Tyler, The Creator - Wolf Lyrics

Fuck, fuck you, fuck you, fuck him
Fuck everything else I can see
I know, fuck you I hate you so fucking much
I know you think I'm crazy
Cause I think you’re a fucking fag

Sam the music sounds good man!
You've been practicing


Sam, this is Wolf
He's new here

Sup dude

Wolf this is Sam
Sam and his band have been here at Flog Gnaw for a while
Sam's gonna show you around while I fill out these last minute field trip slips, alright?
Now you guys have fun

So you guys are into jazz?

Look, Wolf, Prairie Dog, Dontelle
Whatever the fuck your name is
We don't fuck with you or anybody else here, alright?
You stay the fuck out of our way and we'll stay out of yours

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Tyler, The Creator Wolf Comments
  1. The_Second_Pac 2

    I only really became a fan of tyler about a year ago because im only 12 and only recently started listening to full albums so this is my first time listening to wolf

  2. Pink And black

    Bruh like if you from 2020🥴

  3. Nahh G

    back here again to relisten to the wolf trilogy

  4. Samir Raafi

    6 years man, tyler changed my life no cap

  5. Noodle


  6. saint killem

    Think I'm crazy

  7. Wii Mii

    WOLF is 6 today :’)

  8. copper sugar

    you like jazz?

  9. Zann Christo

    1 - Flower Boy/IGOR (come on, no one can decide)
    2 - Wolf
    3 - Bastard

  10. BNC Problems

    Wolf is 6 now 🗿

    Baited Account

    I feel old and im just 14

  11. Doodie

    Been a Tyler fan and would always hear people talk about this one, I’d usually stick with cherry bomb, flower boy, and Igor but wolf has to be my favorite old school Tyler album

  12. Lukewarm jar of tomato sauce


  13. flwrchldent

    I miss this tyler

  14. aidan joyce

    still bumping. it's been awhile.

  15. Anderson Brown

    subtle start.

  16. Aephyn

    Bumping this shit since Junior year
    Underrated as all hell, even to someone who doesn't exactly love the rap game

  17. JustCinnamon

    Wolf is 6 today.

  18. ugliestboyalive

    Yo does anyone have a download link for the whole WOLF album

    Zuriah Walsh

    Copy the link into YouTube to mp3 converter

  19. abecedeeefege

    Wolf is today

  20. Sean Lal

    This album got me thru some shit in 2013 lol always gonna be my favorite Tyler album

  21. Sakster

    Goddamn, I remember always listening to this in the seventh grade, even put this as my wake up alarm. Being new to a school, having my first date, the relationship completely failing, playing ball with friends at P.E in the field... Good times.


    Happy birthday 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Stupidhead154

    Wolf is six today

  24. laura valentina

    Beautiful song

  25. Michelle S.

    So you guys into jazz?

    Stephen Lanouette

    I'm into smooth jazz, gravy style.


    Look wolf prairie dog or whatever the fuck ur name is we don't fw u

    Sam The Viking

    Ya like jazz?

  26. abyssboi

    Tripping on dxm wish me luck


    How'd it go?


    @Chow-Mein guess he dead

  27. quiet potato chip


  28. Cayman Fentriss



    happy birthsday

    Nelson Torres

    Cayman Fentriss now it’s 6

    Morello George

    @Nelson Torres i feel so fuckin old by this comment bruh god damn

  29. Jario

    Legendary intro

  30. LemonLion


  31. Daniel Cisneros


  32. cool story

    Tyler introduced me to so many different sounds and melodies

  33. joey zapata

    This whole album is so underrated.


    joey zapata nah, bro may be forggoten but not underrated

    swage cate

    underrated?have you visited r/tylerthecreator

    Pink And black

    joey zapata so is Cherry Bomb

  34. Muzique

    This is me in the flesh.

  35. Muzique


    T - Rock

    I gave the song a listen, and I think you should work on keeping up with your beats, like timing wise

  36. MankeyGamez

    The beginning of the sing sounds so familiar ... After the youuuuuuu, but not the oooohhhhohohohh.

    What song is it...

  37. Milo Johnson

    I love the drumline thing

  38. aStRonAuT pOodLe

    his best album after flower boy


    aStRonAuT pOodLe Flower Boy was great but definitely not the best, the production was amazing and it’s his most mature album. However, Wolf is the most Tyler album anyone can think of, it’s the embodiment of his personality and career


    @unavailable very good point


    Goblin was his *best* album.

    slim shady

    mr lean sorry but flower boy will always be superior


    igor is his now imo

  39. Faceless Role Models

    I highly suggest you listen to all Tylers Music in headphones , you have to be completely focused to feel his music and understand how much work was put into the production on every single track . I promise he will not disappoint

    Jakobe G

    Jonathan Valenzuela what you mean

    Niggy Niggy

    I just blast him on my speakers bruh

    X G

    That is DEFINITELY not true. And the same blanket statement could also be said for almost any music. All of it sounds more "intricate" when it's one directional into your ears. And not everyone appreciates the same stuff or enjoys it in the same way. I blast his music in any setting and love it all just the same. Fyi: if you actually wana know the complexities, look at how the music was made. Knowing how to use synths, creating the music, all the gear, the software...knowing that's it's more than just knobs and stuff. Super interesting. But again, to each his own.

    X G

    @MysticalGamer 1.0 sounds like you tbh

    MysticalGamer 1.0

    @X G I am so sorry some idiot freaking hacked my account I'm sorry I said that hope you forgive

  40. CM BITW

    Graduation ceremony today. Playing this later when I walk through those doors


    How was it

    Lexie Chan

    @Quinn He probably didnt do it

    Meme King

    @Lexie Chan true

  41. Nynthes

    Noone commenting on the start? That shit gave my goosebumps goosebumps.

    Rae Rae

    Damn gave me goosebumps too.....

  42. Ally Helle

    4 years today

  43. Shakir Smith

    He brung that old Kanye feel in tha intro

  44. kkim1177

    fuck you to YouTube for forcing me to watch all the ads now. FUCK YOU


    get adblock homie, and chill down lmao

  45. Haitian X

    My favorite Tyler the creator albums:
    1.Wolf(I could listen to this album back to back)
    2.Goblin(frank killed she 💯 and it had some dope songs on it too)
    3.Bastard(Tyler and earls song Ass milk was 🔥🔥🔥)
    4.Cherry Bomb(the reason this is 4 is because I only liked maybe 3 or 4 songs on it)

    Chip Robeson

    I'm just curious what ur opinion on flower boy is 🤔 and Tyler as a whole these days

  46. TheDeadlyPirate

    I remember when this shit dropped 3 years ago wow this album is so dope

  47. Meme Boi

    I think Tyler has to be the only person capable of making a fucking beautiful song where half the lyrics are "Fuck you." HOW DO YOU EVEN PULL THAT SHIT OFF?

    Goggle Squad

    Meme Boi it might be his sexual fucking voice

  48. NukaColaQuantumX

    0:30 <3

  49. JCMthebrand

    Man how dope has it been to see Tyler's transformation with production....all that crazy ish aside. It's been a pleasure 30/yr old Texan lol been jamming you since before goblin

  50. I'm Kacper.



    I'm Kacper. Wolf is 5 today!!! Wtf

    Youtube Anything

    I'm Kacper. YEYAAY

    Gaptop lel

    its five now


    Gaptop lel It’s 6 now you’re all getting old.


    Wolf is 6 today

  51. connor liberty


    Bill Hampton

    +connor liberty because this isnt acctually him lol

    Bill Hampton

    +connor liberty His real youtube channel is "OFGWKTA"


    @Bill Hampton Tyler, The Creator

  52. Chao P IV

    plain amazing

  53. Kristopher S. Douglas

    that boy so ill its cray even better then lil wayne

  54. Stephanie Mejia Limón

    *face palms* what is up with the lyrics? They're funny, but what the hell? Love them tho, even if they have nothing to do with the music

    Sai Earth

    that's tyler style.

    Chef Pizz

    the lyrics have to do with a story line involving all his albums going from Wolf,Bastard,Goblin than Sam is dead, a single by tyler.
    check this out: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/the-conspiracy-theorists-guide-to-tyler-the-creators-wolf-trilogy

    Sai Earth

    No actually, haha.

    George Justice

    you have nothing to do with music, so there!


    +Stephanie Mejia Limón No no, It's not Tyler's music in the album in this song. This is Sam's music. He gets interrupted by Wolf and thus the album starts. This is Sam and his band in the middle of their recording.

  55. Aube

    Exist instrumental for this?

  56. witz

    Thank youuu!

  57. spencer paul

    ily for doing this playlist