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Tyler, The Creator RUN Comments
  1. Ban Y E E T os

    This is like the bling era all over again lol

  2. _idk _

    Play this at 0.75x

  3. InertPlutonium

    None of this would fit on Igor.


    InertPlutonium pilot and a few more would’ve nicely fit on igor because of the instrumentals. ofc the story plot is different but the style sounds alike.

  4. Sami

    I fucking hate youtube sometimes.

  5. Lil gay Boi

    What. The. Fuck.

  6. XALTONY 13666


    Music when you start a GTA online race:


    or when u start selling an import export car

  7. Planet X TK

    If there was a new Midnight Club coming out this would be on it.

  8. George Davidson

    Holy shit how have a never heard this 🤞 its vibes

  9. Lil Dawn

    This reminds me of death grips get got


    V O I D HOW

    Lil Dawn

    @GoatallyAutistic Idk just does .

  10. jUnGsHoOk

    maybe if you run like BTS you can have more views

    stale cheeto

    lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


    stale cheeto 😤🤠Dont @ me. i love Tyler too tho

  11. LameStudiosInc

    Tyler needs to remaster this album. I think it's hella overhated. But the mix is shit. Mix the vocals so you can hear them and this shit would be amazing.


    LameStudiosInc exactly what you want is exactly what he didn’t want to do. THIS MIX is on purpose foolio

  12. plank

    This song is amazing once you watch the documentary

  13. Tobias Hand


  14. iNature

    Why this song so fucking short 😒

  15. yodamane

    *Sounds Like A Watch Dogs Chase Scene*

  16. kidsofcinema

    This song is too short

  17. The Dead Presidents VEVO


  18. Kahzee Capolatti


  19. Jett Frank

    describes a lot of people i know

  20. andrew

    i know I'm late but the lyrics for this song are great, the stupid ass voice ruins it big time tho

  21. Ghost Hardware

    S P R I N T

    meat smh

    This comment is deep

  22. Sergio Lorente

    Track 8 For South Park

  23. jayjay cornell

    Who else came here after hearing SPRINT, just to hear it with the lyrics?

  24. sorrks

    Here after he posted the instrumental

  25. Wendy Lopez

    This reminds me of the goosebumps show

  26. pun_Q

    this is one of my favorite song from cherry bomb in my opinion

  27. Lil Squirt

    Dude he ruined 2 fucking somgs with that dumbass spedding uo shit

  28. Frank Abstract

    What is chaz doing on a trap beat?

    boy kroobie

    in what universe is this trap

  29. jelani brown-garrett

    This album is so controversial even 2 years after and I can’t even explain why

    Andrew Cornejo

    So what makes you think it's controversial?

    Delta KT

    @Andrew Cornejo the mixing probably

  30. ObamaSaidHeLikesMe

    Blue suede

  31. Waste Fill

    I would of liked this song more if the pitch wasn't fucked.

  32. James Dante

    Wish he'd remix this with proper voice pitching

  33. J.M.

    I wish this song was longer

  34. Gerardo Orozco

    I don't get it

  35. soul soul food

    And run as fast as you can

  36. Bryan Evans

    Tyler saying some real shit but the production /tempo is so fucking trash sonically your not fully paying attention to it

  37. Body Soap

    There's a sound in this that reminds me of a perfume genius song. Anyone know wtf I'm talking about?

  38. Supreme Chieften

    This and keep da O's are the worst songs of the album in my opinion

    Patrick Keary

    Keep da os is one of the best fuck you mean

  39. Angelica Rios

    bill Cosby rapist

  40. dandagod official

    this is like odd future tape vol.1 Tyler and goblin Tyler mixed

  41. Sick. Broove

    "now that's the shit i be talkin bout tho we ain't tryna hear that shit my nigga" littt 😂

  42. Erika Cesaire

    I think this album dope asf !!!


    EVERY BODY CLAP! (You know if youve been to a concert or show)




    KALO it’s like 90% white kids @ his shows and like everybody claps

    xxanti Pumpyxx

    this one nigga raised his hand lol

    xxanti Pumpyxx

    ima fuk u in the ass @Greasy's F irst Ever F inger F uck

    mlg 4 year old

    Or know Tyler, The Creator At all

  44. Smoke

    This shit would of been pure crankage if the voice wasn't fucked



  45. Jamie Bentley

    is dis da Chery bomb ryhmin

  46. Ty Mann

    This ruined the whole album this voice distortion shit is trash i can't even hear him what was he thinking

    Joohoney’s Neck

    Ty Mann he was trying a style he didn’t like

    dakota webb

    Ty Mann shut up normie

    Alice Sultan

    Ty Mann this is one of my favorite songs..


    How did this ONE song ruin the whole album for you. I love this entire album the voice distortion stuff actually grew on me after a while and this is my favorite tyler album but this is the only track that has not grown on me yet idk why, i fuckin love the rest of the album tho


    Ty Mann oh snap its been two years since you wrote this comment has this song or album grown on you? Please respond

  47. DGKa11DaY1

    they played this at Madison Square Garden last night and it was insanee


    DGKa11DaY1 wait what do you mean?

  48. Ryan Catherall

    The beat reminds me of garbage

    Ryan Catherall

    No like the song he made


    The gunshot sfx probably?


    Yeah I hear it


    nah it afghan

  49. TJ Gillen

    Is this the official version. It's too high pitched. Is it like this on the album?

    My dad showering

    Yeah. This would be one of my favourites if Tyler's voice wasn't completely fucked.


    It is indeed

  50. ethan foote

    lovd this song wish it was longer

  51. Dis monarch

    One of those albums that gets better the more you hear it

  52. LEFTY LoCo

    This reminds me of Lil Wayne song called fuck with me now

  53. Jordan Lewis

    Love this song on the album

  54. Chasten Burks

    Everyone Says This Album Was Just Thrown Together, I Actually Like This One.

    Andi O

    Yung Blenda ikr


    If anybody says it was just thrown together they don't understand anything about production

  55. Spose1616

    I don't.. wanna.. *cue this song*

    RTdeop -

    ok thats epic

  56. Edwin Ruiz

    Favorite song on album. . And cherry bomb. .and keep da os. Lol

    Okaga Ca

    tbh u got weird taste lol , I like the more melodic songs like okaga 2seater blow my load oh and smuckers

    Okaga Ca

    but still great songs


    Lenny 😂😂

    meat smh

    Cherry bomb is just earrape lmao

  57. Wavy Kay

    Damn loving this album so far

  58. SykonWiz

    Hi (sorry for my English)

    Gabriel Amaral

    is ok us english not good too

    Tiny Tetanus

    English (hi for my sorry)

    lofi on mobile

    I'm Probably Not On Fire hahah he was right all along haha your dumb asf


    @I'm Probably Not On Fire he was right you're wrong