Tyler, The Creator - Odd & Twisted Lyrics

Hey guys (Golf Wang!)

I'm Peter Rosenberg, super-underground
You know me, you see my laptop, I mean
Apple is pretty mainstream but I have underground stickers
So it levels out..

[Verse 1 - Domo Genesis]
Y'all niggas got it twisted, we ain't the Misfits
We the sick shit, make the competition slit wrists
Bodybag, beats get rapped like it's Christmas
Popping tags, I stay in Dior cause I'm Christian
Nigga listen: I been killing this since I was the
Age of the face that R. Kelly pissed in
In the booth, I'm brawling to be like the Pistons
Only smoke flyin', you can't hit if you ain't pitched in!
And bitch stop talking, let the marijuana sink in
And when that chauffeur roll up, you better get in
You and your 6 friends, even your big friend
Got a gang of wolves that slay hoes like henchmen
OF kill someone, yeah nigga we shipped it
Local ass nigga, we overseas on you dipshits
Walking flex tweet, motherfucker take a Twitpic
Kidnapped the game and it won't quit bitching

[Verse 2: Tyler the Creator]
Duct tape, butter knife, now I'm breaking in homes
Now I'm in the cloud with Kelly, we're watching the throne
Until I get that motherfucker, I'll be watching your home
Then I try to go harder than Niagara Boulder
Look like [?]
And all about a bunch of fucking Lindsay Lohans
That don't even know me, trying to give me that old handjob
Fuck that ho! Blow me
The GI Joe of OF is slowly
Slowly running shit, his toes are swollen
Gobbler left the bridge, no more patrolling
Stick my finger in any hole I can find: fuck bowling!
I'm making that virgin bone me
In that green shit that grew and it stuck, my bank account is moldy
Me and Wanda Sykes is holding
Hands til I eat her cooter like a bowl of ravioli
Chef Boyar-T, on tour, had to make a couple pit stops
Ended up at a fucking hipster club called the Pink Drop
When they said they hated on me and Odd Future kids
And how much they really love underground hip-hop
We don't give a fuck! Like a virginized dick cock
After being tickled by a couple of these bitch shops
Young niggas, OF got this
Come to my show and see niggas in the mosh pit
Cat on my cotton
Zebra print 5 panel from Jebbia Now I'm flyer than an ostrich
VMA-nom, yes, video my set
Harder than Nakel nak, nollie-ing a nine-set
Thrasher, Billboard, couple of them issues
Boy flow colder than a face stuck in igloo
I'ma fuck the game until my herpes covered dick's bruised

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Tyler, The Creator Odd & Twisted Comments
  1. raJraJ91

    Sample: she blinded me with science

  2. Jerry Clements

    this freestyle so rare

  3. Westside DB3

    Dam this was the highlight of my childhood i was 11 when odd future was popping wish they coulda stuck together but niggas get old amd shit you know

  4. MangaSword8

    "boy colder than oshea stuck in an igloo" AHHHHH

  5. m̘͊ä̺́y͋͜o͈͂n̥̾ą̀s̖̕ę̅

    damn tyler snapped

  6. Goth Land

    Great music on this channel sooo dope! Give my channel a look and listen if you like great music, be sure to subscribe!

  7. Mr. Irritating

    Yo guys I just started making music 9 months ago and people been really fucking with my shit heavy and comparing it a lot to tyler's/of's/ joeybadass music so if you're a fan of tylers and are a little upset that he hasn't released anything in a while and try listening to satisfy your ears http://www.datpiff.com/Brandon-White-Nineteen-mixtape.676798.html. It's all studio recorded. not no computer shit.

  8. MCJBeatz

    This is the beat everyone.. watch?v=64jLIMNKjtM

  9. Loner Gang

    What is the original song?
    This is familiar

    D. John Music

    Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted

    SSJson Chieflot

    The best is sampled from way before Mobb Deep


    She blinded me with science

  10. Pyramid Never

    1:03 aint that from john cenas intro?


    Yes it is.


    Actually it’s MOP - Ante Up

  11. Real Hip Hop Lover

    Look up Vonnie Horus. Listen to the songs and support the nu age movement.

  12. MangaSword8

    Tyler should give his fans a real freestyle verse u_u

  13. Zeno Evol

    He is BISEXUAL. Jeez get it right!!

  14. I hear Voices

    i thumbed u both dudes up,you and the other one who said ''who gives a shit'' i dont even know why but i did!

  15. Brickboi 98

    Is that a problem? just asking

  16. Im Cryo

    domo went in

  17. Дукьа

    just pointing it out

  18. armarm1212

    dude chill this is months ago dont start your period on me bruh

  19. Дукьа

    people were asking why domo said he's christian dumbass

  20. ColeWorld1221

    Actually josh in Christianity gay is not allowed

  21. sh1tfaceadam

    Instrumental- got it twisted by mobb deep

  22. catfish314

    domo went the fuck in

  23. david briggs

    You - Cum Drinka

  24. MangaSword8

    Domo Genesis went absolutely HAM.

  25. eeeniotna

    jasper, taco and syd are jews

  26. josh taylor

    haha you're retarted, just because you're gay doesnt mean you can't believe in christ.

  27. kaitlyn santini

    This is invalid

  28. HippyCrippler

    227 people appearently..

  29. ramon mack

    WHats this instrumental?

  30. CpHakR1

    He's Christian and Bi.

  31. blo


  32. TJ Gillen

    why do i care

  33. Eddie Scandura

    I've seen him*. My bad, shitty grammar mondays

  34. Eddie Scandura

    I had a feeling that Mike G is Christian. I saw him wearing a cross right-side-up on a few loiter squad episodes. WHY THE FUCK DO SOOO MANY PEOPLE CARE WHO'S CHRISTIAN OR ATHIEST!?!

  35. Eddie Scandura

    That's what i was gonna say, I completely agree

  36. Johnn

    Frank is christian? but isnt he gay

  37. Roland Krizan

    @Jdieiejf if you think im suppose to listen to a certain type of music if im a buddhist than youre very close minded. :)

  38. rhyno115

    a mobb deep beat and domo's first 5 words was the first line of the chorus

  39. Roland Krizan

    im a buddhist but i like this. im also athiest and christian. lol does this matter? its a good song though.... thats why we all here, naw?

  40. bigleebrink

    What relevance does this have?

  41. Vaibhav Ponnuri

    frank isn't christian, he's influenced by Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism and a lot of stuff like that

  42. brandon fort

    Damn niggas enjoy the music it doesn't matter if your atheist Christian or whatever who gives a shit

  43. DBZdude95

    Dooms flow is sooo slick

  44. commandouma

    Just so you all know, an upside down cross isn't even a Satanic symbol. It's actually a religious one. It's the cross of St. Peter

  45. Aki Tyrisevä

    hodgys says that god is the cancer?

  46. xxSquazzYxx

    stephen king is the devil?

  47. plasmapunk

    King is about Stephen King, both a king and the devil

  48. Jillisa Michtina

    holy mother fuckers
    let me clear things up
    OF is mainly atheists. Not satanists. They rap about satan and 666 and all that shit because of you fucking people getting offended and shit its a joke of how uptight you religious people are
    just enjoy the music or get the fuck out

  49. UrbanDinosaurs

    Matt Martains - Christian
    Hal Williams - Christian
    (How are you gonna forget about them?!)

  50. xxSquazzYxx

    i dnt think frank and mike g are. frank says in a song that a bad religion is one where u bow down to something and mike g is in the 666 song and in one says something about the devil being a king in the song king

  51. Jack Karamalis

    me athiest, does anyone really care

  52. armarm1212

    who gives a shit

  53. MulahBaby

    @whatevehappens hodgys agnostic

  54. NIGGA


  55. Eddie Scandura

    damn atheist...

  56. Christopher Madison

    Nigga listen i been killin shit since I was the age of the face that r Kelly pissed in tough !

  57. Gold Soul Toker

    Mike G in King "I'm the motherfuckin devil, if ever there was such a thing."

  58. MangaSword8

    Domo's part should've been longer. D;

  59. Evan Banks

    Evan Banks - atheist

  60. MurderWsDaCase

    Who gives a flying fuck? It's music.. not fuckin religion. Shut the fuck up an enjoy the damn song.

  61. MangaSword8

    this shit goes hard lol

  62. UrthBxi krill

    Why the Hell do you all care about what they believe in. If you listen to their music you shouldn't care about what their religious views are.

  63. Jake Conniff

    are they all atheists because they punch bitches?

  64. sdvlajb73

    Mike G isn't Christian.

  65. Mozzarella Fella

    Better than green ranger

  66. Chef boyarSushi


  67. Gabe McFadden

    fuck that tyler just legit is athiest

  68. icyweiner11

    LOLOL Listen to 64.

  69. john cresswell

    Mike G is not christian, sorry.

  70. Eddie Scandura

    i believe you mate, if you listen to sum of hodgy's early shit, he admits he believes in god. when tyler created OF, he turned his religion down to become a rapper. deep down hodgy believes in god but he doesn't want to admit it.

  71. Dre '

    @sasha2fierce hell no

  72. SethTheStallion

    what song does domo say i like god

  73. eric martin

    That shit slap

  74. Zeno Evol

    Get It Twisted by Mobb Deep

  75. Capital C

    What's The Beat?

  76. Watt Ever

    not 100% accurate

  77. Flodgin

    tahts why your subscribed to OFWGKTA. good job

  78. London Craver

    Lol odd future is whaaaaaaack.

  79. Intro veli

    That nigga domo looks like timbaland

  80. bunjabudal

    Go an have a look at tyler the creator or ofwgkta illuminati, ttc illuminati part 1 and 2 is what i recommend though, they might say there athiest but it doesnt fit, some whack shit is going on there..

  81. CpHakR1

    not that that is a problem

  82. Awesomeguy11WTF

    Actually, Frank is a Muslim. I personally think Taco is Atheist, but I can't say for sure.

  83. Nah Iduntolja

    does anyone else hear the james bond goldeneye music?

  84. Drill Boy Rico

    Eminem killed this shit YEARS ago!

  85. Drill Boy Rico

    Eminem killed this shit though YEARS ago!

  86. MrErikkf

    no listen to mission statement and timeless mike domo and frank belive in god.

  87. K00LAID711

    Christian Dior Is A Clothes Company , Lmao They Arent Christian At All

  88. n00kacola

    yeah he doesnt, listen to 64

  89. Victor Aguilar

    @xStreetLord313x MOBB DEEP - GOT IT TWISTED

  90. Mally Hiroshima

    YOOOO somebody pleaseeee tell me what beat this is iv been trying to figure out for soo long

  91. NicooDoe

    Naw, he doesn't. Being athiest doesn't mean you don't like God, it means you don't believe in God.

  92. never trust a cracker

    Lol, i forgot all about the 64 Video.

  93. thug nasty

    have you heard 64 by hodgy ? lmao

  94. B.A.Rs

    LOLOL Listen to hodgy's verse in "Sandwiches".

  95. ThanatosDubstep.

    domo is fucking amazing...

  96. never trust a cracker

    Isn't it domo and mike g? maybe L.Brain, idk.

  97. Ravlenblade Sanchez

    Odd Future Bitches

  98. NicooDoe

    That's what I said too.