Tyler, The Creator - Jack And The Beanstalk Lyrics

They don't paint pictures, they just trace me

Odd Future, I'm your muthafuckin' sergeant
Nigga, I'm in charge, I fuck with Freshjive
Cause I get it, no charge, and BBC for the low price
No bargin', nigga that's a bargain
Cow print t-shirt like muthafuckin' dog
On the muthafuckin' farm with cockadoodle doodles
I'm making straight bitches pussy wet just like a noodle
And my dick must be dog food to these bitches' poodles
Felines on the freetime, I'm tossin' bitches' salads
And I'm eating up they croutons, Erica to Milan
We was flyin' to Milan, was supposed to go to Bangkok
Until she figured out that she don't really like to bang cock
To Soho, baby, Milo so dope
The cocaine flow, niggas spit heat, propane
Niggas get the picture, I see, why?
(They don't paint pictures, they just trace me)

My nigga, no hook
No hook, fuck a hook

Yo, beside me, nobody likes me
Mainly because I am not a fuckin' HypeBeast
I think Supreme suck, we gnarly all our Nikes
I can wear some Wranglers, with a fuckin' White T
Doo-rags to match, and I do sag
In fact, my hat is in tact with the Fubu poor over
Nigga, you pull over, fuck a Rover Range
And I'm driving a unicorn, plus my bitch is strange
And I'm the only fuckin' rapper without a chain
With a four finger ring like I can't spell my fuckin' name
And I go to Obama rallies screamin' out "McCain!"
Them ignorant thrashin' muthafuckers is my gang
And the dirty Ladera I can't forget where I came from
Nigga, you don't claim none, fan I am the teacher
White and black bitch like she's a muthafuckin' zebra
Candies in my pocket, I see you niggas on Easter

My nigga, no hook
No hook, fuck a hook

(It's gold) The gold is in the back
(It's gold) The pixels in the front
(It's gold) The beat's a fuckin' bully
(Go home) The lyric's just a punk, man
(Gold) The pink is in the sky
(That shit's gold) The gold is in my mind
(It's gold) The mind is in my gold
The beat is turnin' old, so go

Synthesizer, I'm the muthafuckin' master
Nigga, I'm a bastard, I fuck with chord keys
Cause the sound lasts longer, bass drummer song
And a hi-hat made of plastic, nigga's sound is elastic
Nigga, you can bite this, unless you wanna bite back
I didn't take my fuckin' Ritalin, this is a hype track
HypeTrack that and send it, nigga it's a sack shit
I had you motherfuckers eatin' salad like a fat bitch

Drop it, Ace the Creator, O.F.N, bangin' on your FM
Ace the Creator, drop the drums, nigga, thank you to HypeBeast

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Tyler, The Creator Jack And The Beanstalk Comments
  1. Trelo 9

    Tyler said “I hate “Jack and the Beanstalk,” off Bastard. Because I know what I was trying to do, but j couldn’t really do it.

  2. Nick Vazquez


  3. All Smiles

    Bro What is the flower guy doing?!?!


    You joking right?

  4. Sam Belyea

    This song is so much more raw than yonkers why didnt this shit blow up?

  5. Cristus Senseistus

    That beat sounds like sound that my dog makes when he's dreamin'

  6. waylocker

    That synth kinda sounds like Red Water by Earl

  7. Dj Ralyks

    srs vibes?

  8. Zachary Martinez

    1:18 is transcending

  9. Nicole Cranfill

    Kid: mom can we go see Tyler?
    Mom: no we have Tyler at home
    Old album:

  10. William Rush

    IGOR is 10/10 but this still be better than its songs lol

  11. A1R- 666

    Tyler dead 😭🤧

  12. yung skittl3z62

    "Set to go to bangkok til she figured out she dont really like to bang-cock"


  13. h a n d f u l l

    I said it once & ill say it again
    now im 20 🤧

    oh the nostalgia

  14. Avery

    Can someone tell me why pandora won’t let me listen to this or odd toddlers. Tf


    Maybe because the samples weren't cleared. This samples the Jay Z song 'What more can I say" and odd toddlers samples a cortex song 'Huit Octobre 1971"


    declan okay, thank you!

  15. Careless_Kami

    3:30 wtf is that a sample of a kid screaming


    knuckleT19 ikr

    Alphalfa Male

    its in some old tyler songs im pretty sure ive heard it in the OF tape vol 1

    Steven Schulze

    I coul swear I see a vid where a kid make this sound. Here it's just chopped

    Satan 666

    Steven Schulze it’s from the song pimp slap odd future vol 1

    Biggie Mac

    you didn't hear Sarah, did you?

  16. Terrick Marlow

    Like make goblin 2

  17. Nabor Benitez

    who still listens in 2018??

    Moelin Liner

    @PassingPipes420 2020

  18. Chick3n Lord

    Miss og tyler bruh

  19. Duaa

    I will never understand how Tyler thinks this is his worst song.


    Duaa what!
    No way dude?


    Listen to the lyrics. There is no meaning. Hes just fucking around with rap.

    Gabriel Abato

    thats what he does with a lot of his songs, even today he still likes to fuck around, thats part of what made him stand out in the first place. in that sense this song is just like many of his other songs. not to say he doesn't often have plots to his songs, he does, but one of the things that made him popular was the fact that he just fucked around and didn't conform to mainstream styles of hip hop

    BB Finesse

    Simplistic beat simplistic lyrics


    when did he say this?

  20. the toasted strudel

    God Damn That Bass Kick Though



  22. deathbyfs

    how popular was tyler the creator back in 2010

    Ralphie Watson

    deathbyfs not very


    deathbyfs he was an underground rapper

    Pacifist Media

    about as popular as hodgys fanbase right now XD

  23. lolilover1998

    this song is so slept on thooooo

  24. ChainsBeats

    always loved this song, the beat is awesome

  25. evan williams

    people were so focused on his subject matter that nobody realized how good is choice of beats were

    hex bunny

    evan williams lain is my nigga

    Duncan Galvez

    he produced it bruh

    Death's Hand

    How u choose a beat u made urself tho

  26. Tariq Dickens


  27. Arturo s

    The synths Jesus Christ..

  28. Ryan Rhooms



  29. Charlie Wade

    most underrated tyler song of all time

  30. Genesis Devine


    generation vlogs

    it said that when I read your comment

  31. goldenlungs

    Fuck a rover range cause I'm driving a unicorn plus my bitch is strange

  32. Taxi

    if tyler says supreme sucks than i guess supreme sucks #fucksupreme


    he still does lol, rarer but he does

  33. Isaac Cater

    drop the drums nigga

  34. TheAndrewj96

    "And I go to Obama rallies screaming out 'McCain!'"
    One of Tyler's funniest lines to date.

  35. Kareem Russell


  36. Larry Legendary

    I bet this song right here is one of the reasons why meth even wants to work with Tyler honestly and also seven

    Ron Damton

    +Noe Naim yea I only know one rapper with the word meth in his name but then again I don't know every single rapper and I only asked if meth was supposed to be method man because I was curious, this was just a yes or no question btw even tho I got much more than that for some were reason thanks for more or less answering my simple question

    Ron Damton

    +Ron Damton weird※

    Ron Damton

    +Noe Naim yea I like old dirty and the wu tang clan so I was kinda curious if you meant method man by meth because it would be dope if Tyler and method man collaborated

    Larry Legendary

    +Ron Damton Glad we both agree on that I'm just praying they won't disappoint because that would be a huge waste of money,time,and talent.

    Ron Damton

    +Noe Naim yea true

  37. Rodney Cotton

    We was flying to Milan was supposed to go to Bangkok until she figured out that she don't like to bang cock #classic

  38. Brendan



    DROP IT..

    one of his best moments tbh

  39. DigitalFire5000

    😀😈 Dude I was the 666 person to like this. Life's goal accomplished. 😇🙌😈👹👌👌👌


    @Alex Figueroa Sounds lit ;)

    Alex Figueroa

    @DigitalFire5000 so lit it'll lit you on Fire


    @Alex Figueroa Hellz yea man it'll be like that "I can't feel my face" video. Shit sounds tight as fuck xD

    Pripyat, Ukraine

    DigitalFire5000 I can tell you're white


    Leff Hannepool EEEHHHHH! WRONG *thumbs down*

  40. Jaylen Bratton

    "I'm tossing bitches salad and I'm eating up they krutons". Possibly one of the best lines said by Tyler ever

    Musab Khan

    I like "like a HIV victim, ain't nobody fuckin with me."

    Ron Damton

    +Musabkhan786 yea that hiv line was dope

  41. Tevin Ringgold

    I fucking love the chords on this songs bridge soo much haha

  42. Derek K

    Tyler said this song is his only regret, but this shit retardedly gangsta. Nigga need a lil more of this and less emo, EARl stays passin him

    S E

    swagxFUCKYOU where does he say he regrets it????

    Satan 666

    alranican 2 why did he regret it tho

  43. Robby Peña

    "I had you mothafuckas eating salad like a fat bitch!"

  44. Liquid Fox

    The gold is in my mind

  45. itsthatfox



    FBI : you traitor

    yung skittl3z62

    Cool ass cop

    Lord Tachanka

    itsthatfox that’s amazing

    Olya Carlson

    There was a cop downtown on a skateboard lmao I told him to do a kick flip and in expecting it, landed the cleanest mf kickflip in history

    Roderick McDuffie ll

    @Olya Carlson lit

  46. Larry Legendary

    Tyler was just spitting bars on this song man no emotion only wolf was on this track this verse was narley dude :-D

    Yoel Y

    thats ace the creator

    Larry Legendary

    @Yoel Y Wolf Ace I don't fuckin know Tyler has so many goddamn personalities I never know who's rapping all I know is this shits dope

    Yoel Y

    @David Hammer lol he says it at the end of the song

    Jeremy Harris


  47. ButtMasterHurterson

    Best song in the entire tape.


    Hi again

    not sure idek

    +choiboyy hi

    Sensei Veggito



    ButtMasterHurterson parade G

  48. Holy Aura

    This beat is to good


    *too <3

  49. CuckoldNolifer666

    Least favorite song on bastard in my opinion.

    Larry Legendary

    then get the fuck out then LOL

    Larry Legendary

    then get the fuck out then LOL

    Isaac Cater

    chill, this nigga is OBSESSED with this song


    Larry Legendary this is Tyler’s least favorite song too lol

  50. Cashyra Cody

    No Hook, My nigga no hook, Fuck a Hook

  51. Teo Kıral

    it's gold!

  52. Ethan Syko

    Why the fuck is this song not on iTunes.

    Mike Cailean

    cuz its from an early Tyler Mixtape and its on internet


    You can find it on their website for free


    Bastard is on google play

  53. Mike

    OF soldier

  54. Brenden Haney

    no hook what the fuck


    He's influenced by MF Doom who often doesn't have hooks. A song doesn't necessarily need a hook. 

    Uryon Adams

    @BoomBapAnime or maybe... he was just quoting jay-z. mf doom is profound af and tyler couldn't get 2 sentences without saying fuck.

  55. Naded Scrubs


  56. referencestopenguins

    Meh, even if they do, maybe they'll hop off the bandwagon to give Tyler a chance.



  58. Moonhowler3

    I wonder if this is the song that Kanye heard and was like "Hell yeah..."

  59. DCRflag

    I just completed all the tyler albums and this was my least favorite song lol but its still an awesome album(dat bastard intro)

  60. Theraptur

    This is prolly my fav Ty Dolla song. It's so simple yet crazy at the same time.

  61. Brandon Paige


  62. Sally Salter

    Ma nigga no hook

  63. thirty3degreemason

    simple, wierd, but dope beat

  64. Im Cryo

    Dat beat cold A.F.

  65. RastaToad

    Aint no Yonkers fans finding us here. But if they do, I guess I don't mind.

    Lamb Chöp

    Jeff Morrison real fans love all of his music


    Bro, Bastard is a fucking piece of art, probably his second best album

    TheGamer4u 111

    real fans sitting here listening to bastard like my niggas pipe bomb and lamb chop but i mean the real real niggas out here listening to lucky charms and one and other unreleased shit


    Crazy how dumb fans were back then. Back then people hated on the yonkers fans, now people hate on the flowerboy fans


    Azurealms99 people just love to hate so they can feel entitled true fans don’t have a problem with any era of Tyler

  66. MrItsRewind

    this has to be a troll.

  67. TruDrDew

    Dope Golf Wang

  68. Fucking Hipster

    Shove a cactus up your ass and don't you dare shed a tear!

  69. Rauchthecouch


  70. USMCSpecialForces1

    Fuck YMCMB they bunch of bitches anyway it's bout that Goblin

  71. Rkelly Willsmith

    this song is dope as shit

  72. Aj Harris

    but the fuckin coolest

  73. yadig

    this song makes me think of weird things fuck i love it

  74. Averu

    Did you really?

  75. 4kilometers

    cant stop listening to this shit. wolf

  76. Daniel D

    go to 2:00

  77. bobbey smith

    Wolf Gang!

  78. Damian Calvillo

    that face...

  79. KcPoptart

    This beat makes everything seem so slow. It has only been 2 minutes in and it feels like its been 8.

  80. maddog2547

    This has a hook........

  81. Evan Banks

    Golf + Wang

  82. Jabali Dumas

    these people..

  83. Closha gee

    This comment...

    Vance O’Ree

    Closha gee 4 years and still zero likes lol

  84. Tosh Hosk

    he used to post on the forums under bloxhead and put out a lot of his music there

  85. Hurricaneria

    love that site

  86. Shawn Dobey

    No, but they need to.

  87. catdogcirca1990s

    "they dont paint pictures they just trace me" jay z
    "my nigga no hook"
    no hook jay z song

  88. legreat Spacejockey

    this song was based from Jay-z's "What more can i say"...

  89. Jay Mitchell

    Tyler just fucked my mind with this song OFWGKTA

  90. Brandon

    is the joke that fat bitches don't eat salad?

  91. Dalton Ross

    This Rap...

  92. SoHefty

    Dope beat.

  93. SeethinGreenin

    I only like the last part of the song. The rest is just meh for tyler

  94. imaDuhrp

    Lyrical genius.


    second part is tyler the creator feat hodgy beats- pimp slap(~like~)

  96. Josue Estrada

    Like if you think Tyler sounds like Quasimoto at 2:57