Tyler, The Creator - Slater Lyrics

[Hook: Tyler, the Creator]
Me and Slater just hit a curb,
Bunny hop, zoning out, listening to N.E.R.D,
Made a couple thousands turds spitting written verbs,
Shit, now I kick it in the 'burbs

[Verse 1: Tyler, the Creator]
Me? I'm from the slums, niggas who pushing tons
Tons of drugs, Foul flow dirty mouth like kissing bums
Momma done made her one, a witty son
With no respect for women so-so, show me your titties hun
"You eighteen?", Me? I'm twenty something
Okay I'm twenty, but I'm soon to be twenty-one
I wild out at shows, break shit it should be fun
Venues are like pussy with me, "Should he cum?"
I'mma wax that like the chapstick in my backpack, for my black lips
Then dip to Europe and come back with a stack of cheese
A stack of cheese for these rats, Mac and Cheese
New Preme shit got me feeling flyer than a bag of bees
Fuck critics, (How's your dick?), "Shit, How's your knees?"
Y'all on my dick more than my index when I take a pee
Came up with "Rella", ain't touch a bag of weed
Shit was doper than, Whitney Houston's needs
Golf Wang, that's the team to be, "Aye!", getting TU, OF NB
We was missing Sweatshirt like, where's the hooded sleeve
Okay, nevermind, we found him


[Verse 2: Tyler, the Creator]
Guess I win, checks started cashing in,
I stopped rapping and started asking "Where my fucking passion is?",
Probably where that faggot went (Who?), Tyler talking father problems,
Shocky shit he spit to popping topics in a gossip column,
I ain't ask for this, I did it out of boredom,
Thought that roach was cool, he died and pushed me into stardom,
Now Ye's PJ sippin leche, Chips Ahoy! boy, listening to Cowboy,
Aye boy, land in Melbourne and skate to Fitzroy (Aye!),
AUS was AWES, I enjoyed, boy, y'all niggas played as a tot's toy,
Have a good day as I annoy, oi.


[Verse 3: Tyler, the Creator]
Cameras with panorama's views
My shoes have seen more vans than Mexicanas with crackers in Alabama
G-O-to the-L-F, this O-F, I open a store so I don't stress
But nigga I, (What?), mosh in gardens, jazz punk shit
Playing chords, making up shit, pardon my Dolly Parton's
And I keep sharting, hoodies with rectangles and different colors
Niggers think I started kindergarten

[Interlude: Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator]
My bitch was on my handle bars
(I just wanna ride my bike)
Slater, Slater, Slater, Slater
My bitch was on my handle bars
Hair blowing in the wind
Her freckles look like candy bars
Hair blowing in the wind

My bitch was on my handle bars
(I just wanna ride my bike)
Slater, Slater, Slater, Slater
My bitch was on my handle bars
Hair blowing in the wind
Her freckles look like candy bars
My cool summer never ends

Slater, Slater, Slater, Slater

[Frank Ocean]
Oh my god.. I guess you're a cool guy
You're talking to a fucking bike, loser
Oh... Fuck.

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Tyler, The Creator Slater Comments
  1. longgone

    My favorite T song

  2. ZachTheBoss23

    AYYYE I'M THE 6,000 LIKE

  3. j Owns

    Baaaaars baaaaaars ughhh

  4. William Logan

    Listen to this entire album while going for a bike ride

  5. Nemesis Collective

    Such an earworm, one of the best on Wolf

  6. oo t

    LEGENDARY 😭😭😭😭

  7. Sedrick Gipson


  8. Awesome sauce

    I love how this is a Tyler song and y’all are praising Frank Ocean in the comments

    _Don’t blame you he’s an angel_

  9. Mira Bella

    This whole album is still perfect

  10. Queen Mobley

    this makes me want to land frontside shuvs switch then board slide a rail cuz i still can’t do that shit fuck

  11. Mnqobi Mathema

    Boy is sick

  12. rithika

    Does anyone know where the 'slater' YouTube channel went? It was a small channel (100k + subscribers) that slowed and reverbed music.

  13. Dez Andres

    “... you’re talking to a fucking bike.. loser”

  14. vlonerッ

    The chopped voice is in the lead for bimmer from camp flog gnaw when he preformed it

  15. Access Denied

    2019. Still. At. The. Lake ⛰🏔⛰

  16. King Ace green

    Ahhhh middle school, nobody ever understood this part of me.

  17. Kason, The Creator

    1. Me and Slater just hit a curb
    2. Me and Slater just kicked a turd
    3. Me and Slater just ate a bird
    4. Me and Slater just made an earth
    5. Me and Slater just missed a turn
    6. Me and Slater just said a slur
    7. Me and Slater just licked a germ
    8. Me and Slater just fixed the purge
    9. Me and Slater just bit a fern
    10. Me and Slater just sent an alert

  18. Terrell Lewis


  19. VOYDE

    Time for a slowed+reverb version of this track

  20. Waylon Morin


  21. Terrell Lewis

    Where he is the whole scene gives me nostalgia

  22. GalacticPresident Superstar-Mc-Awesome-ville

    Tyler is the MAN lmao.. Hero bro!!



  24. Maham Ali


  25. Yung Driller

    so i was bumping this in my nieghboorhood wit my headphones while riding my bike then i hit a curve...

  26. Jeremy R

    This song so hard

  27. Bryan Carrillo

    “My bitch is on my handle bars, hair blowing in the wind, her freckles look like candy bars, my cool summer never ends”

  28. Trust YouMe

    “Thought that roach was cool, he died and pushed me into stardom.”

    Kazz Gamez

    dude wtf i read that the second he said that, i started reading it and it was ike he was reading aloud with me XFUCKINGD


    tyler is talking about the kid from the sitter ......


    when you find out tylers slater is the boy from the sitter

  31. kid meech

    Tyler is the goat.

  32. Ethan Dougherty



    1:50 wow didn't know Tyler would shout out Australia

  34. Athina H

    When that beat drop ❤️

  35. G-Shock

    tyler got bars

  36. Xav Odante

    Is Slater a metaphor for his man?

    young boy

    DubaZuba his bike*

  37. Mary Jane

    i come here to have the worst nostalgic trips

  38. Matrix God X

    I think they all just were kids who realized life is short and decided to have fun lmao. So that's where it seems like they have a lack of care. And they just liked to rap so they did it and it worked

  39. CAsH M0NEY

    Frank's voice is amazing .

  40. Thrilla Thor

    Sick flow

  41. joel

    4 years later: Tyler and Frank make another song about biking.


  42. Vietnam Flashbacks

    I like the eye on tree

  43. Costas Theodosiadis

    Who came here after Biking? (April 2017)

  44. ted the commenter

    2:40 still remember the first time I heard that part, god damn so fucking good, summer anthem for life.

  45. Nappy Ty

    check my music out

  46. Raptor2004

    2:40 and beyond...

  47. FBI

    I. Just. Wanna. Ride, my bike.

  48. Isaiah J. Warnke

    Am I the only that comes to 3:17 and listens to the end? because Frank's vocals are just out of this world. My favorite part

    gamble sull

    i like the first part more

    gamble sull

    i like the 1:30

  49. Americansauce

    I remember when I first heard this I thought the beat was so tight. still is

  50. Nicky Jennings

    stack of cheese for these rats
    Yeah, that Mac n cheese

  51. Oddxy

    Does Slater belong to Sam or Wolf? I am confused cause this song is meant to be Sam but Wolf also mentions Slater and he rides Slater with Salem in the Bimmer music video.

    Chaz C.

    she belongs to Sam but when Wolf arrives to Camp he and slater meet and spend a lot of time together and discuss Sam sometimes and Sam realizes shes with wolf practically all the time and hates him even more than he did when he first got there


    @Chaz C. I meant Slater not Salem.


    @Chaz C. Wait so you mean Sam hates wolf for stealing both Salem and Slater?

    William Logan

    Wolf I think, in the song it sounds like he’s flaunting being with Salem to Sam

  52. iBoredomONE

    Frank just singing "Handlebars" gives me goosebumps every time

  53. Lawrence Latrell Jackson McKnight

    I remember I used to listen to Tyler all throughout High school. Basically his music was part of my high school experience.

    Malcolm Adams

    i listened to this all throudout middle school

    Liam Morton

    Fuck Ye

    Liam Morton

    Stephen Sturgis shut up

    Stephen Sturgis

    @Liam Morton No.

  54. Proxstahhh hhh

    I remember listening to this song high as FUCK walking to school my sophomore year

  55. dimach

    Ебать охуенно

  56. dylxn✻

    new preme shit got me feeling flyer than a bag of bees

  57. trey moore

    this fuckin beat tho 🔥🔥🔥

  58. josh clarke

    Found my wolf album yesterday and gave it a listen again for the first time in like 3 years. I can't believe I listened to this trash😂 bars are cheap and childish.
    Dear, 16 year old me. Fuck you
    And fuck Tyler.

    Like this track doe


    Wolf is a Classic

    josh clarke

    +iamlarryjones jr. Nah Bruv

    Karron Jordan

    +josh clarke well, everyone entitled to their opinion


    You're a disgrace to Frank fans

  59. VeryRare AllStar

    Fuck Sam and his bike

    VeryRare AllStar

    +Jason King nah I'm sure this is Sam perspective, his bitch is Salem, and Frank Ocean surely was talking to sam

  60. cames

    I miss my bike when I listen to this, spending your summers as a child driving about with your friends in the street, those were the days

  61. Arcilios



    Noah Littrell

    i agree

  62. kibby x

    Frank 😩

  63. Nöhrı

    Mister cool guy. You're talking to a fucking bike loser.

    Karl DeJong

    +axel7801 oh the irony

  64. Kyah Martin

    did anyone notice the eye on the tree?


    +Kyah Martin yeah, also did you notice that weird big headed animal thing behind it?

    Michael Nalls

    Kyah Martin yeah did you notice the little animal in the back

    Luis Robles

    Kyah Martin there's also kind of a goblin face like in the right trees. don't know if you can see it


    Michael Nalls that's a baby with a giant head

    Harry Parker

    MR.AWESOME182 nah in the background that's a bear from the original picture before Tyler got it edited with him in the front

  65. Gonzo B

    Anybody able to name the instruments used other then piano obviously


    +Eoin Byrne Ableton

    Dixit Dominus

    midi keyboards

    Alan Campbell

    I can hear a Rhodes Keyboard. A heavily modified Electric Guitar. Open HiHats on top of the snare.

    that's the basics

  66. Aaron Patterson

    Tyler is probably the best producer in the game right now

    Julian Haro

    Rowlz Shut the fuck up. Fuck your opinion

    kid meech

    Look at him now


    I don't even believe Travis actually produces hands-on. he's credited but never by himself. I feel like he just makes inputs


    FLESH Same

    Madeline Glenn

    he still is in 2019 :))))))

  67. Christian Avalos

    Mi perra en mi manubrio!! My cool summer never ends ctm


    he will prolly release another album like this, he doesnt like it but he did say its fun asf, its gonna come

  69. Tawana Gould

    This nigga!?!😂

  70. hotboxez

    someone said this song sounds alike to 2seater from cherry bomb

  71. Jacquelyn Black

    this helps me sulk in despair lol

    Nate Claire

    great comment

  72. G0h/M3z


  73. skyfall -

    Franks part gave me goosebumps

    Friendly neighborhood Crisis actor

    word their songs together legendary..

    not sure idek

    I lyke your profile pic

    Terrell Lewis


  74. Nate Hoffman

    Cherry Bomb was good as its own thing, I really loved goblin and bastard, WOLF was a masterpiece. I need another album like WOLF, less instrumental, more rapping. Smickers, buffalo best tracks like what I like best. Best tracks on the album were fucking young and 2 seater.

    Friendly neighborhood Crisis actor

    yea this album is marvelous. each song ive heard over 50 times pretty much. GOLD.


    I think this album has the perfect blend of thoughtful production and deep lyrics. Cherry was strictly production, but more like he was making compositions instead of hip hop instrumentals.


    now we got flowerboy :)

    William Gurr

    hope u enjoyed flower boy

  75. prominder9100

    frank oceans vocals make me question my sexuality


    just abit of banter lads cmonn maaate

    Jesse Martinez

    Frank stimulus


    It gives me confidence in mine. :whew:


    lil angel queen I saw u on a Lana Del Rey video

  76. slater

    hey that's me :)

  77. Patrick Slater

    last name is slater

  78. Nemo7The7Pirate7

    Tyler should watch less Gravity Falls.

  79. Sharnelle Smith

    My bitch is on my handle bars, hair blowing in the wind, her freckles look like candy bars, my cool summer never ends.

    Ronän de Estagira

    +Sharnelle Smith A fucking beautiful verse.

    Kale Pain

    Sharnelle Smith shit makes me feel alone


    He-he he eh

  80. Riley Osborne

    me and my bro are good fans

  81. rambro46

    Tyler is that dude.. OF

  82. vlorpflash112

    kinda reminds me of frontin by pharrell

    Enrique Ramos

    +vlorpflash112 strangely, yeah

    Erico Shimatta

    +vlorpflash112 Yo man.. Just wanted to say thank you. I have been lookin for that song and almost forgotten it.. Been bumpin it for some days now.. Keep on livin large


    Well pharrell is one of his favorite artists

  83. Lsdude420

    I feel bad for those who can't see the artistry in tylers work.

    Murrieta Rush

    lame ass neggas

    Ava Haidari

    yeah man.

    copper sugar

    I feel bad for those that don't wanna ride their bike :'(

    Luis Rodriguez

    So fickin truuuu!!!

  84. locksh

    Frank's voice is fucking liquid unicorn goo. Love the contrast between the two.

  85. Dirty bird Culture

    This tyler best album underrated piece of work

    Reptilian Lizard

    FreshBeats not even the only 2 good songs on cherry bomb is fucking young and buffalo.


    Reptilian Lizard so smuckers is bad?

    Aidan Winn

    Marquis D yep


    Marquis D I’ve been saying since I first heard this it’s underrated but flower boy is Tyler’s best album and one of the best albums I’ve ever heard


    @Reptilian Lizard smuckers,deathcamp,darknese latifah,find your wings,okaga and bufallo are the good songs in cherry bomb imo

  86. Josh P

    Such a nice song

  87. failed meme

    Shout out to Fitzroy in Melbourne

  88. Face Value Music

    Watch are video SPACEBOYS

  89. Amir Neptune


  90. real as

    lmao how people fight in the comments acting like tylers best friend and think they know him like no one else does

  91. Small Skates

    This song is from Sams perspective and talks about his bike slater and how Salem (Sam's Girlfriend) is riding on "slaters" handlebars

    Jacob the God

    +1181darkfire slater is the bike which belongs to wolf and Sam owns the impala

    Christian Dobson

    hahaha #winchester

    G O L D K

    I thought it was Wolf's perspective

    Hii Hatz

    If you remember at the end of the song Jamba..Hodgy mentioned Here Come This Weak Ass Niggah Samuel..Which leads into the song "Cowboy", and he referenced Grabbing Salem And Slater And go around flying kites..So does that mean he has a bike and a lame Impala


    Hii Hatz I’m pretty sure lame impala is a metaphor for Sams little dick. Considering that most of Bimmer is comparing the girl to a car it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Sam’s Lame Impala is his dick

  92. Bren person

    This song 👏👏👏👏SO HOT

  93. Kaique Santos

    Muiito looko essa music

  94. Jughand


  95. Jughand