Tyler, The Creator - EARFQUAKE Lyrics

For real, for real this time
For real, for real, for real this time
(Bitch, I cannot fall short)
For real, for real, for real this time (Yeah yeah)
For real, for real, for real this time

'Cause you make my earth quake, oh, you make my earth quake
Riding around, your love be shakin' me up and it's making my heart break
'Cause you make my earth quake, oh, you make my earth quake (Earthquake, ooh)
Riding around, your love be shakin' me up and it's making my heart break

Don't leave, it's my fault
Don't leave, it's my fault
Don't leave, it's my fault (Yeah)
'Cause when it all comes crashing down I'll need you

'Cause you make my earth quake, oh, you make my earth quake
Riding around, you're telling me something is bad and it's making my heart break
'Cause you make my earth quake, oh, you make my earth quake (Earthquake)
Riding around, your love be shakin' me up and it's making my heart break (You already know)

Ain't gotta ball, D. Rose, huh
Don't give a fuck 'bout none (Hol' up)
Beaming like fuck my lungs (Hol' up)
Now I might call my lawyer (Hol' up)
Plug gon' set me up (Hol' up)
Bih, don't set me up (Okay)
I'm with Tyler, yuh (Slime)
He ride like the car (Hol' up)
And she wicked (Hol' up, yuh)
Like Woah Vicky (Hol' up, yuh)
Oh my God (Hol' up, um)
Diamonds not Tiffany (Hol' up, yuh)
So in love
So in love

Don't leave, it's my fault (Fault)
Don't leave, it's my fault
Don't leave, it's my fault
'Cause when it all comes crashing down I'll need you

'Cause you make my earth quake
I don't want no competition, no
You don't want my conversation (I don't want no conversation)
I just need some confirmation on how you feel (For real)
You don't want no complication, no
I don't want no side 'formation (I don't want no side 'formation)
I don't even know about that cause I'm for real (For real)

I said don't leave, it's my fault (Come on)
I said don't leave, it's my fault (Two, two)
Don't leave, its, it's my fa-ault girl (One, two, three)
Don't, do-do-do-do-do, I need-

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Tyler, The Creator EARFQUAKE Comments
  1. Destiny Watson

    I hate him so much lol <3 !!

  2. Asian Clapper

    B.E.S.T S.O.N.G

  3. Ikmal Intan

    Jordan Peele

  4. rocko6alex

    I think Tyler and the director got high before making this.

  5. Kevin Bailey


  6. adoboFosho

    Cartis verse is like typing in wingdings

  7. laura gregorio

    WTF happend at end

  8. isaacsito :v

    shits ass

  9. Ruben Wilson

    Taylor the creator is and always be my friend. He,s out with who he is and real. I love you my dude !

  10. MFG Tv

    It hits at 2:07

  11. gigi cervantes

    i swear tylers music isnt even music, its a whole mf blessing bro. nobody deserves his music and this world doesnt deserve tyler.

  12. Genexary

    His knees got possessed

  13. supreme Gonzales


  14. Kyle Hayden

    Is that not x bro

  15. Thh Imagine

    Not as good as boys who cry

  16. meme man jurp

    This song hits differently when you're taking a shit

  17. Brooklyn

    *yes* -Tyler the creator

  18. miguel angel arboleda quintero

    This video is very funny🤣🤣

  19. big_joe

    Haha when there is an earfquake haahaha.

  20. Gianna Arnold

    Best song change my mind I love Tyler 🥺

  21. Jake Mysterio

    2:12 im ded🤣🤣🤣

  22. boi-o -o

    this made me laugh to hard

  23. Luis Francisco

    anyone still here for 2020

  24. amal 666

    3:7 like xxxtentacion

  25. Reder212

    this man has the body language of a third grader in the school talent show

  26. geib.

    the end of those random commercials be like: 2:56

  27. N N

    Orgullo Peruano(no me funen)

  28. Glendy A.

    Bra he look like james Charles ang niki namage ha a baby

  29. DL X


  30. Mexican Godzilla

    My biggest regret is not asking her to dance with me

  31. Helin Samra

    oh didn‘t know angela merkel sings 🤔

  32. Aniya Mecham

    Me and my mom were listening to Earfquake and she asked who wrote it and i told her it was Tyler the creator and her exact words were “Tell Tyler that he created garbage”

  33. Lilliana

    Ok but Tyler looked fine asf as a firefighter

  34. Bloxy Guy

    Whilst he was playing the piano Tyler was literally the "This is fine." Meme when the guy's house is on fire 😂😂

  35. Bloxy Guy

    That beat felt like an *Earfquake*

  36. Bloxy Guy

    Tyler is the are have
    *_S W A G_*

  37. ZoopLoopz

    Carti is speaking enchanting table

  38. Liam Kloppers

    Everybody gangsta till carti start rapping in ramen noodle

  39. Spider Man 1975

    what is it exactly that u do?

  40. Lucas Rodrigo


  41. RadarOnYouTube

    You need an update
    You need an update
    Your software is now going low
    Cuz you need to upgrade

  42. Mikael Ferreira

    Mood kkk

  43. Enlil

    Hes got the voice and hair of an angel....

  44. Sam Perez

    i got pregnant to this song

  45. Humtornado

    I'm from Thailand and I really like this song

  46. husky1

    I can't wait to learn the new language called Playboy Carti

  47. Randy Lopez

    Anyone listening to this song in January 2025???

  48. CooledxD TheTurtle

    your girlfriend look like my mom

  49. Him Trap media

    Am i the onlyone who knew tyer today. LOL

  50. Its jimmy

    Everybody gangsta until carti summoms a demon with is knees

  51. April h

    Every one gangster until your couches start flowting

  52. Rick Ryan

    the host lowkey look like a black meryl streep.


    I’m so glad Tyler decided to grow out his hair!!!!
    It looks so much better than when it was short

  54. Kemaria washington

    I'm weirdly attracted to this 😂

  55. alberto garcia

    Outkast vibes


    I don't know alot of outkast songs, can you give me some similar to earfquake?

    alberto garcia

    @JESWAF Hey Ya! Roses, Ms. Jackson. The vibe and influence is definitely there. The wig thing and dancing in Hey Ya is uncanny.

    alberto garcia

    @JESWAF Earthgang is also often compared to Outkast. Especially their new MIRRORLAND album. It is a refreshing sound. You won't regret listening to it!

  56. GStroessner

    peruvian moment

  57. jackkk

    tyler: yes

  58. Gudda Gertrude

    He out here looking like number four from kids next door

  59. Guard Mcfly

    Rocklee liked that

  60. Sam Lawrence

    The category is education because we are learning Ancient Aztec from Playboy Carti

  61. Fir3y God

    It’s educational because you make his earfquake. 😎

  62. Kaurdi

    My Friend: Yo I bet I say some genius shit when i'm high right?
    Me: Sure ya do buddy
    What my friend says when he's high: 2:55

  63. Anthony Chandler

    You rockin that white mane of urs

  64. plz help me

    He reminds me of Mac DeMarco..

  65. Javier Manzo

    When carti said whehrjrjjdjfhfjd I felt that 💯

  66. restile

    when he said:
    i felt that😔

  67. Ashley Morales

    What do we have to do get an Igor visual album?

  68. XTrueBreed Music

    This hard💯

  69. olayjah chapplefields

    show lady: please, no fire.
    tyler: No

  70. 69’sLeft Hand

    Everybody gangsta until Tyler’s knees start speaking enchantment table sign language

  71. King_ Leek

    Lady: What is it exactly you Do

    Tyler: Yes

  72. Lily Miller

    So we gonna ignore how good Charlie Wilson did on this song and hasn't been given the credit he deserved?

  73. Dani Baraldés


  74. Rihanna Queen

    I love Tyler 😂😂😂he’s so funny 😂

  75. Ayden Gertze




    Joey Flight

    Dang. That's deep.

  76. T -Series

    Who’s watching this in 2069?

  77. Robloxian3

    Carti said 한국어 한국어 지진 텍스트 번역

  78. davaugh crawford

    No one:

  79. JUTON

    This nigga is a meme

  80. Eren Yeager


  81. adhiambo olang'o

    "What is it exactly that you do?"
    No one:

  82. Homeboy ACE

    That is a motherfucking CLAAAAAAASSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC

  83. Karla Rohová

    Tracee Ellis Ross is 💯💯💯

  84. MicHAEL Batsard

    Pro Tip: Don't Tell Tyler not to Smoke. There will be fire .

  85. Saikek

    *it's all cool and good till Carti start speaking Minecraft end credits*

  86. Orbit

    *Mera ghar hilra maki :/*

  87. nusti green

    that dance is called breaking your ankles but just really close

  88. Marcus Mölleborn

    Why does this sound like that song from spongebob “Boys who cry”?

  89. Aesthetic Edits

    Mom: go play with the neighbors kids

    Neighbors kids:

  90. Plushie Adventures live

    This is one of the best songs I've heard