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Tyler, The Creator AssMilk Comments
  1. Nathan Walker

    2010 Tyler: "I'm not gay"
    2019 Tyler: *makes a gay break-up album*

  2. Edgar Gonzalez

    The song is violent but somehow sounds beautiful

  3. Eps

    Shit came out my freshmen year. Shoulda know he was fruity wit the bright ass colors on OF. Fucker a had me lookin like a neon highlighter sptin these lyrics. 😂

  4. SDS Overfiend

    This shit is pure hip hop.... STILL!!

  5. ҥョ ᶪ ӷ

    I just want to know why something so fucked up gives me so much nostalgia.

  6. golfwang 19982

    duet of the decade

  7. Morey

    Tyler's ass now like I wonder what he would think if he saw himself now, back then. Hed prolly just die laughing

  8. Blow Almighty

    I PREordered ya casket

  9. Max Flores

    i like how they say shit and play around when they are recording a song

  10. ADK

    this was so good. that all fucked up style was so much better than igor type of shit

  11. The Caretaker

    im not an asshole i just dont give a fuck alot, the only time i do is when the bitch is screaming "tyler, stop!"

  12. Lord Meatball

    "Jim Carrey her to the cemetary and bury her"

  13. Sophia Michelle

    *im not an asshole I just don’t give a fuck alot*

  14. Inigo McVinish

    how much would yall pay for this shit to come back

    earl sweatshirt is dad

    *One dollar*

  15. linixx10

    They got to put this bop on streaming services

  16. Michael Clarke

    This songs makes it sounds like earl builds up Tyler’s part with earls natural bars and beautiful instrumentals with Tyler’s gritty and dark instrumental and equally dark lyrics

    Michael Clarke

    What if Tyler produced earls part and earl produced Tyler’s part?

  17. E Gor

    It’s not a figure of speech when I told you that I dumped her 😏

  18. Emmanuel Zetino

    The original dynamic duo

  19. allison s.

    still here 2020

  20. Ron Matson

    Needs to be on spotify

  21. Literally Kameron

    I need this shit on spotify

  22. Adrian Beltran

    Haven't heard this in soooooooooo long shit use to be on repeat daily

  23. Official Team Lethal

    This the song ima play goin into the new year

  24. Pat

    I’m sorry as fuck

  25. Shika Nara

    I hate Tyler the creator and think earls alright but my homegirl LOVES these fools n she's so convinced to put me on . I done listened to hella albums n nothing but dis song good .

    Marcus Spencer

    Shika Nara She a 2019 tyler fan... she don’t know bout most of it.

  26. Stoffy Darko

    gonna bump this again in 2020 this gon be my wave

  27. Deep GirlVEVO

    "known narcissist, sipping on arsenic, carved carcasses in the garage, don't park in it!"
    fav line

  28. REKT OVER 90000 Sniping

    happy 10 years

  29. FilthyGecko

    still bumping in 2019 !

  30. maliceworld

    10 years i still remember when i listened to this 8-9 years ago crazy how time flies

  31. Vincent Martinez

    Yo does anyone remember that fan made music video from back then?

  32. AJAM

    Made in GarageBand

  33. It’s Me, Beter

    scary to think this song was produced in garageband


    Whitey Boy yeah Tyler is really talented so if this were made in GarageBand I wouldn’t be surprised

    3vade Productions

    lmao you idiot it was made in fl 12

    shit for brains

    he made all of bastard oh fruity loops lmao, god damn hooligan

    stop watching this channel it's not worth your time

    I thought it was produced in reason 6

  34. It’s Me, Beter

    ten years later and this track is still a thicc ass banger.

    Michael Clarke

    It’s Me, Beter it’s peter so I have to agree

  35. Marsel Music

    Lol. Jim Carrey references, "I am legend" references

  36. Your Dad

    Tyler flows like his mouth is too big for the beat (still on point tho)


    Your Dad oddly I know what you mean

  37. The Tactical Sandbox

    2019 listeners?

    eh eh

    The Tactical Sandbox always

  38. soggy sandwich

    Great song

  39. John Smith

    Fat sack of knives in the passenger side, bitch reach for the door and get your access denied 🔥🔥

  40. Koopsta


  41. ouxillary


  42. R3BeL

    This that shit that get cripple bitches to hop dirty crack pipes lit.

  43. augusto ornelas

    This is best tyler and earl collab

  44. Everwun

    Best Bastard track

  45. Cooking With Kalle

    i like how tyler just casually beats earl at 0:50

  46. Lance Warren

    Yo I miss this era! Ayo if you like this song! You probably like my song! If you do follow me on Ig @kifodelia for more content link: https://youtu.be/jbj6yN8zDvY

  47. K 6

    Why isn’t Bastard on iTunes

  48. Osiris Believer

    Real OF fans here

    Marcus Spencer

    Osiris Believer Yes

  49. elijah .56k

    tyler next album gotta be dis typa shut i’m tired of the lovey dovey shit 😴

  50. Nick Morris

    I wonder how the media would react if this song was released in 2019

    Issy e

    Nick Morris would be nuts

  51. SilversteinRescue

    God Earl was so good at this time but the lyrics were so wack hahaha. Too bad he wasn’t using that skill and flow to spit some good lyrics, would make the Earl tape way more of a classic. Now it’s just some kinda cringey nostalgic shit

  52. SilversteinRescue

    God Earl was so good at this time but the lyrics were so wack hahaha. Too bad he wasn’t using that skill and flow to spit some good lyrics, would make the Earl tape way more of a classic. Now it’s just some kinda cringey yet extremely nostalgic and still fire shit

  53. Bloodyheaders

    The beat is really weird when you focus on it

  54. nicorobin

    "carve carcasses in the garage, don't park in it"

    Alliteration, delivery, just everything earl fuck

  55. Jay Ruki

    i listen to this song at least 3 times a day

  56. Eric Dahl

    garbage. I don't get Earl,whatever


    Doofus ass murky muthafucka

  57. Jorge Madrid


  58. Osiris Believer

    BRoooooo so many memories

  59. Clinton Oses

    Hearing this in 2019 and shii is hard!!!

  60. onacsut

    Brings me back to highschool getting high as fuck Nd working out to this. I can’t believe this is like 8 years old now.

  61. Jeff Savage

    One of the hardest songs ngl

  62. Dylan Chinna

    hi guys I'm in school with my weak friend logan he sucks at boxing

  63. Susan Warner

    tyler in 2010: i hate gays, gangbangers and fuckin jerkers
    tyler in 2018: im a gay gangbanger that’s fuckin jerkers

  64. Marlo The God

    I can imagine what happened at 0:50 . Tyler came in the room where earl was recording in and started beating him up and then he just dips lmao

  65. sunny vibe


  66. ExTeeSee tOaD

    I'm sorry as *fUcK*

  67. Reem Meer

    Earl is a legend

  68. michael mende

    Took her out and mommy told me Tyler toughen up, rihanna hair cuts somebody tough is bound to fuck me up

  69. Ben from smart house

    Tyler the creators early production was so genuine

  70. Thatchermain 69

    Earl was only 15

  71. Doug the Pug


  72. Henrique

    Earls voice already sounded good at 15

  73. Sacred Starlight_94

    I remember when Odd future was the popular weird hip hop group there still awesome in my opinion too many bandwagon on the next big thing 🙄

  74. Cato Mine


  75. Oliver Piers

    Depression aged his voice a century

    Issy e

    Oliver Piers or the fact he was only fifteen here

  76. Nickles Beanz



    Nick Canine no


    It’s earl

    Mr Cum

    read the title dumbass

  77. Tyler Evans

    Can bastard just come to spotify I WANT THESE SONGS ON MY PLAYLIST

    Pavel Reyes

    Tyler Evans on god

    Wiktor Grzenkowitz

    fuck yes

    A D

    it can't happen all the Igor fans will flip if they find out about this version of their hero

  78. Payt Heff

    *looks at title* idk how we never noriced the signs he was gay 🤷‍♂️

  79. Chef C

    It’s crazy how much I feel like I’ve grown with Tyler. From crazy ignorance to actually applying my skills and knowledge over the years into my craft today. It’s understandable why most people try to avoid that crazy reckless odd future path in life but when you have the ability to express yourself 100% you learn to grow by yourself instead of having others guide you into the next phase in life.. That got deep as fuck my bad.

  80. Stephen Vazquez

    "Me and Flex looking in the index for buff neck niggas tryna have some hot butt sex, hmm"

  81. Phyx Succs

    Fucking great!

  82. Därk Cløud

    Earl killed him on his own track. He might've begged for mercy, but came back with lyrics.

  83. xnny -

    Wonder how Domo genesis would have treated this beat

  84. Arbiscus

    Im sorry as fuck

  85. just peachy

    Damn lotta rape

  86. Jada Cooper

    Face it, me & ace is sick like malaria carriers 🤫

  87. Sim ?

    I remember my HS senior year in 2010, my dawg let me use his iPod for the whole school year & i just so happen to tumble apron VCR...... After I heard that, I had to hear more! Luckily, he had the whole mixtape on the iPod & this was the 2nd song I listened to because the name of the title lol I was like this shit is evil af but its so good lol

    At that point, I started to warm up to tyler music.

  88. Sanket Doddabendigere

    I love how the beat changes depending on who raps

  89. BasedGod


  90. PathIsPathetic

    god i love the beat so much

  91. Ebola-Chan The Love Disease

    Damn Earl sounds so young and innocent here.

  92. M H

    "Rihanna hair cut, somebody tell Chris Brown to fuck me up..." ☠☠☠

  93. Big AL

    Odd future brain washed me in 20111