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Tyler, The Creator You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch Comments
  1. Ashai Lee

    Ayyeee this is song is actually fire

  2. itsdomin

    The literal only good thing to come out of this film was Tyler’s soundtrack.

  3. Mc Lovin' it!

    Everything gets blacked now it reminds me of sprite cranberry ad souch blackness

  4. Winter

    I don't want be your video either it's zakira khamri Beverly .

  5. Lola Lolita

    My sister was dancing I was like brue

  6. Niyah Kane

    Came here to put the song in my playlist after the illumination was blocked as kid friendly.

  7. no username available

    Tyler really tearing into this Grinch fella

  8. retroamayax

    the fact that Tyler the creator made this song makes the movie even better.

  9. Pixel Pirate22

    It sounds like he was shoved in last minute and had only had one take

    Jim Web

    you sound like you know nothing about music and your favorite music genre is anime theme song

    Pixel Pirate22

    Jim Web wow did it take you 3 seconds to come up with that

    Jim Web

    @Pixel Pirate22 It took about as long as you last in bed

    Pixel Pirate22

    Jim Web mate this is illumination
    They next to no effort on there movies and this just sounds like it’s rushed and lazily sung as if he didn’t give a shit

    Zakron ,

    Pixel Pirate22 tyler always sounds like this lmao. Know the artist before you make a assumption

  10. FLASH_1529

    2020 anyone?

  11. Airsoft Animal

    The school shooting in the background.

  12. CD Fizzy

    I showed this to a banana

    *Now its bad*

  13. CD Fizzy

    Dude, this diss track is so fire, that they were shooting up the grinch

  14. CD Fizzy

    *you're a bad banana*

  15. almost _ yesterday

    How come this is a bop?

  16. Lauren Spencer

    Y is this such a bop

  17. shiloh morgan

    This is probably the worst rap song I’ve ever heard in my life and Iv heard some pretty terrible ones. I believe this to be the one to give me nightmares

  18. I'm quitting Youtube

    This song slaps harder then the kid getting whooped in the background

  19. Kyairah Brooks

    Bro this song slaps harder than my la chancla

  20. Melanie Berry

    Your a mean one, you really are a hell~~~~~~
    Your as cuddly as a cactus
    Your as charming as an eel~~~~~~
    ~Mr grinch~

  21. DORIANA 05

    Beautiful song 😍

  22. SpotTugBoat7057 Eck

    Y o u r a b a d b a n a n a

  23. timmy thicc

    I have listened to Tyler for a while, and till this day I never knew he made this. What's wrong with me.

    Edit: I should've realized at the "EYO".

  24. THE ULTRA-_- weirdo

    If y’all ain’t know Tyler The Creator dang this go check out regular show he’s on there two he rapped 🔥

  25. Kate C

    Comment grinch if you love this movie 🎄

  26. funny boy

    wait this is you ahh

  27. lucid dreams

    here from 2020

  28. johnnie birdsong

    This song is kinda fire tho👻👈❌🚫

  29. Ogilvie Maurice

    It’s ok

  30. Bill Baldwin

    I thought this sounded like Lloyd Banks

  31. Chriseana gordon-Logan

    Dr Seuss has entered the chat

  32. Zeno

    It’s LIT 🔥

  33. Liam White


  34. Liam White


  35. Raider Billy

    Who here didnt know this was Tyler?

    I feel like a dumbass

  36. Froyo Everything

    Every time I play this, whenever it says "Bad banana" my sister screams it
    Song: has good ending
    My sister: *BAD BANANA*

  37. Just Justin 373

    Tyler is one of my favourite artists when I first watched it I didn’t notice it’s to pg for tyler

  38. Ayla Sabatini

    ...This was made for a kids movie? I thought he just made this for the fun.

  39. Itz Nicki

    2020 anyone 😛

  40. Raymone Torres

    I like this song

  41. Bluetinycat Channel

    Oh, joy.

  42. raptorman

    At first I thought too much stuff was happening at once but then I realized this was fire as *hecc*

  43. spirit the Taco lady

    Tbh, the girl was the worst singer

  44. Mr. Bear

    Lol I'm the 70Kth like

  45. Gsrasoul

    Damn this song is REally good

    No its not because i just found out that tyler made it

  46. Catterbox109 PLAYZ

    The kids sound like they are trying to repeat the words put they only know some of the lyrics.

  47. Harper Goss

    Merry Christmas

  48. Chocolate Milk

    Merry Crimis!

  49. Kookies With Extra Suga


  50. No One

    Who else listened to this on Christmas

  51. deniz kaplan

    This song is fucking amazing

  52. THE_UNKOWN252

    When I save the world and there is fire behind me someone play this song

  53. iiTiffany editzii

    Nobody else:
    Not even a soul:
    *Childrens getting whipped in the background:*

  54. violin chic

    This gives me minion feeling

  55. Brit and Angela

    So you just gonna bring me a Christmas gift on Christmas to my Christmas party with a Christmas gift


    Brit and Angela "I'll whoop yo ass, your girlfriend look like my mom"

    Brit and Angela

    •LOYALTY• “merry Christmas?”

  56. MrSpidey57

    Well. Merry Christmas 2019 🎄🥳

  57. Gamer tag

    your mean one

  58. Alvarez fun Family

    Pixar is more better then illumination

  59. BE4ST MOD3

    Who here on Christmas? 🎄

  60. MadAss Polo

    Thought this was 50 cent and loyd banks 🤣

  61. Emperor Giygas

    This is good but it won't measure up to the other two.

  62. Satira Rodgers

    Anybody else like the old one better?

  63. Rub

    I remember watching this movie in language arts and when this song began at the beginning of the movie everyone started saying “how old is this song?” TYLER ISNT DEAD LMAO

  64. MysticProductions

    this is his best song

  65. xXLunista_HallXx

    where the fuck did the female voice come from

  66. OOF Aloopa

    at first i didn't even notice that tyler made this.

  67. Miraculous Ladybug Fan 420

    Unpopular opinion: The 2018 version of The Grinch is actually good

  68. EZKM 15

    Didn’t even notice the whip cracks until I read the comments


    *me and Harriet Tubman getting whipped in the background*

  70. Yoo Suk

    Here after the premiere of Rudy Mancuso grinch wedding

  71. SnipeLeak YT

    That belt is loud

  72. donald and douglas

    kid gets beated
    youtobe : censors everything
    saberspark : censors everything
    youtobe : dis is not oki doki

  73. Nicholas Barbee

    ...Tyler the Creator?

  74. Ann Walker

    The only rap I know that has Lalala in it and is fire!!!

  75. hakuna matata

    One thing I’ll say about illumination is that their soundtracks usually slap for no reason💀💀 despicable me’s opening song is still in my playlist

  76. f α l l秋

    Merry christmas

  77. rafi_ ihsan

    i knew the sound was familiar when i watched the movie-DAMN

  78. [fiish.spiine ]

    I hated the remix until I found out my dude ty sang this so...we good

  79. nicole nicole

    How the fux didnt i know this was Tyler!!

  80. Zoi Photography

    this rap hiphop rnb it's everywhere (main stream) too bad ! It's time to go back to the real music!

  81. The Carnage

    This is an alright song but I can never see this with the O.G "How the Grinch stole Christmas".

  82. Tuff вσι

    Everyone talking about them getting beat with a belt but what you should really feel bad for is them rain dear they the real one's getting beat😂

  83. Majorita

    The whipping in the background is illumination whipping Tyler to make this song.

  84. Adam Ahmad

    S L A V E R Y

  85. BearTrapFazton

    Bad banana

  86. Kyle Choy

    Hits harder than Vincent from Angry Birds face planting

  87. mirandaava

    it didn’t sound like him until i realized he made it 💀

  88. Moneyaye Day

    I didn’t know that Tyler made this song!!!👌😱

  89. RedPug

    this is like they TRIED turned this song into a rap, and it just sucks

  90. s ı ı o q ʇ ǝ ɥ ɔ ʇ ɐ ɹ

    "With his skin all green, and his teeth all yellow"
    Skin? THAT'S SKIN?!?