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Tyler, The Creator 435 Comments
  1. Shemar Collier

    We got the same water

  2. been the goat 21

    Naw tyler odee Raw Asl for this💯🔥🔥

  3. Zion Martinez

    "Class in session 1-5 I'm a 7" that verse hit hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. BocaSuck

    ID on the cap?

  5. Ben Bosanic

    Just drop that shirt oml

  6. Laura White

    Tyler u a demon

  7. Jonathan Agosto

    Why the fuck am I finding all these singles now

  8. yes kim

    Fav song

  9. Jame D

    Called out the Grammy's then wins best rap album. That's amazing he won that award, all the other nominees don't hold a fraction of the creativity and ingenuity that Tyler has. I bet all the artist he was up against couldn't make a song on their own if their lively hood depended on it. You and your music mean alot to me !

  10. Mathieu Mat

    Raw shii

  11. D.C. raps

    “ 1 nom ain’t enough, imma make sure that that shit ain’t happening again”

    He wasn’t lying

  12. Leeroy

    nuff said

  13. Esaul Morales

    "They was playing at the grams, one nom aint enough ima make sure that shit aint happening again"

  14. Th3 Her0

    “They was playing at the Grams, one nam ain’t enough imma make sure that that shit ain’t happening again” dream chaser🥵

  15. Flynn Rodgers

    Who back since he won the grammy


    “They was playing at the gram, one nom ain’t enough, ima make sure that that shit ain’t happening again”


  17. マルク

    damn he really released this on my birthday huh

  18. Porke Pine

    Damn I want that golf Wang fckin tee

  19. Splash Townsend

    Looks like he made sure that shit never happened again . Congrats on the GRAMMY

  20. jake michael

    "1 nom aint enough, Imma make sure that shit aint happening again."

  21. TacoMAN TX

    horrible smh music these days is going down hill

  22. jacob

    “One gram ain’t enough, imma make sure that shit ain’t happen again” LETS GO BOYSS


    jacob he says ‘one nom ain’t enough’ the lyrics are literally right there lmao.


    QuietPupil I was typing too fast mb lol

  23. Kofi Ossei

    0:35, spoke that shit into existence. Congratulations T

  24. G I D E O N K E M P

    Congrats ty on that Grammy
    you wasn't lying about that one nom

  25. Lord Quinton

    0:35 that nigga really ment that shit too. Good job T 👏

  26. dmoney The finesser

    "One gram nom aint enough"

  27. turntablecafe

    Props to Saint Etienne 4:35 In The Morning, and Sycamore for this background music. Bob, Pete, and Sarah. ✌🏼

  28. Ian Sever

    "new whip is pirelli tired like a long day"


  29. Killbill2707

    i love 3 am music

  30. Josue Villalta

    them sandals be lookin kinda ugly doe

  31. gxdamn jah



    he is daddy.

  33. Christian Bradshaw-Goodman

    This is hard asf wtf 😂

  34. Dark Oasis

    🖤🖤 ayo

  35. NavyRunner flyer

    When you make the music video in the recording room

  36. Austin Edwards

    I give Tyler full out respect bc i realate to his music he just himself he just a real nigga✊💯💯🔥🔥🎶🎶🎵🎧🎤

  37. Joey Trout

    1:08 Tyler been wiping his nose

  38. Laura White

    If u got all that y aren’t you happy

  39. Book Worm

    Instead of 420 ...435...having that green growing it and eating from it

  40. Capanema

    Who’s here after 2020?

  41. Liam John Green

    Why so many dislikes⁉️

  42. Claudi dadi

    I wish I could just watch him in the studio. Just to watch everything come together.

  43. Midas T

    Get a new job rubber-lips. These raps are garbage~

  44. Justin Simmons


  45. Mr.ZombieRIPper 氏ゾンビリッパー

    Son they played Tyler again this year!!!

  46. Justin B.

    U done came a long way nigga and still relevant in the game, take yo shit

  47. *Andre*

    Watching this music video makes me giddy also where can I find that fire ass cardigan

  48. Oscar Bonilla

    ayo can somebody link me where he got that cardigan ?

  49. eyesack

    So he gay

  50. Lee

    Salt Lake City Utah

  51. Esther Barad Thompson

    this song reminds me of his old freestiles

  52. Apraustx

    Still trying to figure out what he said right when the video starts

  53. Almighty MIR 7

    🌺 on they neck

  54. gattiyon

    *Pirelli* tired like A LONG DAY


    I’m actually fucking stupid

  55. Ned Bigsby

    Filthy like my toilet seat

  56. Samuel Camacho Palanco

    He smoked weed and he’s gonna make sure it ain’t happen again

  57. Sinners Sin

    This is my fav song by him

  58. BREMusic

    whats the sample?

  59. noname

    He on some Kanye shit

  60. C. Bolados

    Skinny nigga also Big Poppa

  61. misspiggy_1975

    this is very underrated

  62. Freddie Jones

    Y’all niggas selfish at the orgy smh

  63. Clatter HD

    Water your garden ppl

  64. Professor Poopypants

    Category: education ????

  65. well I guess its over

    Imma be honest lads.

    *that's how I water my plants*

  66. Mario Sanchez

    I put the feline on my hair lookin like a cheetah pet

  67. sbstn.

    i smell like toot

  68. Jaime Garcia

    watch him get a grammy with his album

    Jasper notevenarapper

    Jaime Garcia this doesn't have an album though

    Jaime Garcia

    @Jasper notevenarapper i said with "his album" not "this album"

  69. boi imboutagetcho

    For all you dumb niggas sticky hands is a reference to a thieve and "from the green" is what im guessing means a paid robber than again i could be wrong ...catch you guys again on another episode of what's that meaning

    Tangerine Roche

    sticky fingers.. from the green. sticky weed

    boi imboutagetcho

    @Tangerine Roche i thought he didn't like drugs tho

    Tangerine Roche

    @boi imboutagetcho think he was talking about jaspers

  70. Breland Reynolds

    he fucking snapped on this

  71. scum fuck

    Goddamn the energy on this song is crazy, I’m tryna feel like how he’s feeling

  72. Champ


    4 + 3 + 5 = 12

    12 songs on Igor


    Jasper notevenarapper

    Mystic Waffle no...

  73. Pedro Sousa

    Looks like he gon rule the grammys this time bruh

  74. Missy Lu Lou

    I like the way he moves when he talks

  75. #California Growers