Tyler, The Creator - November Lyrics

Say some more, never want to talk about it
Feel a way, woah
Feel a way, woah
Feel a way, woah...

Take me back to November
Take me back to November
Hawaiian shirts in the winter, cold water, cold water
Yeah, take me back to November, wassup
Can we go back to November?
Take me back to November
Hawaiian shirts in the winter, deep thoughts, deep thoughts
Naw, take me back to November, wassup

What if Clancy fuckin' me over?
What if 'Who Dat Boy' is rhetorical and this shit is over?
What if I'm hustling backwards?
What if my accountant ain't payin' my taxes?
Fillin' his pockets and IRS show up asking me questions
I couldn't answer 'cause I was too busy tryna make classics
Boy ain't got no motherfucking classics
What if my music too weird for the masses?
And I'm only known for tweets more than beats or
All my day ones turn to three, fours cause of track seven
Fuck, what if I get stuck?
What if I got comfortable? I gotta keep it buck fifty
What if I lost it all and ended up back in Ladera
At them shitty apartments that's across the Bank of America
Damn, I would be hurtin'
Writing all of these songs cause Wi-Fi wasn't working
Last year in total, I put out two verses
But five seven figures since then, life's kinda perfect
Oh is it really? Oh is it really? Bitch you know the dealy
Really hilly willy tilly silly, hold that billy how I Milly Rock
When they can't relate him, when they start to hate him
They don't drive these cars so whats they ultimatum?
Tell me, what's your November? Is it a person?
Mine was the summer '06, I remember the...
What if I thought the brake was the gas? What if I crashed?
What if these deep thoughts was my last?
Let me pull over, quick!

And drive back to November
Take me back to November
Hawaiian shirts in the Winter, cold water, cold water
Yeah, take me back to November, wassup
Can we go back to November?
Take me back to November
Hawaiian shirts in the Winter, deep thoughts, deep thoughts
Naw, take me back to November, wassup

My November was those Odd Future Sundays, where we used to just skate all day
My November was performing with Lil Wayne
My November was awesome, I booked my first feature film
My November was when my brother took me to first concert ever...
My November was summer 2015 when I fell in love with someone who fucked my whole world up, showed me life through a different
2014 Miami 43rd Street, everyday was November

Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back
I ain't doin' fine, lost my mothafuckin' mind
Time travel back and help me find
Take me back, take me back to November, this I know
Take me back, take me back
Take me back, take me back to November, this I know
"My November is right now"

I wrote a song about you, I want your opinion
I consider my heart rate has slowed down at the ending
Cause the love I got for you has exceeded appearance, the lyrics
Matter of fact, I'mma just call you, so you can hear it
If you do answer, I play it to state facts
Although I already know the response you gon' say back
At that point I'll hang up, disappear and just stay back
And if you don't I'll leave a voicemail with the playback

Hello, no one is available to take your call
Please leave a message after the tone...

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Tyler, The Creator November Comments
  1. Ricco Stewart

    Ain't he gay

  2. Ike Encho

    My November was '12, cold mountains in North Philippines with me and my family contemplating the future, and the absurdity of existence

  3. Amanda Campos

    My November was crying like a lil bitch fuck. Over someone that eventually never ended up with me so yeah. What a tough time for me but live and learn, at this point I've been only centered in my stuff and my family.

  4. Amanda Campos

    Besides IFHY and seven, I enjoy this song

  5. queen b

    my november was december 2019

  6. Javier Films

    My bday is on November let’s goo

  7. Marissa R

    My November is when I got to see you in concert for the first time😫💞 it was October 11, 2019

  8. Janae Davis

    take me back to November 🥺

  9. Stanley Smooth

    My November was nice summer days in 2010, after water fights with my friends I came inside wrapped in towels and played Wii Sports Resort, Mario Galaxy, and Twilight Princess all day.

  10. Ryan

    What's your November ?👇

  11. Koumori

    My November was when everything felt super easy and I wasn't in constant fight with my anxiety and depression when everything was carefree

  12. Koumori


  13. Dylan Tubbert

    My November was spring break 2013 before my best friend took his life

  14. Lemonade !

    CEO of novembuh

  15. Isabelle Skog

    take me back to may :(

  16. Prindy1228

    My November was November 2019, when I started dating my best friend who built me up from a depressive state and then left me when I confessed how I felt. I haven’t been the same since and have fallen apart without her and can’t bring myself to text her. She is so beautiful and I’m just an Igor. She was my everything and now I have nothing. I’m gone

  17. Juan Aguilera

    The beginning of this song is the best part

  18. Mely

    Everytime tyler raps i just picture him when he was in regular show

  19. da absolute boss of u



    This hurts so good


    November of 2018 was my November

  22. blry

    the INTRO

  23. Julia Rae

    all of 2017 was my november that was a whole emotional rollercoaster

  24. yolo savage

    sometimes I dont feel tyler songs but when I hear the lyrics, they have so much content and power I cant help but to put it on repeat

  25. exzavierr

    I use to be so fucking happy

  26. exzavierr

    my November I fell in love with this girl then ripped my fucking heart out:(

  27. Dis My Dog

    This is about a good moment in your life that has passed and that you cling to. It's about how it holds you back.

  28. Thotbot 3000

    My November was winter 2002, I was in third grade and I frequented the stage. I viewed myself as an entertainer but things didn't work out. I miss those simplistic times. Dayum!!

  29. m i l a a

    keep you updated every november

  30. Brendan Berney

    First dude recounting what his November’s like sounds exactly like Lil Wayne

  31. Nacho Herrera

    My november was with him, listening to music and enjoying life without no preocupations neither responsabilities, just being young and happy

  32. Miguel Andrés Velasco

    one part of the song, when he yells TAKE ME BACK it looks like crow from brawl stars

  33. Yannik Hilal

    3:15 is the best part

  34. Maryka Romanczuk

    What if I don't have a November?

    Maryka Romanczuk

    And no it's just bc really I've been anxious since i could remember.. So. My November is the lost memories before i was anxious.

  35. Willie Trimble

    I like November

  36. Yes Indeed

    Today is December 6, 2019.
    School started back up on Dec 2 after Thanksgiving break. Since then my best friend had made a new friend group over break. She was the only one I had left, and she left me now.
    Take me back to November.

  37. Jester IX

    I’m listening in December.

  38. Supreme Ramen God Of All Realms

    My November lasted 3 days and it happened in October

  39. Jumpman 23

    It is *no nut November*

    Edit: was

  40. Aaliyah Spencer

    It is Dec 1 11.27pm

  41. adamo

    rip, the last november of the decade.

  42. Suma Sesay


    Dec 1,2019

  43. Zikolvines

    Take me back to November

  44. Aidan Matthews

    its the last november of the decade !!!!!

  45. Mr Mascara

    Goodbye november 2019

  46. MDubz

    Take me back to November
    (Posted on December 1, 12:15 AM)

  47. Salami

    Rip november 2019

  48. Careless_Kami

    2:36 ~ T A K E M E B A C K ~

  49. Bobs o r Vegana

    Take me outa Novemba 😰

  50. Aakoni

    my November was my childhood.

  51. Dade Keller

    "... someone who F****D my whole world up..."

  52. Ice Custard

    My November is going to the beach every day in the holidays with my now deceased Grandpa. Take me back

  53. BrihMoment

    my november is the school year of 18-19, when i met some of the most amazing people. my entire life changed as i surrounded myself with the bestest friends i could ever have. it was the best year of my life. now most of us have lost touch. take me back.


    My November is terrifying.

  55. sellichA

    My November was those days in like 5th grade and I would just play the shit out of roblox with my friends n shit

  56. BootyGodJesse -IG

    Welcome back to November

  57. Iven Hernandez

    Each November has been so different from the first time I heard this song back in high school when I used to be out all day with my crew at the beach and within the mountains and then to this little place called Alice.

  58. Xavier Yanez

    ayo, it's november again ya'll😪

  59. EliteStudio


  60. Gabby P.

    Couldn’t find the guy in the comments with all the lyrics

  61. HK G

    i legit have been waiting for this month to come just so i can play this
    it feels ille gal to be playing this in another month, idk why.
    so ive been blasting it for the past 2 weeks :)


    My November was 2018 in the summer, it was after I finally started making friends in Kansas who didn’t take me as just some quiet kid and actually took some time to know me. It didn’t last long though because I’m now in a whole ‘nother state than them

  63. yellxw mix

    Is it just me thinking y was this song not posted on November?
    it kinda made me sad lol.

  64. laura X

    I always feel special cos I'm born in November 🤠🌻

  65. Speacial Edd

    "Gone Till November."

  66. adamo

    bruh i miss november

  67. Fancy Lion

    My November was in a camp falling in love with someone who I will never see again.

  68. TheUnknownLink


  69. Lando Calrissian

    Fuck yeah! Dis song make my fukin dick hard like a muhfuka!

  70. fl4shy

    cant nut :(

  71. Angel D.Drecco


  72. Miranda

    My November was August

  73. Tj So Trill

    Who else is listening to this in November 2019?

  74. Jack Gillespie

    My November is right now...

  75. Emiliano Villanueva

    November 11, 2019 12:48pm

  76. whoa NDGO

    Back in *_November_* bois



  78. Oh! It’s Wyn

    Who’s listening in November?

  79. 김미키

    Who's listening to this in November?

  80. starla스타 라

    november is back boysss

  81. birder

    my november was the summer of '19. best summer i've ever had and i would do anything to experience it all over again once more

  82. Ratchosity

    ahhh here we are

  83. BigBearSoulmusiq

    Well it's that time of year y'all🔥🔥🔥


    she fucked my whole world up

  85. Salty

    Better Novembers are to come, afterall they happen every year.

    Don't miss something so bad you miss the next coming.

  86. Varelol

    My november 2008... I was 3.

  87. Mustard Cat

    Mine was all of 2017.

  88. artur bevilacqua

    my november is right now

  89. Nba Jael

    No nut November :(

  90. Fana Defiant

    Happy November to those listening/reading in 2019.
    Good luck with No Nut November, y'all.

  91. Tevny

    *Releases the song July 20th*

  92. No Thank You

    November my birthday :)

  93. Minecraft is Life

    November used to be a fun time when I didn't have to worry about not having to nut for a whole month as a kid. Now... now it's just torture...

  94. Person Person

    this song reminds me of my best friend
    he's my november