Tyler, The Creator - Burger Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Nigga this is my cup, drink the cyanide up
Dope as fuck so I would really shoot a group of guys up
Deep thought, I'm often lost (Fuck it) put me next to awesome
Still can't tell the difference, just like Asians with their eyes shut
Butt fuck a couple rocks, in the Wendy's parking lot
Barking at the sight of light from my bright sparkling
Cock-a-doodle, eatin' toaster strudel at a nude beach in Rome
In a black-pink spaghetti strap, made of Roman noodles
My bitch is bad, mixed with a thicky ass
Get my dicky rocky this will end up in a sticky blast
Chrissy Brown, mask on my face, now I'm kicking ass
Life's a bitch, fuck college, mommy I am ditching class
I rather be happy then fucking forty
So fuck the teacher's lecture I'm having Sydney record me
For the 2Dope.. (They didn't like it)
Oh well, let's get XXL to write us a fucking story

[Hook: Hodgy]
It's sitting right in my lap I see it, scribbled across the lines I read it
I'm the fucking poet who knows it, you know it, you bogus
Comprehend the language, you scared of war?
I'm all anxious, we got the Angus if you want beef
Now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Slice the onions)
Now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Put on the cheese)
Now that's a burger for ya ass nigga (Where's the barbeque sauce?)
Now have that burger eat it fast nigga

[Verse 2]
Fucking all, get you some, obviously intended pun
Same time it took, Jason Dill to get the stitching done
Custom made, one of one, sold out Roxy for some months
Ski mask color of a pickle just to perform Sandwitches
Started back in fucking London cracker children wanted something
They could bump and punch a bunch and fuck a face stumble
Now, moshing pits to breaking arms, Zombie Circus not a carn
Evil wolfs is on the farm and were all evil harmed?
Any sheep creep, quiet tendered sleep
Make a peep, fucking body will go missing in a week
Roam around the city with her titties like a fucking Greek
God, Bastard was the shit, explains why it never leaked
I am coming of my age with my Memphis Bleek
Shooting from the sky, the only problem is the missing beak
(Once I have my wings and my motherfucking chain)
Oh that's the black talking in me, let me down a couple cups of bleach


[Verse 3]
Free Earl, that's the fucking shit
And if you disagree, lick a couple pimple covered clits
From some stripping lesbian dikes that fight niggas
That like to rap about those dikes that fight niggas
Alright, enough with this shit, let's talk business
Acquire more currency, disregard bitches
Go to Shake house and plant Goblins in his kitchen
Then force him and his mom to listen to track six then
If he doesn't like it I'll just slice his fucking dick and
Put it in the cabinet where the fucking cookies and chips is
Take a bunch of pictures then post them on my Twitters and
Go to Jimmy Fallon like faggot when we perfomin'
Then a bunch of Golf Wang niggas start stormin' on the stage
In a rage that will scare Zack Rocha
Better get ya tanks before this wolf wars over
History repeats itself, I'm a O.F. soldier

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Tyler, The Creator Burger Comments
  1. rdje19

    I Eat a burger listening to burger

  2. Collin Manning

    Who else still listening in 2020?

  3. Laidback_Latrell 99

    Anybody hear what Tyler is singing at 1:19

  4. Dracule Mihawk

    Green Goblin

  5. heart

    aqquire more currency, disregard bitches

  6. Fried Crust

    Still hard asf

  7. Kushman TV


  8. Gabe Tucci

    Listen to in the hospital. Tyler till I burn in hell

  9. Andre Lamele

    Flagship rapper of my alter ego...

  10. Bzar Razb

    me and my best friend were bumping this in 8th grade shop class, we were such assholes. we’ve been out of school since 2017 and my homie just died in august. now i bump this shit for him.

  11. Jordan Knowles

    2019 who’s here with me

  12. MkDeluxe

    One of my fav tyler songs still blast it to this day

  13. XxX_geykumefan12_XxX


  14. Morgan Kelly

    The lyrics are so fucked up😂😂

  15. Pokémon


  16. Sadistic Bitch

    2019 until the end of time

  17. Zellodine !

    I remember buying this album when it was practically new. Tyler didn't give a fuck back then and I respected him so much for it. I finally got to see him at Life is Beautiful music festival Las Vegas last year and I just wasn't the same. He didn't do any old songs. It was kinda disappointing. Still love him though.

    Slayerfan 99

    Zellodine ! Yup. That’s the reason I wouldn’t go to his shows now. I wanna hear some old edgy shit.

  18. Enter Balak

    6 6 6 Eat that Burger 6 6 6

  19. sammy64

    but burger is the track 16...

  20. kosurmyne


  21. Special Thurman

    2019 and this still my shit

  22. Avazive

    I’ve just realized this is the same chord progression as his other song “Pigs”

  23. Robert Guzman

    This ain't that IGOR Tyler.......


    Robert Guzman yea...

  24. michael

    hodgy killed it

  25. Seth Jenks11

    “Titties hanging out like a Greek God”😂🔥

  26. 27grams

    If your reading this u should check out my new music video Defeat is Not an Option! I need constructive criticism and more exposure

  27. Spenji Shaw

    This album was ignit stayed bopping it in 12th grade in my dark depression days


    2019 i know am not alone

  29. Jesus Montana

    2019 visitors??

  30. Ayy Lmao

    was my favorite song in elementary school

  31. Freddiex111

    2019 anyone?

  32. Delaney Blackman


  33. Terrick Marlow

    He need to make a goblin 2 nb

  34. Terrick Marlow

    Wolf gang

  35. Terrick Marlow

    Dope tyler killed it like i know terrick was go like dude haha

  36. kookietae

    I prefer these songs over the newer ones, don’t @ me

  37. Cable Vamp

    The flow of the rhymes is why I fuck with Tyler still

  38. TSUNO

    Cyanide is good

  39. T Heard

    Anyone in 2018 I know there's someone

    T Heard

    Eagleyetyler sorry for a late reply

    Kid Samurai



    The edgy kids unite

    LocalBlack Guy93

    2019 let's get this shit over with

  40. Pedro Pacheco

    2018 anyone?


    Pedro Pacheco yoo I’ve been listening to all tyler albums
    All of them a lot
    Somehow i missed this track...i guess i havent been listening to the delux version of the album
    Today i went back to yonkers coz its an anniversary of its release or sum and jaspers dad posted something on the gram about the song...
    As i ended up on the album again i came across this song... and its blowing my mind like fr fr
    Im so glad i have a new old dope tylers song 💯💯💯...this shit is about to get lots of plays next days...

    Damn tyler is sum else, damn


    Pedro Pacheco yes


    Pedro Pacheco here my man

    bepsi conk

    Yea dude

  41. Lacey Roberts

    This song is awesome

  42. Sharon Beverly

    This used to make me feel cynical as shit. Damn miss these days before the hippie fucks jumped on their dick

  43. R.a.w Wood

    Back in 2018

  44. Jareck Frohlich

    This is the only song where slice the onions is an acceptable adlib.

  45. Nintendog140

    I want a burger

  46. Fever Skateboards

    Just got done painting heading home jaming this shit

  47. Dee-Dee Evans

    should of got that fucking Grammy

  48. Gabriel Acevedo


  49. slangnocturno

    Badass track

  50. Jameson Jaksch


  51. LocalBlack Guy93

    2018 And this song is still killing it.
    I don't know about you all but I'll always be here. 2:45

  52. Megan Brickell

    2018 still bumping this shit

  53. Pumpkin Smasher

    Orange juice
    Lowkey tyler must of been hungry when making goblin 😁

    William Logan

    Steak sauce

    Yung B00fPacc

    @adam coffey it's around the same time tho, fool

    Daniel Stevens

    I think its supposed to be a reference to MF DOOM's album MM FOOD

    prod. ernie

    Pumpkin Smasher fish was named after Albert Fish, the cannibal child rapist serial killer. but yeah ig lmao

    James Gosnell

    Potato salad

  54. Andre Ray

    Ridiculous how I just, outbox nowhere will bump this song over and over and over again, and loving EVERY DAMN MINUTE OF IT!!! Wolf GanG!!!!

  55. KOBIE

    I remember when niggas was calling me a Satan worshiper in high school cause I always had my golf wang shirt on

  56. Rustic poptart2174

    This song should be called "bacon sandwhich"

  57. Rustic poptart2174

    Favorite song from goblin

  58. blank et


  59. Zay Coralde

    my classmates think im weird coz i listen to tyler, fuck em i'll listen to his songs till i die HAHA golfwang

  60. Danielle Carson

    2017 still listening who else?

  61. ꌃꋪꌩꍏꈤ ꀸꁅꀎꍟꌗꌗ

    Wierd music for weird people Cx

  62. Cable Vamp

    Hodgy has a sick chorus hook on this song for real. I drove for 8 hours listening to all 128 of his songs and it was awesome.

  63. maxtheharmonica

    I underestimated this song its lit af

  64. Kidkarat ‘-‘

    this songs fuckin dope

  65. matt brafford

    If you wanna know the lyrics just scroll down the comments. Fuckin love Tyler #golfwang

  66. Trill-N8

    The beat reminds me of Adventure Time

  67. Joseph Martin

    OF since day one

  68. Midnight Marauder

    Still Know All The Lyrics Lol

  69. Andrey

    Top-5 Tyler beats IMO

  70. Cyle Kolosimo

    Holy nostalgia!! Class of 2012 in this bitch! I wanna go backkk!! 😣😣😣

  71. Fetus

    Glad I listen to Metal now, this is AIDS.

    Always Danked

    Fabian Bull fuck you 😂

    seb the circus

    What are you talking about metal is absolute shit. Theres like a handful of good metal bands, hell maybe even less. Idk what ur talking bout. But its your opinion ig

  72. Nope

    listened to him when I was 10 playing Roblox 😂😂

    Zay Stroud

    your profile picture is the wallpaper on my computer

  73. AbaddonTheGrey

    Yo im 22 now and i remember listening to this with my friends in high school this was the shit back then man wtf happened to rap real talk

  74. Sergio B.E.

    yo he uses this beat on pigs

  75. fernando tario

    2017 😭

  76. Supreme Jojo

    2016 and still bangin

  77. Sugar Hieroglyph

    Ok, for real, how come none a you fuckers told me about this shit?

  78. Bruce Wayne

    this shit classic they should have made a vid to it or still can like a reunion

  79. Liza Vikor


  80. Liza Vikor


  81. Alejandro García Balan

    The essence of this album is unique. The beats flow so smoothly and the lyrics are on point, even if you don't like this genre you can get related to a song or two at least. Anyway I believe this sound is dope to everyone's ears even if you don't relate. Imo, this is some quality music. Personally I love writing while I listen to this song.

    Another jewels of the album may be "Analog" and "She". With Analog I find the same synergy with every element, listening to it is good for my ears. Now with "She", this is very different, besides the wonderful sounds, the lyrics of this song are really deep. You may understand them as they are or maybe you'll find an interpretation. The point is, you can almost touch Tyler's feelings in that song, even if it's fiction.

    That's what I love about Tyler, I strongly believe that he loves what he does and that's why he is growing. Let the GOLF Fashion Show be an example. In that event we could really appreciate a new concept of innovation. Making a fashion show that seems like a play it's quite innovative. I know that most of the runways these days have a theme and sometimes they tell a story, but the thing about Tyler's show is that he acted himself, he produced the music himself and I have to mention something really important, the models were not professional. They were normal people, cool people. This made the show really different! And god, OBVIOUSLY the clothes were fire. I love Tyler's retro vintage pop art concept, something old made new. I can't say almost nothing about the furniture, I'm not a fan of them. But I guess that they must have been something made out of hard work and true effort and that's something to consider.

    I'm a truly fan of Tyler and maybe I will always be, so mainstream songs or not, we all gotta admit this motherfucker has style.

    A hug from Cancún - México to y'all fans. Also let me apologize for my english, it's not the best but I believe I did explain my thoughts about everything, best of wishes.

    andrea guerra

    Alejandro García Balan your English was amazing brother

  82. Jose Roe

    bumping on 9/28/2016 me and my homeboy jammed this when we was like 14-15 now we 20-21 bringing back memories , he about to go to TDC

    Cameron Thomas


    Tlahuicole barrraz

    still bouncing on your boy's d tho?

    Mar3 Oner

    Tlahuicole barrraz lmao

  83. Damien V

    when Tyler cared about rapping

  84. kylee lee

    Make a peep, fucking body will go missing in a week. Probably my favorite Tyler song even after all these years. Straight up spittin'.

  85. triplesixin hoe


  86. superscotty333

    cheeseburger in paradise

  87. vi0let sprite

    wanna make love to this ;-p

    Julian Lockhart

    nope 😊

    The Phenom

    +Julian Lockhart lmao

  88. David Pratt

    that so dope shit
    my nigga

  89. turtles

    Yeah I do want to do it though. Lmao

  90. turtles

    Pillow talk is like the antithesis of his discography. 😂😂
    It's cool though. I like to go through his discography. It's really all gold.