Tyler, The Creator - CRUST IN THEIR EYES Lyrics

[Tyler, The Creator:]
Ayo, ayo
It's like 3 AM in Denmark

[Yasiin Bey:]
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Spirit, movin' around, just movin' around
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts
Spirit, yeah, that's the king

[Tyler, The Creator:]
My sister called the other day and said she loved me, wassup?
I called her back and said
I'm sorry that I don't say it enough
See I don't put up a front
I just say what I want, nigga
Never let a nigga tell me I couldn't stunt
Pro black but this twink white
I'll sign if the ink right
Two cribs, I can sleep twice
Niggas swear they woke but got crust in their eyes
They can't blink right
These nigga fakes confident and fake show how they feel
Then go home and big cry 'cause their acne is real
Show them scars motherfucker
How you think they gon' heal up?
Scab ass niggas fucking up all the deals
I got niggas tryna slander me
That I knew from the start
But I can't do it back to them
It ain't no hate in my heart
Y'all Stephen Hawkings with the way that y'all make moves (rip)
But I'ma flip the channel on you niggas
Just tuned and watch em
I'm the real Fresh Prince, new crib in Bel Air
And I feel so free, the cheetah print in my hair
Rainbow on the belt, gang shit yeah yeah
I hopped out that bitch
Had to make some room for my furs
Niggas picking out there victims
Hot potato, hot potato
Tryna' cancel me on Twitter, but got limits on ya' data
Tell the engineer to turn me all the way up on the faders
Because everything I'm dropping hot as fuck like clumsy waiters

[Yasiin Bey:]
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Spirit, movin' around, just movin' around
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts sometimes
Kids see ghosts
Spirit, yeah, that's the king

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Tyler, The Creator CRUST IN THEIR EYES Comments

    Why is this my 1st time seeing this ?

  2. tîffäñÿ J

    why am I now figuring out this song exists


    should’ve been a bonus on KSG.

  4. yocex01


  5. Frannie

    How did I never get a notif for when this was uploaded???????????

  6. The Best Pizza Connoisseur

    It’s literally new year’s eve why tf is youtube just ow recommendin this to me

  7. 3vade Productions

    Yall are seeing it now cuz it was private for a year

  8. toes

    aight this dude rly uploaded this as private and just randomly turns it public for a day every few months thats an interesting way to drop something :/

  9. Gooman15

    You're just now recommending me this youtube???????

  10. mcswagmuffins

    Why is this not on spotify

  11. konni

    bruh wish this was on spotify

    Akira X

    konni it was

  12. Andrew Knowles

    Not gonna lie going into this without any expectations to hear songs you heard from long ago is a trip. Even trippier when hear tyler start rapping over them.

  13. Austin Edwards

    This is why Tyler is a legend💯💯💯🎶🎶🎵🎵🎧🔥🔥🎤

  14. SIZLL

    Tbh the Ye verse fits this beat so much better. Although I hope cudi ye and T all get on a song together someday.

  15. Raptors for the Win

    A U G H

  16. Richard Ariza

    needs to be on spotify

  17. lauri dev

    no one:
    category: education

  18. Capanema

    Who’s here after 2020?

  19. Mexican Goldfish

    I just remembered about this song because my friend told me I got crust in my eye

  20. Kennedi Smith

    YouTube: Lmao here's a song he released

  21. isa!

    i heard this a while ago why is everyone tripping did it get taken down or something?

  22. Quinton

    Me walking out of school 🏫

  23. NyceBryce


  24. David Brizuela

    This NEEDS to be on Apple Music

  25. snoop dogg dank kush

    was this private

  26. SuperAvacodo

    For people confused Tyler made a bunch of these lil freestyle remix things last year during summer

  27. Fr3sh 335i

    Whos here from joel's s14 video

  28. William

    How did I just find this, was it unlisted or something

  29. bitbangs

    tis back!!

  30. It'sJustLiam

    i didnt except to be personally attacked @1:05

  31. Rick James

    wait this isn't frank?

  32. Yukito

    How have I never heard this before?

  33. Rasmus Holm

    omg he made this in denmark

  34. Chris Yorahee

    I am confusion

  35. Pyromancer

    i remember listening to this in some irish toilet on holiday twatted out of my brain last year and was always confused where it went so im glad it's back

  36. Scout with Clout

    i feel like i’ve never heard this before

  37. nathan

    I hear "AYO" and i know its gon be fire

    But wait ...WHY I'M I NOW SEEING THIS???

  38. Lucas Clayton

    I've been listening to this for the past few weeks and I LOVE THIS!!!

  39. Sween Machine

    this man is in love with kanye

  40. SuperSAND 2

    Kids see ghosts idgi

  41. Nina Davalos

    ayo but can tyler put this shit on apple music tho 👀

  42. no named human

    Did I really just find out about this

  43. Brandon Umagat

    Category: *Education*

  44. Nosagieagbon Olu-Obazee

    Cactus plant flea market

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    I was like Why tf this sounds familiar

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  49. prod. by messina

    tyler really do love white boys lol

  50. Grayson Tooley

    Bro when tf did this come out

  51. Jesus Christ

    thought I was bout to hear a "uhhh....wolf....haley"

  52. E'moni Cotten

    “and i feel so free cheetah print in my hair. rainbow in the belt gang shit yeah yeah. hopped out that bitch, had to make room for my furs” he hopped out the closet, now he feels free. you’re welcome for that revelation.

  53. grounded fettuccine

    we're seeing it now cause its almost halloween

  54. RYAN N

    Why is this not on spotify? ? ?

  55. Bertos toes

    no one:

    youtube: let me just put this 1 year ago tyler video that you haven’t listened to here

  56. Shahaf Milman

    This is literally Kids See Ghosts + Tyler. So sick

  57. God

    If you’re just seeing this now it’s because it was taken down for a year

  58. whodatboi whohimis

    No one:
    The comments: why am I just seeing this now?

  59. Zainab Shaikh

    okay but,,,

    *_¿why am I seeing this now?_*

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    Excuse me I’m late

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    I think this was private and is back now. Cause it got removed at first

  64. jippy

    This nigga def fuckin privated this video

  65. CAI DI

    I had this in my playlist the min this came out— but then for a year I was blocked - it juuuuust got “released”

  66. Keshawn Fowler

    Imagine hearing this at camp flog gnaw one year that would be amazing

  67. j stile

    Was that gang gang lyric an odd future reference

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  73. Remo

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  81. R Y

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