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Tyler, The Creator Yellow Comments
  1. a1anis

    Guys I found this on Spotify and I’m gonna cry 🤧🥴🥺

  2. charlie blfa

    yo what happened to the video?

  3. Worm Time

    okay but does anyone remember the music video ??? like the official one yk??

  4. chriiisclm

    Best Tyler song that I thought never existed

  5. Caleb Brown

    Most slept on Tyler song to date

  6. Tom Solo

    Damn i just found this

  7. Gabe Shook

    this isn’t on the album?

  8. Cheryl Palmer

    💙💙💙💙 All this good music

  9. SUBWAY01100

    Hidden gem

  10. Jesús Ramirez

    So are we not giving the queen kali uchis her appreciation like I- ???

  11. Miles Marcelline

    Why isn’t this on cherrybomb. It’s beautiful


    It is, it's on physical copies tho

  12. Manuel Boakye

    *this song is so cute 💛*

  13. Genesis Azor

    Flowerboy / IGOR vibes before either one was dropped. Also was the music video taken down? Can't find it on here

  14. BITE 777

    I want to fuck to this song

  15. DavePug

    "a lot of the music that I love, shit, a lot of it's mostly instrumental. It made me realize that I don't always have to say something." - Tyler Okanma at Apple Music Concert

  16. Freddy Krueguer

    Esse álbum é uma dádiva, mesmo sendo criticado pelo Tyler e por quase todo mundo.


    Ele tem defeitos
    Mas ainda consegue ser Maravilhoso

    Freddy Krueguer

    Strumpeto que bom que não é só eu que penso do mesmo jeito. Esse álbum me traz muitas recordações. AAAAH 2015 ♥️


    @Freddy Krueguer eu me sinto mal por ter demorado tanto pra ouvir ele
    Mas sempre me traz boas lembranças

  17. HotBox Bar Sessions

    Lol I imagine Tyler going into the studio like "alright now wtf does yellow feel like"

  18. Cylia Marti

    wait is this on the cherry bomb album? On Apple Music I dont see it on there

  19. JustKenzaaa

    This song is my yellow

  20. Wavy Boy Wonder

    "Now when I first saw you, I can tell that you the one, that I been searching for, I needed something that was like the sun" I think he was referencing NERDs in search of's album, the song run to the sun....

    I just blew my mind rn.

  21. Jarno Mgdp

    Lmao get fucked digital cherry bomb losers

  22. richard crago

    damn that's some good Stevie Wonder-like sounds :)

  23. CannonFire15

    This song is so underrated it hurts

  24. Octuremp

    This song makes me splorge

  25. it's yah boy

    CD exclusive y’all

  26. Alexander P

    tyler needs to make an album and each song is a colour

  27. Adrianna Laytaya Twigg

    Is it strange that I only hear the colour white?

  28. rainbow kid


  29. 311 Jazzy

    God damn

  30. halor3con999

    I’m so fucking mad I never heard of this until now.

  31. Natalie Milton

    can yall stop being racist in the comments lol

  32. Ruben Dominguez

    Cd cats have this song


    1:48 i have this part as my ringtone on my phone


    How u get it as ringtone


    i made it on ableton live, just cut that part and export as mp3


    @ALMS ARBZHN sick thanks


    It's an ok song for the cherry bomb album. You can tell how he felt about it

  35. kxllvmxnvti

    This is Tyler's GOAT song

  36. dead meme

    why isn't this in the official tracklist?



  37. J4RR13B0G

    Ive been listening it like 2 years from now but i dont know why its not in spotify

  38. Afro Samurai

    Why wasn’t this on the album??

  39. njunge gathungu

    I'm just now hearing this. 2 years later.

  40. Jinnamonster12

    "He was yellow I was blue"

  41. kid ker

    Why this not on the album?

  42. C. Sweet

    Who's here from reading his tweet lol

  43. King_ Romero

    I'm from the future. On March 29, 2018, T releases a "Throwaway song" called OKRA. It releases on other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music later that day.

    sokolov rasputin

    what the fuck

    F. Fadli

    I need the exact date of this post

  44. 3ternal

    Why the fuck is this not on Spotify

  45. justsomeguylikethis

    Tyler used a part of this beat in the jellies


    What episode

  46. Sachin Kumar

    Wow thanks Tyler

  47. 24 Carrot

    Who’s here cause of Tyler’s recent tweet? 😂

    24 Carrot

    jeff i heard it before the tweet but I had to come back to it 😂

  48. Bryan Damian

    Who’s here cause of Tyler’s recent tweet

  49. Jappy J

    Had no clue he worked with Kali On Cherry Bomb

  50. BOSSA N0VA

    makes me wanna cry its so beautiful!

  51. Jasmine Gooden

    I like how everyone never paid any attention to this song


    i didnt know this fucking existed until now


    I remember finding this song as one of my first Tyler songs. Cherry bomb is still my favorite. There is another secret song on the cd that even less people know about. I do own the cd

    Richard Da Costa

    It's not on the album which is why

    Illumi Lilium

    @emellyy whats the difference?

    Jasmine Gooden

    J F RANDY probabaly ego right? One of my favs of all

  52. Ryan Salvia

    Why isn't this anywhere else

  53. yellow bone king


  54. Some Cloud

    I always feel like I'm in a different world when I hear one of tylers songs, they are just buetiful

  55. Jdd / yousuckjdd

    apparently this songs not on the itunes release of the album, ripperoni.

  56. Sto Sto

    Tyler and Kali AT LEAST need an EP together

  57. Josian Melendez

    Flower Boy

  58. jude reams

    so glad tylers vocals have improved

  59. christeena

    i wish this was on spotify

  60. Adrian 56k

    Now when I first saw you
    I could tell you was the one
    That I've been searchin' for
    I needed somethin' that was like the Sun
    Now all my flowers grow
    Right now my life, it blooms, baby

    You're my favorite color, my favorite color
    My favorite color's you
    It's like the endless summer, endless summer
    Whenever I'm with you
    Cause you're my yellow, yellow, yellow
    Cause you're my yellow, yellow, yellow

  61. buttchum

    I love Tyler with all my heart and soul wow

  62. andrea shearer

    my favourite colour is actually yellow and this song is exactly what i picture the colour yellow as sounding like


    To Benny, 😊

  64. ACEofSPADES5597

    I been listenen to Tyler since 2010 and just now hearing this. Smh

    Sebastian luna

    ACEofSPADES5597 same lmao

  65. Keith Turner

    forgot about this gem for a while. glad I remembered

  66. leo ssj

    Who else was able to hear the color yellow ?

  67. trevin lol

    300th comment:I love this song

  68. peter chumpis

    Fun fact: this song only released on the physical release of Cherry Bomb. I lost my copy in a car accident about a year ago and I miss it :(

  69. SUVAE official

    this song makes me so happy

  70. LadiesLoveGhost

    Better not sing that hook to a light skin bihh that don't know about this song.. She might just whip your ass😂😂

  71. Christian Hernandez

    the baseline in this song is so fucking beautiful! and the goddamn trumpets!!

  72. Abstract Duran

    anyone else think they need a duet album, produced by Tyler and Roy ayers??


    this goes out to all my little Asian girls out there

  74. nofaggotsky

    nice colour

  75. WearyJoey

    Tyler is such a character. He's goofy as fuck, make me laugh all the time, then he can sit down and make a masterpiece like this. He truly is blessed.


    WearyJoey i love him so much for this omfg I can’t even understand sometimes how can I like so much anyone like this

    Manuel Boakye

    gabrieu I deeply love that man not only for his dedication but just for him being him ❤️.

  76. Shemar Fraser

    Mad af I'm now hearing this since I bump this album atleast once a week.

  77. nomae ___

    I wish this was on spotify :((((

    potato mash

    it's a physical copy bonus track

    Jarno Mgdp

    Just buy the cd

  78. lily pee

    yellow is my favorite color as well

  79. Ana Luisa

    esse final é do caralho ❤

  80. Alejandro Orjuela


  81. Marcola


  82. Mia Gutierrez

    best song, love you Tyler and Kali <3

  83. nice

    my x an i used to love this song lol fuck this song it used to be so beautiful im heated she ruined it

    lewes barnes

    He's not talking about Kali, he's talking about his ex


    Never date a girl that likes Tyler lol



    Ian Mitchell

    Julian fuck

    Phenom Smith Jr

    nice FBGM Bruh

  84. Evelyn Z.

    tyler the creator is the shit man i love him so much i could even give him a big hug🔥✨💛

  85. Azalea

    why can't I find this on Spotify?


    sadly its only on physical copies :(

  86. Odd Toddler

    You're my favorite color.💛

  87. nothing important

    why didn't i know about this

    Kyah Martin

    same just hearing it


    Malik Washington it's an extra track on the physical cd ;)

    Gustavo Ivan Saldana

    Nigga I just heard this track for the first time in 2017

  88. JaDon Evan

    cutest song ive ever heard. keep bringing sunshine to my heart, T :)

  89. Johny Mills

    Wish he released the song on itunes


    Bro me toooooo

    Diego Ascencio

    Buy the CD lmao

    Zaywop SZN

    But physical broke boi

  90. jac6b

    I can hear the yellow in this.


    Then stop acting so blue


    Can we get some more color? Maybe some... yellow?

  91. James Greenway

    This guy will be going places.