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Tyler, The Creator Sometimes... Comments
  1. Felipe Andrade

    Sometimes you gotta... close a door to open a window

  2. Chris

    I’m just waiting for the la la laaaa ahhhh

  3. FADED

    Wow you can see a lot of stuff in the back like Eminem goblin and OF

  4. Parin Angel

    a veces sentado en mi cuarto. ohhh oohh ohhh

  5. fish broccoli

    Bro fr been a lotta feels goin around in my life rn and this song is what it feels like staying up late on a Tuesday night staring at the ceiling and just waiting for the tears cause you know it’s never gon happen


    fish broccoli Damn bro you good

  6. speens

    i just realized this is in the first few seconds of boyfriend

  7. Thabang

    Does anyone know these chords?

  8. franks little demon


  9. gosha

    i wish i was in love so i could really jam to this song,,, it’s still valid tho

  10. Kclåh Zeromeia

    Cadê os br?

  11. Laila Gordon

    Go to the end of “I think” and listen to the beginning of this, matches perfectly 🎶

  12. Sync

    I needed this in my life

  13. Cameron Mead

    my life is complete

  14. Sugar Su

    the beggining reminds me of "I fall in love too easily"

  15. Princess Polybius


  16. aloisio lima

    Don’t worry about me

  17. Olwethu Ntuli

    What is the instrument used for this bass

  18. Chris Havok

    Love the production and vocals

  19. MeteoBlitz

    this an outro?

  20. JaVion Riley

    I remember hearing these background instrumentals during the late 90s on urban/Black R&B radio station at night

  21. Luon Lin

    Relapse is the fucking album

  22. Infezo


  23. Skynse

    Im gonna flip this into my track

  24. sofdrink

    “In my dream world, it’s just chords that play in the air. That’s my daydream music, Sometimes.”

    Omen Oig Wolftank

    When did he say that

    super Cool

    Omen Oig Wolftank in Flower Boy: A Conversation

    Samir Raafi

    Just Imagine that tho

    Dsole 1217

    this man a genius .


    gummy worns hook.

  26. Chyenne

    💓I play this song religiously daily💓

  27. Cedric Cathey

    Sometimes I sit in my bed n contemplate

  28. Aariandel 1998

    i could play this for hours man, like this really be that vibe in ya room

    Bread Leg

    Aariandel 1998 it’s just one of those beautiful instrumentals that can be played over and over

  29. ameer t

    this playing over my closest friends and i staring at the clouds in an endless green valley whilst the sun is setting 🤧

  30. Jack Bridger

    Why isn't there a on repeat or a 10 hour version of this?

  31. Tyexdye

    The feels

  32. Emanuele Cristina

    Vim pelo Artur

  33. Dookie Bookie

    Why is this so beautiful

  34. Link Curto

    love the eminem poster in the background lmao

  35. Good Vibes Forever

    you should do this but the last "sometimes" has shanes part

  36. Sharnali Debnath

    I love you

  37. Hani Gharaibeh

    Who else was waiting for "youre listening to GOLF radio....." ?

    C h i m a y a

    Yuup still waiting

    brandon zhang

    "well since you wanna be mr fucking secret agent, what song you wanna hear?"
    "...the one about me"


    @brandon zhang ok ok ok ok ok ok oh

    Vendetta Jr Official channel

    Larry David yessss 😭

    cenicia 1

    GG... OLF GOLF ITS GOLF RADIO!!!!!!!! I love that part! 😊

  38. Dribble GAWD

    Why Tyler why could you just sing on this track🌻

    Edge Worth

    I mean he did didn't he?

  39. Sheldon Lac

    Here before 1 mil

  40. wee snurtl

    Why does the first piano chord sound in this song sound like the first piano chord in Tron Cat?

    nymphet dream

    I think it is

    Lets Be Serious

    I think it is but the tron cat one is pitched up relative to this one


    @Avery bruh hes joking lmao

    Corey Vistain

    I heard that first piano chord and it drew me in like predators carrying treats

  41. Water Urplants

    who else was waiting for the “okay okay okay okay okay okay oh-“



  42. wee snurtl

    I love this so much...

  43. Howard Davis

    I cry memaw tears cause my soul deserved this..thank u shatchmo

  44. cyberthug

    Does anyone know how to get thaf sound? Its beautiful

  45. Chr0n 3leven


  46. speduardo

    this is just playing over and over..


    speduardo that's what an extension is pal

  47. user1

    tyler really should've dropped some bars to this, its just amazing


    look up sometimes alternate w verse, it's amazing


    Friday he will drop his album, I'm sure that this will be on the new album

    jesus christ

    @MetalFingerz unfortunately not maybe *sometime* he will though


    @jesus christ I hope

  48. dallin eats lettuce

    bless your soul

    dallin eats lettuce

    for real, this is my new alarm, the song i use to just relax, when i want to feel happy. but the shane powers part just interrupted its beauty, and the song was too short. this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art to descend from heaven.

  49. S I C K T R I K Z

    Sometimez i sit in my bed~

    Jassíah Deluxe

    S I C K T R I K Z 😂😂


    Sometimez I get lit in my bed~


    Meer Ldn It's golf radio

  50. Mathis Shoks.



    Post this on soundcloud plz👌

  52. Jtbora

    Who ever disliked.......(comment what they deserve)

    Johnathan Haley

    Jtbora To sit in their room.

    ES_KING ___

    To see the end of their existence 😂

    Bk Ashe

    A tongue lashing from Cam Brady 012

  53. NIVLL

    This is amazing

  54. yacine Ib

    You should make a version with the "sometimes" appearing less frequently man !!


    yacine Ib like an instrumental?

  55. IceyToken

    The hook is amazing, I could listen for months 🔥🌎

    emnoekat I:

    IceyToken Couldn't have said it better 👌

  56. Steve Cash


  57. I_ Visuals

    Thank you so much

  58. GOLF Unreleased

    I reuploaded and removed Shanes part

    Ivan Gutierrez

    GOLF Unreleased ❤️

    Kelshawn Miller

    Ahh man I liked shakes part 💀😯


    Bonk A Donk nah man shane is really amazing and i loved his part and him in general

    Elijah Beard

    You didn't have too.

    Xavier Whitaker

    Yea do that

  59. Ian Mitchell

    You’re the greatest human alive


    eyyyyy specktators

    Ian Mitchell

    DominicInBed yo holy shit this is a year later but it’s fuckin crazy to find someone else randomly who’s a fan lol

    Aaliyah Jardien

    And so are you!!!!