Tyler, The Creator - Fuck Love Lyrics

Yo, the only girl I ever loved
Fucked some nigga that I really hate
And the funny part about it that we didn't even date
But at the end she could still say she got her pussy ate
Yummy her in her tummy, pour out cause
Cummy in her bummy means that a little me being coming
So I let her blow my flute and start humming, bitch's brewin'
But that wasn't bubble gum that she was chewin'
Our relationship was like my music, chopped up, screwed up
Made her sick threw up, I gave her everything that wasn't enough
So I put two up, I'm hot, she cool, I call it a blue crush
We fucked, no kiss, that's it, fuck love
Snort drugs, make songs, go skate, daily life
Sarah or Dorothy, which one to make my wife
Or maybe I'll just marry both of them bitches, maybe twice

I was in love, but fuck it

Dorothy, my everything
She was my everything
Sarah, my lady,
Sarah, I love you

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