Exactly what you run from, you end up chasing
Like, you can't avoid the, the chasing it
And just like trying, giving it everything that you can
There's always an obstacle

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  1. Oisin

    the first time i heard this going from i think into running out of time gave me goosebumps. its so out of place but it works so well

  2. Yuri

    Allan watts?

  3. Wappy

    i thought this was an ad lmao

  4. infinite wisdom

    sounds like spifey

  5. Wishiwasthere78

    So we just gonna forget about boyfriend

  6. Ma Spyro

    Hes def tryna be deep, and the concept makes sense.
    But i think "sometimes you have to close a door to open a window" is just a troll lol

  7. Siltuatha

    Reminds me of jackstauber

  8. Shaquoya G

    If it would play through without the stupid ads

  9. Guy Fiery

    I just realized the first chords are in tron cat and sometimes.

  10. Santiago CruzHernandez

    Exactly like That!

  11. D Gordon

    I Don't Run From Money Sorry

  12. Kenyon Montez

    thank youTyler, very cool,

  13. danial lagrowsy

    favorite song from this entire album

  14. Magic

    he was running from a white, skinny boy

  15. XRainingGamingX

    this song is too long for me

  16. Lucid

    Why is this so true 😔💔

  17. buggy

    best song on the album ☺👊

  18. Higq M

    I will try to make a full version of this beat

  19. Comrade Charlotte

    I love how it cuts out "obstacle" a bit lol

  20. Dante Redgrave

    The shortest track on the album
    But the longest title on the album

  21. Rest Easy

    Really recorded this on discord.

  22. hungrykidd

    can’t wait for the rest in the next album

  23. RyeBird

    when i originally listened to igor for the first time i was so confused like i thought itunes cut off the rest of the music for some reason and i just sat there until he next song started

  24. stephany

    Just came back from listening to boyfriend

  25. Kramer Laugh

    I really got an add longer than this song

  26. stephany

    Anyone here from after 'boyfriend'

  27. Casy Dela Black

    This from bonus track call Boyfriend, listen!

  28. Harshil

    The full version of this is called “boyfriend” so search up Igor boyfriend

    Edge Worth

    It got removed .

  29. J0ber naut


  30. Tajay Guion

    Who here after hearing boyfriend

  31. RellivaRaven

    This is great, almost as good as Elevator Going Up by Gorillaz.

  32. JordNGeek

    This is the best song i heard in my life

  33. Livlinks

    So short but also so true. Running from love end up chasing after it......

  34. Ranoo Jalal

    me waffling on a essay:

  35. Kenoly Mbele

    The only non copyrighted song by Tyler🙏🏾

  36. JEVON X


  37. shayan0 99

    Best sing

  38. Даниил Давлетов

    Сука бля ,я проник ,это шедеврпльно

  39. The Captain

    The advert skip timer is longer than the video itself

  40. Joseph Jones

    that first chord sounds just like the first chord off Tron Cat from Goblin and Sometimes from Flower Boy

    That1guy We Know


  41. Sock

    Best song out of the album by far

  42. Cisort

    I would love if somebody does a 10 hour version of this.

  43. Mami Georgina B

    best song on the album

  44. Jeffrey Cogbill


  45. NSFW_Loli_Lewds

    Some real crazy shit is before I had actually got with my girlfriend I had always sort of avoided her and never wanted to be around here then over time I just fell in love with her, I was running from the love of my life and then ended up chasing her

  46. S Ξ II Y Δ

    I would like to go to studio Tyler, the creator to do the synthesis.

  47. oh, no

    where is everyone one from odd future at ?

  48. Naveen Raj

    Who is the one speaking?

    A r

    Naveen Raj the guy who interview him on “flower boy a conversation”

  49. Gokuvsnaruto22

    is there a deeper meaning to this?


    It’s about his sexuality, but could be applied to many things

  50. Adam Shepherd

    This was on my playlist and I thought I accidentally hit skip when the next song started playing


    Yo im laughin so hard how this shit #1 over djkhaled 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 khaled tried so fuckin hard and it feel like tyler didnt really

  52. Cullen Christenson

    Clearly the best song on the album

  53. Funny Valentine

    Best song on the whole world. This needs a grammmy

  54. Cannon

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  55. I Eat Garbage


  56. Scooby MiKE

    Is that Jerrod Carmichael?

  57. Zai Ysl

    AS above So Be Low

  58. Gamen Snootdroop

    You know the album's lit when a 15 second interlude on it is better than half the songs on the radio

  59. BigMacDaddy

    What the fuck even is this album


    A masterpiece, that's what it is

  60. JK 45M

    these words so true to me

  61. Antoine Combs

    Come on T

  62. Prince Wu

    Man wtf Tyler where is " I dont wanna play u I just wanna tape u undress u then I lay u down an record soft porn if its romance then its hardcore" VCR & Danielle Danielle yea u heard about Raquel

  63. Adrivisso

    Best song ever.

  64. Anel Salcinovic

    Im running from being fit, Athletic, owning a million dollar company, having tons of women and going and making 50000 dollars everyday.

    That’s what im running from.


    “tons of women”

  65. linearbrkdwn bro

    best 15 seconds of whole offering.

  66. Fraveee GaMiNg

    Fire tho

  67. TheVideoKid782

    10/10 best song on the album, the quality lyrics even speak to me

  68. Melterrr

    Chance the rapper, Tyler and childish are unique

  69. YunV

    Seems that most people definitely didn’t watch this from start to finish, but I like the story aspect

  70. Erik Stanley

    best song of the album no cap

  71. Tobias Hand


  72. 1000 subs no vids

    I’m being deadass serious this is the best song on the album

  73. BAM! Brody

    It sounds like he's reading off of a script and doesn't know what any of it means.😂still good tho

  74. Lincoln V

    This is my favorite song of the whole entire album

  75. druggy kitty

    I got a can of these baked beans too

  76. Jose Perez

    I thought my youtube was trippin cuz I kept thinking "why does it keep skipping this song" and then I noticed it's just 15secs.... wish it was a song

  77. Jose Perez

    Why didnt u make a song with this one

  78. Nobody ThatMatters

    Exactly what you run from, you end up chasing
    Like, you can't avoid, but just chasing it and just like trying
    Giving it everything that you can
    There's always an obstacle

    Paul Lalo

    Nobody ThatMatters profound

  79. Dylan Johnson

    Is that jerod carmichael talking?

  80. Noah De Ark

    I hope he has a verse for this that plays in concerts like he does with Sometimes.

    Devil ish

    well at least he has an alt song on the cd

  81. BAZCAT 74427

    Category= music

    ??Nigguh wuuhh??

  82. Zachariah Kinder

    best song on the album

  83. Bennett Turner

    Best song on album!!1!1!11!!1

  84. Trevin Conant


  85. Omeed Siadati

    best song in the album fr fr

  86. Osc4r

    This is the most fire thing in the world.

  87. Krumping Marge

    everybody who viewed this actually followed tyler’s directions

  88. Mr WTFish

    Virgil abloh is hella gay

  89. King Compalionso

    I like the old tyler

  90. wet panocha

    just Another guy to her . .

  91. Connor Fritz

    That one mission you really hate but you know you get something really good at the end

  92. Eric Taylor

    Does anyone know where this comes from?

  93. luminouslyedited

    Now tell me why when I was listening to this right when it came out and immediately I got hyped cause I thought I heard sometimes from flower boy

  94. cowmilkbiz

    ok so these chords are literally from "sometimes..." coincidence?