Tyler, The Creator - My Ego Lyrics

Tell Theresa May to let me in
I've been going in since 2010
It gotta be the color of my skin
Cause there's nigga's there
That doing more damage than my pen, man
Said some old lines was offensive
I was young, I can't apologize for that shit
They took my fiction literature for literal
I ain't no motherfuckin' criminal
The fuck is the problem, my record ain't got no smudges
Shit is clean as a whistle, and they just blow in them grudges
Let the kids see a show, that's what they waiting to see
It ain't no drugs on my bus, boy, my edges are straighter than me
So what the fuck is the problem? That lil Black boy made it
He's got a little bit of power and these white niggas hate it
And now he talking shit again, his stupid ass should have waited, fuck
They said I was a bad influence to who?
The camouflage following niggas like you?
Or all the free thinkers that know what it do?
Cause I'm one of them
See Ace is a king, I don't need your respect
So I made my own shoes, fuck that royalty check
I don't need your opinion, keep a mirror on deck
So don't you talk to me

It might just be my ego
It might just be my ego
It might just be my ego right now
Clancy you should calm me down
It's my ego
Or maybe it's my ego
It might just be my motherfuckin' ego

Well maybe it's my motherfuckin' ego when I'm ruling the world
And I ain't proving shit to niggas who just want me to fail
Niggas is fronting saying we distant cousins
While y'all pants was always flowing, all my trousers was flooded
Mad niggas be watching my moves, I never copped my props
For everybody and they momma got a problem with shock
Y'all niggas trash, y'all niggas trash (Goddamn lies is over niggas)
Same niggas laugh when you making shit
Then three years later wanna emulate the shit you did
Y'all pay the price
Ask some old friends, that shit is over and finished
Look around in the crowd, them niggas not even attendance
That shit is done, and Lionel my witness
But I had to move on cause I can't fuck with them niggas
I shut it down
Now wow, now he's saying that one day
He found his wings, now he using 'em on his runway
Nigga yellow, blue and orange, shit is dark
Different battle, you say the same shit from the start
Niggas I am a wave, y'all just fuck with the sharks
And I got flames on my pants cause I walk how I talk
So keep them comments, keep them comments, keep them comments, boy
When it's said and done my pockets gon' be filled with commas, boy
Y'all [?], y'all saying this
Y'all niggas say that shit is gross, that shit is nasty, eww get away boy, I'm good

And if you see my old friends, tell 'em that I really miss 'em but I'm good
And if you see some bad times, tell 'em I don't really miss 'em, boy I'm good
And if you see my old self, tell him not to worry cause he'll be good
Sorry my feelings is running, GOLF 2016, thank you niggas for coming
I'm out, I'm out

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