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Tyler, The Creator GONE, GONE / THANK YOU Comments
  1. Julieta Corral

    I want this song to be played during my last moments.

  2. mrhammerheadshark

    Some dude in the back of the booth is going crazy with that tambourine

  3. CyborgMenace3k21

    i wish the last minute and a half was 8 minutes long

  4. Emil Cruz

    2080s “I wish I lived throughout that generation”

  5. El_capturista 69

    Rating : POP Music 💖

  6. Josh B

    Yeah he’s a good musician. I have always loved Tyler.

  7. Trysten Williams

    Favorite song off the album.

  8. alice ._.

    amo um artista

  9. kendra williams

    I don't know what it is about the second part ,but I love it.

  10. tylers golf sweater

    imagine cockroach tyler hearing this

  11. tylers golf sweater

    a literal crying tonite

  12. xKing Kira

    Me:this won a grammy????!!

    P.s I now love this song

  13. Ronnie Epting

    What is this mysterious ass music?

  14. Astro Blam

    Love the evolution of Tyler the creator

  15. J. Alejandro

    It’s really amazing to see how Tyler has evolved... I’ve been a fan since Bastard and the evolution of Tyler is just something to admire.

    Owl Creek

    J. Alejandro dead ass it’s overwhelming

  16. Toxic Pixel

    this song would fit so good to be the last track for igor

  17. M A

    This song remind me my gf 💔💔😔

  18. Kirby is S Tier

    4:37 thank you’s beat is a gun shooting and reloading

  19. Noel Berhanu

    it’s something in the beat switch in gone gone that makes me wanna cry😔

  20. LR0y

    5:27 to 5:37 is so underrated

  21. paTeo

    poor little Igor :*

  22. Noli

    I am glad i bought this on vinyl!

  23. Jennifer MacRitchie

    4:36 gets me everytime

  24. xpyre

    my favorite part is 0:00 - 6:15

    beautiful song.

  25. Lee Gutierrez

    Someone tweeted that the beat is a gun being fired and reloaded and I can’t unhear it again

  26. Snezzyy V

    The filter on that voice is amazing 1:05

  27. The M.A.

    "GONE, GONE / THANK YOU" was...an experience. Thankfully, it was a good experience! 😃

  28. Bubbly

    Good faith vibes

  29. Nicole

    highkey best song tyler has created

  30. SamPlushyFive

    This is such a weird song. "My love's gone" can mean that his love interest is gone now from his life or is bitter about love and not so hopeful about it anymore... Ooof

  31. William

    I liked this song so much that I listened to all of it

  32. artur luiz

    in my eyes you never won shit you only went backwards with this stupid album nigga u changed for the worse

  33. Iconic Cakes

    4:46,thank me later.

  34. giving these away if I get 1k subs

    We need a vid for this

  35. CloudFox

    The beat sounds like a gun bein fired and reloaded over and over again. You'll never unhear that now. Your welcome. IN THANK YOU

  36. Jonny Next door

    It made me SEE COLOR, you know how fucked UP you have to be TO SEE COLOR

  37. Bambi Cherry Blossom

    4:49 hitting different

  38. Martin Casas II

    This song is a bacon cheeseburger after burning some grass. It’s Dope

  39. steph san

    when this album came out, i was close to graduating high school. this song especially reminds me of my last weeks of senior year and how everybody lives was gonna change forever. this song will have a special place in ma heart

  40. Calyope

    I always picture Finn singing this to Flame princess.

  41. aliceya

    4:35 why nobody talking bout this like 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍

  42. Chance Stodolak

    yello flannel

  43. Chance Stodolak

    bruh broski brusefh

  44. Mahli Smith

    terreria vibes anyone?

  45. Ehma Herrera

    this song still makes me feel so many emotions at once

  46. Fresh Prinçe

    Whether it's rain or shine I know I'm fine for now..
    Felt that🙄😔

  47. Grizz

    productions ahead of our time.. pure fire

  48. Ginger Muro

    I love this fucking song like what a masterpiece

  49. Carlos Perez

    Tyler 🥺❤️💝💗💓💞💘💖💕

  50. Sid Hunt

    It doesn’t make sense overall to me but oh well some nice noises in the track

  51. Amygdala Beats

    Thank You is SOO beautiful oh my god when he says "I said Gooooooooooooo" damn that voice right there got me on my feelings like its so well done like that i love this cause its pure emotion, Gone Gone it's beautiful when he says "my loves gooooone" and the chords go down like if it was an airplane landing MAAAAn this album is pure JOY emotion and a journey love this, forever on my top 5

  52. fidget508

    The sad lyrics mixed with the happy music. It measures the disappointment, frustration and the sad state i’m in without being with someone, but it also measures the love from my ex, i really still miss him, this song kind of cheers me up a bit to be honest, this is honestly my favourite song Tyler has made :)

  53. Aada Isopoussu

    Comparing scars before dinner
    Jump off the booth into the mirror
    Felt like summer
    To my December
    Was it my August?
    Shit, I don't remember
    (Two, three, go)
    I know my temperature was set
    You finally flew south
    The bird gon' leave the nest, it's so comedic
    At least I had it (uh)
    Instead of never
    Or maybe I'm too dramatic
    (Two, three, go)

    Whether it's rain or shine, I know I'm fine for now
    My love's gone, my love's gone
    My love's gone, oh, gone (two, three, go)
    Or maybe it's just a dream that I can't seem to wake up from
    My love's gone, my love's gone
    My love's gone, gone

    Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

    I know love is all I got
    I just hope to God she got good taste
    Could put you on some shit you never seen
    Could play a couple songs that you could dance to
    I hope you know she can't compete with me

    Whether it's rain or shine, I know I'm fine for now
    My love's gone, my love's gone
    My love's gone, oh, gone
    Or maybe it's just a dream that I can't seem to wake up from
    My love's gone, my love's gone
    My love's gone, gone

    Kept it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Keep)
    Kept it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Keep)
    Keep it going, the Band-Aid is falling off now (Going)
    And now I'm scarred for life

    My love is gone (Gone), my love is gone (Gone)
    My love is gone (It's gone), my love is gone

    Ayo, there's poison in that gumbo
    Emotion for Dumbo
    Ask me where my luck go
    That bitch walked outside the front door
    Knock, knock, knock, knock
    I'm not shocked, I brought this on me
    It's my fault, you gon' leave
    Lesser talk, see the
    Weatherman told me it wasn't raining
    My stupid ass brought an umbrellas
    I got a glimpse of your cloud and feel better
    Now it's ninety degrees, and all the tricks up my sleeve
    Is drenched in sweat and illusion because I jet to conclusion
    You got your thing, I got nothing, but memories
    I know your secrets, nigga
    I'm not bitter or nothing, I understand that
    Everybody making a choice according to plan and
    We had two different blueprints, but understood her fluent
    She opened up early on, I thought I had a permit
    You started building a bridge and turned it into a fence
    Then my building got tore down all because of your new tenant
    I'll just buy up some new shit, never down with a lease
    You never lived in your truth, I'm just happy I lived in it
    But I finally found peace, so peace
    Lemme do it over
    (Where? Everything)

    I hate wasted potential, that shit crushes your spirit
    It really does, it crushes your soul

    Thank you for the love, thank you for the joy
    But I will never want to fall in love again
    Thank you for the time, thank you for your mind, oh
    But I don't ever want to fall in love again

    I said go, go

    Thank you for the love, thank you for the joy
    But I will never want to fall in love again (Again)
    Thank you for the time, thank you for your mind, oh
    But I don't ever want to fall in love again

    Again, again
    Again, again, again, again, again, again
    (Got my eye)

    Tamson Huynh

    Aada Isopoussu I’m gay

  54. fuckyusuke

    4:25 saddest moment

  55. fuckyusuke

    4:26 saddest part

  56. Chelsea Santos

    Can someone please tell me where gone gone ends and thank you starts 😁

    God Himself

    Mid January


    4:26 :)

    Chelsea Santos

    @TheSkywingIsHere thank youuu 💞

  57. Messiah Newell

    January 2020?

  58. Cappuccino Cup

    Is “Roses Tinted Cheeks” a draft for this song?

  59. kaiyabrea


  60. Nomameswey 808

    Who else thinks the album should have ended with this song(not that IDLYA and AWSF is bad or anything)

    The 77nerds

    Yeah I would have preferred that too, idlya and awsf could’ve been deluxe editions

  61. TheSkywingIsHere

    Dude this song feels like summer

  62. Ashton Harrison

    Does anyone else have this weird feeling when listening to this song?

  63. Gussys Video Game Videos

    Finally something respectable

  64. Typical Tubers

    This fire 🔥

  65. John Doe

    that intro is truly beautiful

  66. Endo Poopa

    Best songgggg

  67. des makaila music

    i'm so glad this man finally got his grammy

  68. Mario Graham

    Great movie

  69. Laura Thomas

    I can’t believe tyler wrote an anime ending song

  70. Ingrid Mora

    i'm here for tatsuro yamashita

  71. Mr ZOMBiiiE

    cant believe he got a grammy for this shit

    Reality Boat

    Well start believing bitch🔥🔥🔥

    Noah Marks

    He deserved it!


    Mr ZOMBiiiE piss off dude, he worked hard for it. It was long overdue

  72. Ethan Rodriguez

    congrats T on the grammy

  73. Aaron Diaz

    our Kobe is gone.

  74. 2nD-to0sDaY oF-nExt-WeEk

    1:25 Slaps so good!!

  75. Josh Sipes

    Congratulations on the Grammy right on

  76. SMUS16475

    he deserved that grammy.

  77. Brianna Buyo

    It’s sad but gives me happy vibes

  78. Dat Wakandan Boi

    4:36 best part of the song

  79. jeimy

    the goat ‘

  80. some art person

    Everybody gangsta til Tyler says “ayo”

  81. Jurgen 9

    i will always feel this masterpiece

    thank you

  82. Infamouz Art

    Ice JJ fish killed this

  83. Janey Bronson


  84. FaZe_husk l

    If you actually think about it. This song is actually really sad.
    The beginning(Gone,Gone) is him talking about his loves gone he doesn't love the person anymore. And he's accepted the fact that the relationship is over. One line says "at least I had it instead of never"
    The second part(Thank You)
    He's telling the person thank you for the time we had. Thank you for your love. So he's basically came to the fact that the relationship is over and he doesn't love him anymore. That's why he thanks him and he says"thank you for your love, thank you for the joy but I will never want to fall in love again"

    a boring Taurus

    Thats why i like this song hes basically pouring out his feelings in a song and those types of songs are the best types of songs in my opinion 💗

  85. Nick Fahnlander

    If you slow down the first beat it sounds like a final boss intro or horror game

  86. Hucciola

    I'm pissing in my sink and listen this

  87. Moone

    I met her in Summer.
    She Left in August.
    I saw her again in December.

  88. Kinimbo 78

    Anyone else getting reminded of the last track on cherry bomb

    O D

    Now that I see this yeah, I love Okaga Ca

  89. Ellen Sullivan

    every time I hear this I think of Call Me By Your Name. the first part of Gone, Gone being the beginning where Elio has a crush on Oliver but he’s too afraid to say anything and he’s just kinda enjoying summer. The darker part of Gone, Gone is when he and Oliver finally hook up and travel together and Oliver leaves. then Thank You is winter scenes and Elio crying in front of the fire

  90. Tonya Maryland


  91. Cancerous Teenager

    The song was exactly at 1:01 when my friend texted me that my ex (that I still loved and wasn’t over yet) has left to another country. Can you j u s t imagine the intensity with which the realization of me not seeing him ever again hit me

  92. Tony Sanchez

    8th grade graduation then the next day i got my girl back i FKIN LOVE YOU TYLER BEST SUMMER EVER:,)