Tyler, The Creator - Hot Chocolate Lyrics

[Tyler, the Creator:]
It's gettin' cold, chocolate
Too warm, chocolate
It's too hot (Hot), chocolate

Leche for my (Woo!) damn self
Hot chocolate
You can use water
Hot chocolate
I prefer milk if it's 2%
Marshmallows on top and some extra whip
You can even use cinnamon, cinnamon on top
Hot chocolate

[Jerry Paper:]
By the fire, I sip hot cocoa tonight
It makes me feel all right
It's Christmas time (Cocoa, cocoa)
Jigsaw puzzle with my buddies
Tonight is our big night
It's Christmas time (Cocoa, cocoa)

[Tyler, the Creator:]
It gets cold in the winter, cold in the wintertime
Cold that's my favorite, cold that's my favorite time
It gets cold in the winter, cold in the wintertime

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Tyler, The Creator Hot Chocolate Comments
  1. ThatSinityGuy

    It still doesn’t feel like Christmas for some reason but this bop helps a little

    Nizza Pizza

    ThatSinityGuy definetly

    Nizza Pizza

    Merry Christmas, stranger

  2. stanley oleyte

    Baby yoda: choky mewky :3

  3. MODE

    still a bop in 2019

  4. Jessie Grace

    This Christmas ablum he made grinch will play every Christmas

  5. Laura White

    Tyler u a demon

  6. hey nae!

    This feels like a whole animated Christmas special soundtrack but with hip-hop. Tyler's stuff is so chill.

  7. Kai Ken The Rapper

    Damn I didn’t know he made a whole album for the movie

  8. Kai Ken The Rapper

    Damn I didn’t know he made a whole album for the movie

  9. begone thot

    drinking hot chocolate to this :)

  10. BigEaredLarry

    Flower boy the Christmas extension

  11. Souep Dedoep

    Easily the best trap banger of 2018

    No seriously tho, getting some real partyisn'tover/campfire/bimmer vibes

  12. Da$hLife

    It's that time of year again y'all who waited all year to come back to this

  13. Rabbi Kalala

    Is it me but does the beginning sounds like the ending to ‘pothole’

  14. Mistah Bourbonson.

    It's that time of the year again boys

  15. wolves fan #1

    Yup this belongs in education category

  16. Pwntato

    November has come upon us again lads...

    *You better make it.*

    The better julien

    I've missed this

  17. Brozzy The Virus

    Its getting closer to christmas time again ;)

  18. Alejandro Ramos

    November 2019, where we at?

  19. Francisca Novais

    We back

  20. Almighty MIR 7

    Take me back to November

  21. randy m

    Art class-ic 🔥

  22. A burger in trouble

    How the fuck did Tyler get picked for this, he has such violent lyrics it’s crazy a child’s movie excepted him and that’s fucking amazing

  23. fran fran

    Where can I find a snare like the one used in this song?


    Category Education

  25. Gavin Russell

    I love grinch

  26. Carlos Crespo

    Just inject that Intro in my fuckin veins wtf that was brutal

  27. ジTonnohRandomlyPosts

    This guy wrote bastard, goblin and wolf tho and now...

  28. Timothy Alexander

    I need a full instrumental of the 1st few seconds of this song

  29. radchoco

    Omg Tyler and Jerry?!! How come I didn't find this before :OOO

  30. F4NT45M4N0

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff <3


    Category: *Education*

  32. Gonzalez, Ana

    Can’t wait to get back into this mood, almost there fall and winter!!

  33. Dayton Kazama

    If you work night shifts this a banger to listen too

  34. PitZX2

    tyler the creator reall did make a song with jerry paper huh

  35. TheWorst YoutuberEver

    Category: E D U C A T I O N

  36. AyeeItsJalen

    This sounds so Good 🥶

  37. Hailey Mags

    Not even Christmas and I’m still bumpin

  38. Elizabeth Francis

    Category: Education.

  39. Kayla Moten

    Me listening to T’s Christmas album in June🤤

  40. John Quist

    Need another Christmas album from Tyler his sound reminds me of the holidays

  41. hospidoll

    It makes me feeeel alriiiiight

  42. Dystopia _



    Weirdest song ever but I like it

  44. Dead Batter3y

    this music really tided me over when igor was still in production

  45. Hooliganiscoolagain

    Y u torture me

  46. massassafras

    This better be mixed into all the holiday usuals this next season

  47. Etherealology

    Can listen to this all year

  48. Amari Harrison

    Christmas or not, I will play this song until i get tired ( Never)

  49. Ariane araujo

    that should’ve been on cherry bomb.

  50. TheSpider-ManFanatic

    Hell yeah JERRY PAPER

  51. Iyiolaoluwa Dina

    this song isn't even weird and its still ffiirree!!!

  52. Sick Nick

    Anyone else notice this is basically the pothole beat

  53. n’ anya

    you’re amazing i love jerry paper

  54. Adam Ebel

    If the weather had a theme song, this would be it. It's always cold here on the East Coast since November.

  55. TSUNO

    This shit is beautiful, I dont understand why people hate on this ep

  56. Yojo Chimp

    Its a snow day today😏

  57. Kay The MilkShake

    This still snap after Christmas

  58. sunset planet

    Dang so cool that Jerry Paper is getting this kinda exposure!!! Hot hot (choco) trax

  59. Matheus Gomes

    I love it

  60. 4our 2wenty

    microwaved chocolate milk

  61. impending euphoria

    im glad jerry paper is collabing with big names, tylers got an eclectic taste in music.

  62. Mr Moseby Carpooldadcarmelita

    When the grinch conversing being released

  63. P - 2000

    Sounds like Flower boy b-sides

  64. Matheus Gomes

    This is art

  65. Cali Kid

    Oh yeah yeah

  66. björnsaldana

    It's about time we had another Christmas song


  67. Tammy Fantin

    You are disgusting 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  68. WeeSmackyJim

    Holy shit Jerry is moving up in the world yes, noone deserves it more than him.

  69. Ariel Talavera

    Nice chord progressions, mister

  70. Angel Enrique Rodriguez

    this music is too good for the movie

  71. M_xj7


  72. Marco Tulio


  73. popt

    I fucking love both of you

  74. chrisnwesson

    By the fire, I sip hot cocoa tonight
    It makes me feel all right
    It's Christmas time
    Jigsaw puzzle with my buddies
    Tonight is our big night
    It's Christmas time

    so simple yet so beautiful

  75. chrisnwesson

    this song is so fucking gay but i fucking love it

  76. Snow Skee

    I wish this song was longer

  77. heisuibeats

    why does this remind me of pothole.

  78. achu

    Category Education

  79. Mytru Mara

    "Category: Education"

  80. Isaac Guillory

    Pothole vibes 🔥

  81. Bez Days

    Like yonkers

  82. Bez Days

    His old songs are better no offense still good tho

  83. Thaddeus Salters

    This made hot chocolate even more cool 😎

  84. Tynell Jackson

    Oof i love me some tyler

  85. Supernintendro

    Tyler took his beat game back to Wolf status! Loving this release... all his albums are good tbh, except Goblin.

  86. Ethan Isaac

    Love ya

  87. Tara

    I knew that there will be smth between jerry paper and tyler, like how tyler discovered rex

  88. pactastic

    What a chameleon world we live in

  89. Kris Owens

    Have A Golf New Year, y'all

  90. Day

    That picture creeps the fuck out of me

  91. Anna Carolina


  92. - Exillion -


    The Glove

    - Exillion - fuck yeah

  93. HyperionTwelve 2

    Lmao the category is education