Tyler, The Creator - Domo23 Lyrics

Swag, 2011
Young Nigga

Sick to my motherfucking tummy
Bitch must think I'm a motherfucking dummy
Because I dress bummy, bitch think I'm broke
Bitch, I ate one roach and I made a lot of money
Popping since Bastard, (manager) Clancy's my slave master
Thanks to them crackers, my pockets are fatter than excess shit that's weighing on Jasper
I've never popped a bottle, but I've fucked a couple models in Europe
Yup, and a couple of them swallowed
Meet me half way, bitch I'm going all in
And I never pull back, shout-out to my nigga Taco

Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, (Golf Wang!)
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang

So, a couple fags threw a little hissfit
Came to Pitchfork with a couple Jada Pinkett signs
And said I was a racist homophobic
So I grabbed Lucas and filmed us kissing
Feelings getting caught, it's off, I'm pissing
You think I give a fuck? I ain't even stick my dick in yet
(No homo. Too soon.)
And while y'all are rolling doobies
I be in my bedroom scoring movies
Still excited like a fucking newbie
Suck my dick, motherfucker, sue me
Mom got a new whip so she could scoop me
A year ago, I ain't have no hoopty
Four story home, gotta climb eight set of stairs
Just to see where my fucking roof be

Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, (Golf Wang!)
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang

Wait a God damn second
I'm tripping balls, David Beckham
Would fall cause shit's going down
Just like Rodney King swimming lessons
Now me and Justin smoke sherm and been talking 'bout freeing perms
And purchasing weapons, naming them and aim 'em in One Direction
(Wait a minute)
It sounds like midgets in a God damn speaker
Anytime you play this shit loud
But that's just me trying to get milk now
And the grunts of the god damn cow
Hit me on my beeper while Captain Hook suck my Peter
Pan camera, repeat procedure
And when the beat drop, have a goddamn seizure

Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, (Golf Wang!)
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang

Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, (Golf Wang!)
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang
Fuck that, Golf Wang

Cut it out! I said I didn't want no goddamn lettuce.
I don't want that shit! I don't want your goddamn lettuce. He-he

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Tyler, The Creator Domo23 Comments
  1. MixxyMix

    KSI and Logan be like

  2. just some raccoon

    when you try to catch the kid your baby sitting to get the remote to the tv back

  3. Famous Cryp

    Hair looked like KSI

  4. Derp Vader

    This is where Igor and Tyler met

  5. Shylynn Wolfgang

    2:57 wishing I was that camera

  6. pintoenobre

    Oh shit it's 2013 Igor!

  7. Burning Fire extinguisher

    _"WHAT'S UP FOOL"_

    *Top ten words said right before disaster*

  8. T H A T C H E R

    Spongebob: "ye indooooooors! Take it away, penny!"

    The penny: 1:12

  9. Scorpionz


  10. Desire Patreece

    This video is still funny 🤣

  11. Playboy Fargo

    Everybody gangsta till Tyler smokes an invisible cigarette 😳

  12. Ghetto Kaneki

    Guys Salem and wolf are in the video

  13. Space___Boy___


  14. Young Czs Music

    2020 brought me here 😭

  15. MAT_ ERZ

    Bruh the way earl dances at the end

  16. bryana ethyr

    2:39 ( or 2:53 ) - 3:08

  17. CytaMusic

    when i see that nigga fookie bookie imma kick his ass

  18. Kenoly Mbele

    Ohh so that’s where the IGOR wig inspo was from🤭

  19. gjhgvhgv hvgvg

    2:22 gets me every time

  20. bodd boward

    this was 7 years ago
    you can never go back

  21. Kayla Mark

    Idk if that’s fake or Tyler just packing and I noticed that earl sweatshirt is the referee

  22. juan xo

    I miss these days so bad bruh the OF era was so good

  23. Tommy Rickman

    Boy models

  24. Chris Mayes

    I hate your clothes. you ain't real. Bernie real. Who you support???

  25. Silas Yt

    I never knew Ksi made this song.

  26. Angellaye

    Fookie bookie

  27. chriiisclm

    4:27 LMAOOO

  28. Deeka

    babysitter bloodbath?

  29. Connor Cascon

    If you are here from tik tok, you are NOT welcome here. Go away you fuck.

  30. jasunami

    my brain started hurting when they didn’t start signing at the right time in the beginning

  31. Trey Hall

    scoring movies Now The Grinch

  32. McMexicans

    Take it away, Penny!

  33. XxX_geykumefan12_XxX

    0:04 just realized thats domo lmao

  34. greenbig al

    There's Tyler with his underage girlfriend from FUCKING YOUNG 2:23 and almost all of bimmer

  35. Rohit

    2:17 there’s a guy faintly yelling something and it sounds like my brother yelling my name so it puts me off every time

  36. Ooh gurl Shealreadyhaddonehadherses

    Yo the background of the begging of the video sounded a lot like the beginning of “Igor’s Theme” and I’m here for it

  37. roasteth


  38. •* miya *•

    wassup foo’

  39. rainbowgirl

    let’s go champ

  40. Zvarai Smith

    Earl at the end had me livid

  41. Venom Ikon

    Pewdiepie 😭

  42. KermitGangsterkiller3697

    Wtf did tyler stuff in the middle

  43. Thulium

    You can see Wolf and Salem there

  44. Willy Gee

    Free hodgy dawg

  45. Frannie

    you remind me of my CUT IT OUT

  46. Ayyliyah

    a sacred time

  47. Izzy Jenna

    ksi and logan paul got inspiration from this

  48. •Uuudd •

    Fookie Bookie > Roman Reigns

  49. Felipe MANTOVANI

    Earl looks much better with short hair

  50. Grizzly Bear

    Who’s Igor?? This Tyler the creator ofwgkta ofwg 👀👀

  51. Kayla Mark

    Is earl sweatshirt the referee?

  52. frozenlake 121

    Of all the questions I could ask I'm over here wondering why they're wrestling in a boxing ring

  53. Yeet Scrawny

    Bro I just found out that people are now discovering tyler through tik tok instead of, like, listening to his music. Tik. Tok.

    Guy Fiery

    Tik tok: The itch in everyone's hairy asshole nobody likes. Except people who like scratching themselves and depressed people.

  54. Julian Lopez

    Like 2019

  55. Dan Gilbert

    Imma tell my kids this was Logan Paul vs Ksi

    Burning Fire extinguisher


  56. Bakoma Itoe

    Who else went back to check if it was the same song after that flow change? 😂😂😂

  57. Bakoma Itoe


  58. Taco Hblg

    I wanted to see if any tik tok kids swarmed this after hearing this on one. So far it's clear 💁🏽‍♂️❤ *wipes sweat*

  59. Jay Taylor

    Is that Wolf and Salem in the stands @2:23

  60. Elena

    Bitch I ate one roach and made a lot of money

  61. Moe Lester

    Did he predict KSI's dreads?

  62. Yung STI

    Best memories when this tape came out

  63. hxcyy

    am I the only one that doesn’t get this

    it's yah boy

    hxcyy the couple you see in the first part of the video are on a date at a wrestling match and the second half shows them hanging out he’s talking about how much he likes her but they ain’t even suppose to be together because thats some other niggas girl lol

  64. Kim Dayrit

    DECEMBER 1, 2019 Just checking! :)

  65. Pillitos _

    ksi vs logan paul (2019 footage!!!!)

  66. Blaze

    2019 anyone??

  67. Mellow

    Logan Paul vs Ksi in a nutshell

  68. Louis Smart

    Man had the ksi hair

  69. shemaycry

    Tyler predicted Logan vs Ksi

  70. The bad guy's evil Twin

    Tyler probably spit some acid into that fat nigga's face

  71. Sneaky Ceup

    Anyone remember when wolf album was at zumiez

  72. Bruntskeeper Wank fest

    *Tyler’s abs made me question my sexuality...*

  73. Conor Nameless

    I didn't know there was a music video lmao

  74. Diego Franco

    The sumo libre fine 6 years later 😍

  75. Anime Rink


  76. Wolf Haley

    Idk why I love when Tyler rapped in his Wolf era he would be all twitchy and kinda nervous looking I always found it cute

  77. Bruh

    Earl still the best dancer in the world

  78. Austin Mills

    This predicted kid vs Logan paul

  79. Koniz js

    is that salem??

  80. Spicy

    he predicted the ksi fight

  81. XALTONY 13666

    Kinder garden memories

  82. Nic A.k.a. Personwhoexists

    Fun fact: if you buy the physical version of “wolf” there’s a skit between “Domo23” and “Answer” that isn’t on any online versions and it’s just an audio bit of Tyler calling Thurnis and beating the living crap out of the phone when he doesn’t answer


    Nic A.k.a. Personwhoexists Thurnis was too busy washing his golf balls.

    Nic A.k.a. Personwhoexists

    TommyTom21 yeah, probably

  83. Xerxes

    this is the greatest piece of filmography across any media ever

  84. Brody Thompson

    Tbh Tyler might look good in dreads

  85. Baby Nikki

    Came here to see those “2019” comments and there’s nothing🥺


    Sorry I’m a day late

    Ryan Uyehara

    lmao fr huh

  86. Salas Vlogs

    this was a prediction of his wig for igor

  87. Royale Maniac

    This is the first song I ever heard by him

  88. Please help I’m scared

    I wanna see a golf wang wrestling tv show

  89. Overripe Pickle

    3:22 my whole mood this whole song

  90. Sebastian Gonzalez

    Igor before he got his heart broken

  91. Dank Flamingo

    Is that KSI

  92. Almicar Vargas

    I must have gone back to the beginning like 10 times because of the mumble question lmfao

  93. StarFoxhero 64

    2:18 He’s literally busting a nut 😂

  94. hi im gone

    I fuckin love how earl is in this music video

  95. Frozenfire

    He looks like j.i.d

  96. mohamodson islam444

    I miss this old tyler

  97. loosh

    i'm glad I watched this well baked

  98. Hide The Pain Henry

    Me and the bois in highschool