Tyler, The Creator - Gelato Lyrics

[Tyler, The Creator & Jacquees:]
Let's hope they don't take this one down man
OG Parker

[Tyler, The Creator:]
What's the deal-o? Ain't 'gon lie, I'm feeling you
You got me on tippy toe, so who's Oliv, who's Elio?
It's don't matter, negative niggas gon’ say, this don't add up
But fuck they math up, shit, we subtract 'em
Ayo, tell me whats the problem, I just pop models
Boy or girls these days, shit, it don't matter
We can fuck Sunday cause I don't read Bibles
But I'm faithful to this money and these Céline goggles
I don't pop bottles, I just cop automobiles full throttle
New engine can't follow, get a jet to Lake Como
We can try some new gelato, shawty, I'm forreal
Like my role model, hmm, shawty, I listen
Unlike like my father, I can give you attention
You won't feel empty like pocket that lint in
Pack a few bags I got space in my mansions
Plural, hurry with decision
Cause I'm looking for a parrot and you looking like pigeon
Better that's so raven and get another vision
If you wanna be my newest edition like Bivens, woah

You need some validation
I got a plan 'cause you're more than that
No better situation, girl, you all for that, and I 'magine that
Feel you need some validation
While I'm grippin', your waist, we move to your place
No better situation (come on)
Girl, I'll be your escape, come and swing my way

[Tyler, The Creator:]
Yeah yeah, golf wang, golf shit, shoutout Jacquees
Switch it up, picking up my car in hour, this view is beautiful

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