Tyler, The Creator - Diaper Lyrics

Got a problem with the golf?
Fuck it, then pick a spot
Like you're eating lunch
And it's brunch
We could bring the beef
And the pots and the pans
Fuck it, we could bring a lot
I just want to know if you can come and suck a dick or not?
Hit her up, pick her up
In the front seat of my two seater vehicle
Hit the crib, grab the cuffs, take pictures of her butt
Where's your mouth open up?
I just want to know if you can come and suck a dick or what
The fuck am I yapping about?
It don't matter, I'm the one, hun
T is the sun and you're Saturn
Better stop with all of the chit chatter, bitch I'm the tongue I go dumb
Like the mental handicaps in the house, y'all kiss butt
Like a nap on the couch
T the shit, I'm the weird little BLAH
In your mouth you better brush
Like Hova shoulder
Told you boys it never stop
I just want to know if you gon' come and suck a dick or not?
Pink and yellow in the fit, yeah
Ballin now shit I wonder how I got here
Thanks to everyone whoever gave a fuck, yeah
A lot of niggas don’t no because I am yeah
They told me to sit down, shit, I hate chairs
Fuck that instead I stood on their table
Flog Gnaw carnival, fuck ya state fair
If you fuck with the golf boys nigga say yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah....

Y'all niggas ain't fuckin' with T, man
Golf boys y'all ain't fuckin with me, man
Golf boys sorta like Stevie Wonder
Niggas can’t see me
I’m the man nigga don’t trip
Unless you got your bags
Gotta say shit nigga
Fuck you
And that's it nig

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Tyler, The Creator Diaper Comments
  1. TAYO!


  2. Dabby McDabbington

    Epic synth

  3. Kid Makes Shitty Content for a Living

    *Where'd this tyler go*

  4. fat_monkey boy_fat

    dude what the fuck

  5. Jenuvian

    whats the name of the one that at the beginning of the song theres a news reporter

    fat_monkey boy_fat

    Jenuvian sometimes?


    Thats a thing that plays at the end of Blow My Load from Cherry Bomb

    Fancy Melon15

    I ain't got time


    Joe budden

    Cartier yancy

    Its Pigs

  6. Andromeda_ Eyez_

    kinda reminds me of I Ain't Got Time

    fat_monkey boy_fat

    Andromeda_ Eyez_ maybe its what he started with then scrapped it or something


    Listen to Cherry Bomb. The whole album sounds like this, its awesome

    Supreme Crowbar

    god_of_ink weird distorted beats like the ones on cherry bomb or run


    Run sounds like this, Pilot sounds like this, Cherry bomb (as in the track cherry bomb) sounds like this. There are others but I haven't listened to the album for a bit.

    Kid Makes Shitty Content for a Living

    I think this is the scrapped product of that song actually

  7. S U P R E 〽 E

    I can hear the Missy Elliot in this lol

  8. Keiko

    similar beat to steak sauce

    John Cresswell

    toiletboyp Dark Stains x Steak Sauce

    The Church of Lucio

    ur right bro, same kick pattern as steak sauce


    @John Cresswell FACTS


    John Cresswell I can def hear dark stains

  9. Ray Stroman

    this must be his newer shit *sigh

  10. Russell Gendolfe

    I miss the days where he couldn't mix audio for shit and you could barely hear what hes saying

    yung gus

    the days? lmao. i miss OFT for people like u


    Donald Jewett doing stuff ironically doesn't make it better.


    in my personal opinion, it made Cherry Bomb sound fucking awesome, I love loud shit that's so loud that it becomes hard to hear the vocals.

    Red Pool

    just found an interview where he said this is perfectly what he wanted lmao https://web.archive.org/web/20150408043713/https://subscribe.golfwang.com/golf-media/106-tyler-interview/


    the fuck, he could mix audio since day one, it's intentional in this song

  11. Robert Valencia

    u can't fuck with the wolf gang weather were mobbing deep or lone wolf smobbin haha wolf pride world wide stay in side whose really down to ride u can't stop what u can't see

    Aulden Lee

    Can't stop what you can't see these lil fucks need to get a sec to breath? Oh shit well I'm out here dying in fresh tees fuck that i...

    Aulden Lee

    Or inside of them pussys cuz I believe I'm doing okay rn got Tina got Danielle sitting on my Bell end well recess is out and were back at it again fucking but we didn't have classes... Fuck it wolf gang

  12. joshperished

    so fire on tumblr when it was first posted