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Tyler, The Creator FIND YOUR WINGS Comments
  1. Davo

    I’m feeling the vibe

  2. Dream

    Tyler that dude

  3. Ton Robert

    I don’t want to like this guy’s music and 🎵 not because of gay the propaganda but I can’t help but feel like it’s something specific .

  4. beatlekid

    who's the dude at 0:54?

  5. Naturally Queen

    I always find my way back to this song it’s so soothing

  6. Shelly Know

    i felt better

  7. anthony patterson

    R.A.M.P. heavily influenced

  8. Dubleclick44


  9. Peter Okaru

    Kali is fine, but who is the lady at 0:34?


    syd bennet

  10. Tropical Cheerio

    Cherry Bomb wasn’t great
    But this and Deathcamp was

  11. Keefey Tho

    This was 4 years ago ... Where the fuck is time going ?!?!

  12. Stacy Moore

    Why is he holding that mans hands like that.....why is his face that close to his....yo what the fuck is this ???. Nevermind, not even watching this

  13. da Vi

    He was a trend, he is a trend and he will be a trend

  14. Tyler the Creator

    Frankie just chilling

  15. turnerchas8

    Keep rollin'. It is beautiful.

  16. HoodieJaylon

    This is a vibe

  17. Malik Grant

    Tyler kept his style

  18. ChiknNoodl

    This feels like a tyler the creator music video from an alternate dimension

  19. Thulium

    Buffalo wings*

  20. Charlotte Patty

    proof that kali uchis wore playboy necklaces before everyone

  21. Chardai Adams

    2019 💕

  22. Demitri San Miguel

    Did nobody notice that steve is in is

  23. M S

    I can listen to this on repeat all day.....💜

  24. ynazzra

    That wheezy laugh! 😂😂😂

  25. Marwan Wiswasee

    That funk drop 👌🏻❤️

  26. Pb Stackzz

    November 2019??

  27. Biron James

    Kali uchis been with tyler since the beginning

  28. Angel J


  29. Blaque Gemini

    Tyler x Roy Ayers . Simply fucking amazing ... need more of that

  30. Green Light Music Channel


  31. Nick

    Why is YouTube just recommending me this gem now? I love it I needed to see this 4 years ago.

  32. Brown

    This song makes me feel so good omg 😳 morning

  33. Brown

    I love this bitch

  34. John Potter

    Syd harmonizing with Tyler is 😍😍😍😍

  35. Jonathan Ciesla

    Tyler is lost with the sky camera issues to find me so he had to rediscover himself through parties and groups of people around him.

  36. Volt Phonic


  37. Sharko Boy

    Before "IGOR"

  38. Aron Balk

    First teen movie studio

  39. Birdude

    too many people in here that don't roy ayers.

  40. Charles Jager

    Lol the part when he’s talking into the mic abt how ur supposed to fly is funny but boosts your confidence at the same time

  41. Chico fade

    This is so hot

  42. Sinan Cankaya

    Pre-Flower Boy

  43. Obito Uchiha

    This is so wholesome!

  44. Zamorbruh

    Tyler really out here sampling “the incredibles”

  45. Nafisa Quazi

    I Thought i died and i was in Heaven

  46. patruli

    Syd very underrated

  47. #rollerboychris Christopher Jones

    Who is still rofl at 0:54 when ole dude just shook his head like...wtf this nigga crazy!!

  48. Arthur D Pendragon

    Yo this version of Earfquake sounding weird

  49. ArcaneThingOfBeauty

    That Roy Ayers sample! 🥴🤤

  50. BigHeadDanny

    1:27 you a bird😂

  51. Coriyuna Bell

    that laugh thoooo

  52. barbeque feet

    100x better than the album version

  53. DEX WW

    Kali is beautiful in every way

  54. TheReelMarko

    This makes me laugh

  55. Andrew Gutierrez

    so helpful thank you

  56. snoop dogg dank kush

    Why did he delete Gerry bomb videos

  57. djfhhf jdjfb

    *my lil nigga*

  58. Cameron Drake

    Lol Tyler for president

  59. PantherHarri

    How are you today
    Tyler: Yes very Yes

  60. spicy

    oh my god i could totally see odd future as an old band from the 80s or something

  61. noahismango

    Lol Left Brain on the drums

  62. KloutBoi

    Music video gives my earfquake vibes

  63. Lizbeth Hernandez

    Figs by Gford

  64. sensitive flower

    tyler , syd , steve and kali ... this is mf magic

  65. TheSmigko

    Damn I dont know why I hate myself this fucking much. this song use to help so much, I dont even feel real anymore I need a way out. Not to sound bitchmade but fuck

  66. Laurão S

    I think is needless to say how talented Tyler's when it comes to making music, also how Syd and everyone else os talented as well but can we appreciate how many things Tyler is "pioneer" in,,, like those aesthetics,,, people are making edits with this ästhetisch now and I know how someone probably did before but he did it in 2015 when I think the aesthetics for music videos were different and he's just really original.

  67. Mathias Lind Hansen

    Is the first string section of the song with the synth part of some other song I heard somewhere else or did Tyler produce that?

  68. Natasa Park


  69. SVMMY B

    We all wanted this to continue. Longer than 00:00:03:34.00 is all I’m saying

  70. Shut up, I'm pretty

    I’m finally finding this damn song four years later lol

  71. Idalia Rodríguez

    Fok kali doin here? Nigga this a soul train not poposa truck

  72. Wolf

    that laugh at 1:12 😂

  73. Adrian Rodriguez


  74. patrick

    1:32 0:37

  75. Haqieqat Jawando

    This song is too short

  76. ttt t

    is she syd...?????

  77. Heh Creep

    You guys don’t see my boy Steve lacy in the back? 😔

    Mike Taylor

    Heh Creep ye the boy with the braides

  78. 304RealAssP NiggasKnow

    Is that 🌮??

  79. Cinomatix

    My 2nd favorite song off the album

  80. Antwone Davis

    Is there other albums like this

  81. allise

    He should do this with I THINK

  82. chronological

    Everyone who says this is Flower Boy knows nothing about funk.

  83. Evan Stone

    Baby Igor

  84. sad squid

    best song from CHERRY BOMB

  85. Cognome Nome

    THIS 👏 SONG 👏 IS 👏 TOO 👏 SHORT 👏

  86. Nick



    on the bass?


    @omx yeah my bad

  87. RoRo R.

    The background music before 1:30 and stuff... anyone know the name?

    Chris Havok

    That’s literally the intro to this song. It’s called “Find Your Wings”...

  88. Ronaldo Amorim

    O gênio chamado Tyler the creator

  89. t. seb

    someone needs to sample 3:03 pls

  90. Caitlin Gustafson

    steve has his little moment in the back aww

  91. Blake Wanotch

    Song starts at 1:40

  92. rain flower

    So y'all gonna talk bout Kali but forget Syd

  93. Chance Henderson

    Kali looking like Amy winehouse

  94. Tyler T

    Igor brought me back 💙💙💙

  95. Shaun McGraw

    Kali Uchis’s voice is the sound of my youth

  96. Ashlyn

    Can this soul train aesthetic thing become an on-going series? All you gotta do is say yes.


    thank u ashlyn


    And it did.

    turtle mc murtle

    Not tryna attack yall but

    *I don't think he was really askin yall* ¬_¬

    Edit: or she. Hey, I don't discriminate😌👌