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Tyler, The Creator Seven Comments
  1. Soul _ K1ng

    Anyone know where else I could download this mixtape along with the Earl and Nostalgia Ultra mixtapes after OF website changed

  2. Sans Mans

    10 years ago yesterday

  3. On MeeeDue

    FINALLY! I was tryna find out where I heard berleezys outro from before. Go subscribe to iberleezy
    Have a good day (:

  4. Harry Healey

    Lyrics anyone?

  5. fungirl1234321

    This beat was made in garage band. Damn. Happy 10th Bastard!

  6. Alphamega

    man i can't believe he made this beat on fl studio demo version. no excuses

    You Dont

    Alphamega on god. I’m fucking slacking

  7. gxGrime

    Happy Birthday Bastard

  8. Edan Jeanlouis

    The fact this song still getting comments 10 years later shows how good this song it

  9. Mohammed-Bashir Adewale

    The outro is perfect when cruising down the motorway at night lost in your concerns about the future.

  10. FCS_Panda

    Here in 2019 🌎

  11. ÑiGgaA Haaha

    Im waiting for iBerleezy to say "lesssss GET IT"

  12. Marsel Music

    Yoo Mac Miller used this same same sample on Nike's lol. Til....

  13. gigi cervantes

    bro this song is actually rawwwww 😎😎😎

  14. Suki Dog

    I'm depressed and this is helping more then frickin Ted talks

    By alot

  15. Jay Shine

    He was too hard Back then

  16. Koya

    808 making me hard ngl

  17. Redqueen

    Missing the old Tyler music tbh

  18. Dante Camberlen

    WHO GOING TO FLOG GNAW TOMORROW!!!! Look for a niggas w glasses and a Flat Top named Dante that’s Me!

  19. Carter117 Gaming

    Flow between the tracks 👌

  20. L I L B L A R T

    My favorite Ty album/mixtape

  21. Thadson

    He was definitely on his period when writing this

  22. Mqhelisi Sibindi

    he actually started throwing gay bars from this early

  23. Black Lorraine

    so THIS is where Berleezy got his outro instrumental from

  24. nglz

    here cause berleezy tbh

  25. Tyrell Jones

    Don’t get me wrong Tyler still makes great music but his old shit hit different and brings back so many memories

  26. Hugh Janus

    2:16 to 2:37 is sooo fucking fire I wish he woulda kept the bars going

  27. FEARADAY _

    this goes hard asf

  28. Biggie Mac

    I honestly salute all those kids who were smart enough in middle school to be listening to hardcore lyricism. I don't care if you guys were edgy. I was just listening to shitty memes etc.

  29. Biggie Mac

    Tyler is an awesome lyricist, even i f people aay Earl is better. Tyler is an awesome all round musician in general as well

  30. pixelz11

    Youre safe here. You wont find any basic white girls who only like tyler because they heard Igor.

    SkTH2 1

    pixelz11 yes!!! Finally salvation from those horrendous flower boy cringe love quoting 13 year old girls!

  31. daggern00b

    "I'd tell him to eat a dick quicker than mexicans sprint over boarders" I really felt that shit.

  32. shit for brains

    The piano chords give me Sam is Dead vibes

  33. Alzonia Epps

    Best Tyler to me man !!!

  34. Jonathan Oh

    The 2nd kid top row be how i feel 24/7

  35. AwesomeKarma


  36. jaimesk8er

    How tf did I just realize In the end of Bastard he says “so if you were to tell him something, what would you say” (referring to his dad) and then in seven “I Tell him to eat a dick” lmao

  37. Crispyballoons Bro

    I love this beat so much i wanna jack off to it

  38. SaiyaJin


  39. Critical Moisture

    God damn I miss this classic

  40. Fried Crust

    Nigga went off lyrically

  41. Catch 22

    Who listening in 2019

  42. Snoop Dogg before being eaten by The Count

    I forgot how heat this shit was 🙆‍♂️

  43. Canderes509

    This song is sampling from Silent Hill, not sure which song or which game, but I'm positive I've heard it before, never noticed it until almost 10 years later.

    Search Silent Hill 1 unused monsters and the original song is in the background, but its played at a slower speed.

  44. Sim ?

    When I 1st heard this song in 2010, I couldn't decide if I liked this song, VCR, or assmilk more. I didn't know much about Tyler at that time but my dawg had bastard on his iPod and I warmed up to Tyler after a few listens.... his music was very evil but it was so good to me! Lol I stopped fuckin with Tyler after wolf but I'll always appreciate "bastard"

  45. ツval

    best one out of the album for sure
    tyler goes HARD on this one

  46. Michael the epic gamer

    epic now this is the shit

    SkTH2 1

    Michael Hong nice Doris pic

    Michael the epic gamer

    @SkTH2 1 thanks

  47. [name.]

    I will never forgive myself for not listening to this back in 2009.


    lool same

  48. Akira Wortham

    No hi hats needed

  49. Wub Wub

    2019 anybody?

  50. somewhat depressed

    one of Tyler's gems, love this song

  51. Grey Wolfgang


  52. Old Jedi

    Igor and flowerboy fans cant relate to the 2010 to 2014 odd future phase :(


    I listen to this and Igor on the daily 😐

    Farmer with a shotgun

    Old Jedi You do realize some of the Igor and flower boy fans have been around since the bastard days??? Dumbass.

  53. Jared Towery

    H O T A S S B E A T C L A P

  54. axlismyname

    2019 and I imagine an Indian folk piggy backing off the protagonist.. in the desert where the camel is walking faster..
    But no one gives a fuck..
    Because this song is where it’s at..
    Just take a look at the camel..

  55. Yung Tr3ll

    Tyler the new KRS

  56. hey nae!

    *"Wow um, Tyler...if you had the chance to tell him something, what would you tell him?"*

    Tyler: (goes off)


    hey nae! Wait that’s actually what doctor tc said in the last song?


    kvlee yeah didn’t you hear

    augusto ornelas

    I’d tell him to eat a dick quicker then Mexicans sprint over boarders

  57. debanhy jasso

    Igor kids don’t know that this exists

  58. debanhy jasso

    Yes I’m listening to this in 2019


    Fuckin dank

  60. Douchebag Bart Simpson


  61. bomber bitz

    I was prolly on my period

  62. Baby D'Jiyah

    this to igor, man

  63. Charles Falls

    This the song that put me on to Tyler

  64. brian messalti

    who here after IGOR

    Kazz Gamez

    why are you proud of that?

    Magnus Frater

    Fan from 2008 and I respect

    Game Boy

    vegan like loren Wolf is the shit. Encapsulates everything I love about his shit in an album.

    yung stank daddy

    I've been here

  65. TaylorDevenport

    This shit will still be slappin in 2025

  66. Cubert Cubert

    Tyler’s evolution has been amazing

  67. William Logan

    This turns ten this Christmas

  68. Alex Sanchez

    come se dice?


  69. The More You Know

    The illest with no hook ya ever heard

  70. griffin weibel

    Didn’t mean to offend anybody

  71. Tak T

    From bastard to igor, wow Tyler’s music got weak af
    Some weird character development

    Yeezus Dropout

    Two Shankz got better and involved into a great artist


    At least he unbanned from the Uk cause of Igor tyler had to change

    Klobknocker 65

    He’s actually gotten much better in my opinion.

  72. Billy blazzee

    fucked hella whie sluts to this in highschool

  73. Ken Ken

    Dammmn he killed that beat

  74. kishawn goodman

    0:56 this part still hits

    big L from hell

    How hard does it hit

    kishawn goodman

    Jonathan Anderson harder than those cringny teen years

  75. muz4704

    2019 this still bangs

  76. HooBear Couch

    Hate to be that dude... But Tyler's voice is probably the strongest motivational force in my life. If you wanna hear me, go to my channel. I only want to share shit that makes people like me feel less alone. Fuck.

  77. Random

    Still listening in 2019

  78. Facundo Sanmiquel

    fuck it

  79. Sketches By Siege

    Spotify quit fucking around and let me download this



  80. jordie

    one of the best songs he's ever made

  81. 0 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Lil pump was 17 saying gucci gang 27 times, while over here, Tyler was 17, producing his own beats, telling a story, and being lyrical.

    astro ant

    lil pump would shit all over tyler dude

    King Skully

    astro ant gtfo

    Clyde Cash

    @Uncle Dennis very low quality bait

    astro ant

    King Skully nah im stay right here

    L I L B L A R T

    Lil Pump is very LYRICAL, have you listened to his MASTERPIECE album, “HARVERD DROPOUT”

  82. lilahdog 568

    "I'd tell him to eat a dick quicker than Mexicans sprint over borders" hahahahahahahha bruuuuuuuh that line went hard as fuck

  83. stale memes

    forgot how hard this song was

    Vapr- x

    *very hard*

  84. JulieTTe Aguirre

    This goes allllll the way back

  85. Aidan Lambert

    top 5 tyler song no cap

  86. Duncan Films

    I wish this album was on Spotify

    Benjamin Counter

    Issa mixtape

  87. Terrance Rowe

    Berleezy brought me here

  88. Soul Less

    Watchin billy and mandy

  89. Cliint

    2019 gang

  90. Slump God

    Fuk this nigga for dissing kid cudi

    4th Dimension

    are you ok


    021 fuck you fairies, i’m using my tooth bait to give that bitch teeth paste

  91. Nathaniel Saemo

    Put this on spotify like damn

  92. Austin Edwards

    Odd Future Forever💯💯💯💯🔥🔥

  93. Danny Fernandez

    Fuck, this shit is sooo harddd

  94. jhawk X

    Like for berleezy👍🏾

  95. Mily