Tyler, The Creator - Trashwang Lyrics

[Na'kel, Tyler, The Creator, Lee Spielman:]
Sawed-off, I eat those
These clothes, they free though
Straight from the back of the Supreme store
Don't give a fuck about these hoes--
Hold on, hold on, hold on, run that shit back!
(This is a DJ Stankdady exclusive!)
I want the black kids to like me for this one, man
Trashwang! Woah!
Illegal CIV!
Trashwang! Yo!

Bitch, I'm with the fucking extras
Big dog, cup full of egg nog
Don't give a fuck 'bout shit but clips and Camp Flog Gnaw
Sawed-off, I eat those
These clothes, they free though
Straight from the back of the Supreme store
Don't give a fuck about these hoes
They just slob knob in New York shows
Thirsty for the clips till I'm not flow
Pusha Georgia trip, bitch I got it poppin'
Me and Jasper going coffin shopping
Hoes see the board be a lotta boxes
Bitches see the boy and they mouth be frothing
Chain is glossing

Trash Wang niggas
Thriller, we the killer
You can tell I'm Golf Wangin'
By the fucking stickers
OF or Wolf Gang
My niggas is my niggas
Don't let them skateboards fool you
Know niggas that pull triggers

Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, roll a blunt

Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, that's what's up
Trash Wang, nigga, roll a blunt

[Tyler the Creator:]
Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, yeah, them niggas is swell
Tighter than a straight nigga going to jail
Locked in a box, nigga, off them socks
I can finally afford the bail
My bitch isn't bad
She's pretty normal looking with a real nice ass
Now hop off my dick, what it be
Bitch, Mob, Task, Force, Lil, B, nigga
Speaking of the devil
Y'all niggas cornier than kettle
Y'all couldn't smoke crack or heroin
In a Black Ops plane and reach my level
Ate some bugs and I made some carats
Fuck y'all niggas' bullshit, y'all cherish
I'm 21, I threw a party but…
Difference is, y'all didn't have a Ferris

55 grams in that blunt, nigga
I face that
Just copped that motherfucker bimmer nigga
I race that
Keep talking that shit
I'll pull your card
Get chipped like that nigga from Stomp The Yard
Don't fuck with Jasper
He a retard
Kill your motherfucking grandma and have your family scarred

[Tyler the Creator:]
Might fuck around and be a goat named Felicia
Sorry, got a little excited
It's probably all the meth Walt Jr. provided
Wolf Gang, up in this bitch
Red Riding Hood is pissed
Somebody tell Megan and Sara to come and suck a-


Beamers for days
White bitches is slaves
Niggas ain't with that warfare
My goons got aim
100 racks before 18
200 before I hit 6 feet
Nigga we bout it bout it
Yo bitch try to suck my dick

Holding up my chain
Versace Flocka Flame
Pull up in the tank
Cock back and aim (ouch)
Spitting my verse wearing gold fangs
I'm loading up the nine shouting Golf Wang
Your bitch tattoo
It say my name
Sachee Santana
Nigga bird gang
Supreme team
Seventh veil
Paying all these ratchet's
Phone bills

(What) Yeah
Y'all niggas thought it was a game
We shutting the motherfucking shit down now nigga
It's over for you bitch niggas
I'm here with my nigga nasty Nak', Mr. Versace
Wolf Haley in this motherfucker
Jasper The Motherfucking Dolphin
And my nigga, Mike G
We taking this shit over
Its shut down for you bitch niggas
I got the Tec
Im bustin' at y'all bitches heads nigga
Fuck all you niggas
It's getting hot in here

Odd Future Wolf Gang bruh we Kill 'Em All
Golf Wang sticker on that Trash Wang
Nigga knows that OF popping - Loiter Squad, Flog Gnaw
OFWGKTA yeah you niggas know them seven letters long
Yeah, Wolf Gang up in this bitch
Golf Wang up in this bitch
Litter Life up in this bitch
OFM, banging on your motherfuckin' FM
Nigga, fuck you thought this was, nigga?
Click-click (gunshot)
What the fuck was that

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Tyler, The Creator Trashwang Comments
  1. kvlee


  2. Lil Poopystain

    1:33 is so magical and 4:29 . gosh I love this song so much

  3. TBLegend

    Left Brain did a good ass job on the chorus. Chorus got even fire when Tyler came in

  4. Sprite GD

    you gotta admit that the lucas verse is by far the worst

  5. MF DOOM

    This song will always slap!

  6. jades revenge

    Yuhh hahaha

  7. Onyx Green

    This song finally dawned on me 2019 I love this song I'm sorry😭

    Ishuah Holley

    ah a fellow octoberian2019

  8. Erna M

    2019 and this is still my fighting anthem

  9. Kent Mansley

    Probably the most bro song ever.

  10. Mike Mercury

    Just realized wolf is flow backwards .

  11. Savage Frenchman

    Jaspers verse is so good

  12. Dandre Williams

    This whole time i thought that was jasper onna track 😭😭

  13. MEME GOD

    3:53 dogs after a minute of being left in the car

    Lil Poopystain

    lol this needs more recognition. It’s funny but sadly true. Gosh I shouldn’t b laughing at all

    Nathaniel Andre


  14. bepsi conk

    Sounds like vem tabook

  15. Yeah

    Lucas's verse is so trash lol

  16. astro ant

    taco actually sounds sick af over this beat

  17. bruno gonzalez

    that’s ray.

  18. Steve Reyes

    Taco back from tina


  19. Steve Reyes

    Jesus fuckin christ that shit jumpscared me

  20. Lucas

    Will always be one of my favorites

    SL Jazzy


  21. tay delgado

    Bring me back to high school 🙏💯

  22. pac 6man

    my dxggy took a poo on x mcdxnalds alot of trash

  23. pac 6man

    trashwang we threw a party at mcdxnalds

  24. Londa Cele

    Lionel with the crazy commentary lol

  25. Adonnis Mcduffie

    Boy this song ass


    The song is supposed to be a joke.

  26. Walter White

    Tylers best song everything about this song is so fucking addicting also the notalgia.

  27. Sentirion Beats

    Lee Spielman goes mental on this. For no reason he just angry asf in the background.

  28. RTMaday

    TrashWang with Trash Talk vocalist

  29. Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi?

    I like Lucas screaming in the back

    Sentirion Beats

    That's Lee Spielman from the thrash band Trash Talk

    Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi?

    senturion raider grasias


    Lucas verse at da end

  30. yaloha rullo

    I love this one

  31. Anissa Chamberlyns

    Tighter than a straight nigga going to jail!

  32. Thabane Sihle

    Best producer of this planet

  33. Grim

    People are so dumb they thought this was a serious song, it's a trap parody you idiot's.

    Sentirion Beats

    It's still pretty good though ngl

    I Love Chicago


  34. HiHatsAndBeatClaps

    This still goes in.

  35. Hazylane

    Hardest intro ever

  36. Jonathan Cabrera


  37. gnarly ac

    fuck, after all these years, this song still goes hard.

  38. high as a muthafucka

    I'm a late OF fan but fuck the moshpits must be lit with this song

  39. csa10


  40. Sebastian Escobedo

    Illigal shit

  41. Dale Gilbert

    Memory lane!!!!!!!!

  42. Dale Gilbert

    I was drunk and I was talking to my ex on the phone... and I yelled "Wolfgang, trashgang!" And that was legit when the cops let me go after that.

    Sentirion Beats

    Trash gang is actually a real cyber gang

    Shawny_Boii 37


    olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009

    then the cops clapped?

  43. The Iceywulf

    Fuck I think the only thing more Awkward than jasper being on a track is white people looking for a deeper meaning in the song

  44. Sam

    This is the song when you walk in slow motion with the homies.

  45. AustinHartwig

    I wish I could jerk off to this song. I do jerk off to this song

  46. Evan The Beard

    The ending is so aesthetically pleasing

  47. Johnathan

    up tha cyberpunx

  48. Ocho Cinco

    Lucas some ass

  49. konde dracula do earl

    0:16 Chester Bennington?

    The Sage

    nah. thats Lee Spielman from the band trashtalk. half the reason for this tracks title

    Sentirion Beats

    @The Sage amazing bans

    The Sage

    @Sentirion Beats who or what is that? Deadass don't know what you mean

    Sentirion Beats

    @The Sage i meant amazing band. I love trash talk

    The Sage

    @Sentirion Beats ohhh yeah. No doubt, Trashtalk is an amazing band. With so many wicked features as well

  50. Feivel Daniel

    3:01 Ik where Merlin fro. Brockhampton gets his inspiration from


    this is pretty trash but i like it because tyler sings it


    MYLES GOMEZ its a parody

  52. Dankest Memes

    Lucas (or Taco) was killing it wit that intro verse


    Dankest Memes na'kel


    if I'm not mistaken

    anna angelic

    yeah, it was na’kel

  53. Aaron Willoughby


  54. lotte

    this song sounds like a fucking michael bay movie

  55. Rey Parker

    He said, "Illegal shit" lolol. At least the specific

  56. Nykeah Riddick

    Lmao Lucas said nigga and they cencored it for his safety😂😂

  57. Steve Whittington

    Jasper the mother fucking dolphin 🐬

  58. Dr. 420

    Wtf these niggas on govt provided

  59. Colby Bogue

    2018 b muthafuckin OFWGKTA lol 😁

  60. Young Tapatio

    I finally know where scarlxrd gets his inspiration

    Mako ii

    @언너ʎpuɐɔ ǝʎǝ L

    언너ʎpuɐɔ ǝʎǝ

    Mako ii reverse uno

    Terry SxOxFxGx

    Scarlxrd was in a metal band before he did trap music so thats where the screams come from

    Brad Douglass

    Terry SxOxFxGx nah this song is where screaming was invented

    parka beats

    @Brad Douglass carti invented music, scar invented screaming

  61. parka beats

    Na-kel smith can rap??


    he does he makes music

    Yung Reef

    donsly yuuhh

    David Carlamere

    Yea that’s what I said. I rlly only know him from Mid90s

    normal guy

    Jesus yall some fans haha. Listen to his verse on DNA on the IDLSIDGO album

  62. carroty coffee

    "Trash Penis"

  63. Joshua Does Animations

    Why does Lucas sound like Pete Wentz

  64. Aaron Willoughby

    Young Nigga would've been perfect on here

  65. Inferno

    Listen to Taco’s verse on Tina, and then listen to his verse on this.

    Puberty is magic


    Inferno you are cringe brother


    To whoever liked my comment i wish a happy Christmas


    @jacob thanks bro


    Lukas Clark 2:46

  66. Ryan Carraway

    who's the one singing in the beginning

    Ryan Carraway

    skeleking bless

    Steve Reyes

    I think that's taco

  67. lil bugspray

    I like how Lucas sounds like a fucking deaf man

  68. Daniel Moriarty

    why is there no music video tho


    Daniel Moriarty too fire for a video to handle



    Elijah Matthew

    @THE FBI IS WATCHING GOLFWANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRASHWANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. panch boi

    Is this suicide silence

  70. Bee Godly

    Jasper and Lucas went hard af


    Bee Godly deadass tho💀💀

    Bee Godly

    Tyler Gregory Okonma SACHE SANTANA


  71. Frank Abstract

    "I want the black kids to like me for this one."


    @Wooahh he answered that already u faggot


    Frank Abstract man

    Burrito Wyrm

    Shits profound

    luvbird jai

    the intro sounds like its in gta



  72. Shawkai Davis

    This my shit man 😭

  73. 3nzR

    How's this third

  74. Kirk Turner

    4:30 tho. I love that lil tune.

  75. ghost doll

    I'm the black kid that likes him for this one😂😂

    Rey Parker

    Cyann Carver I love the parody of the forsaken genre that is trap

    Patty Toscano

    Im the white kid that likes this but respects the black kids who like him for this one

  76. aaron mumbles

    Your bitch tattoo

    It say my name!

  77. pablos vloggg

    This song makes me wanna stich my eyebrows​ to my nipples 🤘

    Angela Victoria

    pablos vloggg lol wuuuut

  78. Kill

    I feel like young nigga is missing from this

    Laake Gennai

    It's just nigga now, remember?


    Mr.Nigga gonna hit you with the llama

  79. Orotasan

    tegan and sara are lesbians btw lmao


    Orotasan lol


    might fuck around and be a goat name Felicia 😅😅😅


    GEORGE ZANIKOS that's his Instagram name Felicia the goat

    lpkojihugyftdrseaw awsedrftgyhujikolp

    GEORGE ZANIKOS are you the baby in your pfp or the mom im so confused, no correlation to this comment


    Sorry, got a little excited, it's probably all the meth Walt Jr. provided

  81. J_J *_*

    "Get tripped liked that nigga from Stomp The Yard" 🙌🏾

  82. Jabba The hut


  83. SupremeTeam2000

    Summer 2013...those were the good days

    BBS 4xx

    Rey Parker the good ol odd future days

    800 PES0

    That's my November

    Walter White

    2019 sucks

    young mobb da smoker

    @Walter White i know


    And playing skate 3

  84. Dallas Bond

    I want the black kids to like me for this one man

  85. Bama Bear


    x e n o n

    Hi fellow retoord

    Jesus Lei

    Never knew what that meant lol

  86. Michael Suarez

    I got full on retarded when I listen to this

  87. Brown-eyed Cheese

    I can feel Lucas spitting and I enjoy it

    Faze Jp

    Brown-eyed Cheese nasty

    Deon Nelson

    Brown-eyed Cheese Lol

    Rohan Pathak

    He did 6ix9ines sound back when he was danny wit the snapback fam lucas been on it


    Brown-eyed Cheese I like that pfp

  88. Athena

    I miss Lucas😩😡😓


    Odd Future miss?


    Hes still around, but OF has been disbanded so none of the guys work together anymore.

  89. Reima

    Killer beat with tasteful usage of gunshots


    whatta you doin here? love ur vids :)