Tyler, The Creator - Cowboy Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Knock-knock, mothafuck it's me, Mr. Clusterfuck
What, when, where, how, like who gives a fuck
Golf Wang M-O-B, mopping niggas ante up
Ain't been this fucking sick since brain cancer ate my Granny up
Rest in peace or lie in it, life ain't got no light in it
Darker than that closet that nigga Frankie was hiding in
Open it, dope in it, Bobby where's my fucking pipe?
Dress my little dick as Ike, twenty says I hit your wife
This is life, truthfully I just want to fly some kites
Grab Salem and Slater and go around, riding bikes
Get some ice cream, Golf Wang Roscoe's for the night
To skate around and do annoying shit that older peeps despise
Nigga fuck it though, going hard as riga mo
Got a nigga dollars and a couple cracker kids at shows
Cracked a couple kids in the head with this cast
Had a blast out Europe, had a Swedish bitch licking toes
That's how it goes, designing clothes
Cats on everything, cats on everything
You think all this money will make a happy me?
But I'm 'bout as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat
Everybody's sparking but me, and I keep coughing
Can't keep calm in this spot's hot box and I'm getting nauseous
Hop in the car, ride to Saugus, and head straight to the office
Pissed off at Jasper because that's some faggot shit called "Pink Dolphin"
I roll here on a mean unicorn
Green hat, Vans, Golf top is the team uniform
Downing that Capri Sun, tighten my bandana up
Something like a lez, I'm forgetting my damn manners cause

I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy on my own trip
And I am the cowboy

[Verse 2:]
When you're alone thoughts start coming in
Punching in that dark lock box and they start rummaging
Shit you've got to battle with, wishing they could skedaddle
But it makes your shadow say none, fun and grab the gun again
I needed to get out of the house
So I hit the Dead Sams, and we went biking it out
In a black hoodie, with an Arizona and a bag of Skittles
Just to see what all that fucking hype is about
Now everytime you see a roach you think of me, ay?
Cause everytime I see one I think what his parents would say
In court saying I ate him, I wasn't present that day
I was with Whitney smoking, sitting at the dock of the bay


[Verse 3:]
Do you know how weird it is knowing I make a bunch of cheese
While my friends can't afford little pizzas from Little Caesars
And their whole goal is to roll up and smoke bowls
So I don't feel bad when they not eating
(But you still treating us, you punk bitch)
Wolf Haley got more methods than Pinkman
I'm never civil, fuck Lincoln, 'Preme out the bag it's no wrinkles
I'm okie dokie and loopy and booboo nana and caca
If you think I'm fucking koo-koo, try talking to my shrink then

Dr. TC: Hey
Wolf: Bitch
Dr. TC: I'm right here
Wolf: Yo, who's that?
Sam: That's Salem, that's my girlfriend. You stay the fuck away from her alright?

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Tyler, The Creator Cowboy Comments
  1. Space___Boy___

    i am the cowboy on my own trip

  2. Ethan Monseees


  3. NoahMS

    Who’s listening in 2020 lmao?

  4. Ona Sempek

    doing a soundtrack to my life assignment in my mass communications course and I have to put the lyrics to the songs I chose in the paper. Should i just like not use this song anymore orrrr lmao hope my teacher doesnt hate me after dis (:::::::

  5. Jacinto C.D.

    how can the most boring drum ever fill a massive song like this?

  6. Radicals .v2

    1. WOLF
    2. IGOR
    3. SFFB
    4. GOBLIN
    5. BASTARD

    I dont hate bastard, goblin, or cherry bomb, they just not as good as SFFB IGOR and WOLF

    Burj Khalifa

    1. Igor
    2. Flower Boy
    3. Wolf
    4. Goblin
    5. Cherry Bomb
    6. Bastard

  7. XxX_geykumefan12_XxX

    Shit, I forgot how good this song is

  8. Doggo

    I was listening to this song right when New Years hit for 2020. This is the first song I heard in 2020

  9. Savage that's my gamertag

    This should of been in Red Dead redemption 2 while u riding on your horse

  10. ox.

    Hard as fuck

  11. rainbowgirl

    okay dookie and poo poo nah nah and caca

  12. Khabria Dennis

    This still my shit forever “I am the cowboy on my own trip”💙

  13. Jack TM

    Love the opening to this song vs the opening in Pigs

  14. UnFazedMelo

    a black hoodie with an arizona and a bag of skittles💯💯

  15. Itz_BenyBoi

    Gonna be fr right now the first few seconds of this song are a real turnoff

  16. tarryn benjamin

    i wanna name my kid salem but i’m scared so kid finna have a crush on her and find tylers music and be like “sHiT. i FiNna FuCk eM”

  17. Kevin Reyes

    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good
    Wolf good

  18. Magnum

    Knock knock motherfuckers its me mister cluster fuck

  19. Brown

    I didn’t really like this one

  20. Danny Fernandez

    Grab Salem and slater and go around ridin bikes

  21. life

    okie dopie

  22. mixed african on the west

    I cant believe im a late tyler fan 😡😡😡😡😡

  23. Supra Slade

    This is what Arthur listened to when he took the Peyote.

  24. LaV4 Zoink

    2019 anyone ?

  25. Mykolas Brazaitis

    twenty says I hit your wife
    This is life,
    truthfully I just want to fly some kites

  26. it's yah boy

    the chords on this song will always make me feel like summer. so underrated

  27. your gay

    classic .

  28. The Engineering Gamer

    See You Space Cowboy

  29. Da Bamba

    Bobby where is my fucking pipe


    This shit is wack

  31. Guy Mud

    underrated song

  32. Sp1DER G4NG

    Wolf is so damn nostalgic. Whenever i listen to this album i think back to when me and the boys would hang at the park next to the middle school doing dumb shit like setting off bottle rockets, shooting eachother with bb guns, and just having fun. Thank you, tyler.

  33. Pokémon


  34. STARS Fashion Art Love

    Yee haw! 💕🎩🐴🎨

  35. Toasty Buns

    That roach’s parents probably still devastated about their son

  36. Neurotic Sos

    The best is so unique I still like it

  37. Eric Apachito

    Been up all nite free basing that meth and bumping that Wolf. Wolf Gang tendencies.

  38. Laura White

    I got you money 💰 money 💰

  39. Eric Apachito


  40. Desmond M

    Is it weird that this whole album gives me a stiffy?

    I can’t stress enough how serious I am, I legit get hard when I listen to wolf

    Radicals .v2

    Wtf why

    Desmond M

    Ricky zzz the funny part is you think I’m joking, I get so excited when I listen to it I get as stiff as a pencil. I could probably jerk off to slater

    Allen Iverson

    Desmond M *scratches head* HES TOO DANGEROUS TO KEEP ALIVE

  41. Woodsy

    Oop my name is Frankie🗿

  42. Chronic OG

    Still listening🕺❗️🥵

  43. too cheesey

    6 years ago

  44. konde dracula do earl

    *n o s t a l g i a*

    Jordan B


    konde dracula do earl

    @Jordan B 100BVIOUSLY

  45. Christian Houston

    This nigga said wolf haley got more methheads than pinkman. #legend

  46. hippiecheezburger

    Used to love how apparently Wolf, Goblin and Bastard were a trilogy and how it works in a specific timeline

    Majiachar ?

    Bastard then Wolf then Goblin

    Majiachar ?

    Also Cherry Bomb is prob Wolf being saw by another person

  47. Jesus Chavez

    His new projects are good I like them. This is just my favorite personal album by him

    Jordan B

    This album bring back memories

  48. Mad MaxX

    Here after IGOR 🙁


    Mad MaxX Why the sad face


    @Ethan Gordon i think is just for the nostalgia

    Javier Martinez

    @Slumf Cause cherry bomb, flower boy, and igor arent tyler, theyre corny ass shit for fruity ass boys

    Michael White

    @Javier Martinez bro what?

  49. Natalie Garcia

    hey mr Tyler wanna fuck

  50. Eric Sanchez

    This is life, truthfully I just want to fly some kites, grab Salem and Slater and go around, riding bikes, get some ice cream, Golf Wang rascals toward the night, To skate around and do annoying shit that older peeps despise

  51. Jack Lawson

    I don’t think people understand how good a song this is

  52. Justin Johnson

    I can't tell what the downbeat is lol

  53. majestic lion


  54. Skyline 3402

    2019 and going

  55. Brandon Cabrera


  56. Ryan Tendieson

    Crossfaded as fuck rn mang

  57. MiniReaper

    Am I the only one that is bothered how off-beat he is...

  58. Stzy.

    No rating?

    Are you sure about that?

  59. Nick D

    Okey dokey and loopy and poo poo nana and caca

  60. Matthew Canfield

    2019 relisten

  61. Chyenne

    Yo, whos that?????????

  62. Downie Girls

    Damn I late but so glad I’m here

  63. JD L

    Yall play dying light and listen to wolf it fits

  64. Ole School

    Eminem =Tyler

  65. 1999

    i roll here on a mean unicorn

  66. Timothy Mack

    I feel like me myself have listened to this song a million times and it only has like 400.000 views

  67. Ruben Dominguez

    Fuuuuck this is damn near old school hip hop

    Reese Arnold

    not really but this shit is pure art

    Ruben Dominguez

    Reese Arnold 6 years ago this came out

  68. Aaron Knox

    tyler the creator needs to make another album like wolf, bastard, cherry bomb. that would be great

    Aaron Knox

    @i just need some clout i wish he can do another one like wolf and mix it with cherry bomb elements. flower boy was good, i am not a big fan of boredom but glitter, who dat boy, see you again, garden shed, pothole, aint got time.

    Aaron Knox

    @i just need some clout wolf, cherry bomb were classics. eminem did it with kamakazie and mmlp 2

    Aaron Knox

    @i just need some clout wolf, bastard, chur bum were good.

    Javier Martinez

    Cherry bomb was fucking awful, its also where i stopped being a fan of tyler

  69. Berleezy's Vanilla Yogurt Raisins

    merry christmas 2018?

  70. LORD DR3 D

    After 5 years I just realized this is a pharell beat if im correct because of that four count at the beginning

    Matheus De Angelis

    tyler used that four count alot in the past because he really likes pharell

  71. Jose Hernandez

    Is he not gay ?


    Jose Hernandez yeah this was before everyone really knew he was tho

  72. Jose Hernandez

    Why do people like him

    Bigoudi 07

    Because people have opinions. You clearly have too but some of your tastes in life can be considered shitty by other people and good from other people.

  73. Jose Hernandez

    My friend Jonathan thinks he is actually good.
    What a loser

    Ultra Mega Hype Beast

    Says the guy with the Xxxentensionchord profile pic

  74. Jose Hernandez

    Tyler is trash


    Says the one who thinks X is the best

    Jordan B

    @Avery R.i.p X but Tyler was waay better

    babyfaced bella.

    says the nigga with xxxtinct as his profile picture. lil nigga, your retarded, rapist fave idolized tyler. go some fucking where with that shit

    Reese Arnold

    @babyfaced bella. I like x but tyler better

  75. Jasmine Johnson

    Hard as FUCK .....shit

  76. himello •

    Grab Salem and slater and ride some bikes

  77. ‘genjikuun

    wolf gang bitch.

  78. Gloobus

    This has to be his most underrated song IMO

    Bryce Junco

    Has to be bro


    brown stains of darkeese latifah

  79. Wolf Brian

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

  80. Rakk

    Wolf be like

    DUN DUN DUN DUN *song begins*

    end blue balls

    Tyler's inspired by pharrel so

    Sp1DER G4NG

    @meat smh and fish

    big brollic black dude named requis

    Rakk Jamba,Fish,Assmilk,Rusty,Cowboy,Awkward,Pigs,PartyIsntOver, all start the same. Might’ve missed a few.

    Joe Taxpayer

    its the pharrel 'tag' with the four beat

    Farhan Nafis Rayhan


  81. Pierre-Henri Fils-Aime

    9/15/18 Always reminded me of Don Quixote for some reason

  82. Ohraider

    I am the cowboy I own my own trip and I am the cowboy I own my own trip and I am the cowboy I own my own trip and I am the cowboy I..

  83. Mydadhitsme69

    I used to hate this song but I fucking love it now

    Jose Hernandez

    Still hate it


    @Jose Hernandez Why you being such a bitch

  84. sam a

    this is the best song on wolf sorry not sorry

    Noah Campbell

    dolskian 0 Answer or Rusty tho😬this is in top 5 tho

    sam a

    Noah Campbell haha nahhhh


    48? wolf? rusty? awkward???

  85. IDK IDK


  86. Chris J

    I want this Tyler back

  87. Rahmash Persaud


  88. dior.frankish

    Why does this song have a smell to it

    a di

    thirty years of this punk bitch making *the* beats

    bgwchbsffb i

    smells like sweat, strawberry soft-serve and fresh AC air

    earl sweatshirt is dad

    bgwchbsffb i IKKK

    Allen Iverson

    Woah wtf

    Allen Iverson


  89. Jacob Lastname

    goin' hard as oregano

  90. haha

    you're welcome for 1.8k

  91. Horifide

    Bump this shit till I die.

  92. timi awaye

    0:26 - 0:51 okayyy this part is just too good

    Desmond M

    timi awaye I float in the air when this part plays

    Golden Boy

    That's how it goes...