Tyler, The Creator - Transylvania Lyrics

Left Brain, Wolf Haley, Golf Wang
Free Earl, uh

[Verse 1:]
Goddamn I love women
Daydream about penis being in 'em
Meet them with a big grin with a Mac-10
Rope, katana, and then I skin 'em
All beige suit made out of white women
With the red lipstick dancing to John Lennon
With the red sweater jeans made out of blue denim
They can catch me in the spot where the sun don't shine
Bitch don't mind me, shake your hiney
The only motherfucking Wolf here, I spit venom
You're a bad bitch with a real good kitten
And I got the appetite of them fat black women
Wolf Gang in this bitch with a bunch of rats with 'em
Lookin' like the holocaust with supreme hats with 'em
I am tryna get Ms. Piggy by the motherfucking hairs of her chinny chin chin
Umm, what's that? The cock of a black dude
Mad 'cause to start her, got the swag of a vacuum (Aww, fuck it)
I'll take her to the back room, dungeon, fighting and punching
And now the slut is under the fucking assumption
That I will be fucking and munching her muffin
Cum will be bleeding but that's not from the time signature of the month, umm

It's because I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smacking a bitch
Kidnapping, attacking, with axes and shit
So I grab them throats and start smacking them shits
It's because I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smacking a bitch
Kidnapping, attacking, with axes and shit
Til she decides to take Dracula's dick

[Verse 2:]
Goddamn I love bitches
Especially when they only suck dick and wash dishes
Cooking, cleaning, grant my wishes
Make me and the Wolf Gang Sandwitches
Transylvania crypt let's take a, tour
Bitch try getting through that black trap, door
Keep yelling and working them vocal chords
And that'll be more of a reason that you'll get slapped up, for
Is that four trunks comfy? (Fuck you!) Fuck me? No, fuck Buffy
That little bitch keeps trying to hump me
Jumping over dicks what the fuck she want from me?
She keeps sending me garlic
How many times I gotta tell her I'm allergic (I like your cape)
Oh this baby ape cape?
Bitch I got it for a bargain at the neighborhood target
Fangs are sharp and I hope you know
That all I really want from you is that throat
I can't eat pussy 'cause I might leave cuts
Then there's blood on my sheets, but that might be a plus
On the channel a fucking animal, leaking like pairs of candles
Bitches ain't hard to handle, I don't want a bride I just want bone marrow

It's because I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smacking a bitch
Kidnapping, attacking, with axes and shit
So I grab them throats and start smacking them shits
It's because I'm Dracula bitch
Don't got a problem smacking a bitch
Kidnapping, attacking, with axes and shit
Til she decides to take Dracula's dick

Bite her in her fucking neck, bite her in her fucking neck
Bottom of the fucking lake, bottom of the fucking lake
Call my gang of wolves and bats, call my gang of wolves and bats
It's a full moon tonight and these hoes ain't acting right
It's because I'm Dracula bitch, swag, swag, swag
It's because, Left Brain, Wolf Haley, Free Earl, Golf Wang

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Tyler, The Creator Transylvania Comments
  1. Ntando Mathonsi

    Coolest video I've seen so far

  2. Novasity

    1:28 gets me every single time I watch this

  3. Craig The Meme God

    One word: Yikes

  4. VI VI VI

    Ill still watch it as a vid

  5. chouristic gaming

    I couldn't gooo hel nah cuzz 2:52

  6. Luis Gutierrez

    Make more vids like this!!

  7. #amosc: BLXCKROSEP

    No 🧢 they raped them 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. moy toy

    i was really 12 watching this 😂😂

  9. Olivia Taylor

    Report this. Music video or not. Fun and games or not. That’s how people get raped. Fun right?

  10. George Baker

    this shit is legendary. so good when it first came out, super believable at the time.. mainly because I was a kid

    Def Jam 8K

    George Baker ikr

  11. Cesar Aceituno

    is cyril jackson there?

  12. Cesar Aceituno

    are they sponsored?

  13. Bum Numba One

    Still one of the best.

  14. Diallo Reese

    Y’all crazy 😫😂😂

  15. baby Kiera

    Nigga went from this to Flower boy.

  16. Lil Shlamo

    Who made this video

  17. krypticz

    (smacks a bitch) *oOf*

  18. Jeff Green

    I once had a skate squad, not as crazy as these guys though lol

  19. krypticz

    They wild

  20. luis contreras

    Appreciate it fam i was not able to find this damn video

  21. Breeze O'Connor

    Got rapey real quick

  22. M T 1 9 9 8

    kkkk esse clipe é uma onda, viu... kskkksk

  23. 6deadprince

    Wtf are the pics at 1:30 and 2:34 , it' so disturbing. Please report the video if you find them

  24. Why youtube why

    The FUCK does this have to do with Drakula

  25. Divyansh Rana

    Gta California

  26. Jordan Garcia

    Who were the guys in the video? Do they have more content?

    Dee Jones

    Did you check the Twitter handle they left at the end of the video?

  27. SnazzyBlumpkin

    This shit raped my mind when I was younger.

  28. Sean Deli

    When suburban kids don’t know what to do

  29. Reion Miller

    Best fan video ever

  30. og jonx

    This sucks

  31. Edan Primor

    This is obviously not the "Official Video" as it claims to be.

  32. Beverly McFadden

    Wake Up Gay !!!

  33. Jeremiah Martin -

    Better than Logic

  34. jose v

    the cheap remake of kids.

  35. KiNG SaVaGe

    Short pre-sequel of "KIDS" 😂😂😂

  36. sad thottie

    I mean towards the end issa kink ting 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  37. SoraLow360

    Do people really think this was meant to be real? It's just a music video and it isn't even made by TC. Just watch the show damn.

  38. Joshua Randle


  39. Cesar Barragan

    this shit cool tho like the whole concept

  40. LumiereCeleste 70

    GHB 😈💚

  41. TheAfrothunderr

    rem this when I was 12

  42. Luxman

    Butterscotch yo

  43. Lil Glo

    I always come back an watch this shit lol lokey best video iv ever seen

  44. God

    fuck u no fuck *buffy* that little bitch keeps trying to *hump* mE

  45. Kirk

    These are my type of nikkas. I dead use to be on some K.I.D.S. shit with da homies

  46. Rickynanners

    Another subliminal image at 2:34.

    Illuminati confirmed?

  47. Steez

    this a throwback bro

  48. Eli Sweatshirt

    basically chronicle if they never got those powers


    Eli Sweatshirt true

  49. Abyss 11

    utter shit 💩💩💩

  50. SupremeTeam2000

    0:08 "suh dude"

  51. Nic Flood

    Major Props guys

  52. El Bagman Junior

    i hope that security guard beating was real if not fuck you .l.

  53. Victor Austin

    Who are these guys they're really creative

  54. The Lit Show

    wait where was the short haired chick when they woke up XD

  55. The Lit Show

    was this fan made or directed

  56. Gui Laskoski

    Is that date rape shit real wtf

  57. papa

    If people actually acted like that all hope would be lost

  58. Ryan Ahmed Yahia

    1:30 there's a picture of a dude hanging

    Victor Austin

    Ryan Ahmed Yahia once I finally got it to the right picture that shit scared the FUCK outta me

    Dominick Rodriguez

    I got it first try

    David Mendez

    2:34 there's some scary ass looking guy

    Robbie Ferratto

    David Mendez I remember seeing that picture in the Lincoln museum in Springfield Illinois..that guy was a prisoner of war in the civil war

  59. H8rdwork

    Damn! The crazy shit they doing is dope and looks so real. Hope it's scripted though.


    You think drugging women and raping them is dope? And yes. This is real. They filmed all of their exploits, faces and all, edited into a video and uploaded the footage onto the internet.


    @TheMoskas100 Well if the drugging is real, then that ain't dope at all.

    Tread Carefully Your Thoughts Can Kill You

    +TheMoskas100 This is fake idiot


    John Hernandez I came back to this and this does look fake. Give props though for making it look real. But yeah. Fuck this Moska nigga. Triggered ass nigga.

  60. CX Currency XC

    This video is awesome

  61. Paddy cakes

    Anybody notice that it's a loop?

  62. Kat Stone

    Rape is not a joke

    Kat Stone

    ok then fake rape where no one gets raped and rape is still the issue that is being shown as fun or whatever is obviously not okay, and you obviously can understand that? Because you're not idiots? Right?

    Victor Austin

    Kat Stone It was the topic of the song.. idk if you know who Tyler the Creator or the song, but it's about stalking and rape

    My existence is a momentary lapse of reason

    Kat Stone Fuck off SJW, back to the safe space, where they have a nice coloring book and teddy bear waiting for you.

    Kat Stone

    no you fuck off

  63. Japraal Holloway

    illegal civilization 🙌

  64. tyree johnson

    is this a real music video ?

  65. まるのみさいる

    Is this red t shirt a thing of what brand?

  66. Darrin Hafford

    Part 2 please

  67. SyrebralVibes

    i watch this video to get me amped up

  68. sheri survivorUhh


  69. KarambitKyle

    this video is fucking amazing, ( should say fan made) but really a work of art

  70. elliott

    Am I the only one that noticed that they slipped pills in the root beers and drugged the girls? LOL XD

    kill me

    @elliott L for trying to be funny.


    @TheMuffinMaayyn L for thinking i was being real

    kill me

    @elliott L for not making sense 


    @TheMuffinMaayyn L for thinking i was being real

  71. Jake Patterson

    best tyler song

  72. Mitchell Gonsch

    who made this? she looks really roofied

  73. Matias Dupree

    this really felt like it could be the video

  74. Bl00dShark

    Director:Bill Cosby

    Monique Rosemarie


    Chaos R' Us Entertainment

    Elfenignis lmfaooo

  75. FutureSociety

    music for the devil

  76. Ryan Tays

    Has anyone pointed out 2:33 - 2:34 ?lol

    Japraal Holloway

    Damn I saw the picture lol, never noticed


    who the fuck is casper?

    Lil Dong

    Check out the movie kids from 1995. The behavior and feel is similar to this video

    †Kai Culture†

    Ryan Tay


    (The dude who gets beat directed the video)

  77. Good Reps

    ''Fuck a pregnant bitch and call it a threesome'' Damn that fucked up.

    Thrasher Boy Ameer

    tron cat

    edwin lovett

    Actually it was: "Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome" and that was from Tron Cat

  78. Wilshire blvd Boyz

    shit sucks

  79. KyloPrime

    Songs at the end
    4:00 Tyler The Creator - She (feat. Frank Ocean)
    4:10 Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs
    4:24 Cherub - Minez Yourz (My Body)
    4:29 Wiz Khalifa ft.Chevy Woods and Neako - Reefer Party

    equal. ife

    Thanks man 👆

    Luis Gutierrez

    4:10 song hits heavy!!

  80. Spoofty Foo

    ha they roofied cream soda lol


    wtf pause at 1:30 its an image of a person hung to death

    Victor Austin

    Fakie there's another one with some starving dude right before they beat up the store guy

  82. Moya Dixon

    I liked it

  83. TYSON

    1:30 Sadam .

  84. Mr415

    2:34 the hell? Why would you put that in the video?

    PS1 Hagrid

    BERNIE its a fanmade tyler music vid, why not?

  85. Mr415

    What's up with the freaky subliminal imagery at 1:30

    KiLL JMiN

    Haha yep I knew I saw something and was double tapping play/pause to see what it was.

    Lord Weaselton

    It's a guy hanging himself

    Victor Austin

    billy bonolis same


    And at 2:34

  86. ghf tdjjf


  87. MuscleSpasms

    Fake as fuck but it looks perfect with this song it reminds me of the movie kids

    KiLL JMiN

    I was thinking "damn this is a modern day KiDS". Glad I wasn't the only one

    Lil Dong

    +Jaym Kidding fr especially the part when they beat up the guy that bumped into them like the scene in Kids


    MuscleSpasms that movie was good

  88. Ashunti poole

    If you haven't learned anything from the video, just know your never supposed to take a drink that's already open 🌚🌚🌚🌚

    Terrance Mannery

    +Ashunti poole only comment i've seen that is taking note of that

    Collin Stine


  89. jeff

    what a nice day


    Hahaha 666 dislikes

  91. heartbrokedaniel

    all for a video? damn

  92. c 9k

    666 dislikes

    Bryan Jordan

    @Slendy Man
    My mom warned me about this shit.

  93. PARobb

    Wow 666 dislikes , the irony 😂😂

  94. Solo Demonz

    Subliminal message at 1:29.

  95. Alexander Martinez

    1:05 Fucking thugin out son wow tipping trash cans you sure go hard man I wouldn't want to run into you on the streets you can probably tip me over too props bro swaggin out ;D

  96. EvolvedInto Obliteration

    If you lil so-cal kiddies tried this shit where I'm from you'd be shot or hanging from a tree

    EvolvedInto Obliteration

    @***** Except I'm from southwestern Virginia and don't act like one


    +EvolvedInto Obliteration You're from south west Virginia and you act like its a bad area. xD More like if you go to their area you'll get shot and hung. And you can say all you want but they're pretty sick skaters and its a video, its not real. You don't have to make comments like this, it doesn't make you seem tough and it just makes you look abit douchey... if thats a word, not sure tbh.

    Xavier Bradley

    Chicago-fuck with us