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Tyler, The Creator OKAGA, CA Comments
  1. 3nr!que 113

    I need a 10 hour version

  2. R4GER

    we fleeing to the moon cuz fuck earth we sick of yall

  3. Shadow

    That ‘to me’ X12 really hits somewhere I’ve never been fr, give me the actual chills, so good.

  4. martinsble

    such a vibe

  5. Justin Johnson

    My slightly flat piano happens to match the pitch of this song perfectly

  6. Bobby Rose

    This is one of my favorite albums he's ever made because of the people he chose to collab with. It was such a wide range of musicians and you can really hear that in these songs..

  7. kck 08bro

    Love this shit lol!!

  8. -Sovereign- ////

    Fleeing to the moon man we sick of y’all
    Wings on my back, we ain’t got to cop a ticket naaa

  9. luvbird jai

    you're so special to me.

    to me to me.

    to me to me.

    to me to me.

    to me to me.

    let's move to california right now.

  10. Wolf Haley

    Why does this remind me of an episode of Clarence with Clarence and Kimby just running around and playing together

  11. Sean Zuñiga

    Why did I really sleep on this album???

  12. mentejoao

    this is so fucking good

  13. asian man

    this song gives the perfect feeling of a mdma session ending when youve taken just the right amount and it's time to walk home so it's quiet and a sense of tiredness and peace and just ease. in that moment life makes sense. know what i mean?

  14. London Vyfhuis

    This song makes me think of a love I never had but still miss it so much

  15. Jay

    When you've been listening to this album for years and just realize that if you look closely at the animated face you can see Tyler under it

  16. Chet Walters Ink Specialist

    I dont no obligations instead of constant love and showing mom I'm grateful, I'm a bum to all the haters, but I'm a winner to my fam and I told I'm I'm a make it, like mike will, dang it

  17. Jose Antonio Olivar

    cant beleive I slept on this song, it slaps.

  18. farfalle pasta

    easily. easily one of the most underrated tyler songs


    Listen to yellow

  19. memetrashlord

    I knew saving this song for last was a good idea!

  20. Micah S. Moore

    Earth Set From The Moon Colony.

  21. kuda

    the end is dat shizzle

  22. j m lopez

    i used to hate this song. then i heard it on molly

  23. Nicholas Hodge

    Top 3 cherry bomb songs you can argue

  24. ThePurestMayhem

    not my favorite tyler song but DEFINITELY my favorite tyler verse to date

  25. Yorb

    This while high is amazing

  26. ashleythegoat

    2:27 i love this part

  27. ashleythegoat

    cherry bomb was just so good, the fucking documentary made me cry a lil it was so beautiful

  28. Marcus Terry

    cherry bomb > igor

  29. Matt Bazilius

    This was my favorite era of Tyler, kinda sucks that he’s over this but hey it was fun.

  30. Owen Davis

    I love the fact that this song is SOOOOOOOO overlooked, it's a rare occasion that such great songs are left to an unusually small amount of listeners, I'm enjoying the FUCK out of it

  31. Tino T

    This is a going home to somewhere that ain't ur home song

  32. Senator Yoda

    This song makes me happy and remember when the world wasn’t about flexing on people and it was just about having a good time

  33. Grape Nuyo [Hastagazpatcho]

    Never forgetting this song.

  34. Dick Buttkiss

    This beat is like family to me

  35. candycoatedreams

    Wow. Had no idea Alice Smith was featured on a Tyler song.

  36. donutdevon

    I'm really addicted to all the drums in Cherry bomb honestly my favorite part of the whole album

  37. Steve Reyes


  38. Bruno Mateus

    🤷🏾‍♂️ how do I explain this feeling 🤷🏾‍♂️

  39. Dick Buttkiss

    I took a trip across the border
    To pay a cost I couldnt afford to,
    I walked in the board room
    Told them the offers they got
    Will destroy you

  40. FandumbSamurai

    this song is a journey and im down for the ride so let me set back and put on my seat belt and get ready to go on a trip. thanks Tyler, R.I.P Leon Ware

  41. Ugo Nwigwe

    the drum pattern is amazing on this, got me hooked

  42. Mia Duncan

    This song blew my Damn mind and at 5:30 🤯

  43. Colten, with the black knees

    Oh man, i found the melody ive been searching for

  44. Frostfyre Akali

    I don't think anything in Tyler's discography can ever top this song right here. I hope he realizes how much of a genuine masterpiece this is.

  45. Rosemery Le Flyest

    damn, cherry bomb was most certainly slept on

  46. Thatonecoolguy 124

    It has “Answer” vibes to it

  47. Ruben Castro

    Who is the woman who says "fly to the moon" on the back

  48. Will912_Smooth

    Am I the only one who prefers this album over IGOR??

  49. Sahara

    I love Tyler’s mind sm 🤧 so fuckin beautiful

  50. nick pat

    yup this the shit you play when you at cfg and the sun setting

  51. Miclaine Van Allen

    this song is dedicated to that nice english teacher that gave me an A for no reason

  52. Tyeler Townsend

    I love you Tyler

  53. Pedro Marques

    This album wasn't well received because it's ahead of its time.

  54. Black Lorraine

    Binge listened to this whole album and it's 3:30 am. I can say I have no regrets.

  55. none of your business

    I want to make love to someone I love when I hear this haha

  56. kid klip

    1m views 10k likes . sad

  57. Wavy Boy Wonder

    Which is better cherry bomb or IGOR?


    igor, easily


    @reliven cherry bomb


    LOWKEY cherry 🍒 bomb 💣 not by much


    im out... yall niggas trippin

  58. Dog A

    Cherry Bomb is so slept on

  59. Foxy Jordan

    This song is out of This world never heard anything like it

  60. Brandon music

    Favorite masterpiece from Tyler, the Creator

  61. Alexander briggs

    Awesome evolutions: Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, & Tyler The Creator. The growth, the beats, the maturity, the flow, the delivery, the style. It's been dope to witness this as a fan.

  62. Jdowns

    Anyone here after IGOR?

  63. Sam Belyea

    Not sure how i hated this album when it came out run and cherry bomb the only bad tracks everything else is top notch


    SweatshirtXzOMBiES 1 same i think cause I was still blasting wolf I didn’t give it a chance

  64. Mason P

    Love this

  65. chester

    the bass on this is orgasmic

  66. mikey wright

    oh my fuck

  67. Mydadhitsme69

    I like how he comes in for his verse the first time I heard it it caught me off guard i didn’t expect it at all but that’s what I love about it also that beat switch at the last minute of the song is beautiful and shit

  68. DYDINIE!

    I miss high school so much, the time this album came out; I was in love with this gay girl. Took her to prom, she left me for her ex at prom that night. Got high outside of the prom while I was waiting on my ride that never showed up lol, I got left twice😂. The police officer who worked on the property had to take me home, and this song was playing the whole ride. Good times

  69. Ozymandias

    Most beautiful song ever

  70. Desmond M

    1:23 to 1:37 makes me nut

  71. Mikey TK

    I cry when I hear this. It takes me back to a better time in life...


    There's no such thing as a better time in life than NOW lol don't live in the past

    Mikey TK

    Jdowns sounds great man, not me though. Wish I could be like that

    A r


  72. Hailey Mags

    Play this at my wedding

  73. space girl erykah

    cherry bomb is so fucking gorgeous.

  74. Quabeenuh


  75. Desmond M

    I remember the first time hearing 5:33 and thinking to myself “ this is one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard”

  76. nutorino

    i love tyler

  77. goob

    this is seriously the best song i have ever heard alice smith does so much for this

  78. Isaac Joel YT

    Almost to 1 mil views‼️‼️‼️

    Edit: We at 1 mil bois!

  79. EttiPl4y


  80. Meeping Meeper

    This is how you end an album

  81. mingers

    This album is brimming with hype tracks. It sort of fits to have an explosive LP close with a spooky calm.

  82. alexandro Sanchez

    This song make me feel like the xtasi, is so peacefull

  83. JustVic

    3:20 the best part of the entire song feel free to @ me

  84. No Coochie

    Best tyler song ever.

  85. Gardzilla

    why the hell is Cherry Bomb T's lowest-rated album tf


    Okaga, CA
    Tyler, The Creator

    Let's just run away from here
    ('Cause it's not, 'cause it's not)
    Working out on earth, my dear (it's not, 'cause it's not)
    What you really want girl
    My heart's not sprung in love when
    I see you (when I see you, when I see you)
    But I try to play it cool because (I like you, I really like you)
    You're so special to me, to me

    To me, to me
    To me, to me
    To me, to me (let's go)
    To me, to me (let's go)
    To me, to me
    Let's move to california

    Right now (pack your bags, go pack your bags)
    I have things on my back so please don't
    (Take the blame, I have to take the blame)
    Girl, I know you ready, I can see it in your eyes
    Boy, I know you're not, I can tell you're terrified
    Nobody has to know and if they did, they wouldn't care
    When you rub my hands switching fifth gear

    Forget about it baby, let's [?]
    (Forget about it baby)
    Cause we're gonna go fly to the moon
    (I wanna go fly to the moon)
    Yeah, but anyway
    (Pack your bags, pack your bags)
    Play it cool, play it cool, cause it's cold
    (Play it cool, play it cool)

    You're so special to me, to me
    To me, to me
    To me, to me
    To me, to me
    To me, to me

    Don't you wanna go back
    Let's go, let's go
    Right now
    (I think I believe you) let me show you how girl
    (It's nice that I need to)
    The earth is so perfect from the [?]

    I think I believe you
    Take me higher
    Make a great offer
    To the [?]
    Today (today)
    X-y-z her
    Welcome me in
    Then we'll begin

    Suckin on my ears
    Fingers rubbing through your hair
    Fast [?] fuck yeah, we behaving bad, uh
    Probably couldn't tell but I be blushing when you with me
    When you kiss me, swear to God, blood was rushing to my chimney
    Laying on my trampoline, looking at the stars
    From my fake space fog machine

    Now you know my arm is dead
    From the push that you had
    I said I loved you, said it back
    Like it was scripted, instrumented
    Like the flavor of that lemonade
    That we was sippin on our sushi-ridden dinner date
    Oh, you think you special now?
    Other bitches trippin' now
    Cause we're fleeing to the moon
    Fuck earth, man we sick of y'all
    Wings on my backs and we ain't
    Gotta cop a ticket, nah, nah, nah

    Oh yeah
    Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
    Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
    Oh yeah, let's go to the moon! (let's go!)
    Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
    Oh yeah, let's go to the moon!
    (Watch this) let's go to the moon!

    (Favorite director)
    (Gonna be good)
    Come on, baby
    What you wanna do?
    I’ll be okay
    (I really like you)

    Take me away
    Fuck what they say
    Tonight we're [?]
    Another day
    We in outer space
    We'll waste our days
    Sade, sade, sade
    Oh, right now
    Let's go to the moon (yes!)
    (It's about to start)

  87. Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    I love these singing parts 0:50 1:18 1:44 2:17 5:53

  88. jackson smity

    this is the most beautiful song i have ever heard, tyler is truly an artist. anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong

  89. a child of golf

    this song + a drive on a rainy night = HEAVEN.

  90. JK-47

    5:29 fuck

  91. Freddie

    This song gives me goosebumps

  92. Ikaika Hubbell

    2:17 🔥

  93. Pastrami IV

    I heard this song the day my crush told me she would never date me...little did I know I would date her....TWICE

  94. Supernintendro

    Can't believe this album is almost four years old. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

  95. nick pat

    this song is so beautiful. when i was at camp flog gnaw last year, i just sat in between artists preforming and just playing this long and looking at the sunset. it’s just the perfect song for the end of the day. just taking it all in, the vibes, the atmosphere around me. just perfect.

  96. S A T E F I L

    melhor música que eu já ouvi na minha vida , obrigada tyler !