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Tyler, The Creator Pigs Fly Comments
  1. Doctor Daddy

    I was dealing with iller shit like professional plumbers ..like food for thought was my father but I have the hunger...Man that shit still hits me😭

  2. Le Chimpanzé Averti

    All track's "Bastard" are deleted on Tyler's channel 😢

  3. bynume55

    10 years today

  4. sam jin

    My ex sent me the link to this song 8 years ago and this song had 1k views and I absolutely fell in love with her and Tyler the moment I heard it. Still one of my favorite albums and I’m 30 now.

  5. Angel Lopez

    Off a blue w my headphones onn

  6. Anxiety

    When you're high and your body has a 5 second delay to your movements

  7. XxX_geykumefan12_XxX

    dont go home tonight

  8. b1by.


  9. illuminate confirmed

    i'm willing to bet 50 bucks that none of you have seen a pig fly.

  10. bruh moment

    this whole video gives off a whole 2009 vibe, just look at the quality. Man I miss those days...

  11. Malik Bell

    Domo's verse is so fucking godly.

  12. jay

    Listening to this album again just makes Igor unlistenable


    jay deadass

  13. Amsterdamn


  14. D prince87

    My shit 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Isaiah Cruz

    Wtf Spotify where bastard

  16. 666 666

    Tyler created this odd future .. 🤮💕💀⚰️

  17. AB Humble

    My food for thought was my father but I ain’t have the hunger. 🔥

  18. Ched Williams

    This album is the soundtrack to my junior-senior years of high school. If you there enjoy it while you can because life gets shitty once you turn 18 for most people.

  19. Post. 0198

    This Song Never Gets Old

  20. kins

    This mixtape is nearly 10 years old and still slaps like the first time I listened to it.

  21. Tyger Valley

    I read a random comment saying pigs fly and I realised! Bastard! And I went straight to my search bar 👻👌

  22. Tap Chan

    i love how cold this track is

  23. Nubia McFadden

    My beloved Tyler. It's almost been 10 years love💓💓💓💪

  24. fascinatinglist

    Tyler killed this and the beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. White Chocolate

    Miss this Tyler.. Miss OF in general. Shit won’t be the same no mo😕

    nora ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    okay but you'll always have access to his old music , so he's still here .

  26. joseph thomas

    It’s kinda mind blowing this came out in 2009..

  27. Christopher Quinn

    Sick guys

  28. DUB3R5

    Smoked a lot in the summer with this album playing

  29. Alexsander Antunes Barbosa

    my fav tyler song i guess

  30. Youngvango

    I swear I heard this song in one of my dreams but it was slowed down .. and there were no lyrics...

  31. melaninbabe

    sitting up on my roof, my eyes fill with tears , and I'm letting them fall,, I'm lonely and sad...but it feels good. OF forever

  32. goblin

    Great to listen to when u feel down or just upset at the world it really takes you away. A masterpiece. 💓

  33. darrin brown

    Still love this song when I'm in deep thought 🚬

  34. darrin brown

    Still here in 2018 who with me ??

  35. Jeremy Sharp

    I love how the beat has that silent hill vibe to it


    Hell yeah man same shit

  36. Jacob Humbert

    Linndrum sounds in this, one of Tyler's best songs

  37. Pacifist Media

    Ugh The beat is so Grimy and Nostalgic JESUS CHRIST IT'S SO GOOD!

  38. LaShonta Walker


  39. Ayanda Sikuni

    I you all gonna ignore how Domo absolutely decimated this track?...Pen game and flow is too fire!

  40. Wolf Haley

    "I know some nigga wear they hearts on they sleeve,but I wear mine on my head,Supreme"

  41. Wolf Haley

    "I was dealin with iller shit like professional plumbers,like food for thought was my father,but i aint have the hunger"


  42. sumoblox5000

    Hate how this isnt on Spotify

    nora ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

    i knowww fuck .

  43. Lns 213

    Listen this and listen the freestyle of tyler in 2008 its the same beat

  44. Chris G

    Tylers awsome i no its for high rollers b u t its for under dogs who wanna be cool kids so bad OFpigsflyBITCH

  45. Pockets2Big Rikishi

    No way Tyler doesn’t smoke weed, his music is almost always perfect for when you’re high

  46. Will Avery

    Where bout to see a pig fly

  47. cool story

    I was like 11 years old thinking me and tyler had simular issues

  48. Ish San

    forever classic 2018


    lil spermy hell yeah !

  49. Frodo

    Take me back

  50. Hugo Palian

    people only here because they dont wanna be that kid from colussus

  51. ECCO

    really my favorite song from tyler I still appreciate and enjoy the new direction tyler took with his sound but I miss the early years of OF

  52. Ted Da Duke

    I bet you never seen Grim Adventures nope, bet ya never Grim Adventures

  53. Dead Homie Orchestra

    I just realized that the picture is zooming in slowly.

  54. Yung box logo ENT


  55. Nassier Anderson

    i understand wat he sayin im going threw the same thing

  56. Tgp

    I love bastard this album is pure fire


    masterpiece......... .. masterpiece

  58. Malyngar

    tyler is ass wtf am i doing here

  59. Lil Gump

    383k true fans

  60. X9 Purpose

    Cold October night. Wind blows, shrooms with the squad.

  61. Justin Daniel

    the vibe on this shit is crazy

  62. Riley W

    Anyone know how to go about recreating the synth sound in this beat? I love the deep background sound on this and I have always wanted to go about recreating it, but I don't know how to make it... I can't really sample it so I don't know what to do.

    pokimane fanboy

    Riley W wish i knew it too

    Jean-Jacques Chirac

    same here try mesing around wiht sylenth or rhodes

    Daniel Explosion

    Riley W you can find some of the sounds on fl studio

    Jacob Humbert

    I'm really late but Solina Strings from Garageband is used in this

    javier perez

    lol its a generic synth patch, the interesring thing is the chord progression thats why sounds so well

  63. Speezus Christ

    To the point where I cant even listen to this without feeling sick to my stomach reminiscing about 5 years ago when I first heard this in 7th grade. Times where so much simpler then. All i did was listen to OF and play MW3. I really miss those days.


    @CM BITW i was in 6th and that shit was wild mw3 all day all night


    how r u doin bud?


    Spergio don’t spoil the mood

    Ve to

    SS WAYS me rn

    Speezus Christ

    promethazine中毒 I’m good man. A lot more mature and ahead in life then i was when i wrote this lol. This song still makes me miss those times but I’m glad I’m moving forward in life


    ayyyyy. ayyyyy. ayyyyyy..... ummmmmm

  65. Dolan _

    This songs makes my mind numb when I feel like utter shit and makes me forget about everything

  66. ryu egawa

    I always feel away from everyone and everything while listening to this

  67. Charles Manson

    Wow, for a weirdo, this dude is spitting some knowledge. *I never judge a murder only the rage that he felt during physiological phase*. This nigga is on a WHOLE different level. Too bad he doesn't get that much of attention. But still. I love Drake. Tyler is the Creator, though.

    Jay Mason

    Monica Mendez agreed


    Nice bait Monica, almost got blinded by the cringyness of that sentence. "I love Drake." hahahaha

    Tony Lowry

    Monica Mendez drakes lyrics dnt mean anything, hell he doesnt even write em

    Charles Manson

    It was a bait, LOL!

    Zero X

    Yea he is spitting some pretty crazy shii, not to mention he was hella young when this came out..

  68. Panda

    Hands down best Tyler the Creator song!

  69. Lucas Gonçales

    pesssado monstrão

  70. ihatemeisuck

    never knew what was that "please don't go home tonight" part about


    Mine is in the shop


    +ogi idk


    easily Tyler's best song

  72. Do u Comprehend

    that first line doesnt work in europe lmao my shoesize 45


    Lol I'm American and my shoe size is 13😂.


    Mine is 12 lol

    Yo Lo

    damn yall sleep af. He is talkin about how black youth get stereotyped for looking older than they are. Remember the 12 yo kid that got shot with a bb gun?

    Do u Comprehend

    lol he really isnt, hes talking about you should have fun and live carefree, like a kid, which are american shoe sizes.

    Yo Lo

    @Abby Dagger my size is 9 wtf

  73. Ttone X

    just smoke a blunt to this chill my life away

  74. johnny noche

    straight 🔥

  75. BryGuySaysHi

    I feel like I was the only white guy listening to this album in my high school. This brings you to a complete different state of mind, even without drugs. My music tastes have changed though, but I keep coming back to this for nostalgic reasons.


    lol stfu

    Spooky Obama

    BryGuySaysHi lol most people that listen to OF are white

  76. dj stankdaddy

    I was young when first herd it now i do drugs and drink alcohol im so depressed this give me memories when i used to be sober enjoying music like this . I really liked tylers chords they are so dark and relaxing the same time . The music makes my mind drift away in my head full of dark shit. i love this song man

    Sander de Snoo

    i hope you´re doing better now man. Tyler calms me down too.


    Make change in your life!!!!

    Pockets2Big Rikishi

    malakai Rodriguez hey me too!!! Wait... me too...

    Elliot Rodger

    shit i’m 12- i’ve been listening to tyler the day before flower boy came out. i actually found tyler from casey veggies, bastard just hits way better especially odd toddlers and pigs fly

  77. dj stankdaddy

    This when the devil is in me i listen to this


    dj stankdaddy oh yeah yeah

  78. Takeflight

    Smokin to this song>

  79. subaruvideocollection

    First Grade

  80. 4m7c4



    What video

  81. Trashcan

    Tylers really evolved

  82. William Thompson

    roxycodone approves of this song

  83. LeftSideDrive

    So many memories

    Bone Lord

    I can agree my dude

  84. DJ Tim space King

    this is my Halloween album

  85. GSK

    I remember being an OF fanboy lol. I still remember just about every song they dropped

  86. looopy dooopy

    bastard < long live asap


    Hn bastard > long live ASAP ***


    Long live asap < bastard < live love asap


    you used the wrong sign

  87. youngie pzycho

    this album contains my most precious summer moments

    Dylan Maibaum

    This and goblin were my whole junior high... Brings back a lot of memories.


    I thought I was the only one until 7th grade came last year

    Trigon 188

    Summer of Junior year

    Knuckle Dragger

    bruh for me it was winter n shit



    good times

  88. Kendall Reid

    fux wit this hard

  89. Jasper Ross

    Fuck you you odd future haters

    johnny noche


  90. Sean McGinnis

    Nothing will ever compare to this album. nothing.

    Master Mak

    @shemaycry that he has 3 other albums that are better than this one


    @Master Mak Personally I LOVE Wolf

    Master Mak

    @shemaycry exactly

    Icy Vice

    @noah 2089 no.

    Sean Sparks

    This album is pure nostalgia and it has some of his best tracks. But Wolf and Igor wins

  91. Pink Ricky

    At the end when he says "OF" I just love that part

  92. Daniel Edwards

    the bridge to this..fuck yo..so good..

  93. adriano

    i swear to god this song never gets old

  94. Shaggy Scoobz

    I just fucking love this song. Enough said.

  95. andres65080

    Bastard is such a good fucking album. One of the best that i've ever heard, honestly. The production is so on point. 

  96. Spanks Phresh

    I listen to this shit when I'm mad at the world, I go into deep thought

    Tj Youman

    hell yeah man, im doing just that right now


    @Rembrandt I need ur pic asap