Tyler, The Creator - Answer Lyrics

[Hook 1: Tyler]
Because when I call
I hope you pick up your phone
I'd like to talk to you
I hope you answer [x4]
Because when I call
I hope you pick up your phone
I'd like to talk to you
I hope you answer

[Verse 1: Tyler]
Hey Dad, it's me, um...
Oh, I'm Tyler, I think I be your son
Sorry, I called you the wrong name, see, my brain's splitting
Dad isn't your name, see Faggot's a little more fitting
Mom was only twenty when you ain't have any fucks to spare
You Nigerian fuck, now I'm stuck with this shitty facial hair
Also stuck with a beautiful home with a case stairs
So you not being near fucking fire-started my damn career
But fuck it, I got Clancy, he, gave me the chance to see
A world I wasn't supposed to, I'm stoked that I didn't know you
But, sucks you ain't give a fuck and consider a sperm donor now
The fuck is an Okonma? I'm changing my shit to Haley
And I ain't just being passive, nigga.
You're a fucking faggot, nigga.
Got a show on Monday, guess who ain't getting no passes, nigga?
But if I ever had the chance to ask this nigga
And call him...

[Hook: Tyler (Syd)]
I hope you answer [x4]
Because when I call (When I call, baby)
I hope you pick up your phone (Please pick up)
I'd like to talk to you
I hope you answer

[Verse 2: Tyler]
Suck my fucking dick and swallow this case of nuts
Ace hates your guts, I'm a selfish fuck,
And I ain't sharing green as if I'm facing blunts
Frank is out the closet, Hodgy's an alcoholic
Syd might be bipolar, but fuck it, I couldn't call it
Supposed to be gone until November but quickly came back in August
I left two months through September to clearly remember all this
I'd like to tell my grandma, but she's just nostalgia
I'll call her number
But she won't answer

[Hook: Tyler (Syd)]
I hope you answer [x4]
Because when I call (When I call, baby)
I hope you pick up your phone
(I'd like to talk to you)
I hope you answer

[Verse 3: Tyler]
You claim to hate my fucking guts
But say I'm on an island in Thailand and I was wildin'
And, if I got stranded had to man up and hold my nuts
And hope that I could live off salt water and fucking coconuts
Phone ain't got no service this 3G is fucking worthless
Day is getting dark like the area's turning urban
You'll be fucking nervous like me inside of a churches
But, I'mma get in contact regardless, and
I hope you answer.

[Outro: Tyler]
That last verse was about this girl. Haha.

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Tyler, The Creator Answer Comments
  1. Kiki Down Under

    This goes out to my mum who left. My dad had been here my whole life.

  2. Angelina Jaremsek

    my crush showed me this song wow.. i was telling him how i really started to like tyler and he took my phone an put this on for me

  3. Quack /Toaster

    This hit hard💔

  4. heart eater

    my father probably doesnt even know my name.

  5. Kikthemoon

    My dad may be here but he ain’t really here anymore

  6. Michael Gamero

    To everyone missing a father or a mother due to any circumstance, just remember you will one day have the opportunity to become that parent you always wish you had. Make the most of what you got while you still have it because life isn’t as black and white as you might think, the pain only lingers if you keep feeding it. Love yourself y’all ❤️

  7. Annax A

    Oh shit this hits deep he never new his dad he abandon him

  8. GAWRF

    I never had a dad 🤧😕

  9. nutty butty

    The art style at the end looks like the ones in Little Misfortune! Kinda cute.

  10. voluntaryist

    Has to be one of the greatest

  11. jadah

    shit this song really be hitting different 🥺

  12. Summer V

    You guys know who Clansy is?

  13. Giovanni Salazar

    Not gonna cap kinda miss this Tyler a little more, don’t get me wrong he grew into something great but this Tyler is so true and relatable to the darkest parts of hearts

  14. Thatboikemo !

    i been bumpin dis


    hopefully his father saw this

  16. J&J's Channel

    i love how he just threw this on the end of Tamale(his least serious song) and made it the saddest sit ever

  17. Gabriel Possamai

    Kanye's dad: This ain't Christ-like

  18. Laura White

    I love you Tyler

  19. Laura White

    Love you T

  20. Alex Bagel

    i sent this song to my dad on may 10th. havent gotten a reply since.

  21. JESWAF

    Weird seeing Tyler smoke

  22. Chow low

    damn man i miss these days this was so fuckin sick

  23. hollow


  24. i have no clue

    This song reminds me of that one of episode of the fresh prince of bel air

  25. charlie goldsmith

    1st verse: dad leaving
    2nd verse: dead grandma
    3rd verse: ex girlfriend

    August Henriksen

    Verse 3 is also about his attitude towards religion


    Baked Beans nobody knows


    Apollo Kiba nobody knows don’t claim what he is nighah

    Dominic Figueroa

    *friends and dead grandma

    Laley Anderson

    Apollo Kiba he’s bi

  26. Daniel Clark

    So Tyler is fucking that white guy right?


    I know Tyler, My dad is a dick too

  28. Ellis

    Ok but lucas just vibin tho 😳

  29. dumnehtkcits

    my dad left too.

  30. Misslangdon Langdon

    I’m scared to end up in a toxic relationship and make my children go through the hell that I had to

    Apex Legend

    You wont man, you writing it. Your taking it into consideration. You'll be alright.

    jimins forehead

    Misslangdon Langdon end it if your kids are old enough to notice they probably have

  31. Ryu


  32. No Mames

    When Tyler was cool and respectable

    No clout

    No Mames what u mean he always been cool and respectable


    He is still cool and respectable

  33. Muxly

    this song is so bad that my nan is now got filters and draws in her elbow and guess what she said to me that yeah mmmmm thats ok but just stop it now or i will find you and take your hair line back to my cousins house and when you walk into a room your hairline is 27 mins after you lololol m9


    Shut up

  34. gRiM

    Guess my dad forgot I existed after him and my mom parted ways 😭 that was years ago but damn man this song hits home.

  35. xLetzyy

    Shout out to all the homies who don’t have a dad in their life, your probably better off without him, cause if he left he wouldn’t of cared if he stayed.

  36. IloveDaviyon TheSauceGawd

    I feel for Tyler my dad left my mom when she was 25

  37. Dyls Addiction

    yall chill eric andre found his dad


    Tyler's dad is probably dead if you really think about it

  39. Oli Andrews

    Where did he sample this from

  40. HyDro Pizzqツ

    My dad is with me kinda but the stills give me the feels

  41. Imyoupoo 9000

    My dad is ass hole never ther for me

  42. x_ItzKillerx

    This was in Tamale video

  43. beefman beef

    he had to pause it halfway through because he wasso sad rip

  44. TH3 D4NK3ST

    Didn’t he play this at the end of tamale? Am I wrong?

    EDIT: nope I’m not wrong this is just extended

  45. pineapple crap

    Imagine his dad seeing this and being like, Damn. I want my son.

  46. yo dawg

    "I aint sharing green like i'm facing blunts"

  47. triton

    in the first lines he was maurice

  48. Bob

    How tf i just discover this masterpiece.

  49. 2greedy_jj

    I get mad when I'm doin sum n see other boys wit there dad playin ball or hanging out or even talkin I feel like damn, watt did I do why can't I have him wit me, it was the same way wit my mom to I feel like I did sum wrong sumtimes I blame myself for how things ended up

  50. yung scvm

    in 2019

  51. Dasutā

    Boys without fathers can always relate in a weird way.

  52. B R U H

    Man makes me think of my dad😤😤😤😒😒😒

  53. dead files exe

    i love this song,, i listen to it every once in a while,, when i was 4-5 my mom/dad were divorced but i lived with my dad in a literal mansion and we were just really wealthy so i was oblivious of it all but still everything seemed perfect in my life at the moment... my dad met my moms new boyfriend (i'll refer to him as fuckhead) and my dad was obese while fuckhead was in shape. so my dad wanted to impress my mom and he went to mexico to get a surgery to make his stomach smaller,, i guess it went as planned but soon after the surgery he died from a blood clot in his lungs. for the past 8 years i've had to live with my mom/fuckhead which has caused a lot a problems and he never gets along with me or the rest of my family and overall i hate him and blame him for my dads passing

  54. Ivan Contreras

    I relate to much to this song my dad left me for 14 years and now my moms in jail I’m
    In foster care and now I’m with him do I think he wanted me back or he just did it to prove something to me and my mom

  55. Josh B.

    my dad left me when i was 7 , showed this to him and he wanted to change , 10 years later , gotta love my mom playing his role

  56. hi ngo

    I hate this song, brings me back to some bad times

  57. bootyeatergod s

    This song gets on my felling

  58. Boss Galaga

    I like how everyone can figure out wen tylers talking about b3ing gay but ignores all the lyrics about his dad not being in his life at all

  59. Lali Rockett

    legit thought that was michael cera on guitar

  60. Sigma Thesecond

    I wish i had parents in my life

  61. Ranmuru korusuki

    My dad is around but this still hits me different

  62. chris perez

    I feel u man my dad left me before i was even born my stepdad has been there for me since i was born

  63. your mom

    Hell yea we live for the daddy issues

  64. A Guitar

    I hope you answer

  65. Poosh Official

    1:16 Tyler shows this emotion of anger and sadness in just one expression.

  66. The joker

    The beat is fire

  67. malek shut up!

    this the saddest tyler the creator song I've ever heard

  68. Ramona Flowers

    Just noticed Pharrell on drums

  69. Sammy Werling

    takin me back to days callin my daddy on the jail phone... thank you...

  70. Lexton Ravaee

    it was crazy for me to go from a inner city ghetto school to a rich high school and meet people who actually have both mom and dad alive and they’re still together

  71. Christian Capitalist

    "You'll be fucking nervous like me inside of a church is, but I'ma get in contact with God, listen" Tyler the Creator is the one of the best artists of this generation

  72. Katherine Jimenez

    I played this while my dad was signing the divorce papers 😎

  73. I dont got handles

    Damn my dad left when I was 5 and came back into my life recently but left again... No more chances

  74. Way Up


  75. ventbott

    Clancy looks like my school principal

  76. PantherHarri

    It's in Tamale

  77. Access Denied

    I always end up back here.

  78. Same Dobre Wiadomości

    Wow, this is great. Love these percs, that flow, this clip..

  79. Zorex

    Fuck this hurts, bro my dad wont even get this if i told him cause i fucking murdered his useless self


    My dad fucked up my life and left and came back just to fuck it up some more 🐀

  81. logan sneed

    1:19 White, Black. Know without are Fathers thats are feeling/look, doesn't matter what race

  82. NAS WADE

    I wanna text my dad but I don’t think he’ll care

  83. Bladen Harris

    I feel Tyler my dad left me when I was 2 months old

  84. Carlos Perez Ramirez

    I still fucks with this song after so many years, nostalgia is the feeling

  85. Fen Ny


  86. Kaaron Clark


  87. Nextage

    I would love to have a better relationship with my father 😔

  88. Jack TM

    Fucking love Clancy 😭❤️

  89. Dark Eyes Music

    bro i love this instrumental

  90. Juan Valencia 8BP

    This shit hit different knowing I never got to meet my father.

  91. Simon Scott

    2019 finna be 2020 who still bumping


    miss the wolf era man

    i have no clue

    Ugh, yes

  92. braindead

    Wow 2020?

    I’m high af rn

    Pinokyo is tha name

    Aight u funny 😂

  93. Chris Civatte

    why does this only have 4 million views

  94. Theearlynovamber ;

    This song has been on repeat since the day I first heard it.

    Chaos R' Us Entertainment

    Theearlynovamber ;
    So You’re New To His Music Huh?