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Tyler, The Creator Batman (Freestyle) Comments
  1. mrlevinielsen

    Tyler sounds awesome over Madlib

  2. Rare Odd Future

    email me [email protected]

  3. Booty Bandit

    where to people find unreleased shit
    im just curious

  4. Slayer- Man6-6-6

    This is the way Tyler, the Creator is supposed to sound, and he's making fun of mumble rap too at the end too LOL

    Slayer- Man6-6-6

    Obviously, you're trolling but I'm not impressed. You're boring.


    "and he was making fun of mumble rap too!!!!!!" Boi he was fucking around when freestyling this and that outro part where he was "making fun of mumble rap" was him playing around with the sound of the flow

    LX UAE's

    exactly @SLMAIN


    He wasn’t making fun of mumble rap at the end, he was playing around with the flow

    vic 316

    Slayer Man6-6-6 what?

  5. focus the light

    with benjamins and hingeagans

  6. shiz00

    He played this demo on Dash Radio before Cherry Bomb and said he was going to use that flow on a song and it happens to be on Brownstains

  7. jemelio johnson

    Bitch im batman...

  8. xMaul 47

    this track is the not distorted version of The brown stains of darkeese because he says been that man since batman had a side kick in the same song so it just has a different beat

    xMaul 47

    Yeah this is an alternate version of Darkeese. I studied this song. This is basically the beta version of the song, or pre alpha. Its like the untitled unmastered version. You should do your research next time.

    Matthew Ashton

    @Wolf Yeezy
    How is it the same song if only one bar is the same, what are you talking about? This was a demo track and he used that line in darkeese because he wanted to reuse the line, but it's not the same song or an alternate version. Literally everything about the song is different except one line.

    xMaul 47

    @Matthew Ashton I just stated that it was an earlier version of the song. Read the reply dude...

    Matthew Ashton

    Wolf Yeezy But its not, how the
    fuck do you not understand this. This is an unreleased freestyle, are you trying to troll cause you seriously dumb af if you think one line means its an earlier version of a song. Watch virtually any freestyle from a big artist on youtube and they reuse lines from other songs all the time.



  9. Nhial Bol

    Brown stains

  10. ME, The Producer

    someone do a lyric video for this

  11. Jack Rae

    What lib beat is this

    This is a hold up

    "The New Resident" from WLIB AM : The King of the Wigflip

  12. p garriano

    this shit old af why is it getting play now?


    TWR dead to the ass

  13. jerome sri

    Pretty shitty

  14. zbombz123

    Madlib production 😩😩😩

  15. Ronin Diedenhofen

    How do people even get a hold of this stuff?

    Paper Towel Boy

    lmao I think it was on his myspace


    Paper Towel Boy nah was from a live stream on Golf Media

    expired elbow sammie

    dash radio

    Alphalfa Male

    @expired elbow sammie h

  16. Anders Jacobsen

    when did he make this?

  17. Angel Blandon

    nice vid me d00d