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Tyler, The Creator Slow It Down Comments
  1. •Blurry UwU•

    Damn... this shit slaps 🔥

  2. Cyrius2

    That hook is fire

  3. Brown

    I really don’t understand. How people say this is good, sorry

  4. Marsel Music

    1:42 lol just realised howdy I. My right ear phone is screaming the chorus lol

  5. JRM Media

    10 year's later.

  6. chuboy

    Hodgy is hilarious af... idk how to put a finger on it, but the way his voice goes up and passively talks about such things lol

  7. Elizabeth Liddell

    Who her 2019

  8. Gabriel A.

    The drop at the beginning is fucking awesome

  9. Chronicalewinsky

    Omg, turn it up, where the bass !! Drop ittt

  10. Golf SwAg

    2:00 is it me or it says “smokies dead” im hella high

  11. jazmine jackson

    I love this song still to this day lolll

  12. 3vade Productions

    this album came out when i was 5. wish i knew about this way before

  13. Diego Lucio

    Still better than Igor

  14. Hii Hatz

    Turn it up, Where's the bass?
    Bring the keys, OH MY GOD



  15. Jules Street

    Damn wish Hodgy Beats showed up, but at least we got a Hodgy Beat feature

  16. hakey

    2019. Anyone still jamming?


    hell yeah

    Altaïr lbn la ahad

    Ace the creator

  17. La'Shae Miller

    2019 anyone?

  18. Kenneth M. Sullivan

    I was 18 or 19 when this album came out, I am the same age as Tyler.

    Still listening to it.

    Allie Boy

    I was 14. Same here still listening lol

  19. Chi Sox

    This album came out when I was 8

  20. Aaron Knox

    Scum Wolf Bastard Bomb

  21. Andrey Semenchenko

    Hodgy beats fucking sucks.


    Andrey Semenchenko nigga what

  22. niya moore

    Still love Tyler in 2019

  23. Stephen Sturgis

    Murdered everybod from my squad so technically now I’m teamless

  24. Leo Kelly

    “I stab niggas with colored pencils nigga”

  25. pheeuh

    simpler times...

  26. N Pientka

    Who here nowadays

    Stephen Sturgis

    N Pientka you already know


    The g's that love that good shit. But tyler's new stuff is still pretty amazing imo, i don't mean to start an argument or anything but i love Lucky charms and tron cat a tad more then some of his stuff but the story's he tells and the emotion he demonstrates per album i think is so unique with his energy. Absolutely love it / love him haha <3

  27. Mydadhitsme69

    This song was on the of tape vol 1

    Matthew Rigsby

    Mydadhitsme69 and you are probably on that comment section

  28. Mydadhitsme69

    2018 my dudes


    @SherifYagami aaayyyyeeeee

    Matthew Rigsby

    Holy flip I once again find you on another Tyler the creator/ odd future / earl sweatshirt video comment section

  29. That guy named _JaMeS

    2018 anyone


    Here sir

    firstname lastname

    2019 hoe


    Mr_ Nobody-_-123 2019

  30. reVenge_DIRT33

    best song by tyler ever

  31. George Beard

    This the most slept on song ever

  32. Turtle Lisp

    Easily one of Tyler's fastest verses

    King Mutumba

    Turtle Lisp Transylvania?

    Javier Santana

    @King Mutumba rella?

    billy got clout

    I mean he has a lot of fastlines I don't think u listen to his songs if you think this is easily one of his fashion line.... but okay

    Jon Hoskins

    What about OKRA?


    @Jon Hoskins okra aint even that fast tbh

  33. Michael Johnson

    Original,unique,and creative.what hiphop is suppose to be about.you might not like the song ,might not be your taste but your a hater if you can't acknowledge how dope and creative this song is.If your a so-called hiphop head.its about substance,and this song gives it to you

  34. kamo of dresden

    "I never use a fork I always spoon her" Tyler, The fucking creator people

  35. Ivan R

    turn it up where the base bring the keys yeaahhh


    This is the funniest hook ive ever heard

  37. Arturo s

    Drop them drums

    Jake Delhinski

    Acsd I wonder who sings that part.

    Jake Delhinski

    Acsd ??

    Trust Me

    Jake Delhinski can't tell if your being sarcastic so don't tell me you were. But is Tyler the creator voice pitched up

  38. Brandon Morris

    I love Yonkers

  39. TheDeadlyPirate

    I think wolf and bastard are the best albums yet because I like almost every song

    Jayden J.

    Cherry bombs is just Tyler evolving his production style along with overall vocals so he isn’t just making the classic hip hop only stuff from his earlier albums. I personally enjoy Cherry Bomb but I’m a bigger fan of Wolf, Bastard, Goblin. FB and IGOR are amazing too.


    @Jayden J. I love every Tyler album except for goblin. The only goodies out of that album are Yonkers, tron cat, and nightmare.


    @Jayden J. also the beginning of radicals

    Deadaccount 24

    bloo! Damn this was 3 months ago. I’ve grew a little more towards cherry bomb since then.


    @bloò probably cuz some ppl didnt like the distortions on the songs like cherry bomb or pilot even tho that song prolly one of the best

  40. grandshabby

    the chorus

  41. mo mu

    "I got muslims screaming Jesus"

    PTR Crispy

    born on*


    mo mu calling on*

  42. Star Jay

    ever heard the song bastard? it's pretty cool. JB is better tho

  43. Collin Silva

    I can't get too connected to this album because it's not on Spotify. Smh


    go to soundcloud

    Devin Bostick

    Collin Silva this


    Just search up how to move music to Spotify through your computer. It’s possible and I’ve moved like 70+ songs onto Spotify that way

  44. jorge olvera

    tyler dope

  45. Vespux // WhatsThisButton

    Hipster alert

  46. zachoey79

    1:23 <--- Hurricane Tyler destroying it. GO GO GADGET!!

  47. sean k

    Yonkers whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love yonkers. Yonnkers yonkers yonkers.

  48. carloyns sweater

    only a real fucker would use the term "real of fan" you are a fan if you love the fuck out of of

  49. MrzGEISHA

    I just cant stop listening to they music. I think they need to keep it up.. Shit dope yoo....

  50. n00bster97

    First, chordoray came after, so earl would be redoing this verse, second, they aren't even the same verse

  51. Jayden Obirek

    only a true ofwgkta fan like me can spell ofwgkta right.

    J Money

    Jayden Obirek 😂😂😂😂

    Max Hauke

    I've seen people use the OF logo likes it a brand like Supreme or Gucci, just trying to be cool

    Stephen Sturgis

    Max Hauke I got their grip tape. I love the simplicity of the donut and what it represents. It’s also Santa Cruz too so ya know

    Biggie Mac

    yeah fkoath

  52. Darren E.

    @ilikethewordrandom lmao lookin ass

  53. TheLifeOfJames

    Fuck that shit im not searching for those comments

  54. trisha6darque

    Someone make me a Sandwitch. ;]


    og comment. what do you think of tyler now?

  55. louisaahh

    @HenchMgee you're a hipster bitch. get the fuck out of here.

  56. jakal

    @heterosapien69 thanks

  57. Angels2apples

    @mastergamer1221993 yea its the same synth and cow bell.

  58. tariq morse

    Tyler's flow on this is amazing


    og comment. what do you think of tyler now?


    His account is probably inactive now

  59. KamF'n Nugget

    @GabeDGAFx22 stop dickeatin and drop ya balls

  60. jakal

    anyone else thing the beat sounds similair to "spazz" or am i tripping

  61. DreDaDon__

    @WeDoExist can't say the same for that goblin shit

  62. Alice LP

    @allerdkid im from yonkers issues mf !

  63. Zack Kelly

    @rafaelrmrz32 Dude you like made me lol so much hahahahah

  64. gabriel mendoza

    Those Young Money Dickriders that Come Here To Diss Tyler Know Lil Wayne Likes Men Nd Are so Funny To Whatch Them Waste there Lifes. :)


    og comment. what do you think of tyler now?

  65. OgDragons69

    thts what my teacher said to us ... we did

  66. rafaelrmrz32

    Hey 12 year olds, go fucking get a life, i bet tyler the creator doesnt sit on fucking artists youtube pages and slobber on their nuts.

    Butter Bubble

    @OrEo Rage damn that shits crazy

  67. Migeezel

    @allerdkid what did he say?

  68. realcoleworld


    Who the fuck is that?

  69. Sly C

    I think "Evil Pretty Boyz" Go harder then OFWGKTA

  70. B0NNAZ

    Litch started there own steeze

  71. bebopbountyhead

    Stank hot shit.