Tyler, The Creator - Parking Lot Lyrics

[Verse 1: Tyler, the Creator]
Tall ugly nigga with lips bigger than tigger,
Only blue print on these Vans like I don't listen to Jigger, (Uhh),
Cotton-picking nigger, Golf Wang season sicker than the block,
Colette and skateshops, where wolves deal 'em, (Uhh),
Workshop is awesome, ask Dill And let's pretend like,
I'm not making dollar Bill Withers on these fucking stickers, (Uhm),
Pulling down my zipper and she quick to say she doesn't suck,
Bitch, cut the crap like dyke booty when they scissor, (Uhh)
Pink haired Mrs, I'm her mister, sipping slurpees, bag of chips,
Now show your tits for mister Fuji, take a picture, (Uhh),
OF is popping like a blister, need some listerine,
Spitting got us balling like we Mr. Clean's sister, (Uhh),
Sick of being black, sipping paint thinner out of ten flasks,
Plotting on the babysitter before dinner, and hopefully I get her,
If I don't, Fuck it then, see I never simp son, pull the opposite of Smithers, I'm done bitch

[Hook: Casey Veggies & Tyler, the Creator]
Until the ozone leaves and the Earth is hot,
Loiter Squad lurking in the parking lot,
The moon not working and the stars align,
I stay golden, y'all thought I was out my mind,
Loiter Squad lurking in the parking lot,
Loiter Squad lurking in the parking lot,
Loiter Squad lurking in the parking lot

[Verse 2: Tyler, the Creator]
(Somebody told me...)
I had a decline in the buzz, not a shocker bruh, I had the stun gun in my bum,
And when I drop shit you better have a towel and a sponge,
And ask why bitch, I eat a ton bucket of chum,
In Bikini Bottom, I am the biggest problem,
This shit fishy niggas dip like we were set in Harlem,
Eaters turn them into nuggets like Carmelo Anthon(y),
We just sit and burn shit just like my fucking anthem

[Verse 3: Mike G]
I'm like goals, those is something you have to stand to reach,
My campaign speech elect me, Commander in Chief,
Respect to me is ever minor, appearances cause mass hysteria,
But I'm still uncomparable, I'm like the face of America,
I'm the ambassador from a land made of gold,
I'm a fuckin' centerfold, I'm somethin' to behold,
I can kill a hundred shows, take on for the road,
I'm results of putting persistent pressure on coals


[Verse 4: Tyler, the Creator]
It's a dog eat dog world, don't get bit bruh,
A son of a bitch I am, yup, I'm a sick pup,
(I thought that you were nice)
Yeah I am slut,
I'm also half ass a racist who hates niggas, Yep I'm a mixed mutt
Preme is the top bunk, green is the pillow case,
Golf is the bedsheets, (Hat and my T-shirt),
TrashWang sticker on that Chima Ferguson,
I'm real with the box, and I murder with the pen,
It's Bimmer Boy's boy never swerving in the Benz,
I'm listening to Dead Sam demos on the ten,
Can I get a medium with cheese and bacon?

It's Loiter Squad nigga...
Fucking Loiter Squad...

Sam's after you
Sam's after who?
For what? What the fuck?
He found out that you and Salem are hanging out, he said he gonna kill you
Kill me? What the fuck you mean kill me?
Slow down, slow down, what the fuck you mean he gonna kill me?
I don't know, he just said he gonna kill you
Not if I get to him first

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Tyler, The Creator Parking Lot Comments
  1. FRAZer JR


  2. Mendez homie

    didn't realize how many people sleep on this

  3. sabbath huey

    9th grade

  4. KKona

    Shit Tyler was using the word simp in 2013, and now most people are starting to catch on to it.

  5. Wolf Hayley

    Mike G part was perfect 🔑 but 2019 anyone?

  6. SuperDvck

    C A N I G E T A M E D I U M W I T H C H E E S E A N D B A C O N

  7. SuperDvck

    I T H O U G H T T H A T Y O U W E R E N I C E

  8. David Sales


  9. Elijah Wallace

    That ending👌

  10. India Thundercloud

    This during school was fucking dope

  11. Danny

    is that DIO's The World?

  12. Kae Toons

    1:40 sounds like Ski Mask


    That’s Mike G


    sounds nothing like ski mask

    Jake Pasotti

    ski mask trash

  13. EliasMsv

    3:33 Interlude

  14. LucaTheFox


  15. Nicholas Lapadat

    I don't know how to feel about this.

  16. 3k. caasshh


  17. Pickled Dylan

    I fuckin love this song so much

  18. MonsterSponge

    no one cared when Tyler said the word but everyone cared when Etika said it, sad


    you talking about him saying the n word?

    Rodrigo Hernandez

    And now....

  19. Splishsplash LBD


  20. Liam Mullen

    when you lowkey write a song to promote your tv show


    Liam Mullen this whole album lowkey lmao

  21. ThugCookie

    this is a trip listening after IGOR

    Flower Boy

    Sahil Tesfaye ik. i just like the ring to it.

    Brian Brad

    @Noah De Ark Im 15 and have been listening to bastard since 2011


    Noah De Ark I’m 16 and remember Goblin lmao


    Noah De Ark I’m 15, after listening to IGOR, I listen to his old stuff and I should say that Wolf is my favourite album from him. I just finished collecting all of his CDs. Bastard and Goblin is funny to me


    @Trevor Mccallister same last year in 6th grade I was watching a lot of loiter squad a lot and then I got in to his, music I remember the 1st song I hear was fucking young

  22. St. Anomaly

    Takes me back to freshman year at uni every time I hear this album 🖤🖤 constantly bumped this that whole year 🤘🏽

  23. Phantomson

    0:10 Tyler hates em


    TriHard /

  24. my name is chef


  25. Fluid Plays

    Till the ozone leaves and the Earth is hot, Loiter Squad lurkin in the parking lot...

    Peace Sells

    The moon not working and the starts align
    I stay golden, y’all thought I was out my mind

    spooks rooks

    loiter squad lurking in the parking lot


    Right when i saw this comment the line came on i was very confused

    kid meech

    Fluid Plays some real ass lines no cap

  26. KSA Spectre

    Inc TriHard join the legion

  27. krypticz

    Cotton picking neighbor

    Ima High Orangutan

    Read this as soon as he said... his version lol 😂

  28. Xavier Perez

    His music takes me to a special place

    hell boy

    My uncle's house😉😉

    * miya *

    hell boy into his bedroom 😉😉

  29. Sam

    This beat hits harder than a punch.

  30. joshua woods

    the ear to ear thing on his beats are so beautiful

    That Girl

    And now igor is just a load of it

  31. chickenphish


  32. Food Stamps

    Brings to many memories lol😂

  33. Jackson Morris

    Cotton-pickin what?? cmonBruh

  34. Kings Of Rap

    Trash song.

    Jorge Montejo

    Kings Of Rap 7149 u can eat a dick bitch 🤪

    deathony gripstano

    @Jorge Montejo everybody's entitled to their own opinion

    Lydia O

    I see u everywhere hating on tyler you watch alot of his videos just to call him trash
    (X) doubt


    Nigga u dead


    Kings Of Rap trash just like yo videos

  35. DeMarcus Loutzenhiser

    if yall like these bar have yall ever heard potato salad!!!!

  36. khris Butler

    Tall ugly nigga with lips bigger than tigger

  37. sumo Minerva Mink

    0:11 c'mon burh


    sumo Minerva Mink what

    Mako ii

    Tyler hates em

  38. Kiwi Kat

    most underrated artist rn

    Peewee Longway

    Your hot

    Raddical Larry

    Peewee Longway so are you


    Raddical Larry you are too

  39. shy

    comments dead

  40. Yung Algae



    yung algae thank you I grandpa

  41. Aspecticle

    That chorus is fucking dope

  42. Dj Stanford

    2:30 to 2:41 I wanted to cry when that beat changed idk y


    Dj Stanford the best change hit me hard idk why

    Justin Union

    He's King of Transitions

  43. Funk Mobb Mack


  44. Jameson Jaksch

    The outro is shit I go through every other week, yeesh

  45. Little Boy Blue

    when casey veggies come in itss soo smoooth4


    Little Boy Blue Casey Veggies is underrated.

  46. Motorist Chamblizi

    Can't wait to fk with the white people on my motorized bicycle all custom Briggs working on an alternator and sub system soon.

  47. Jynx Noise

    Um, Uh.

  48. Dr. Fister

    I like this

  49. Angel Frost

    "You got a booger in your nose"


    i laugh my ass off every time at that

    Jaydon Len

    I think he says " he gonna put a bullet in your nose"

    Jameson Jaksch

    Jaydon Len no it’s definitely booger in your nose

  50. Joshua Lofton

    3:32 - 3:50 riffs are straight flames


    Joshua Lofton that's the instamental for Rusty by Tyler the Creator

    John felipe Oliver

    Not really

    Lolokobam !

    @John felipe Oliver fuck you


    Lolokobam ! dang what’s your problem?

  51. Speedyy

    this song is so underrated


    FileExplorer not too many people know about this track and they should cause it's hard as shit


    nah its just bad


    @B0Sg# Said no one


    @Nöhrı Yeah, even tho I like this one, it is not as good as the rest of WOLF or Tyler in general.

    Ugo Nwigwe

    @金魚猫Stejsky pretty much this. its a solid tune but not as good some of the other songs (Awkward, Rusty, Answer, IFHY to name a few)

  52. RatBooty911 :

    And this song reminds me of Earl's Hive

    dakudaku boi

    Golf Wang flow is similar in first 5 lines

  53. RatBooty911 :

    I've been sleeping on this song....I don't know why.

    Ryan Simmons

    Golf Wang I've honestly hadn't even heard this. Was looking up Anderson Paak n stumble onto this gem, cheers! 😄


    Chat Nigga#38 same


    organ power

  54. Ammar Clement

    truly first