Tyler, The Creator - HOT 97 Freestyle (2019) Lyrics

Actin' like I didn't hear this beat before
Ayy, it's Tyler, uh
Wolf Haley
Gap tooth T, bucket hat T, lemon head Enzo
Lil' bunny hop, Ace the creator, Thernus Haley
Cyber, Beef Loaf
Free Rocky, free Rakim, that's my guy

Ayo, um, ayo
Free Rakim, free Rakim
I might fly to Sweden to free him
Hm, okay, I'm freestyling
Say it again
Free Rakim, free Rakim
I might fly to Sweden to free him
Braid my wig, A$AP tat on my ribs
Switch with him, then I can fuck all the Sweden men that I wanna
Actually, I'm gonna
Heat it up real quick, motherfucka, I'm Lebron-a
Listen, Flex, we just met but I know it don't seem
Like R Kelly, wet dreams, I always keep 16's, nigga
Me and Flex looking in the index
For buff net niggas just for some hot butt sex
What, what made you go with that verse?
I don't-
What made you go with that verse?
I got a little cousin, when I die, he'll prolly take my estate
I always tell him, "Be himself, and always strive to be great"
Hmm, no
My momma a dealer, her son crack, nigga
What's that, nigga, facts, nigga, hmm
Why when they mention black businesses, they never mention me, dog
I don't know, please, see man
'Cause if they talkin' M's, GOLF did 17 in '18, mothafucka
And that's just one season, huh
Stocks that I own, how much stocks do I own
All of it, the whole bird, that's my broth in the bowl, nigga
Hm, hm, hm
Gimme a topic, Flex
I can't hear you
Vroom, vroom, zoom, zoom
Sweepin' niggas, inchin' like a broom, broom
Yeah, yeah, man, you know what it is
Don't even look at my engine, bitch, you can't afford this
That's that mufuckin' McLaren, that's 500 made
Got the fuckin' window tinted, 'cause I needed the shade
And that E-30 Beamer, that you ain't seen since you a teen
Uh, back in '91, when they was doin' E and P and D at the arena
Macarena, Hayna, Jayna, Shayda, Raida, Aida
I'm back from LA, with Mexicans, they love the Raiders
But I don't watch football, I just watch the crooks ball
With them fuckin' eight balls, sellin' inside the hall of the high school
I was not cool, niggas thought that I was weird and shit, they kept they space
But it's cool, 'cause now I got they amazin' grace, nigga
How many M's? It don't matter how much I make
Just know what it is, when you see face, the gap-tooth nigga, the big ears
And them shoes you ain't seen yet
And, yes, if you like 'em nigga, I did design it, nigga
How many figures Converse gimme for that?
Well, I don't know, but out in Bel-Air I just copped the a flat
And a flat top, on the top of the hat
The one with the G, the store did a couple M's this week
Stop talkin' to me, dawg, niggas playin' around
This is right off the top, this is right off the cock
Me and Flex gon' go 'round the block, and he gon' get...
He always slips up when gets a little aggressive, a little aggressive, right, a little aggressive
He always slips up when gets a little aggressive
It makes your ears and your eyebrows go up
Okay, um, listen
They bringin' up my past, I don't hide it
Goblin out now, bitch, buy it
Lookin' for them tweets, bitch, find it
The cancel couch is fake, and I recline it
Man, I just don't know
Niggas try to come for me, dog, they confidence low, dog
What's goin' on?
I don't got much else to say, so I'm gon' end this shit
'Cause I got a lil' date with this dude real quick
We gon' go prolly get some ice cream, and do-, oh, wait a minute
He just got off his damn last shift
And he said that his momma can't do the dishes
So he gotta go help her
So I'm gonna go weep, and look for someone on Yelp
But, wait, that's not a dating app
So whatchu use, Tinder, Grindr
Get with all your niggas, and get right behind 'em
What, you gon' do me like your DM, and slide 'em, hm
Flex send me emoji
No, there's no emoji, I didn't send an emoji, wait a minute
Now, Flex, why you lyin'
Why you tryna play me like change and 50 Cent when he was dyin'
Tryin' just to get it, get it, I split it
I read it in it, and intended, your head was in it, um, mwah, I kiss it, nigga
Scooby Doobie, oobie the lubie
Me and Flex was cuddled up watchin' Scooby Doo and eatin' Scooby snacks
He said he, "Wanted my boobies"
I said, "I don't got 'em"
He said, "Whatever, nigga, I rock 'em"
We stock-a-bock 'em, ocka-rock 'em, tacka-dock 'em
He don't eat pork, I thought this nigga was a Salaama Lakim
Y'all niggas crazy, when he called me, I was at the lake, bruh
Be clear
In Tahoe, I know, nigga, that's how I go
Igor, Igor, Igor, niggas worshippin' Igor
Niggas be worshippin', their fuckin' hands kissin', and their knees sore, uh
Free Rakim, free Rakim
And I'm fuckin' screamin' that until they free him
Be clear
Be clear, whatever, whatever
Whatever I gotta do, I go get the cheddar
And I don't even like pizza, but, whatever, more the better, nigga
My ex bitch is wetter, nigga
Nah, she dry as fuck, she like the canyon
My niggas in Laurel Canyon (Man)
All these white kids, they got the fandom
His ex is gonna be lookin' at this in, like, a year
Think that I'm funny because I'm random
We could be together like a tandem
Man, this weird as fuck
I keep flirting with Flex and he ain’t tryna fuck
Now I’m confused, I'ma leave, I just think that he hate me
I thought I came here so he’d date me
He talking about a freestyle
Ugh, nigga, fuck rap, fuck that
I was tryna take him back and take off that hat
And we could be like mwah, mwah, mwah on the lips
But that’s weird as fuck man, I’m talkin' ‘bout dick (Pause, pause)
Pause, pause, pause, nigga, pause, pause (Pause)
When we leave you gon’ give me your info so I call
Sayin', “Link when you back in New York, I’m tryna give away a bike (Yeah)
Maybe we can get some dinner at night” nigga
Childs, Mr. Childs
Fuckin lyin'
Mr. Childs, Mr. Childs, we there
Look man, say less, say less, say less, say less
Iss ya boy T, man, all my niggas vegan
Nah, that's fuckin weird, though
They be eatin' meat, though
But I don't mean it in the "pause" way, I mean no homo
Glitter on my nails, glitter on my neck
Niggas bitter as hell, their shit don't sell
I'm doin' so well, man, they really hate to see me win
Especially 'cause the gap tooth, and I'm dark skinned
But my shit clearer than that ball from Space Jam
I'm that man, I'm that man
See them diamonds on my hand, why am I talkin' material shit?
I don't even care, but I'm just freestylin' this bitch, man
Niggas ain't mad, they look
Y'all crooks, me and Jay was just talkin' 'bout books
I'ma prolly build a buildin' in the next two years, you wanna come?
Sounds good
Nah Flex, you wanna cum?
Pause Flex, you tryna cum? (He baited me for it)
He baited me for it, I didn't see that one, he caught me off guard, he got me, you got me, you got me

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Tyler, The Creator HOT 97 Freestyle (2019) Comments
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