Tyler, The Creator - Peach Fuzz Lyrics

It's 9:23 A.M
And uh... an idea
Summer feeling idea
Yeah, I don't know

You said, keep it short, this is peach fuzz
Contact, couple months, then we out
You said, keep it short, this is peach fuzz
Contact, couple months, then we out
It's nothing serious (I wanna be your man)
It's nothing serious (I wanna be your man)

Yeah mama, yeah mama
I'm daddy, no I'm not
You're a lot of fucking problems
You gon' prolly show true colors
By the time we tie the knot up
Tyler, Tyler, he got caught up
Now they taking my ricotta
Bunch of lawyers and 'your honors'
I mean, its no mama
More father but my fanbase that's from Goblin
Don't believe me I been saying since 13 but they blinded
But whatever, I'm reminded
That I slightly got off topic
Of this song, shit
Shout out Prophet ok
Could you tell me how far in the future do you see us?
You can make decision while my lips graze on your peach fuzz
Pull out the guitar and learn some new chords from Anita Baker
Baker got some acres out the window when you wake up
I'm a fish sign my b'day march and put its knee up
Bunch of yes sergeants 'till we barge in on them tea cups
But guarantee that I will get my stripes just like Adidas
Nah we don't wear those its UNOs when we put feet up, yeah

You said, keep it short, this is peach fuzz
Contact, couple months, then we out
You said, keep it short, this is peach fuzz
Contact, couple months, then we out
It's nothing serious (I wanna be your man)
It's nothing serious (I wanna be your man)

Yo, shout out Stones Throw man
Shout out Prophet
Summer feelings and shit
It's nothing serious, just, you know

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Tyler, The Creator Peach Fuzz Comments
  1. sunflower syd

    tyler just wanna boogie to some marvin chill guys

  2. Maya Abadir


  3. Catlover1533

    Anyone else notice this is slightly faster than the version on apple music

  4. Love Choppa

    This is beautiful, gotta send this to me crush

  5. Teyanah Currie

    I love how the category of the song is education😂

  6. Anthony Hampton

    Hot ass beat clap

  7. swage cate

    this cover is the sexiest thing that ive ever seen,i wanna fuck it

  8. The Funny TV Man of the Night

    When you upload your own song and it gets copywritten

  9. Baby butt blue

    The version they have on spotify is slightly slower and I can't choose this 10 second shorter version over that one

  10. Cornell Waters

    🍊 Music!

  11. Salty Pepper

    i still remember this was posted on my bday

  12. sleepynya

    whats his bracelet say tho ?

  13. KingBam32

    Fuck yOu murdered that T

  14. Dominic Calimquim

    He says “your lips graze on my peach fuzz” but the lyrics say “my lips graze on your peach fuzz”

  15. Tis

    Yeah Tyler i think i love you.. so talented

  16. Carl Sainez


    General Cemetary

    It samples a great song called "wanna be your man" by prophet too!

  17. shannon day


  18. Emilio Lachappa

    Haaa shit i remember my friend talking about hard you are and that boy turned out to be a real big bitch

  19. GANDHI

    mndsgn a genius.

  20. Scout with Clout

    this song makes me feel some typa way

  21. John Orr

    Tyler: it's nothin serious

    Also Tyler: I WANNA BE YOUR MAN

    Deeksha Iyer

    Lol that not Tyler, the whole thing sampled Wanna be your man by Prophet


    @Deeksha Iyer no shit

  22. goofyboi999

    Could you tell me how far in the future do you see us*+

  23. FYM Official

    Did Tyler use the official instrumental

  24. Wiggy Tjihenuna

    He should rap on more covers like this

  25. delinquenci

    you see, i found love with this song. i told my crush that she could make decisions while her lips grew on my peach fuzz. she kissed me and we've been together since canada day '18. thanks, Tyler.

  26. _v6nn_

    This had to be recorded during the Igor sessions, the lyrical context joins in so well with the album.

  27. John Gaiser

    Why is this one rushing compared to the one on Spotify

  28. Sunny Fuhyobih

    I wanna be your maaaannnnnn

  29. Bryce Bomberger

    Oh my god, the vibes😌

  30. Agnes Lubenaldi

    i mean it's no mama
    more father but my fanbase that's from goblin
    don't believe me i been saying since 13
    but they blinded
    but whatever, i'm reminded
    that i slightly got off topic
    of this song, shit

  31. Sunny Fuhyobih

    Wishing these throwaways were on Spotify.

    Iliyah Foster

    Sunny Fuhyobih some of em actually are, i have this on spotify

  32. PMA II

    I expected a Zev Love X type beat

  33. Joshua Kumoyo

    Tyler is too groovy,this is the same vibe I get with Igor.

  34. Milky Vanilla Cinnamon Starlight

    Does anybody know other songs like this??

    Super Steel

    Prophet - I Wanna Be Your Man is a good start if you ask me. But seriously, Genesis Owusu - WUTD is fairly similar and is my jam at the moment.

    Milky Vanilla Cinnamon Starlight

    @Super Steel thankees ♡

  35. Lukas Wolfe

    March Bday 💯 🔥

  36. R4GER

    The hook kinda sound sped up but idk

  37. FuTure Boyy

    I love how he said “shout-out profit” lol. This isn’t Tyler’s beat, it was actually Mndsgn (yes that’s his name) and Profit. They are all amazing and Tyler put AMAZING use to this track

  38. Jacqueline Spalding

    I could do poetry too😂😊

  39. Jacqueline Spalding

    What was that don't know you why would I ignore got to know you

  40. Suavi


  41. 7Samplez

    Shouldve been on the album or a deluxe version

  42. ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ

    peach fuzz and he can't even grow it, I wanna take him far away from this place-

  43. Deep GirlVEVO

    Still fire

  44. Aaron Clarkson

    Don't be shocked when his new project wins him a Grammy. I'm just letting EVERYONE know right now...
    to many have been sleeping on tyler lately. He's no joke.

    tyler is hungry for this grammy

  45. Polo Guz

    Max B Type Vibes

  46. Dakarai McClinton


  47. Blazed Pineapple

    Sped up is a big yes

  48. Ellis Kealy

    Sounds like Lois’ porno from family guy

  49. 500daysofSam /

    Too short of a song

  50. Nullpunkt zero

    essa musica so me faz perceber a minha incapacidade de conseguir ter uma namoradinha, obg tyler.

  51. I don’t believe the hype

    how dis only have one million views dffff

  52. Rob


    ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ

    yeah, u are


    @ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ this shit straight ass

  53. Me You


  54. CRP Wifey

    Reminds me of the movie FRIDAY #byefelisha 🤣

  55. sophie

    put this on apple music!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. sixmonstrr


  57. DarkEyes Kitty

    I fucks with this 💕

  58. Lanaya Smith

    His hand turns me on

  59. Natalie Barcos

    This gives me Santigold vibes

  60. Mascene Casseus

    This shit is fiyah

  61. Isela Angelica

    This song is so underrated <3

  62. Mara K. Bell

    HIS HAND 😍😍😍

    Clout Claudius Charles

    Mara K. Bell ????

  63. Leo,the heartbreak Kid

    For those people saying that he needs to go back to his old style,he has already established he likes sound so that’s music as a whole,his new shit make him seem like a king and I love it. TYLER IS ROYAL

  64. Dookie Bookie

    So sexy

  65. rock_erich

    Track 5 from the "Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack".

  66. sheen boy

    Its a good song but its nothing serious.

  67. Zane

    This beat instantly threw me back into the Gorillaz for a min

  68. xanderere

    when the beat drops is like i'm watchin get rich or die tryin when 50 was just a kid ridin with his momma

  69. Teddy bear Killer

    I feel like this is a continuation of okra just a thought just a silly thought

  70. kurtis kennedy

    answer...... ............ ....... ????! ....... ? is

  71. Tobias Hand


  72. M 22:22

    No one going to big up prophet or mndsgn

  73. Cochise Seals

    *What do you know about those 1900 jams* uh idk but I know about this... Next day *plays this song and tells his grandson's friends it's all about Tyler, The Creator. Friends 'Who put you on this?'

  74. Filip Jovanovic

    Smh he really stealin that title from young DOOM and KMD

  75. Noah Cartwright

    is it just me or is the spotify version just a little slower than the youtube one?


    they’re the same

  76. 10k

    your gay lol

  77. Bgb 84

    Prophet- wanna be your man 🤙🏿❤️

  78. Gregorius Emily



    Anyone else things the baseline in the beginning is kid cudi esk?

  80. Trey Sinclair

    Go listen to Prophet rn

  81. Sabrina Rivera

    Them hands😍😍 choke mee🤐! This should song fye .

  82. FlowerBoy

    I can see this getting reused in the future. Excited for the next album

  83. Tr0n Cvt

    This just warmz my hart

  84. Agnes Östberg


  85. ravenjmain

    This junt is a vibe

  86. Beyoncé T.

    my prayers have been answered 😭😭 THIS IS ON SPOTIFY 💛


    This is the most aesthetic thing in the world

  88. Taylor Whomst'd've

    This isn't tyler

  89. Oh Bits

    I could smell peach listening to this


    playspeed- 1.25x