the album.

  66. Угрюм Бурчеев

    oh yeah, baby dance !!

  67. rem svangsten

    Village people!!!

  68. Lukasz Minge


  69. wagon

    the best of all u2

  70. Ben Young

    20 years ahead of its time.

  71. princesssookeh

    ....I love the video; honestly.

  72. Diego Manuel López Luna

    Sounds like a JAMC song


    they wish.

  73. Jublic Qohn P.

    I am a diehard U2 fan. And that is why I can say that this album never should have been made.

    The Jedi With No Name

    This song though? "Please"? "Staring at the sun"?

    Jublic Qohn P.

    @The Jedi With No Name Gotta admit -- not a fan of this album at all, given the other masterpieces they have made.

  74. Hasher90

    I don't know how, or in what way, but this song needs to come back into the spotlight in the near future. It's so unusual in comparison to U2's other music, but it's such a vibrant, passionate and joyful song to listen to.

  75. Barçaboy JD

    I love this song.... ellos le llegan aquí con todo!

  76. Tsar Alester

    2:21 poor Edge, I don't think he signed up for that

  77. 윤홍규

    I was bought first u2 album in 1997 i'm still loving this album..

  78. Gabriel Franchino


  79. Nick H

    stupendous …. and the song is too ….. absolutely brilliant...… whatever anyone says about U2 they have never been afraid to mix it up....

  80. Devin Svennson

    Their 90s era gets so little credit. They combined influences from European dance, industrial, and their old sound. Very hypnotic.

  81. Gary Weaver

    Give me Nineties U2 EVERYDAY.

  82. Lee Parks

    I agree about this song being underrated and the tongue & cheek nod to the Village People is great

  83. Tenth Crusader

    U2 will live 700 years great until the end of the world

  84. j.v. adkins

    DiscotechniCally a great song by a h.o.f. band.

  85. Kevin McDonnell

    I love U2 great band

  86. Ramon Arellano

    Hahahaha, this guys really went out of the box in purpose, like having fun while stretching their musical skills and taste far oustide their own galaxy, genious, and at the end , a reminiscent of the 70's dico band, "Village People", but playing their own instruments, lol, people should recognize this band as one of the greatest once and for all.

  87. Tenth Crusader

    36 Dominic u2 2uu2 keep going

  88. Tenth Crusader

    My birthday

  89. Tenth Crusader


  90. Tenth Crusader

    U2 u2u2u2u2u2uu2u2u2u2u2u2 BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Tenth Crusader

    U2 party better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Tenth Crusader

    U2 do album like ahctung baby and pop DO IT DO IT like most of the songs

  93. AngryObnoxiousOtter

    The Edge was epic in this tune.

  94. abraham hernandez

    I was so excited when I bought the U2 POP.

  95. Leonardo Ruvalcaba

    360p, we meet again old friend...

  96. DeafMusician

    I REALLY wish I hadn't paid that close attn to the details!!