Tyler, The Creator - Rose Tinted Cheeks Lyrics

Hello, no one is available to take your call
Please leave a message after the tone

I never had the courage to tell you I adore you
I did it in a song, I was too afraid to call you
I know, I know, I'm sorry, I know I'm annoyin'
I just want your attention
Ever since I saw you, knew nothin' was important
Your gravity is too strong and it's fuckin' up my orbit
Contact avoided by the time I record this
I just want you to listen

Everytime I see you, yeah, you brighten up my day
You're the cashmere to my cotton and I wished you felt the same
More options in the alphabet, I know I'll be okay-kay-kay
No, I won't...

'Cause it's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks)
It's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)
And it's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)
It's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)

They black flag we AF
We BF as AF
But they won't get that
That's that 20 Century Women reference
You so hard to get like intricate metaphors
Companies? I own four
But all I want is yours
Hit the 'plex and catch a band or sushi spot I recommend
Float around hittin' wheelies, leg or engine-based, it all depends
Either one is cool to me
And you're way too cool for me
I'ma freeze to death tryna keep up
Thirsty I am, I may need three cups, what's up?

Everytime I see you, yeah, you brighten up my day
You're the cashmere to my cotton and I wished you felt the same
More options in the alphabet, I know I'll be okay-kay-kay

It's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)
It's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)
And it's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)
It's them rose tinted cheeks (cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks)

La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact, yeah
Speedin' down the 5 in my newest ride
You was kinda high, speakers mild high
Track 10 track 10, dirt bike afternoons
As long as pale skin is near, I didn't have to leave the room
Switch gears
Roamed around around fell in love (fell in love)
Broke my leg and got stuck, what the fuck?
Hit my head, wait, I wish you would fall in too, I said
I wish you would fall in and snap them legs
Cause I'ma be stuck here until I'm dead and gone

La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la

I remember when we first met
My eyes, like jeans too tight, I couldn't take 'em off you
You're precious metal I was a magnet just lookin'
I've been searching for somethin'
But didn't know what I was looking for
Then you popped and it became so clear
Like that water up north, so clear
Got me sayin'
Alright, alright
And truthfully now
I'm intimidated by your existence
Flustered because of your presence
Your absence leaves me, leaves me in a state of confusion... I mean...
I really can't function
I can't explain it
I'm aware enough to know this is just a temporary pool of emotion
But since I'm here, I might as well drown
Please don't save me

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Tyler, The Creator Rose Tinted Cheeks Comments
  1. 44 Pablo

    I need this dropped as an official song. Please

  2. Sense Say

    “Companies, I own four,
    But all I want is yours,”

  3. Cappuccino Cup

    Why this isn’t in ITunes Store?

  4. The Gobbit

    Pretty sure that little drum snippet at 2:39 is also used in I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE

  5. Lil Pegasus

    What the heck why was not on the album

  6. Kristian Kolbe

    This is a transitional species between SFFB and Igor

  7. Benjamin Greenbaum

    please drop this❤️❤️🙏🙏

  8. Don The Monarch

    This Ice JJ Fish x Tyler, the Creator collab is low-key fire

  9. Heather Bascombe

    Piano arrangement reminds me of new magic wand

  10. Noah Barker

    The last line he talks about drowning and then says please don’t save me just like running out of time on Igor

  11. Yohan Muk

    that drum beat at 5:18 is the same as the synth bass in I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE before tyler sings the hook i swear to fuck

  12. Mario _h

    what are those chords at 2:29 :/

  13. Poochi Gang Lads

    I’m getting some serious “I just bought a Bugatti and I’m happy” vibes

  14. Godyys47

    It’s a cold summer night.You plug in your white earbuds,get in your bed,pull on the blanket and play this.You think about what girl this song describes but just can’t make it out.You forget about the girl,and just stare on the walls.Enjoying this.


    Just realized that The start is a call back to the classic pharrell williams 4 count

  16. Osvaldo Ernesto Da Cruc

    igor voice predicted in 2016

  17. Osvaldo Ernesto Da Cruc

    such chill music

  18. Primordial Toast

    It's kinda frustrating how Tyler has a way of putting my own feelings into words a million times better than I can. Get out of my head man.

  19. ETHBK

    I feel this too. I really do know it

  20. angel bailon

    This song is after November correct?

  21. Lelia Bon Tempo

    its crazy how much all of tyler's recent discography pieces together perfectly.

  22. neon mall

    This would would've fit right before new magic wand

  23. santi suarez

    "Your gravity is too strong its fucking up my orbit" that prhase are godamn beautifull

  24. Wilfredo Ayala


  25. februarlee

    *hears high pitched voice*
    the whole comments section: “OMG THIS IS IGOR!!!¡!!”

  26. LOKIFY

    that first verse was relatble going trough the same shit rn
    i just wanna die

  27. Devil ish

    ending gave me *HARD* FIND YOUR WINGS vibes

  28. ALV_Santos

    Hee hee

  29. Saiyan Thai


  30. Jaluba

    Sometimes I fantasise about being able to make music like this and impress loads of people

  31. D Webb

    this is literally about wyatt

  32. Anthony Hampton

    Hot ass beat clap

  33. AdrianUrsler

    Tyler the creator really A GOAT

  34. SUBWAY01100

    Please leave a message after the tone....

  35. Lovely Thornton

    The beat slaps. Otherwise, lmfao

  36. evelynn harvey

    you better put this on apple music!!

  37. naveonnn

    Omg bro please put this on Apple Music


    *Tyler was IGOR before IGOR was even a thing.*

  39. Kahurautao

    This dem dirt colored eyes

  40. Almighty MIR 7


  41. MCPartyKidz

    I remember the day this dropped, I was in Edmonton and this was the anthem the whole time at west Ed mall, great day and great song

  42. rainy_winds Yt

    This like waking up on a sunny spring day on a Saturday

  43. Madison Trampoline

    Bruh!!!! Why is this not on Spotify or Apple Music



  44. Matrix Master

    _Your Cheeks Are Totally Amazing_

  45. Rafael Adame-Genchi

    This is in new magic wand im-

  46. prod. by messina

    💕it’s them rose colored cheeks yeah it’s them dirt colored eyes💕

  47. Sullivan Huott

    Ziploc, gelato, and rose tinted cheeks all need to be made into a mix tape on Spotify🤷🏼‍♂️

  48. Bryse Smith

    how can this be a *throwaway*

  49. yeast

    Those rose tinted cheeks and them dirt coloured eyes

  50. Grimaldo Mtz Gustavo

    New Magic Wand demo?

  51. Eugene Pope

    On 2:39 that is from "I dont love you anymore" from IGOR album

  52. Nobody

    this sounds exactly like a transition between flower boy and igor

  53. x_ItzKillerx

    Okra, rose tinted cheeks, fawn, and all the other single/throwaway songs should all be in one throwaway album.

  54. TAW 01

    This nigga really don’t wanna be saved

    Glitter - “I’m caught in you quicksand, wait Please don’t save me”

    Running out of time - “I drift to the deep end, don’t save, don’t save, don’t save

  55. UpsettingDruid0

    I wish this was a fully finished song, I love it so damn much

  56. Seth Crutchfield

    that little drum fill in the second half is essentially the same one he used in I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE

  57. Sebby Sue


  58. Brown

    I swear girls be like “ omg the mixing on this song is so good Tyler is the best omggggg

  59. Diamond Dexter

    *rough draft* my butt. this is the final draft, heck, this is GOLD.

  60. 2007 Toyota Camry SE v6

    the beginning reminds of a 90s/early 00s Usher beat. Then he put that Tyler spin on it, and it hits the same way slowed + reverb songs do. Man I wish he put more shit like this on Igor.

  61. H.Z. Abednego


  62. Mr. Karbs - UltimatePatrix

    2:39, 4:53
    i don't love you anymore

  63. Daniel Ochoa

    Scum Fuck Flower boy mood, Seven type beat, Igor voice, future album mood, hint of CHERRY BOMB, IGOR mood idk this might be bs

  64. Hahs HSbsh

    when is this gonna be an real song?

  65. pimpass

    its them dirt colored eyes

  66. ツval

    "you're too cool for me" - rose tinted cheeks
    "you're too cool for me and i aint trynna freeze up" - i don't love you anymore

  67. Vanessa .P

    For some reason I really like this, makes me feel some type of way

  68. x_ItzKillerx

    This is fucking IGOR in one song

  69. Claire Doonan

    MAkes me think of animal crossing

  70. Uʀᴋɪʟʟᴀ

    I know your probably busy af but when u can can U PLZ RELEASE THIS

  71. bEan

    this song still better than all the songs on sffb

  72. emnoekat I:

    cheeks.. cheeks.. cheeks.. CHEEKS! 😊

  73. NN ZN

    Tyler thank you for your mind, your talent and for being you.

  74. Edisun_123

    IGOR: afterthoughts

  75. papo.beenzzz

    i like it

  76. Higq M

    I really love tyler the creator if i ever meet him you know i will be so fucking happy.

  77. SMF214 ,

    Beautiful T

  78. nastyboyeli

    ending sounds alot like i dont love you anymore

  79. Stürmer&Dränger

    Still listening to this masterpiece, Tyler you the best

  80. Calm Light

    The singing is kinda off and morbid but it becomes buttery almost with the beat and melody


    Yo this is lowkey BOYFRIEND

  82. ——DoinWellPigs——

    Highkey just made some babies to this song not that long ago

  83. Sockmother

    reminds me of I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE with some of the instrumentation

  84. Eugène

    j’ai pas eu la réf ambre


    Taurais du avoir la ref elle tue cette chanson


    @JESWAF je me sens mal de pas l'avoir eu...

  85. JESWAF

    My crush has rose tinted cheeks😚

  86. ImWat

    Tyler was just doing some Frank Ocean stuff with this.
    And its pretty damn good

  87. Kato Coltrane

    Apple Music needs this!!! This is my favorite Tyler, the Creator song. I need this🥺.

  88. gov3rnor



  89. Tyko Marquer

    I want this song on iTunes so bad

  90. Gabe the Babe

    im gonna jump off of my apartment building tonight. commenting it here because I have nobody to talk to so ya. love you Tyler. thank you for making my life a little bit less misserable


    Hope you did not

  91. Rel john Cortel Jr

    song had igor vibes before igor even dropped 😳

  92. Daniel Lucero

    cheeks cheeks

  93. I Am Ugg

    This feels like a mix between Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy

  94. elijah.mp3

    im retarded

  95. Zer0

    This and glitter would be a perfect fit for IGOR

  96. Cultured Butterflies

    Y'ALL keep saying Igor but what about cherry bomb or a different album that could fit.... Wait boyfriend that was a Igor bonus or leak that would be in a good order of things with rose tinted cheeks .

  97. Kate Bwari

    after the beep i was waitin for the “tanananana tanananana tanananana my baaaby”, but nope

  98. August Third

    I forgot about this song and I’m glad I found it again going through my liked videos.