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Tyler, The Creator BRONCO Comments
  1. Slad3

    why i thought he said "i shit in my garden"

  2. josh

    i just fucking love tyler man

  3. YunggRuuan

    Ok i'm turnt

  4. unknown user

    I shit in my garden

  5. Aram The Kidd

    Hard af

  6. J F

    Can someone explain why this is on a different spottily account than his usual?

    it's yah boy

    J F because it’s not official so someone just uploaded it duh

    J F

    @it's yah boy Then tell me why it's verified

    it's yah boy

    J F can’t answer that but Tyler just randomly released this on YT nowhere else lol

  7. manuelfernandez642

    lil baby could never

  8. tutoriales 2.0 Tv

    El tema nunca salió con xxxtentacion :(((((

  9. Lxld

    It’s on Spotify just look up Tyler and this song should pop up with a few other and it’s not on his Tyler the Creator account

  10. Novah FN

    PROTECT TYLER AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. fluorine oxygen

    why i just finding this heat now

  12. Antxiety

    So wait X was supposed to be on this?

  13. whooshmeifgay 888

    man i need that x verse

  14. Suatt38

    How did I just find out about this

  15. X - Man1418

    I think XXX was originally supposed to be in this song but I’m not sure

  16. cOw LoAn

    Im late af to this I’m so sorry tyler

  17. Cape King2233

    XXXTENTACION - Yes Indeed

    I think I just found the beat from it

  18. S0meB0dyYT - GAMING, SNEAKERS, and MORE

    I heard this was supposed to be on the remix by X. Idk if that’s true tho

  19. HOMIE LB

    This and Xs version woulda made a full song

  20. YUNGSTEPH! ➊

    Bronco is the second half of the yes indeed freestyle with x

  21. ur fav bisexual

    if you could marry one person in the universe for there personality who would it be?

    me: this bitch

  22. Caleb Bragg

    I shit in my garden and play Stevie Wonder

  23. Australian Mapping

    'Category: Education'

  24. Retro Dank

    once tyler says “ayo” he boutta snap

    Mor Mag

    Lmao ikr

  25. Kassim Johnson

    Tyler shoulda been the feat with drake

  26. Yung RiceFields

    This is in fact, educational

  27. Hamster

    i shit in my garden

  28. Josh

    i shit in my garden

  29. Jacob Rogers

    gap toof t has better beats.

  30. AbeFroman

    What’s with Tyler and his obsession with Stevie wonder

  31. Gerald

    I shit in my garden

  32. Christian

    Ꮖ Ꭱ Ꭺ N Ꮎ Ꮜ Ꭲ Ꮎ F Ꮤ Ꮎ Ꭱ Ꭰ Ꮪ

  33. LazerFish {narnia squad}

    Boo this sucks

  34. Kassim Johnson

    Why is this so small and still a hit lol 😂

  35. Alexis Enriquez

    Okay Bitch

  36. Nokid83

    *Category | Education*

  37. breakneck

    “ayo, i shit in my balls”

  38. Cristina Oliveira

    Another level

  39. choad mode

    i shit in my garden


    It’s been a year already that’s crazy

  41. tristen burlison

    I remember when the day this came out last year. Listened to it repeat till I got all the words right. that was tight

  42. Max Syn

    Waiting for the remix with XXX :3

    X - Man1418

    It’s not coming. The verse he put in the song got sold to two other artists. You can hear what could’ve been in the song and I can leave links but it’s not coming

  43. papabiggums

    this shit goes so hard i swear

  44. Deion Witcher

    i was almost able to do this in one breath

  45. Sark

    dumbass thought he said he shit in his garden

  46. Invid

    its weird hearing tyler saying my name

  47. Gael zR


  48. Spect

    This is better than the original version

  49. Guziec

    I just ran out of words xd

  50. The Iceywulf


  51. f!!k it up kyle

    your so underrated

  52. n’anya

    the best on this is dope https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpxetq3NU40&list=OLAK5uy_kuOCVvf45Va6t03usu7xdVrEQw-j6zmv0&index=9&t=0s i don’t know why im sending it but

  53. SiskoSpitsIce 1

    Category is education?????!

  54. Konae

    I shit in my garden

  55. Yung B00fPacc

    Got daaamnn

  56. Jason Allen

    Still one of the most UNDERRATED artists in the game..

  57. Th3 Her0

    I shit in my garden...

  58. Blazed Pineapple

    I sit in my garden and play Stevie wonder and get foot massages while Clancy talks numbers

    Or something like that

  59. Okage


  60. Naola Rochelin

    this song dope and splatter

  61. that swanser

    *Catagory: Education*
    Damn fuckin right

  62. l1laj608

    like i say on every video of Tyler
    It's like he knows that he could be one of the greatest....
    but decides not to and instead dick around lol


    Booty scratch

  64. Unknown Monsterr

    Category: Education


    I don't get this that how short this is but how good we uses those short minutes to make this song so fucking hype

  66. iAmMekhi

    I just never ran out of-- I just ran out some words

  67. Nolan Lamberth


  68. Luxxias

    and then umg claims the fucking song...

  69. JALON

    Still cant get how well Tyler fits this beat and that flow 😣

  70. plug watch

    0:52 "we running the gang, we ran out, we never ran in."
    Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that.

  71. Antonio Girtman

    Swear to god better than original


    spOTIFY???? <3

  73. drogariasneptuno


  74. Brandon Barrett

    Ayo Tyler the creator it such the goat

  75. Billy Dexter

    Spittin fire since 91'

  76. AmazingHowlter

    *my new nigga pretty
    your new bitch is tacky

    Tyler... Your gay is showing.

  77. krebs løg


  78. TrunksCell 125

    Did he say my new nigga pretty ???

  79. caleigh tanner

    category education lmao

  80. Wizz1e

    All fire except for that "my new nigga pretty" line

  81. stiicky MUSIC

    At first i thought he said my new nigga

  82. xxxtensioncord

    Someone should remix the original and replace the garbage Lil Baby verse with this.

  83. Rren Dre


  84. Hunter Herbsleb

    I played this so much it says it 1:54 seconds long

  85. Tim Aeberli

    „I shit in my garden“

  86. Lewis

    jesus christ

  87. 他麦わらの海賊


  88. SirClock63

    The e30 sitting the lt my daily

  89. Your Boi

    What happened to the good old beats

  90. Derrik Crowder


  91. samuslightsuit

    Pay Homage. Yes Indeed.