Tyler, The Creator - Golden Lyrics

[Intro: Dr. TC]
Tyler you obviously have some fucking problems
And this is the end of this session, let's anything else you've gotta say?

[Verse 1]
Mom is getting jealous I see my manager more
Than I see her before, I go on tour and it hurts
I miss the days when this was fun but now it turned into work
They getting legal, so now I gotta watch the shit that I blurt out
My friends are turning into opposites
Because my life is turning into opposite of sloppy wrist
And all the bitches who forget about me want to ride my dick
Harder than the white kids that copy shit
Ending it is all I fucking think about, that's the shit I think about
All alone, bawling 'til my mothafuckin' eyes bleed
See, he's a leader in person and smile, shit gets disgursting
When there's no person around, talking discussion shit, man
F*ck, I'm putting myself at a distance
For instance, my best friend is now my fucking assistant
Niggas saying "Free Earl" without even knowin' him
See, they're missing the new album, I'm missing my only friend

When I say Odd, y'all say Future
Odd.. uh-uh, that shit's corny as fuck
(Tyler, you have a cult following)
To these white kids?

[Verse 2]
Charbroiled nigga on these dark beats
Nashes with the Nazis but it's normal what the cops see
Awesome at his concert, but he never had a pop, see
Mommy was a living single queen with a lot tee
So while my wallet's piling with some symbolic colored paper
I lace her, cause she gave me such a lot at such a young age
20, why didn't she get that abortion?
Probably cause that motherfuckin embryo was morphing
Into a Grammy winning schizophrenic fucking orphan
Oops I meant bastard, a skinny ass disaster
Mom works hard, still working on her masters
Son lies about, taking classes at community college
Just to record some bullshit he calls Bastard
Start a fuckin cult, clash his talents in a brash way
Before he even had a mustache and cash
And all I got was a fuckin' shitty article in Thrasher

I'm not crazy, I'm a fucking table, I'm a fucking table!

[Verse 3]
I'mma grab the Nina and find a nice arena
Cause I can’t even choose between Ortega or Suprema
And I’m not even human, I’m a body shaped demon
With some semen in my sack and some problems in the back
And a life that’s full of crap, and a finger filled with hate
And a gat that’s filled with love, now let opposites attract
I can finally be one like a marriage in a church
But this marriage has a hearse and the parents of the one
That’s getting married has a curse and it’s made up inside of him
Too late to reimburse but, wait it gets worse
All the guests that’s in the church, all decided to disperse
So there was nobody who could stop the wedding with converse
So they tied the knot, now it’s too late to reverse
This arrangement (Yes it is) and the nurse is amazed at the hurt
That he was painting but it was obvious in all the photos
He was paining, now a bunch of whispering immerse

And then the nurse blurts
(What the fuck is his problem, here, we have two doses to give him, here)
Why didn’t anybody ask him first?
(I’ve been asking you this whole time)
Because nobody gave a fuck
(Someone gave a fuck Tyler
And, uh, the person that gave a fuck was me
See, you’re not, going crazy, it’s me, I’m your best friend Tyler
I know everything, I know everything about you
You’ve been helping yourself this whole time
Your friends, they’re just figments of your imagination
Dr. TC, see Tyler, I’m your conscience
I’m Tron Cat, I’m Ace, I’m Wolf Haley, I’m..)

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Tyler, The Creator Golden Comments


  2. pizzatime

    my boy a grammy winning schizophrenic fuckin orphan now 🙏🏽

  3. Sshoestring63

    why didn't she get that abortion?
    Probably cause that motherfuckin embryo was morphing
    Into a Grammy-winning, schizophrenic, fucking orphan

  4. Poet RAWNESTY

    I thought my AirPods were fucking up for a sec man this bud goood

  5. mightyhealthy

    “Wait! It gets worse!”

    My life in a nutshell.

  6. Damien V

    Real fans only

  7. YourGranmada

    Still here my nigga

  8. The boy of horror

    8 years later?

  9. Channy

    I love the instrumentals makes me feel good

  10. Ashton Quick


  11. EliasMsv

    did sam die. Where did this album take place

    Baked Beans

    This is when Tyler realizes when all these characters are figments of his imagination. Sam dies in Sam is dead I believe.

  12. Stray

    And I’m not even human I’m a body shaped demon
    With some semen in my sack
    And some problems in the back
    And a life that’s filled with crap
    And a finger filled with hate
    And a gat that’s filled with love
    Now the opposites attract💯💯💯💯💯

  13. JESWAF

    Top 10 anime plot twist

  14. Polk

    Tyler hated on himself. Haters hated on Tyler. But god damn he is so talented.

  15. Tony Prince

    I’m gonna commit suicide while this song plays in the background

    Softlice _

    are you serious or no



  16. Biggucci cactus

    He predicted his future what a genius

  17. Zeus

    2019 and still

  18. Hater

    i am a table too

  19. Diegordi

    I don't know why, but I like the album cover without the title.

  20. Polk

    Golden + Cocaine = 🔥

  21. Beleg Strongbow

    Nice, dungeon synth

  22. Michael Brown

    2019 OTF 😍😍😍

  23. Swami Desperado

    Earl is my favorite rapper and all, but not enough people give Tyler the title of Big Brother to the Prophet

  24. money_mker_taker_2743 savage


  25. Dylan Rainey

    5:47 RIP KING CAP

  26. Malachi Johnson

    7 years later???

  27. Captain Mariah

    thank you tyler

  28. Mpho Prince Maidi

    7 years ago and it's still The best

  29. Niles M

    This instrumental is so intense

  30. Astral Jack

    the whole marriage bars was a play on suicide that shits fucking crazy he got married with death and nobody was there to stop it

  31. Beverly McFadden

    I'm Missing My Only Friend !!! 🤥

  32. Mets Diehard

    Grammy winning schizophrenic orphan

  33. michael weaver

    everybody screaming free earl, y'all missin a new album I'm missin my only friend 💯😥

  34. ThePacemaker45

    Beginning always makes me laugh

  35. R.a.w Wood

    Burger has to be my fav

  36. Lil Molly666

    “A gat full of love” tyler was in the future thats a meme now

  37. A.D.I.

    2018 and it's still my favourite album

  38. DaveyLeeRiot

    I know Tyler refuses to admit any of his shit was ever "horrorcore" but 95% of the goblin album meets that ecactt criteria exactly that & I love it

  39. Cringe Clown


  40. Awsome4649

    Before xxxtentacion


    Awsome4649 DONT


    Xxxtentacion was never that good

  41. T_Dapper

    Anybody around in 2018?

  42. Ryan Golombecki

    Tyler the Creator raped me.

  43. Abel ヅ

    End still gives me chills all over

  44. zach loomis

    20 why didn't she get that abortion? Probably bc that embryo was morphing into a grammy winning skitzofrantic fucking orphan.

    Mets Diehard

    zach loomis so flames

  45. N8.

    im stuck in a trance please help

  46. lil erection man

    i used to dance in my room listening to this song when i was depressed.

  47. Christian Gailes

    i like this song bro

  48. Jeremy Cu

    damn, no wonder all this ""help"" isnt helping the dude, he actually alone. Dr TC is Tron Cat, Tyler's Consciousness, a mental sickness. He doesnt have a therapist, he just suffering alone.

    CrazyChris Lee

    Nigga we know this

  49. TheInsidiousArtiste

    The ending to this song gives me fucking chills

  50. Jeffrey

    "I say odd, y'all say future, odd....nah that's shit corny AF"

  51. Ryan Peterson

    no apirit here

  52. Jesus Christ

    one of the hardest tyler songs... he gets so emotional

  53. Callum Ledsom

    So underrated

  54. Anthony Lagz

    scum fuck flower boy

  55. Zay Zay2k

    what is this song about?

  56. H8rdwork

    I like Tyler and ICP. And I gotta say, Tyler would of made a perfect juggalo rapper if he joined the Psychopathic Records. He's honestly what missing from ICP nowadays. That crazy, sick, mental, yet creative type rap. Even though he don't define his raps as horrorcore. Though you can't blame people​ from mistaking that. He does a good job at it. Either way, don't matter. I like rocking both Odd Future, ICP & other juggalo rappers like Twiztid & Boondox. Just fresh ass music.


    Tron Cat he change his style

  57. mahiri hoilett

    this shit goes to hard

  58. Doe

    this album made me who i am today

  59. MARI

    this deserves a millions views.

  60. The google Bell

    This is honestly so fucked up in the best way possible

  61. kingofda playazball

    mom works hard
    son lies about taking classes at community college

    *fuck...* that line cuts deep.

  62. Oh Zack

    "When I say od, you say future " "od" ... "nahh, that shit corny asf" 😂

  63. Yusuf Zulfi

    Holy fk. I remembered reading the Thrasher article about Odd Future. It was the 2010 December edition . Back then Odd Future was almost basically non-existent and Tyler wasnt famous yet.It was like this amateur homemade rap group by kids in their room. Look at how far Tyler had made it. Damn. The thing that stood out to me the most was the 'Wolf Gang Kill Them All'

  64. SlushyinHD

    needs more 96'ers

  65. Al I

    Deep as fuck nigga

  66. Novamane aka Numba3

    "ima fukkin table" realest shii i ever herd 💯💯💯

    Koko Posts

    Nova BeTurnt so 🔥🔥


    This is one of the best comments ive read in a while


    Bro I swear to christ until I saw this comment I always thought he said 'im a fuckin tailor' ' I'm a fuckin tailor'

  67. Novamane aka Numba3

    "to these white kids" 😂😂 damn tyler

  68. s0thndr

    Everyone shitted on Tyler for his whole Bastard/Goblin era. He was so ahead of his time. People wanted to nitpick, but he was so real. This shit is so underrated. Great fucking song.

    Smitty MK

    s0thndr Shitted?

  69. Mirlyne Alezi

    crazy ass shit

  70. Unicorn Power

    oretega or suprema....?????

  71. Unicorn Power

    imma find the nina ;)

    perc nowitzki

    Julian Rodriguez and find a nice arena

  72. Tatiana Crey

    don't help with shit

  73. Nathaniel Morris

    last time i heard this song was 3am on mandy lmao #lit

  74. Channy

    I go to sleep listening to this.

    Novamane aka Numba3

    forrrrreal tho😂😂💯

  75. Kirby With Blue background


  76. Sean Barry

    *checks description and sees that this isn't in the music category, but in the howto and style category*

    Harry Silkstone

    sean barry pretty sure that's how people avoid copyright claims

  77. Carter Gilliland

    twenty why didn't she get that aborsheen probably cuz that muthafkin embryo was morphine



  78. Isaac Angel

    After a break up 🤘🏼👿

  79. isaac Rayder

    i keep a golden glock in my pillow but golden goblins are dope too

  80. Tommy Thompson

    5:32 reminds me of that adventure time episode where the bubble was like: im air bmo. no more privacy no more alone

  81. Las Montanas Son Mi Vida

    shits fucking dark. love you tyler

  82. Reid Lyden

    Anyone who thinks Tyler is good is retarded

  83. oldfoofuture

    this and tron cat and bastard remind me so much of my 8th and 9th grade man fuck I miss those days 😖


    +Brayden Reynolds this was released in 2011 lol I was in 7th grade when it was released


    +Brayden Reynolds it is a sequel

    Dom Baker

    "to record some bullshit called bastard" does he even like it?


    This and Bastard remind me of my 6th and 7th 😪 before he blew up smh tb af


    This and Bastard remind me of my 6th and 7th 😪 before he blew up smh tb af

  84. local loser

    this dark ass rap and dark beat with dark lyrics is juat timeless

  85. Ralfy Castro


  86. Wyatt Smedley

    "Ending it is all I fuckin think about," 😕pretty much

  87. GMD Streetzter

    "I killed my best friend!!!!" That part just really....

    GMD Streetzter

    Xgamer #epic i killed my fucking friend at 3:16


    GMD Streetzter and tc says who wouldn’t wanna kill their best frends

  88. a stoner named pablo

    ...still love this song .-.

  89. Alberto Koch

    idk how many times i've heard this song.. just a couple of times i guess pfffff with saying time i get sooo aasiiaan pahahahah

  90. oldmanjarvis

    You guys ever notice on every Tyler album the last song is depressing or sad

    Kyle Mcgee

    was unaware of that, sorry.

    Gucci Burqa

    @Henry Dowse bastard came before wolf

    Mysticdemonfish 1

    Gucci Burqa yea but that’s how the story goes


    @Mysticdemonfish 1 maybe coz it's not confirmed

    prod. ernie

    Anthony Lagz not they’re not lmao

  91. Kenny 97

    "When I say odd, yall say future, odd-o ahh nah that shits corny af" been a min since I listened to this track.

  92. gyssell green

    bad ass


    Im not depressed but I love these songs

    matthew damon

    I am a table and enjoy this song

    zach loomis

    You're a judgemental fuck. You don't have to be depressed to enjoy music


    zach loomis how did his comment come off as judgemental?


    I think edgy tyler is funny

  94. Spencer Warner

    I love your songs they are the best and I like your music videos also Tyler and I'm a big fan to. By Spencer warner

  95. Ratweed

    Wow I'm stupid. I only just realized...

    Dr. TC and (T)yler's (C)oncious (TC)
    Same thing with Tron Cat


    Usually when people saying "I'm stupid," or anything of similar meaning they are just using it ironically to emphasize the point they are trying to make, I don't actually think I'm an idiot lol


    Wow you're right I always just thought it was (T)yler, the (C)reator

    Asian Ping

    Fool it actually stands for (T)yler the (C)reator, almost all other characters are connected to the words Tyler the creator, ace the creator, young t etc.


    No, at the end Dr. TC says "i'm your conscious" (T)yler's (C)onscious

    matthew damon


  96. Dee Davis

    Tyler really did a good job with character changes throughout his work and It shows his creativity

    matthew damon

    I really like his table persona. Very intriguing indeed.


    matthew damon yes

  97. devon williams

    I'm not fucking crazy, I'm a fucking table! IM A FUCKING TABLE

  98. JigglyVideos

    I love all of Tyler's stuff.