Tyler, The Creator - ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? Lyrics

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Tyler, The Creator ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? Comments
  1. lololol lololol

    Luv u my g g g g g g g G

  2. 13Traaa TM

    Are we still friends my love ? ...

  3. Ghrae

    I was listening to EARFQUAKE and now my feels are off the charts. What did I click?

  4. Notorious CREAM

    This shit got me acting a certain type of way because my friend is trying kick me out the friend group

  5. s3xylegend

    This song is Grammy worthy alone no fucking idea how Igor wasn’t nominated AOTY

  6. Wynter Samuels

    This song makes me think of the end of Saturday night live where all the people come out and thank the audience for watching. until then, see you next week

  7. wumbo rat

    This song makes me think of being in a relationship with someone, but now it's harder to talk to them then when you were friends; so, it's kind of like asking "Are we gonna stay the same?".

  8. B4.DA.$$

    1:50 - 2:38 is definitley the part that gets me deep in my thoughts and emotions, which makes it my favorate part. Seriously like anthony said, most powerful closure to any album in 2019.

  9. Madie Samuels

    The end is my moo all day ever day *pain screams*

  10. user

    when your ex is also your best friend

  11. Litzy Aquino

    The scream part really hit, he rlly just yelled out all my inner feelings in those 5 seconds

  12. Lucca Boscarino

    You have the dopest music

  13. Diego Franco

    Why is Yonkers man so sad :(

  14. Valn3d

    best album ending ever

  15. Victoria Ketelen

    Quem veio curtir a música através de meme da like.

  16. the_the_real_paul

    At first I thought Igor was kinda trash but ok at the same time but now listening to more most of the songs from it are on my playlist and it’s been really helping me get threw shit rn

  17. ivana varela

    I can see a little Amy Winehouse feature in this song. Like a subtle hint of her, her singing ‘last spring’ and ‘can we be friends’ in the back. It would have been nice, oh well

  18. manny heffley

    a good song to cry to

  19. ๖ۣۜInfinity

    I've got to🎵 🎵 🎶 🎵 K N O O O O O W🌊

  20. Razr Smashr

    I love how nobody is talking about 3:53

  21. arnas zenkovas

    Anyone with a pair of functioning ears
    like if you felt this one

  22. J Varado

    This song has to be my absolute favorite from the rollercoaster of an emotional year 2019 was. Hopefully 2020 is better and I regain a healthy mentality.

  23. Jack A.

    i wish i could listen to this album for the first time again

  24. Radical Winter

    When you accidentally flip over your friend while biking

  25. Lord_Yobin

    I’ll play this when all the boys r coming back home from WW3

  26. Ms So

    ...wondering which white boy Tyler wrote an entire album over...

  27. Terra Nova9

    Dope album 2020 Grammy Rap album Nominee WOW

  28. Zachary White

    that's it I'm getting it on vinyl

  29. Typical American

    Album of the year

  30. Noah Acosta

    Don’t text her, you know you want to

  31. RON Burgundy

    I had this song in my
    Earth Wind Fye playlist

  32. Libi

    My favorite song on Igor it always has been :)

  33. funny man

    honestly. this song calms me down. yet, makes me a sad a little

  34. nice

    this song has big mouth vibes

  35. Ida Haas

    ok but like this. this is so good

  36. Brandon Reynolds

    This song sounds like a mix of old school music and new school so automatically it grabs my attention

  37. Manny Nunez

    The end of the season of a bad episode was breaking bad

  38. Milo Drost


  39. Milo Drost

    Yes we are still friends angar

  40. Prindy1228

    I still love her but she’s moved on being her same beautiful self

    andrew 35

    I feel ya bro , head up we’ll get through this

  41. ticus07

    Who else connected to this 4:00-4:24 on a personal level ?


    i love u asshole

  43. Stan Richards

    *2019 ending song*

  44. Man Man

    *rejected boys please stand for our national anthem*

  45. Samuel Medina

    One of the best fucking outros to an album in existence in my opinion. Wraps the Igor storyline as a whole up perfectly, it's fucking beautiful. Still on repeat

  46. jackthealienboy



  47. Ashley .-.

    Last spring
    Long ago, long ago, long ago
    Last spring
    Are we still friends?
    Can we be friends?
    Are we still friends?
    I've got to Know
    See each other (last spring)
    Shake your hand, say hi
    Long ago, long ago, long ago (spring)
    I can't stop you, I can rock, too
    I've been back there and I can, I got to
    But I've got to know
    Are we still friends? Can we be friends? (Last spring)
    Are we still friends? Can we be? (Can we be friends?)
    Are we still friends? Can we be friends? (Yeah)
    Are we still friends?
    Are we still friends? Are we still friends?
    Are we still friends? Are we still friends?
    Are we still friends? (Friends, friends)
    I said, are we still friends? (Friends, friends)
    Are we still friends? (Friends, friends, friends, friends, friends)
    Don't get green skin (green skin), keep contact (keep contact)
    Don't say, "Goodbye, smell you later" (later)
    Nah, I can't
    I don't want to end the season on a bad episode, nigga, nah
    Announcing our things and you don't know how to inform
    Your power and dreams, though you cannot go through all
    You're caught in this matrix, don't know where you're playing
    You made it, could be your favorite if you make it your friend
    Are we still friends? (This can't end)
    Are we still friends? Are we still friends? (Need someone to say hi)
    Are we, are we, are we, are we still friends?
    Oh whoa
    Can't say goodbye (yeah, ah, ah)
    Can't say goodbye, goodbye (woo)

  48. ulysses886

    This is my December 31st 2019 outro song

    Peter Cafeína

    Me too bro

  49. Mariah Ontiveros

    RIP to the best relationship I ever had thanks to my immaturity

  50. The RandomBag

    When you scam your friend and don't give back what you took in enough time:

  51. emmaaa

    1:41 3:19

  52. LovoluNxGen

    This album defined my year and consequently ended my decade.

  53. AlanPoqui

    <3 asia

  54. Rach

    Wanting to still be friends with a person after the relationship is the gayest thing on this album and he offers a guy head at least twice on this album.

  55. Magallanes 2540

    D&D should sing this to the whole GoT community dressed up as carrots.

  56. Christopher Gadea

    The last 2 minutes hurt da most 🙆🏾‍♂️😔

  57. Alperen E

    This song describes my feelings with 100 percent accuration,i will miss you girl

  58. Morgan Sumner


  59. enøziye two

    my headphones felt the end

  60. MeatyAries

    3:54 - that scream constantly plays in my head lol

  61. Kelvin Huggins jr

    Ofc we friends

  62. naiomi jean

    This needs more jazz

  63. Sara

    if i stop listening to this i feel unrest upon my soul

  64. wyvern davenport

    Al green ?

  65. Coleman Denman

    al green - dream

  66. Nicolas Santos

    I love this song

  67. Frankfurtz G

    *when you break up with your minecraft girlfriend*

  68. Carlos Lovera

    god i love this song so much omg

  69. pluto

    best friend starting doing drugs, don’t talk to me no more. I loved her

  70. Kimchi

    That scream at the end is literally how you feel once your heart starts to break when you break up.
    Been there and it sucks.

  71. Squiglydoo

    Imagine if Tyler made a Christmas album ik there’s the grinch soundtrack but like covers of popular Christmas songs and his own Christmas songs

  72. Zaaiksde

    4:00 ruins the whole song

  73. Min Yoongles

    i like the scream at the end because he says “woo” right after

  74. chriiisclm

    He produced and arranged all this as said in the bottom text of the album picture. This man is a legend.

  75. Good Apollo

    the part at 2:38 feels so classic for all time. MUSIC

  76. Hinata Patata

    This song is stupid sexy

  77. Jon 20 ͭ ͪ

    Magistral, le da un buen cierre al álbum.

  78. LayLowEthan

    Yes Tyler , we are friends

  79. El Rey

    Igor is essentially a story of a relationship and does anyone else want it to be a movie

  80. Yeet Mc Skeet

    Man...I feel ya
    This song just makes me think about somebody that was special to me but then left me there all alone.

  81. Howard Parker III

    Mice and Monsters All

  82. jimmy asian

    naughty nana

  83. Spider dud Is cool

    No we’re not friends

  84. booper

    the screaming at the end tops it all off

  85. Rafa Velas

    the guitar at the end does something to me

  86. Edith N Zacarias

    this album is sooooooo amazing 🥳

  87. 1008 1800

    So I like this girl and I just wanna ask her out but she's dating someone so I don't but I do need advice

  88. lol raiu

    naomi )):

  89. treakzy_

    so great!

  90. Javier Vargas

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did this have to be the end of the album

    Javier Vargas

    yes so shut yo bitch ass up


    Javier Vargas forget to switch accounts buddy?

    Javier Vargas

    i did that on purpose, bUdDy


    Javier Vargas ok buddy

  91. *TXRREZ*

    This -was- is such a good album

  92. UnFazedMelo

    there is nothing like having the flu and streep at the exact time and listening to this song. this hits hella hard.

  93. Swaggy Snivy

    When you beat your friend in mario party

  94. Liliana Rangel

    3:14 just that line made me wanna cry bro

  95. Robot dude

    Did this sample akira?

  96. meow sire

    his music may not be for everyone, but this is a ducking masterpiece