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Tyler, The Creator Odd Toddlers Comments
  1. Kelpy

    Ace the creator man

  2. sophie martinez

    put bastard on Apple Music 2020

  3. Blue Yoshi

    2:40 why do I always here
    “Send them to hell”

  4. Lukas Larson

    it doesnt matter whose beat it is, the entire troupeau bleu album by cortex is famously a great place for samples that DOOM and Tyler obviously both thought they would be able to make music with. tyler was just paying homage anyway.

  5. Noble 6 Isn’t Dead

    How there only one beer left the pack come in six?

  6. Blow Almighty

    This shit made me...

  7. Bill Taylor

    $uicideboy$, tyler, mf doom, wiz, royce, and some other rappers have all used this beat

  8. Papa Bibo

    I get a kick out of brew

  9. andrevLs

    put bastard on spotify 2020

  10. t rr

    Casey fucks the whole song up lmao he's trash, Tyler is too much for him.

    Hinga Binga

    t rr Nah Casey’s voice only adds to the song and the way his voice is higher adds good contrast

    onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

    well, Like him or not, Tyler chose him for this song. Just remember Tyler's the one who's done all this.

  11. lafs


  12. lol

    Put Bastard on spotify 2020

  13. High On Summer

    I always forget this album exists

  14. Clifford Lebern


  15. carlos jose

    bastasrds in 2020?

  16. 432Jobi

    Happy new years boys

  17. Nahh G

    [Intro: Tyler, the Creator]
    Uh, yeah, how you doin' today?
    Uh, yeah, uh-huh, yeah
    Ace the Creator, man, look
    Casey Veggies, uh-huh, Odd Future, look

    [Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
    Hello, the hype is so mellow
    Bitch I'm dope but my pipe is so yellow
    The blue polka dots, pink stripes and it's pink on the title
    Nigga, fuck your role model, bitch, I'm my own idol and
    If you can't face it, my nigga, you can ass it
    My accessorized accessories bring out my assets
    Nigga they sound on acid, tablets
    Stussy’s G-Shock with my custom pair of 3D glasses
    I suffer from ADHD
    I should win a fucking award for being me
    Beat banging the tom-toms
    My producer selection is fresh nigga, fuck Vons
    Ace the underdog, thrown them on the back bender
    Cause I change my outfit more than transsexuals change gender
    Eating Belgian waffles with Italian biscotts
    I sold my soul to the devil for thirty percent off
    And to you emo kids who walk around pissed off
    Step one: pull your panties down and start to piss off
    Step two: run to your radio, turn this shit off
    Nigga didn't bother, so my father didn't help
    So when my mom would beat my ass, she would always hit me
    With Gucci belts, Gucci imprint from leather welts

    Uh-huh, yea, Ace the Creator, man
    Uh, Casey Veggies, yo
    Uh-huh, Odd Future, nigga
    Get used to, uh, let me-
    Ay, I'mma slow it down, right quick for you

    [Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
    I'm so dapper man, funky fresh Dapper Dan
    I'm your favorite rapper, fan, it's an honor to shake my hand
    On award tour, on excursions, I'm a virgin of swap meets
    I'm so pure, so sick it's no cure
    I'm dope, where the fiends at? Aight, where the jeans at?
    The hat, the crew, the t-shirt is Supreme

    [Verse 3: Casey Veggies]
    And they see me they play Pictionary
    I got a good way with words like a dictionary
    And in that dictionary my name is by "Fresh"
    They at the same spot they making no progress
    Becoming a good rapper ain't that easy of a process
    Eargasms they have them
    The hotels we staying in twelve star
    Tyler said, "yo Casey, just write a twelve bar"
    If I'm with twelve people, I'm with twelve stars
    You haters put up your guards
    They against us? Oh no
    Red and white diamonds, Supreme box logo

  18. Mojo Lizard

    Bastard on spotify 2020

  19. Carter on Youtube

    2:35 what is happening here can someone explain?

  20. Chloe Smith

    put bastard on Apple Music 2020

  21. G Baby

    Omg the memories my freshman year in highschool 2011

  22. Shuraim- -Games

    This turned 10 today lol

  23. Your_ Vicissitudes_a

    We need Bastard on Spotify for 2020

  24. The Last Pepsi

    10 years and this shit still slappin

  25. LinamQB6

    Happy 10th birthday Odd Toddlers!!

  26. Jorge Lopez

    Who is still listening to this 10 years later

  27. golfwang

    The beat of this song for some reason makes me sad.

  28. Ethan Mooneyham

    Suicide Boys and Tyler sample the same song?


    And MF DOOM, and a one or two others. It's called Huit Octobre by Cortex

  29. RichHomie Piz

    Yo everyone so stupid let me set this straight. The song Tyler sampled for this beat is huit octobre 1971 - Cortex, it is the same sample that Madlib used on his production for MF DOOMs - One Beer. They use virtually the same loops however Tyler’s is slowed down and madlib’s is sped up, Tyler’s loop is slightly longer then the Madlib loop as well. No scamming beats or sampling eachother. It was Tyler’s approach to the sample that was most likely inspired by Madlib but fully authentic to his own ear.

  30. mikha marfori



    mikha marfori this song is but not the whole album :(

  31. Marsel Music

    this is lowkey vaporwave...


    lmao no

  32. Marsel Music

    3AM playlist

  33. jose munoz

    The fact that both earl and tyler have tributes to mf doom in their first albums make me happy. These guys have the best taste in music.

  34. Mikey Estrada

    Cortex 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Jayden Rodriguez

    albums a total gem just sucks i got scared away by the cover when i first started listening to tyler

  36. Dripzye

    “I’m your favorite rapper fan” which is a good reference to Mos Stef’s saying about MF Doom. “MF Doom is your rapper’s favorite rapper.” - Mos Stef.

  37. PantherHarri

    Ace the Creator

  38. PantherHarri

    Creator the Tyler

  39. Biggie Mac

    I have never had such a tapeworm in my ear

  40. Ernie De La Mora

    doesnt matter if tyler did it better then mf doom. tyler n earls main inspiration was doom. doom created these legends. if anything, tyler probably thinks doom did it better.


    mf doom is way better than tyler what are you talking about

  41. Marcus M8

    Tyler the doom

  42. Robert Jones

    Oh my God
    He sampled MF Doom
    Thats incredible


    No he didn't

    Robert Jones

    @shemaycry ???

    Robert Jones

    @J ohh, ok thanks. Would you say Tyler was influenced by doom to use it though? Like he didnt find it on his own, but saw doom using it and was inspired

  43. chane

    This song is on spotify, but with MF DOOM’s verse too. It’s “Odd Octubree”

  44. The Communist regime

    One beer -MF DOOM sample


    Hi I’m Kris MF sampled it too

  45. oriskates

    i thought brandUn DeShay originally made the beat?

  46. Diego Franco

    Edgy teen elevator music

  47. Elliot Rodger

    waiting for tik tok to ruin this whole album and if it does i’m actually killing myself this album means so much to me and i doubt it’ll mean anything to lil kids, this song got me through 3 years of anxiety and depression. the app tik tok ruined skating for me and i’m thinking on dropping my sponsors because of it

    Bigboi 360

    Elliot Rodger account

  48. Michael Clarke

    Tyler the doom

  49. Alex A

    lol I was like this has huge Doom vibes and then I notice that it's the same instrumental later on. Goblin almost 10 years old 👀

  50. mike smith

    This is where I got into Casey veggies. Maybe my favorite verse ever

  51. Kevin Mezu

    10 year anniversary Dec. 25 2019 Swag


    Yeeeeeee smoke some weed for odd toddlers birthday

  52. TiffanyFN

    any $uicideboy$ fans recognize the beat?

  53. Ninety88

    “I should win a fucking award for being me”

  54. Mqhelisi Sibindi

    run to your radio, turn this shit off

  55. iced out based world

    im safe here from all the igor weirdo bandwagons

    Elliot Rodger

    i wish this album never gets into tik toks hand’s

    iced out based world

    JASON im glad u went back bro this is golden tyler

    Baked Beans

    iced out based world I listen to seven a long time ago but when I heard igor I was like “oh this is good” now coming back to this I’m like damn I regret not listening to him more when I first did

  56. kxllvmxnvti

    This is godly

  57. Jake Holland

    This album is actually so underrated

  58. Aaron H

    It ain't "MF Doom", it's "MF DOOM." All caps when you spell the man's name

  59. Felipe Kazuman

    I love the Bossa Nova style, I hope he come up with more songs using that genre like "U Say" with GoldLink that came out few weeks ago.

    Marsel Music

    In some of his videos tyl actually spits over it. I think this is all a freestyle but I could be wrong. Tbh I agree with you but I like the way Tyler produced it and lowered it than madlib did. Off credit to madlib for finding it but Tyler's sounds like an actually live band behind him at some bits. Also yeah the boss's part at the end is awesome.

    Clifford Lebern

    I think his next album is gonna be all samba / bossa nova sounds. A lot of Walter wanderley sounds.

  60. OG Skywalker

    Cortex samples make me so happy

  61. Astro

    one of best songs ever made by Tyler

  62. Moè CaSh

    I change my outfit more than transsexuals change gender

    Nigga was ahead of his time

  63. Sean Billington

    This is better than One Beer

  64. Jbomb 1113

    Anybody else appreciate the reggae switch up at 2:36?

  65. Billion Williams

    Sold drugs to this as a youth thank t

  66. Jerry Rodriguez

    There’s only one creator left ❤️✊🏾

  67. larz pric

    damn i miss this shit!! cant believe its been almost 10 years

  68. Kendrick Haynes

    This makes my anxiety worse🤓


    I'm having Visions of having One Beer with my Odd Toddlers on a Harvest Moon

  70. Jake Halstead

    1.7 mil

  71. Shyanne M

    This album came out when I was 6... I never would’ve thought that Tyler would play such a HUGE role through my years from grade 8 to now.... I just got by to listening to this album, and holy fuck is it a great one😱😱🥰🥰 I love this man

  72. sinal de lampada

    everyday i listen to this over and over, and i don't know why

  73. Nathan Davis

    Imagine jay z on this track

  74. longgone

    put it on 1.25 and it is somewhat of the same tempo as one beer

  75. renee

    how you doing today?

  76. oh yeah yeah

    God this sounds terrible

  77. Vizwing13

    Best song off the album in my opinion

  78. Thotaku M.

    This song has a vibe i can't find in any other song I've heard EVER. Amazing

  79. Fat


    casey veggies: *AnD tHeY tHeE mE tHeY pLaY pIcThOnArY*

  80. Lord Tachanka

    *”I should win a fucking award for being me”*

  81. Fernando Antonio

    That's the sample of one beer by mf doom omg!!!

  82. crtlogan

    That tribe called quest reference

  83. Fancy Pants

    Casey's breathing was extra loud Jesus Christ

  84. Gus Motherwell

    Casey veggies sounds like Jay z

  85. A A

    huit octobre !

  86. your mom

    Totally ripped off of harvest moon suicideboys, this beat remix is ass, totally stolen totally ass, fuck outta Tyler the masturbator

    Dr. Butt Hartmann

    Doesn't matter. MF DOOM did it first

    your mom

    @Dr. Butt Hartmann nah it dont work like that, suicideboys did it better so fuck outta here with mf doom and odd toddlers


    @your mom The only niggas that listen to suicide boys are stoners and bum ass white boys who think they different from everyone else. Don't come in here on sum hating shit if ya favorite rappers group name is sum shit you would come up with in middle school. Fuck suicide boys


    Shit like 10 years old now, chill.

  87. Gemcitysoles 937

    8th grade memories ...

  88. Seth

    yo the pitched up version of this song is dope too

  89. Zann Christo

    Before Supreme was all hype

  90. Nemesis Collective

    I like this sample, good on One Beer too


  91. bomber bitz

    So uh, any of yall into jazz?

  92. MrCuriousQ

    "Stussy G-Shock with my custom pair of 3d glasses" that's the most early 2000's line I've ever heard

  93. Poop

    Fun fact Tyler actually made this song in 2008. When he says it’s the creator man, he actually says ace the creator which is Tyler’s original name.


    Vinsmoke Sanji yeah he mentioned that in the comment you clown

    Vinsmoke Sanji

    @Atticus nigga I'm fucking agreeing with him you edgy white boy


    Ace is an alter ego


    kvlee it’s also his name before he changed it to Tyler, the Creator

    tristen burlison

    no one thinks he said “it’s the creator” at least me, i can tell it’s ace the creator