Tyler, The Creator - Session Lyrics

I'm Tyler, Mr. Green Hat, pro-abortion anti-clean rap
Fuck your blog opinion and your feedback
My self-respect I leave that, in the lost and found
Where the black girls get their weaves back
Awesome I achieve that minnie, blastin' "You're a jerk"
In some fuckin' yellow skinnies lookin' like a fuckin' faggot
Bouncin' round the house tryna find an easy way to rape Minnie
Bet you thirty dollars you find her like Cartman found Kenny dead
I like my girls smart, skinny
Kinda poptart, when I bite into 'em red
I'm a self-racist, you should tape this, ask Sarah, I'm the rapist
I'm a fascist, fuck fashion, Gucci belts is for them faggots
My hat is by GB, if you got a fuckin' problem
With the future, you can get a death wish just like a tiba
Fuck the biz apparent, Odd Future errant
I'm watchin' the Berrics gettin' head from someone's parent
Blind fuckin' hate inside my heart, guaranteed
That I'm sharin' in the force with the cyclops starin'
I'm flyin' on the beaver, you're a disbeliever
So don't ask for no muthafuckin' ride when you see us
Swim right past you, the shitlist said that I'm nutty such cashew
Cause I jack off with dish soap and smell gas fumes
Permanent brain damage similar to tattoos
The shit you can mention me if anybody ask you
Care to juggle with the cash news?
You didn't see me here if someone ask you

I wanna feel her in every way
Mary Jane keeps me high like every day
Bong, vaporizer in the sack now
Stuck in my high, afraid of heights, I'm trapped
Buy a swisher for a dollar or two blunt wraps
Roll it up and ensure that everything's fat
She ain't got time to try to relieve ya
But she'll get all in your head, Sativa

We grind, these niggas asking for some promo
We sit back, observe, stacking hella box logos
Square circle jerks starting O.F. moshpit
Preaching to the poets, I'm an O.F. prophet
No less profit, themed when we drop shit
Convertible coupe, bitches scream when they tops split
It's that crack, give you something to sell
Put these bitches on lock down, something like jail
Thought she hot I swear, probably rougher than hell
Ain't she ain't gay, but the only thing she like is fucking Chanel
Light skinned women, all sex everything
Think we can fit ten in, bowls packed with everything
Everything that we call flight, living life
This is everything that we call hype
I'm everything that they call nice
She in colors and shit, she off that northern lights, right
Intimidated by niggas you can't be
I'm a G, and this is something you can't see
Top ranked, number one my son
And she looking for them trees, baby we got some
And stay focused on the women and you get less done
It's ironic cause I always hear you talking about one
Them other niggas smoke, they ain't this high
How high? Nigga, higher than the kites they fly

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Tyler, The Creator Session Comments
  1. Alex Sanchez

    So glad I came across this on tumblr back in the day.

  2. 888. Darko

    I can't nut😂😂

  3. Thomas Payne

    Kill The Jungle Let The Cat Snooze

    Kill The Jungle Means
    Stop All The Craziness We Know What Happens In A Jungle Animals Are Wild And Are Capable Of Doing Anything

    Let The Cat Snooze Means
    Tyler The Creator Chill And Be Himself

  4. Spliffword Medicalz

    “Yo son! Son, son, daughter, nephew, cousin, brother, son, DONE!"
    If you get it then you get it.

  5. snoop dogg dank kush


  6. konde dracula do earl

    Hodgy's Verse Sucks.

  7. Craig Stargell

    2019 anyone?

  8. bruh man

    was that last verse always in? I remember it not being on it when album released

    konde dracula do earl

    he changed the DeShay verse because Tyler and DeShay had a fight and then, on bastard's 1 year anniversary (in 2010), Tyler changed the DeShay verse and put Mike G.'s verse. I hope it helped and I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm brazilian.

    bruh man

    @konde dracula do earl all good thanks for this, have the original?

    konde dracula do earl

    @bruh man yah man

    konde dracula do earl

    @bruh man you're welcome

  9. GoofyDoom

    Not paying taxes is for rich British people- also inbred Brit fuck

  10. GoofyDoom

    rock music. - stupid inbred brit fuck

  11. Tyler Tackitt

    2019 anybody?

  12. lilac hotline

    "i cAnT reAd"

  13. 47most SOON

    This reminds me of some Stoney 8th grade memories man. Time keeps on slippin.

  14. TSUNO

    Tyler has always been jazzy

  15. MrDnasty15

    She ain’t gay but only thing she like is fucking Chanel!

  16. MrDnasty15

    best Tyler the creator mixtape period

  17. Metal Fingaz

    you didn't see me here if someone asks u.

  18. Fee76Lawlus

    I was in my 30's when I first heard this, and was blown away. Because strangely enough it took me back to high school. People my age hate on the younger crowd, which is stupid. I love music period which has no age.

  19. purrp

    This is legit the smoke session anthem dont @ me

  20. purrp


  21. Gold X

    2011?!?! holy shit...

    Kleeshai 318

    This song came out in 09’

  22. black armor

    one of the chillest jawnts...

  23. Lil VLoKz

    Why isn't it on Spotify

    Quentin White

    Lil VLoKz cause u cannot buy this album

    Dub Deuce

    That was a special lil era. A lot of bangers lost to that free mixtape era.

  24. Jaquan Joynes

    Damn throwback

  25. souljatiller

    This inspired icytwat to make beats

    Marie Mcclain

    T. xlr love love love icytwat beats

  26. Andrew Winoto

    this is it. this is the song that led to the icytwat the world has today. thankyou tyler

    insta seanzooted

    Popo Tongue council

    jack fuck


  27. Stirlang Bang

    I can't read!


    Mike g kilt that verse


    mike g comes in so smooth

  30. J Johnson

    One of my fave Tyler verses hands dwn.

  31. valentina m

    soooo good!!

  32. ryu egawa

    Brings back fairfax memories

    Kool Aid

    EarlSweatDoom you went to Fax

    ryu egawa

    Kool Aid Yeh about 3 years ago when the OF store was still there and there was a bunch of skaters

    Kool Aid

    EarlSweatDoom I went to fax for a semester lol. Good shit

  33. Joshua Keys

    this beat while loaded.........

  34. Blakaveli X

    Wow. Freshman in high school when I bumped this.

  35. Akono Miles

    Freshman year of highschool....good but definitely strange times haha


    Sophomore year for me, miss these days

    Jet Life

    Akono Miles same lol

    Jet Life

    Freshman year of high school


    Andrick Same

    gamercon 18

    hate those days haha

  36. gerrypie

    imma self racist hating mfr

  37. synthesizor


  38. MC OMEK

    shit i aint even like odd future, but this shit bang! big ups from tha 915 E Bangin' 18th ST MLDS CLIKA puttin in work!!!


    +MC OMEK fuck yeah this shit bangs


    Shut the fuck up mexican

    Camel Slayer

    +Bitch ass nigga 😂😂

  39. youbetterscore_tay

    think we can fit 10 in bowls pack with everything mike g killn 2016 #wenotme

  40. SouthFlorida’96

    im smokin a joint to this


    take a hit from the bong to this

  41. Nemo The Kid


  42. Rocmer Hurtado

    I'm High as fuck !! TYLER !!!???


    Jasper I think said that.

  43. YOUNGMCBOI2pac

    "I can't read!" lol

    not sure idek

    ikr lel

    Prod. Juzzin

    That's Steeve Harvey

  44. He-Ay TM

    Tyler actually goes off & the beat is chill n jazzy

  45. Spencer Christie

    yeah of is tight they just always want attention doe. if they stuck to sick shit like this all the time thatd be sick

  46. Ben Johnston

    Every track on Bastard is killer, Goblin is good but Bastard is number 1

    Earl Sweatshirt's lips

    1. Wolf
    2. Bastard
    3. Goblin
    4. Cherry Bomb


    1. Bastard
    2. Wolf
    3. Goblin
    4. TBA
    5. TBA
    6. TBA
    7. TBA
    8. TBA
    9. TBA
    10. Cherry Bomb

    Ben Johnston

    Yeah I like


    +NSDominator lmao you only listened to the song Cherry Bomb, fuck outta here


    @nodnarb I'll be damned if I could listen to anything from that poorly mixed mess.


    Chillest fuckin beat ever

  48. Ritchie Lamadrid



    Unpopular opinion that I agree with

    Miguel Clemente

    Goblin is so bad

  49. cesar220793

    What does "kill the jungle ley the cats loose" stand for?

  50. Backwoods

    Best version. Brandun's voice is like fucking nails on a dick.

    Frostfyre Akali

    @Rembrandt Hell yeah bro.


    You again

    Frostfyre Akali

    +Rembrandt yes

  51. Greg Moncayo


  52. Brandon McLain

    I thought this was BrandUn Deshay. not Mike G?


    Mike G replaced that guys verse idky

    Brandon McLain

    @***** That would explain the verse in Yonkers about Deshay lol


    +David Davidson on the day it came out because he put his mixtape the same day as bastard

  53. Greg uso

    I can't read 💁😂

  54. Greg uso

    When did he first make this?

  55. osyrys

    "Hodgy Beats!"

  56. Dankeroni and Cheese

    beat is sooo good.  why i like OF so much honestly.


    Cause of the instrumentals?


    Hell yeah, OG OF instrumentals make that head nod.


    "I CANT READ"! xD

    not sure idek


  58. Nicole Coleman

    I'm high off life nigga.

    Ry BLINK Hopkinson

    Yeh you are

    Malik Harris

    @Ry Hopkinson but mostly weed


    +Nicole Coleman
    you're hot off life nigga

  59. danialves1312

    I gotta get blunted and jam this shit

  60. Maddie Walle

    This beat reminds me of fish by tyler...

  61. MustangChris

    Deshay whack, My nigga mike G doe

  62. Joie Dianjoell


  63. aegrbdzre

    wtf why doesnt my version of this have mike G's verse?

    Eddy Three Six

    The original album has BranDUn DeShay

  64. Jazmine Ruis

    I CANT READ!!!!

  65. Norrin Radd

    Mellow jazzy flow.

  66. doomkid1331

    this song makes me miss High School...


    for real

    Alfonso Vergara

    Well I feel ya man, but mines involves middle school

  67. SALMON

    So mellow...

  68. Loch Ness

    Shoutouts to JOE latest goron x^-p

  69. deejaethagod

    Hands down this is my fav Tyler track both versions wit Mike G and BranDun Deshay

  70. Prod.SonicAnime121

    high as FUCK,DAYUM!

  71. ihatemeisuck

    The jazz beat <3


    ihatemeisuck not even jazz

  72. Jakob Helmy

    Bastard is way better than Goblin.


    KATZEDEM I think he is


    YES! Thank you.


    Jakob Helmy hell yeah breh

    snoop dogg dank kush

    DUH! (: yeah i luv this album. i just wish i discovered it when i was 7 and not 17. I luv all tylers music tho (:

    Warren Louis

    Goblin set him up hard body for the next 3 albums. Created hype...

  73. bigjunefan

    quit fighting both versions are dope ...

  74. bilaal green

    mike g version the best

  75. Ace

    Fuck deshay

  76. Ace

    Where is this from cuz I have the original with Brandun Deshay on the bastard album

  77. AirwavesHD

    The deshay version in better in my opinion. Much smoother than this, but mike g has a good verse, but also deshay. Overall they are both good lol i dont know why everyone hates him? I know what happened with tyler, but you cant just dickride his opinion.

  78. CpHakR1

    Tbh I always picture them like in the room where they record and just hanging out with weed smoke filling the air and tyler being uncomfortable at first but getting settled in after he spits

  79. CultdeSack

    I believe it is Brandun DeShay on Bastard

  80. Rob lunkins

    Smoke song

  81. SujetaPapele

    Best tyler beat of all time and quite possibly his best song.

  82. Marcus Thompson

    I don't think that Mike G is in the version that is on Bastard correct me if I'm wrong?

  83. sinq

    Yall are crazy mile g killed it

  84. andres65080

    Let's be honest, he is not as good as he was in the album. Bastard>Goblin/Wolf

  85. Unscrambled Mandible

    because at the beginning you hear chips and a bunch of them saying they "got 5 on it"

  86. Speezus Christ

    0:46 is a south park reference . I've been bumbin this song for over a year and i just realized it .

  87. Ken Guerra

    Party Isnt Over/Campfire/Bimmer

  88. 275

    Lol one of Tylers songs you can smoke to.

  89. crunkaholic81

    This album reminds a little of the roots earlier rap is lyrical it's gotta laid back beat even though tyler has some dark fantasies he raps similar to black thought

  90. Isaiah Owens

    I CANT READ!!!!

  91. Jesus Eduardo Padilla

    MIKE G!


    He goes so fucking hard in this and French.

  93. 31mnm7

    dick riders brandon deshay goes hard as fuck

  94. Usagi

    But she'll get all in your head, Sativa

  95. MapmanDex

    Does anyone else picture the conversation at the beginning happening over a card game? For some reason i always picture that in my head lol