Tyler, The Creator - HOT 97 Freestyle (2012) Lyrics

Cops tripping on a nigga cause they know I'm a black man
The flow dirty like a real stinky trash can
Niggas don't really want no problems, I got guns, I solve em
These bitch niggas know I sell crack like concrete
And if you don't believe me, you can find me in the streets
My niggas be listening to fucking N Sync
Mike, Doms The real shit, nigga in pink
Y'all niggas don't got problems ok niggas don't talk none of that stuff
Get muffed, give a fuck
And if you wanna laugh, I'll stick a fucking bundle of bananas in my ass
Pussy motherfuckers you need to shut the fuck up
You niggas need to learn me and Lionel in a fucking G rolling on sherm
Smoking PCP bath salt nigga
Y'all niggas just all talk nigga
Wolf gang don't bark nigga we bitch niggas
When we see the spark nigga, I call on the cops
Snitch on a nigga, I give no fucks
If you got a problem with my bitch y'all a pot
I got fake Gucci, I got fake Louis, I got a fucking dookie
I got a hoopty, bills ain't paid
Got a fucked up line up, with no fade
Nigga, Look at all of these asses over here
Y'all niggas wanna talk shit about my ears
Get your face took
Imma cyber bully and snitch on Facebook
Y'all niggas tell me that I'm ugly nigga
That shit ain't even funny nigga
My momma love me nigga, so i don't care about your opinion

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Tyler, The Creator HOT 97 Freestyle (2012) Comments
  1. Adam

    Me and Lionel in a fuckin g rolling on sherm

  2. Eggers Eggers

    Lol Tyler's fucking hilarious man.

  3. Ibro school

    Tekashi69 bops this hard

  4. Colby Hale

    Who else is just watching all of Tyler’s interviews and “freestyles”???

  5. Aasy Açaí

    “Smokin PCP”

  6. john bateky

    my mama love me :)

  7. Nick Rajpaul

    What’s the beat lmao

    Jahrell Gardner

    Da Bichez - Jeru The Damaja

  8. Underground Hip-Hop Society

    1:13 up until the “with no fade” was my favorite 😂😭

  9. Anthony Metcalf

    Dumb ass NIGGA...

  10. William Turner

    What's the instramental

  11. 444indigo

    Smoking on PCP, BATH SALT NIGGA

  12. 1017eddie

    This made me snort in 2019 😂😂😂

  13. Nicolaas Botha


  14. Gerald SWAGGERTON

    1:31 "I'm cyber bullying, snitching on facebook" never gets old lmao

  15. Melvin Khant

    Of the top Damn

  16. mithsterburgeth

    what makes this better is tyler has no emotion in his voice


    Jasper and his friends almost ruined this.

  18. Elijah Je Bailey

    dawg i laughed so fucking hard right now

  19. bricknasty

    we bitch niggas if you pull the spark im calling the cops

  20. Karim korn

    Real snitch nigga 🤣🤣🤣

  21. H.J.W

    This is how 90% of freestyles would sound if rappers didn't resort to a written and actually freestyled.

  22. martinoland1

    This is the best freestyle of all time

  23. Dan Bing

    "Yeah, real snitch nigga for real"

    My fucking sides



  25. exisco

    This was lit lol

  26. Christian Valencia


  27. GenesisnKaidence

    My mommy love me nigga lmfao

  28. Dawgtha

    Baby bonnet

    Brandon M

    Dawgtha durag...

  29. DeathlyShadow12

    Instrumental is from Da Bichez by Jeru the Damaja

  30. R22 T22

    ebro is so fucking cringery with his WHOAAAAAA!!!!!!!

    Brandon M

    R22 T22 Ebro isn’t even in this

  31. pearl

    rosenburg sounding like a fuckin rubber chicken


    nigga said OuoOuOuuoOuuOouuu

  32. Burned roses

    I’ll stick a bundle of bananas up my ass

  33. Quinn

    Get yo face took
    Nigga im cyber bullying snitchin on facebook. Lmao

  34. Julio C.

    My momma love me nigga 😭😂

  35. CocaineJayy

    still come bacc frm time to time to watch this greatness !!

  36. Freddye Olivas


  37. Covenant Enforcer


  38. Hustle on point

    Ok.... Wtf this guy is a joke smh

  39. Jose Ramirez

    This dude stays in character without laughing dude, Tyler is a beast, along with Sway in the Morning and Westwood TV lol

  40. Jose Ramirez

    5 years and I’m never ready for the “bundle of bananas” line man

  41. Jasmine Dorsey

    My mama love me nigga😂😂

  42. Rage_x


  43. Viktor Flodqvist

    Rosenberg: "No, please dont do it again"

  44. Maximiliano Tijera

    Rosenberg would you just stfu?

  45. Ava R

    "My momma love me nigga" WHAT IS THIS FUCKER SAYING I LOVE HIM

  46. wtdyjimjam

    Im like ....WOW its that real fire yo !!! hooooweeee !!!!!

  47. [夢] pro pain

    it's hard to believe this was half a decade ago. was ahead of the time by far.

  48. christian

    i watch this video every day before i go to school

  49. Kody Allen

    ahhhh!!!! toooo much sauce!!!

  50. emmie1995s

    Get muffed

  51. Ausy

    this bruh crack me up lmaooo

  52. the chosen one unbound

    my momma love me nigga

  53. Trey

    I can't get over how smooth this shit is hahaha I keep watching it every now and again so I could laugh 😂😂😂

  54. Virgo Bro

    you know what would make this video better? if rosenberg just had a heart attack and died

    atleast then he would stop fucking interrupting everybody

  55. Jayjay Myers

    Looool real snitch nigga Forreal

  56. Kaleb Kimbrell

    dont call me ugly nigga my mommy love me nigga

  57. Vance

    I watch this all the time. I love earl and all but I wish he'd stfu

  58. Kabalin

    Tyler The G.O.A.T

  59. Kailon Thompson

    This man set a trend w/ the Du-Rag over the Brim GAHTDAMN!

  60. just another person

    i kind of want him to record an album with shit like this on it just for fun

  61. Justin S

    "I'll snitch on a nigga"


  62. Cheeto Bandito

    i wish Rosenberg would shut he fuck up so i can hear the funny bars, nothing more annoying in a freestyle (joke or not) than some other dick yelling over the verses

    Batman Skittles

    no name for real man he is just annoying asf

    Federal bureau of investigation

    That wasn’t him that was some other guy sitting beside him.

  63. iiProspect

    Straight from the dentist

  64. Maliq Ramsey

    In the bio they really spelt joking wrong 😂

  65. Optic The Rapper

    He Is Fully A Joke

  66. MrFriterad

    WHat is the Instrumental?

  67. Aldea Music

    I watch this everyday

  68. Ellis Rogers-Byrne

    the description says "jokeing" 😂😂😂😂

  69. Synus Payne

    me n Lionel in the fuckin jeep Rollin on sherm

  70. LAST SIN

    my moma love me nigga 😂😂

  71. Tj Anderson

    This would've been way funnier if everyone in the back would've SHUT THE FUCK UP. They all sound fuckin retarded in the back with their commentary "WOOOOO" .. let the nigga rap.. FUCK.

  72. La Flame

    Bills ain't paid

  73. La Flame

    Got a fucked up line up wit no fade 💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂

  74. La Flame

    That first bar was fire though but after that shit was hella funny. 💀💀💀💀😂

  75. Crook BailOut


  76. Eastcamp / Eelke Oosterkamp

    420 dislikes keep it like this

  77. Zoal Cule

    😂😂😂😂 that was something


    420 dislikes

  79. Rojae Crawford

    I don't care if u say am ugly nigga that's not even funny nigga .....my mamma loves me nigga :v

  80. Zimbabwe. Mufaro

    my momma love me nigga

  81. Andres Rodriguez

    I snitch on a niggah 😂

  82. Mr. Tibbs

    "My momma love me nigga" #YeezyTaughtUs

  83. Mr. Tibbs

    In tears..and he's so serious this time! Tyler is cold!

  84. FoeQ

    "My mommy loved me nigga"
    He's hilarious

  85. algaekid

    Get muffed, give a fuck

  86. Trashcan

    This beat was perfect for Tyler's dumbass bars. I aint really laughed out to some shit I seen online in awhile this was good shit

  87. ATL fresh

    Y does the outro disturb me idk y but I cringed

  88. Admin Nimda

    i knew him from his song Garbage

  89. Wolf Haley

    I miss when Earl and Tyler were friends like this

  90. Garrett Smith

    "yeah real snitch nigga for real"

  91. Nicco 254


  92. RedWhite&Blue 78

    I think he watched BORAT to many times...

  93. TheSuperIntendantOfThe Universe


  94. William Turner

    whats da instramental?


    De Bitchez Jeru The Damaja

  95. wav.yliving 波打つ

    Just Classic

  96. John Jones


  97. BA PACE

    sell crack like concrete if you dont belive me you could find me in the streets

  98. LPM

    this shit is legendary