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Tyler, The Creator French! Comments
  1. _ Kosa _

    he has gun and htis is dangerous im dislinking this video

  2. VR Forever_17

    10 years in 7 days

  3. Matt O'Dea

    i remember I accidentally found this song when I was 10

  4. The 14th Flower Petal

    bro this was 10 years ago...

  5. sonikku956

    This is punk as fuck, why wasn't OF considered punk rap back then?


    Damn 10 years really flew by wtf

  7. OPTION47

    keep that bitch locked up in my storage

  8. Rasmus Holm


  9. JoJoTh3Boy

    you can tell which era of tyler your listening to by whether he pitches his voice up or down

  10. Destiny Davis

    how is new magic wand the perfected version of french. it’s been on my mind nonstop


    I guess cause of the whole style of distorted synths that both songs have

  11. Poop Sock #184673

    I wonder what his new "fans" would think about this

  12. Joesephi Crosinski

    shitty how all the new fans are only seeing this now

  13. Mista' Kleen'

    I Love this better then NMW

  14. ūšër

    Tyler doesn’t age

  15. Chur Bum

    New magic wand 😦

  16. Teh KGB

    dawg what the fuck happy 10 years ❤️

  17. Jack Moore

    10 years.

  18. feliciathegoat

    Back here cause of the ig post

    bubbabear _23

    same lmao


    Me tooooo


    same... time to reminisce

    Lauren Herrera

    me toooo

    •* miya *•

    me too 😔✋🏾

  19. matic

    10 YEARS!

  20. Lindroe

    Who here from his ig post, about new magic wand is the perfected version of this

    that dude with donuts

    read it and returned

  21. Nessie

    *small taco*
    *small taco*




    *small travis*

  22. leo986

    Anybody know how he makes his voice like that

  23. Shaggy Jxnes

    I believed every word of this when I first heard it on the school bus in 2010

  24. mashed taters

    Igor fans are scared

  25. that dude with donuts

    bye nigga

  26. chloesfuneral

    I can’t stop laughing lmaooo

  27. Wolf Haley

    I love the fact that he looked like a crackhead having a panic attack when he rapped

  28. AJ Bozeman

    Who’s here after IGOR??

  29. Soul _ K1ng

    Damn Taco looks so young

  30. [aqua]MUSIC

    Tacos like 6 years old


    Tyler’s old music videos makes me feel weird

  32. Pepe Official YouTube Channel

    0:22 don't don't shoot me down

  33. Radical Winter

    I remember hearing this song for the first time and thinking how horrible the lyrics were

  34. Kain Sanchez

    Vintage Tylerᵀᴹ

  35. soulja boy #1 fan

    0:56 that shirt predicted the chad meme

  36. jh808

    Taco is baby

  37. Alyssa bustamante

    Taco 💀

  38. Sykari Adams

    wow this is such a throwback. Who's listening in 2019?

  39. Samirah Muhammad

    Tyler has really involved💀

  40. Dustin Machat

    th fuck

  41. M L

    Don't leave, it's my fault...

  42. Twisted_Frequency

    This Tyler would not survive this new age of pussys

    swage cate

    hurr durr flower boy fans are pussies hurr durr me so tough and edgy!!

    Denis N

    @swage cate flower bois is soy drinking bean boys

  43. steamfend

    This is actually one of the coolest music videos of all time. It's so fucking raw

  44. nicotine beats

    Look at this nice young group of African Americans

  45. Lil Vitamins

    Rip Tyler 😢 2008-2013

    HalfNoob HalfPro

    He isnt dead...

    Lil Vitamins

    @ZUREMAT the ignorant Tyler is dead. He changed.

    Vondarius Harrington

    Yeah I miss the OG Odd Future wave

    olivegardenbreadstickfanatic 2009

    @Lil Vitamins everyone matures

    swage cate

    @Vondarius Harrington what do you mean "miss"? it didnt go anywhere,GOBLIN OUT NOW

  46. Huh, Bless yo Trap

    Anyone in 2019?

  47. Lilly Ortega

    2020 make Mexico Mexico

  48. - Qwerty -

    damn tyler changed

    swage cate

    @epic why and how "worse"?


    @swage cate he isnt the same like he was back then i think he was better in the old days

    swage cate

    @epic well yea nigga you gotta change

  49. ImWat

    This shit gonna be fucking 10 years old soon!

    Brave Kings

    Brahson end times have finally come to a end.

  50. MisterImpolite

    2019 where we at

  51. lvk

    flower boy fans would hate this lmao

    swage cate

    no,we dont,i can confirm.
    im so sick of you old fans always hating on the new fans for being "pussies",his new stuff is objectively better and if you like his old stuff thats ok but dont hate on the new ones,its scummy.

    Denis N

    @swage cate na his old stuff is way better

    swage cate

    @Denis N literally

    shut the fuck up troll


    I mean I've been listening to Tyler since Wolf I love all of his albums but Flower Boy is his best album in my opinion Wolf will always be my favorite bit I think Flower Boy is his best for sure that doesn't mean that I still can't come back to Bastard and Goblin and love the shit out of them and be ignorant with the music


    @swage cate goblin > flower boy


    That’s insane how young they were

  53. Jackseh Bruhfroy

    Hol up Tyler gay now what

  54. Danila Khomyakov

    Who’s from da 2019?

  55. Stupidhead154


  56. Nicholas Carruth

    Old Tyler!!

  57. Asia B


  58. GabrielGiovanni

    this still bangs in 2019

  59. ibal rkhptra

    Vote igor

  60. In the World Today

    I'm much older, but Tyler reminds me of Pharcyde. Those were my ninjas. Wish I was young enough to roll with these guys. Love the beats, the music, the silly raunchy lyrics, the whole 9 yards.

  61. Jorn Boerkamp

    Only real fans here🙂

  62. Psydraulics

    Taco look 0.2 seconds old in this video

  63. Geeeeeked

    his new album gay af

    Denis N

    @swage cate yes


    Bruh Nicki Menaj possessed his soul 0:09

  65. kavmanproductions

    2019 is a different aspect to what this man really is

  66. King Asurah

    You just gotta love the growth tyler went through with his music. And this is still fire after all those years. From french too are we still friends, there is something for everyone.

    swage cate

    holy shit,a comment on an old tyler video that doesnt hate on the new fans?what is this?

    Denis N

    @swage cate its blasphemy i must burn this man

  67. stepu

    Got all the black bicthes mad cuz my main bitch vallina
    She tryna to get her groove back like stella, grab the umbrella
    When it comes to your perception of my shit I'm hellen keller
    When it comes to the perfection of my shit I know you smell the RECTUM
    I'm like a chromosome I always ex 'em
    Like wolverine steps in attackin' a deadly weapon
    I'm openin' a church to sell coke and Led Zeppelin
    And fuck Mary in her ass ha ha yo
    I'm fucking Goldilocks up in the forest
    In the three bear house eating their muthafuckin' porridge
    I tell her it's my house, give her a tour
    In my basement, and keep that bitch locked up in the storage
    Rape her and record it, then edit it with more shit
    Octopussy special effect, the wet bitches be banging
    And please never disrespect my set with cannon
    Hanging from my neck like it's a muthafuckin' circus

    You little niggas better check my French
    You getting money better check my French
    Ahh, what time is it, huh? Check my French
    If you cop my shit you better check my French, muthafucka
    Im makin' moves check my French
    I speak English but check my French
    Your hoe be on my penis she check my French, bitch

    I guess I left my dignity up in the cupboard
    Cause every girl im digging, when im digging in her pussy
    Im never using a rubber
    But fuck it I guess I gotta steach it out like it was flubber
    And leave it drippin' green and red like it was double cheese buggers
    Chewin' on cum like bubble gum from hubbard
    This bitch knew dick like Bubba knew shimp
    Yo Im seventeen, already sniffin' blow
    I tell my friends its asthma every time I start to itch my throat
    I got a new show for MTV, "Pimp My Boat"
    Because some bitch said my semen was dirty, that's silly ho
    The most that they can do is find me, Im hiding
    Somewhere where Chris Stokes cant find me
    Oh no Mister Stokes I don't like misters no
    Don't tell R. Kelly where my sister goes

    You little niggas better check my French
    You getting money better check my French
    Ahh, what time is it, huh? Check my French
    If you cop my shit you better check my French, muthafucka
    Im making moves check my French
    I speak English but check my French
    Your hoe be on my penis she check my French, bitch

    Yo you little niggas better check my french
    I got all stars and you can check my bench 
    Left Brain super three
    Creator Ace puttin' the expressions in music and create the face
    Of the picture, punchline figured out ahhh I get you
    No you don't nigga so why don't you go figure
    You seem confused anyway, pressure enough?
    You the type to do the choke when the pressure is up
    The pressure is to pump and pressure is us
    Bitches havin' eargasms and the pleasure is us
    Niggas wanna B.O.F. and write letters to us
    Competition's competition, yo you better than us?
    Digest what Im sayin'? I don't think so
    We sick shit, throw it up down in the sink yo
    The odd niggas are beginning to spill these pink hoes
    We think sorta odd so we think so

    Crusin' in my go kart at Walmart sellin' cupcakes
    Go ahead admit it faggot this shit is tighter then buttrape
    That evolves Ballpark franks and silver duct tape
    Pornos and hormones and boxes of DiGiorno
    You homos is loco your prolly drinking Cuervo 
    With some vatos with the door closed watchin' zorro you homos

  68. Sarah Curnayn

    "Check my fridge"

  69. Lutaa

    looking back at this since igor just dropped is fucking crazy

  70. Arrion Archie

    Crazy how OF changed so much

  71. Alejandro Davila



  72. Slayerfan 99

    Still miss this. Edgy Tyler was the best.

    give me back my kids

    ngl edgy tyler still slaps but he had nothing real to say


    give me back my kids What does that even mean?

    give me back my kids

    @TommyTom21 as in he had no message or story in the case of IGOR he was just trynna piss off old white guys


    give me back my kids Thats not true, at all. His albums have always had a story and meaning, have you even listened to Wolf?

  73. Miles Waddington

    2019 gang???

  74. TrueLyrics777

    This was 9 years ago
    Fuck I’m old

  75. ace

    i love u

  76. Carter McDavitt

    who here 2019

  77. Albert Solomanco

    2019 ¿?¿

  78. Dee Jones

    "Got all da black bitches mad cuz my main bitch vanilla" and all this time Tyler wasn't even into bitches 😂 ultimate troll lmao


    He likes bitches too but now we know he also likes *his niggas vanilla ☠️ we got played

  79. v a l

    9 years :(

  80. Mir Redd

    Ohhhh Tyler is the street punk 😂😂😂

  81. Alexus Carpenter

    ahhhhh.... the good ole days lol

  82. Shaggy Stoner Maco

    2019 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. JASON.S


  84. Cody Grant

    Tyler’s career glow up makes me happy as a mf

  85. Jason Ortega

    When tyler was humping the shopping cart lmaooo

  86. G PLAYBØY SANTANA mcdaniel

    2019 bitch

  87. Tyler Hennessy

    I love the way his voice sounds in this song.

  88. Danny Fernandez


  89. Garfield Mcsniffit

    9 years ago today!!!

  90. Big Awgie x

    who else is a flowerboy fan and was doing research of all of tyler’s old music ?😂😂😂🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

    The Meme Plug On 5tH

    we been here for a minute now

  91. monze!

    taco omg

  92. JK-47

    why is he so cute

  93. Malcolm Quint

    back when tyler was savage af

  94. dashie's bbgurl

    "Got all the black bitches mad cause my main bitch vanilla" 😂😂 damn tyler

  95. Tyrell Jones

    I miss Odd future all together and miss this Tyler 😔 I still fw colorful Tyler though

  96. JD L

    Odd shit