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Tyler, The Creator PUPPET Comments
  1. The M.A.

    A lot of people keep bringing up Kanye. I can totally see why. He did a good job! 👍

  2. Brendan Des

    That face on the thumbnail makes me wanna puke 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. soggy potato

    Kanye suited this track so well...

  4. Herr Freundlich

    Am I the only one feeling like this samples Court of the Crimson King?

  5. Vz Eezy

    Why Kanye sound like gangstaliecous on his verse
    *still god tier tho*

  6. Squidwards Balls

    Tyler and Kanye 🔥

  7. Kvidd Nya

    Who else wants to die slowly to this 2:06 🥴

  8. Davide Novelo

    I love it more when i hear "It's alright with me" by Part Time ❤

  9. Doomer Aramburú

    David locaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas guys

  10. kaylushhh yo

    This song is equivalent to what shrooms feel like lol With the right headphones you can hear every little detail of sound. It’s wild. This track is dope!

  11. Danny Noble

    Did I wait to long-YouTube’s Recommendation system in a nutshell

  12. 4great guy hai

    This album win rap album of the year, Grammy wtf this out suck the belly any rap in it just a lot beat or sound or whatever tf this is....

  13. JLirl

    2:06 The Coraline soundtrack

  14. Jamiyah Jefferson

    Lowkey remains me of j cole she's mine

  15. KaYa BROCK

    You're def a puppet

  16. Isab

    If anyone cares this is actually a cover of a very old song called I'm your puppet

  17. M 360

    For some reason, Kanye’s part gets me emotional 🤧

  18. Nappybwoii


  19. Dy O'bolikal

    This Kat is surely an alchemist mixing genres and decades .... which works. Mesmerizing!

  20. Ross Carter

    If you're reading this comment. I just wanna let you know that you're loved and that people care about you <3

  21. money game



    ok schizo

  22. Sophia Michelle

    Reminds me of cherry bomb. Haha not really but kind of.

  23. Joe Dunphy

    thank god tyler has such a hard time holding down good pussy, if he didn't he wouldn't make such beautiful music like this


    Good dick*

  24. Cool Dude

    This song reminds me of Nathaniel makhi barnhill

  25. some art person

    This song hits different like idk why

  26. Alan Flores Ayoroa

    When He said 'I'm your puippet'... I felt that

  27. naml

    When she’s with you only bc you got diamonds

  28. lololol lololol

    Ooooooo luv you bro

  29. bryjk

    That “did I wait too long” by Kanye hit my soul😭

  30. Kalai Mang


  31. DXXXO

    2:35 something seems off key

  32. aBlackCat

    Did you sample Court of the Crimson King?

  33. Carson Lind

    2:06 is the part I came for

  34. Krazy King10

    Is that a court of the crimson king sample?

  35. dean seryokon / amiel

    this song is probably the last time we heard “regular ye” until “gospel ye” surfaced

  36. LovoluNxGen

    Minecraft: *EXISTS*


  37. peppa

    “Land at your driveway and put it in park”

    “Then do the 3rd line in this verse”

    Line 3: I wanna walk to your front door and knock

    Me: 😱😱😱😱


    peppa THANK YOU


    aetheric GONE, GONE

  38. *argus*

    Everybody gangsta until T start rapping over the ice cream truck

  39. Mutt Evan

    Part Time - It's Alright With Me

  40. luis martinez

    Isn’t there a lil Wayne song that sounds similar to the beginning if you know what I’m talking about plz help a bro out

  41. natalie

    Collab with Ringo starr and paul

  42. Tyler Allen

    2:06 to the end is one of Tyler’s best productions no cap. 🚫🧢

  43. Alexander Delgado

    Remember watching him on adult swim coming up g

  44. Octuremp

    Bruh when 2:06 hits doe 😳


    Or 2:07

    Tyler Allen

    One if his best productions 🥺


    @Tyler Allen yes 🥺

  45. Ohraider

    Tis pretty fire, but I really miss old Tyler (wolf and goblin)

  46. Javier Vargas

    for reallllllllllllllllllllllllllll!

  47. Yeeter Poop

    This song and Glitter just hit me hard.

    By the ways love your music Tyler

    When will u have a concert in MS

  48. Krox Lomar

    This song hits harder then the belt

  49. adiquiate fOsHo

    *when he quietly said a hug I felt thatttt*

  50. Jon Murtha

    The bridge sound like creepy dolls but idc

  51. courtney dawn

    does anyone else hear the main verse riff from the ballroom scene from labyrinth???? what a fantastic album (https://youtu.be/VppuD1St8Ec link to when the world falls down)

  52. sop

    *do you need* hug

  53. Tangerine Roche

    love it

  54. B3an

    2:06 *BREATHES HEAVILY* Never I have experienced a change of tune that is hauntingly beautiful and it creeps at you every moment. My thoughts wander in lost and nowhere.

  55. Xalted

    The girls singing at 2:07 is fucking beautiful

    Tyler Allen

    Xalted Ikr? It’s a sample he got from Part Time - It’s Alright With Me

  56. Tee Yah

    I cried man

  57. Sorurus

    I never realized Kanye was on this song


    Where the lyric guy at

  59. Salty Weaboo Kid

    “But at some point, you’ll come to your senses” is my favourite clip of audio that he has at the end or start of most Igor songs, I don’t even know why I like it so much just the way he says it

  60. Duran Delao

    This song is beautifully produced with Tyler creative world for the world to hear! Thank you Tyler for keeping music alive

  61. Ivan Hernandez

    favorite song in IGOR

  62. Noli

    Extremely underrated song, one of the best ones in the album! It might even be better than earthquake, love the ending.

  63. Thulium

    I need bread

  64. tyler,the,creator fan

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  65. M. Wayne

    Is that Kanye on the track?

  66. Thulium

    I love tyler now

    But i still miss tyler, the rapist

  67. Sarah Owens

    I feel the gay angst...great album. Should be nominated over 7

  68. Geti

    2:30 I really like this song but WHY did you add this bit? I get it, it is out of place and makes it cool and what not, but it is far too out of place. It makes me cringe (beeping noise)

    Tyler Allen

    Geti a beeping noise affects you that much? 🤨


    @Tyler Allen Yeah when its in a fukin song I like mate

    Tyler Allen

    Geti well damn sad to hear.

  69. America Vasquez

    Too accurate !

  70. Ilker.tncblt

    bruh im in love bruuuuuuh

  71. Lukoise

    Only if this song had a music video with actual puppets directed by DHMIS creator

  72. akira genesis

    who's here from puppy love

  73. nko nicolas

    Pokemon on low health: 2:30

  74. danielle carnicle

    Jon R <3

  75. Tangerine Roche

    This song is produced so well. Great use of samples

  76. Yume Winston

    Can’t wait for this music video

  77. Blil Cmoney

    This one gos hard

  78. Salami

    0:52 chills

  79. Big Fella

    When that beat switch and them symbols start smacking together >

  80. Aleksei Brusilov

    Bruh it sounds like a ice cream truck

  81. jaachelyn

    I wanna talk, I wanna call you and talk
    I wanna walk to your front door and knock
    After I stop
    My vehicle drive to your city 'cause we live an hour apart
    Land at your driveway and put it in park
    Then do the third line of this verse
    Then back to my house and we pack up our bikes
    And we ride through the park, chase the sun
    'Cause that's all I want, other than air
    Oxygen, air, financial freedom, yeah
    I want your company, I need your company
    I want you to want for me, I can't maneuver
    Without you next to me
    It's so complex to me
    What do you need?
    Do you need bread? Do you need this?
    Do you need a hug? Do you need to be alone?
    I could wrap this up and get the fuck away instead
    What is your wish? It can be granted
    You're number one, one on my list
    To you I'm Santa, Where is Rudolph? You're parasitic
    I do not have self control
    I am startin' to wonder
    Is this my free will or yours?
    (Yours, yours, yours)
    I'm your puppet
    You control me
    I'm your puppet
    I don't know me
    (Did I wait too long?) I'm your puppet
    (Did I wait too long?) You control me
    (Did I wait too long?) I'm your puppet
    (Did I wait too long?) I don't know me
    'Cause I'm your puppet (puppet, oh)
    You control me (control me)
    I'm your puppet (puppet)
    I don't know (ooh ah)
    I'm your puppet
    (Did I wait too long?) Ohh
    Woah, oh, oh (puppet)
    You lost, son, and you've been tryna find your way to me
    Ay, to me, he's on somethin' that I hate to see
    A to Z, nah son, I'm gonna take a breathe
    Run a 'thon, I just stop and I'ma take the breather
    On a cedar
    On a wee verse
    Light the weed first
    Blowin' reefers, get the reverse (yeah we 'bout to scream, yeah we 'bout to scream)
    Get the weed (yeah we 'bout to scream, oh lord)
    Breathe on a song
    (La, la, la) Breathe on a song
    (La, la, la, la, la, la) Breathe on a song
    (I've been lost)
    But at some point, you come to your senses

  82. blazej6667

    Tyler you're the kind of man who Jack Kirby used to call New Gods

  83. Rosalinda Mescudi

    I can relate to this song lol

  84. Judah Licht

    Please does anybody know what sample is the choir voices they kicks in at @2:23????