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Tyler, The Creator See You Again Comments
  1. chasefakes

    When he said "rock" I felt that because I've eaten a rock before

  2. Lord StainGod

    Soooooo..... tyler has summoned his inner Andre'3000. 😎nixe.

  3. Cool Boy Joe Mama38

    When he said I-
    I felt that because I too am also a basic white girl

  4. Masuu

    When he said "you don't understand me what the fuck do you mean" i felt that because girl told me to explain and girl said she don't understand

  5. I have a small pp But


    KKK: 2:30

  6. Mike Thurman

    Tyler's parallel universe is so badass that F-15's are rated for carrier ops

  7. Anna Oziembło

    When he said "I'm tired of chasing" I felt that because I am a retired cop.

  8. DripTooS0f T

    When he said “eyesss” I felt that because I have eyes.

  9. sazlty

    bitch i don’t have emotions

    i don’t feel anything

  10. Colin M

    Man the comments here are trash.

  11. Milk Stork

    When he said "2020" I felt that cuz it's 2020

  12. Big Yag Yee

    when she said "I don't know if Ima see you again" I felt that because I was put up for adoption

  13. dwaynet1997

    When he said “20 20 20 20 vision” I felt that cause I can see

  14. Jimmy Haddad

    such an underrated song by an underrated artist

  15. your daily fujoshi

    I felt everything he said even thought I'm single chase I used to be taken but it didn't last long heh at least I had fun rose last two months with him I know I'm to young to date or even understand this but I did it anyway one more thing was that woman Ihascupquake cause I used to see her so much when I was 7 I miss her a lot I'll start watching her again

  16. יונתן אביב

    טיילר חיימשלייייייי

    Manny Gardner

    True 😥😥

  17. bruh moment

    1:46 *eye.*

  18. Alessandro Oliveira

    when he said "i think i'm falling im lo?".
    Wait, wrong song

  19. Ethan.

    is cheech playing the trumpet

  20. Zanetor Adonu

    No one:
    Absolutely no one in the universe:
    The comment section: When he said ... I felt that cos .....

  21. clouds

    can the *“when he said”* thing go away 💀

    Unplugged Car doesn’t work

    When he said “can the *’when he said’* thing go away 💀 “ I felt that

  22. Ch4d

    did Tyler predict the future "2020 2020 vision" "im about to go to war"

  23. jp a 1000000

    When he said “2020 2020” vision I didn’t feel that cause I’m half blind

  24. rivaldo manullang

    Plis tiktok Dont use this song fo your fuxin cover

  25. Eric Fields

    If you look in the description it says education lol

  26. morgan bond

    Here after the gorillaz mashup

  27. Unplugged Car doesn’t work

    When he said “I” I felt that because I’ve referred to myself before.

  28. lee ale

    i wanna go back to my first time hearing this 😔.

  29. Angel Paps

    Amo esta canción! La descubrí hace una semana y no puedo dejar de escucharla! Amo toda la música de Tyler

  30. william rono

    tetema diamond platinumz

  31. nitesh grels

    When he said “ok ok ok ok ok ok ok” I felt that because I’ve agreed with someone before


  32. lexi o-o

    when the comment section said "when someone said.....i felt that", i felt that

  33. aggresivSkate

    When a she said ‚can i get a kiss’ i felt that bc i have mom too

  34. danksister

    i miss tylers old hair broooo 😭😭

  35. the one true majestic cow das me

    When Tyler's hair said "🐆", I felt that 👊😔

  36. Lego Obi-wan

    When he said “I roll” I felt that because I have also played dark souls

    Xavier Hern

    fat roll

  37. David Castillo

    When they sent Sam to Iraq with his cousins

  38. A _bandon

    Bro I’m not the only one who can picture in Steven universe right?

  39. SirOliveOil

    When she says can I get a kiss and your sitting there lonely af

  40. GliderFN

    When he said " "
    I don't *know*

  41. nikki.creeps around.on.holidays

    People always ask me why I don't take serious things seriously enough. Thing is: I do, even more than I should. They just don't get it. I chase myself through the day trying not to be stressed and then when I try to chill once they say I don't take it seriously enough. Why the fuck?

    Just read a mean comment under one of my works, and had to say it somewhere. Happened to be here, just a feeling.

  42. Capitan Shlongbeard

    Is there a version without kali

    Capitan Shlongbeard

    Guunky m
    Don’t tell me not to listen to a song because you disagree

    Sugar Honey Iced Tea

    Tf is wrong with you who tf wants Kali not in the song


    @Sugar Honey Iced Tea exactly


    @Guunky "Kali carried the song" not even fucking close Tyler was the best by far

    Capitan Shlongbeard

    Sugar Honey Iced Tea
    Look at the previous reply

  43. Carla Ramos

    This whole album always gets me in my feelings

  44. Young zo and nappy head Mari Zo and Mari

    “I wonder if u look both ways” hit different because I’m blind 😳

  45. Zands

    starting the march on the right foot hurts me

  46. Coco’s World

    Me and my baby singing this song together is the best 🥰


    can't believe he predicted 2020

  48. Paulito8000

    when he said "I" i felt that, since i too have an identity


    or do I? (vsauce theme starts playing)

  49. Mott4

    obrigado por isso, Tyler!

  50. Adalia Galvez

    “Because I’m about to go to war” I felt that because they are drafting for WW3

    40 lashes

    They need to bring back the draft so you stop bringing up these old memes

  51. Gustavo Phillipe

    0:26 - 1:14 best parts

  52. yoongo boongo

    when he said “cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision” i felt that because im crushing on a stupid boy who’ll never notice me 😔✌️

  53. Graham B

    Category - Education

  54. Faiza Razi

    Tyler the Creator

  55. Faiza Razi

    You are in a game I play

  56. Faiza Razi

    You are the best singer ever

  57. Lemony_YT ROBLOX

    2020: *comes*

    People: 2020 2020 vision

  58. Strawberry Jam

    When he said "I can only see your face when I close my eyes" I felt that because my house is haunted.

  59. NEP TUNE

    So sad. 😭

  60. don't _worry _about _it

    when he said " the coffee I pour" I felt that because i work at starbucks

  61. Dusan Dautovic

    When I saw asap rocky I felt that because I love asap rocky

  62. Andre Chen

    when he said okokokok i felt that cos im feeling okay

  63. small pp gang President

    whos wolf haley

    small pp gang President

    the director

  64. JAIRSS

    Omg asap rocky

  65. marlon.

    i never heared this song before but i feel like i have heard it 1000 times

  66. Boobae Chocolate

    When he said "Cupid hit me, cupid hit me with precision " I felt that because Valentine's day was 2 days ago.

  67. Galactinova

    The category is Education

  68. Alytella

    When he said '' 20 vision '' I didn't feel that because I wear glasses

  69. Diggy Doodi

    When my uncle smacked my ass... I felt that

    Sugar Honey Iced Tea


  70. d a t g i o

    I got no one to think about while listening to this.


    when Tyler said ghost, I really felt that 😔

  72. Fabulos

    When she said I’m bout to go to war I don’t know if I’m a see you again I felt that because World War III is happening

  73. FudRFS

    When the song went “(sound)” I didn’t feel that because I deaf.

    duck Soberanes

    Ur profile is ironic tho


    duck Soberanes yooooo it is, oop


    Kinda just realized my profile pic was Shoya 👀


    • Mochi • he also saves her life, and not for a selfish reason

    duck Soberanes

    @FudRFS true, I luv the movie so muchhhh. I kept repeating the intro song cuz it's so goooood

  74. Jordan Espinoza

    Tyler's in his fells 😔

  75. Alex Myer

    I’m sick of chasing hope everyone felt that

    Alex Myer

    Dam I tried

  76. æsthetic uchiha

    when he said skrrt skrrt skrrt i felt that cuz ive played mario kart before

  77. W F

    When he said "iced tea" I felt that because I have drank iced tea before

  78. Leo GamerD

    when he said "pie" i felt that cus that is a food enjoyed all over the world and includes a crust stuffed with a choice of fruits

  79. Mat goes thicc Mode

    Cupid’s don’t be hitting tho

  80. rosa rivero

    Who listen to this song in 2020

  81. cnnd ndndj

    this hit different today 😞

  82. Shakarela

    This song hits different on Valentine's day

  83. Daliaaa

    when he said "20202020 vison" I didn't feel that cuz I'm blind asf.

  84. Purely Yellow Drums

    Kinda funny I got an ad for the army before this video

  85. Chicken Sandwich

    bruh this song just makes my heart happy


    Yugh! I felt that i’m a badguy

  87. Emit Rice

    that's so wack.

    in the description, it says Wolf Haley, which is one of Tyler's many personalities, and if you know anything about Tyler, you'd know he's part of OFWGKTA, (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) and the "wolf gang" part if from the most extreme of his personas, talking about how extreme and over the top OF really is. dang, he has too much time on his hands.

  88. JTF Fletch

    Album cover be looking like the Minecraft update

  89. jamiyah

    lowkey think i’m in love .. but i said lowkey 👀

  90. jamiyah

    me when i’m out w/ friend and my mom calls me

  91. Ismael Cedeño

    why does tyler look so weird as bald ?

  92. GrayZ

    When he said that thing I felt that because I talked before

  93. Cheri B

    2020 Vision

  94. Sophia’s Trashfire

    the mastery

  95. Dago Verheye

    Im high and now i see this video is a masterpiece

  96. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams


  97. Aryan Curry in a Hurry Gotur

    When he said “alcoholic” I felt that because I have a dad


    Aryan Curry in a Hurry Gotur stolen

  98. mariana valenzuela

    listening in2020